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The Duke Becker Episode

Experiment 301

Duke Becker, Stevenson Graduate, Music effectionato, and former roommate to Kevin. We take a journey through his early life in New Jersey, lacrosse battles, and his experience at Stevenson. However, most of the episode was spent shooting the shit between two friends. Enjoy.

1hr 2mins

21 Aug 2020

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Opening Kickoff Podcast 4 - 10 - 18 Duke Becker

Opening Kickoff Podcast

On This Show: Duke Becker joins us as we breakdown the NHL Playoffs and tell you the matchups to watch and who we like to come from the East and the West. (3:30-25:00)We debate what will Alex Oevechkin be if he never wins a title. (25:30-32:00)We try and find the DC team that can break the postseason struggles. (33:00-42:00)We debate what is the hardest sport to play and which is the easiest. (42:30-1:05:00)Final Drives and more. (1:06:00-END)

1hr 18mins

10 Apr 2018

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Opening Kickoff Podcast 3 - 8-18 Kevin Pearce, Duke Becker

Opening Kickoff Podcast

On This Show: Kevin Pearce and Duke Becker join us to talk NFL. We react to the Micheal Bennett trade with the Seahawks.(2:00-9:00)Talk what's next for the Seahawks and who else is leaving the nest? (10:00-20:00)Breakdown some of the other moves happening in the NFL. (21:00-29:00)We discuss wether Saquon Barkley should be the #1 Overall Pick.. (30:00-43:00)Which QB gets taken first. (44:00-52:00)Shaueem Griffin and Final Drives. (53:00-END)

1hr 9mins

8 Mar 2018

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Opening Kickoff 1 - 23 - 18 Joe Schiller And Duke Becker

Opening Kickoff Podcast

In this show: We are joined by Joe Schiller and Duke Becker to talk all things NFL. We breakdown what happened in the conference championship games in Philly and Foxbourgh. Also look ahead to Super Bowl 52. (3:00-31:00). Breakdown of which head coach hirings we liked in the NFL and which ones we didn't. (31:00-44:00).A discussion on why the Steelers can't seem to get out of their own way.(40:00-50:00).A debate on the Vikings QB situation and the other free agent QB discussion. (50:00-1:08:00)Final Drive (1:08:00-END).

1hr 17mins

23 Jan 2018

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Opening Kickoff Podcast 11 - 21 Duke Becker, Todd Michealson

Opening Kickoff Podcast

this Week: We are joined by Duke Becker.Todd Michealson calls into the show to give his first ever edition of Todd Takes (2:00-10:00).We break down the Baker mayfield situation along with some scnarios that might play out this week in college football. (11:00-31:00)We talk about QB situations in the NFL and who might be looking for a new QB. (31;00-45:00).We discuss things revlolving around Thanksgiving like the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, and backyard football. (45:00-55:00)We look ahead to the thanksgiving day game and break them down for you. (55:00-1:08:00)Final Drives and other random topics (1:09:00-END)

1hr 19mins

21 Nov 2017

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Opening Kickoff Podcast 11 - 8 Duke Becker, Payton Girod

Opening Kickoff Podcast

This Week: We are joined by Payton Girod and Duke Becker to: Preview the NHL Season and look at our early favorites for the Cup and teams to watch out for(2:00-22:00).Another week means another College Football Playoff Ranking. We breakdown the new poll and a look ahead at another big week of games.(22:30-43:00)We discuss Jim Irsay's comments on Andrew Luck. We play What Went Wrong with the Browns, Bucs, Giants, 49ers, and Broncos. DIscuss whats wrong with the Ravens and talk best team in the AFC and NFC right now. (44:00-END)

1hr 30mins

9 Nov 2017

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Opening Kickoff Podcast 11 - 2-17 Steve Shanley, Duke Becker

Opening Kickoff Podcast

This week: We are joined by Steve Shanley and Duke Becker for a crazy show.We talk MLB Postseason, Game 7, and what it all means for baseball. (4:00-15:00)We breakdown the first College Football Playoff Rankings and talk What If's (16:00-40:00)We discuss all the major moves at the trade dealine and breakdown Week 9 of the NFL. (40:00-1:20:00)Final Drive (1:21:00-END)

1hr 33mins

2 Nov 2017