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ILN EP 139: Jean-Paul Sartre, Part II

I Learned Nothing

Pat was feeling inauthentic so he calls on Benjamin C. Cholok, sygil of authenticity himself, to summon the horny spirit of Jean Paul Sartre once again and wrest Pat's struggling spirit from the yawning jaws of bad faith once and for all. Dramatic, no? Listen in for the full picture! Dao you doin?

1hr 23mins

11 May 2021

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GTAA Season Two Episode One: David Griscom on Jean-Paul Sartre (Also, Did I Mention I Wrote a Book?)

Give Them An Argument

Left Reckoning's David Griscom talks about Jean-Paul Sartre. Ben and Producer Forrest debunk a video made by a YouTube tax-shelter guru who seems very upset about Ben's "Abolish Inherited Wealth" article. Joe Biden is up to various shenanigans (although we might not get to those until the postgame). Nando Vila plugs Ben's new book.Independent creators rely on your support to create the content you want!Support Give Them An Argument on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/benburgis​​​​​​​. Patrons get a Thursday bonus episode every week, access to the Discord server, a Sopranos Recap Bonus Episode every month with Mike Recine, Nando Vila, and Wosney Lambre, and regularly scheduled "Discord Office Hours" group voice chats.Follow Ben on Twitter: https://twitter.com/BenBurgis​​​​​​​Like, subscribe, and get notifications on Ben’s channel: https://www.youtube.com/BenBurgisGTAA...​​Visit benburgis.com

1hr 33mins

4 May 2021

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INL EP 139: Jean-Paul Sartre Pt. 2

I Learned Nothing

Ben explains Jean-Paul Sartre to Pat.

18 Apr 2021

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ILN EP 138: Jean-Paul Sartre Pt. 1

I Learned Nothing

Ben explains Jean-Paul Sartre to Pat.

10 Apr 2021

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ILN EP 138: Jean-Paul Sartre, Part I

I Learned Nothing

Pat was feeling existential AGAIN so Ben brings out the big guns: the stinkiest, most wall-eyed Frenchman this side of the 20th Century, Jean-Paul Sartre. King of Existentialism, widely acclaimed philosopher and writer, and all-around prankster, Jean-Paul Sartre features heavily in this two-part episode about himself. To understand him is to understand teenagers everywhere. Enjoy!

1hr 40mins

5 Apr 2021

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Jean-Paul Sartre and the Critique of Dialectical Reason

Revolutionary Left Radio

Austin Hayden Smidt returns to Rev Left, this time to discuss his new book "Sartre, Imagination, and Dialectical Reason: Creating Society as a Work of Art".  Follow Austin on Twitter Check out Austin's podcast "Owls at Dawn" Check out Austin's other Rev Left appearance here: https://revolutionaryleftradio.libsyn.com/post-structuralism-postmodernism-and-metamodernism Outro Music: 'Days of the Years' by Felice Brothers LEARN MORE ABOUT REV LEFT RADIO: www.revolutionaryleftradio.com

2hr 3mins

3 Aug 2020

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Existential Frets: The Rise and Fall of Jean-Paul Sartre in the Arab World

Tel Aviv Review

Dr Yoav Di Capua, professor of history at the University of Texas at Austin, specializing in Arab intellectual history, discusses his new book No Exit: Arab Existentialism, Jean Paul Sartre and Decolonization. This season of the Tel Aviv Review is made possible by The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute, which promotes humanistic, democratic, and liberal values in the social discourse in Israel.


3 Feb 2020

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#5 Jean-Paul Sartre - Georgia Demetriou

Premise Podcast

In this episode, I host Georgia Demetriou, a Philosophy postgraduate student at the University of Durham. We have a conversation on Jean-Paul Sartre’s work, define the terms being-for-itself, being-in-itself, and being-for-others, and discuss how Sartre views the self and the self’s relation to the world and other people. In addition, we see how his relationship with Simone de Beauvoir influenced his work and reflected his perspective on life. Lastly, we focus on how Sartre’s theories can be applied in the modern world, specifically in regard to young people and social media.Twitter: twitter.com/PremisePodcastFacebook: facebook.com/PremisePodcastSoundcloud: @PremisePodcastThe podcast is also available on Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, CastBox, Stitcher, and Spotify.Email: premisepodcast@gmail.comPlease consider supporting Premise Podcast on Patreon to help bring philosophy to the public and also enjoy all the benefits of becoming a patron for Premise Podcast.Patreon: www.patreon.com/PremisePodcast


21 May 2019

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#045 Failure With Jean-Paul Sartre and Olivia Goldhill

The Happier Hour

Kicking off Season 3 of The Happier Hour, is guest Olivia Goldhill, a journalist who specializes in philosophy, psychology, and neuroscience as we explore the topic of FAILURE. You’ll learn what Jean-Paul Sartre and the Existentialists can teach us about failure, and why so much of the current self-help advice gets failure wrong. #TheHappierHour Show notes: TheHappierHour.org Facebook: @TheHappierHour


7 Mar 2019

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243: No Such Thing As Jean-Paul Sartre's Crabs

No Such Thing As A Fish

Live from the Union Chapel in London, Dan, James, Anna and Andy discuss snail backpacks, the band from space, and Alexander Graham Bell's talking dog.


16 Nov 2018