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467: How To Leave Toxic Diet Culture Behind And Focus On Optimal Health and a Balanced Life with Danny Lennon

Legendary Life | Transform Your Body, Upgrade Your Health & Live Your Best Life

Toxic diet culture worships thinness and equates it with being healthy. In today’s episode, performance nutritionist and evidence-based educator Danny Lennon talks about how the idea of “healthy eating” can be harmful, how diets became the new religion, and how to focus on optimal health instead. Listen Now!

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16 Aug 2021

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Episode #142: Chrononutrition with Danny Lennon

Barbell Medicine Podcast

This week Dr. Feigenbaum sits down with Danny Lennon of Sigma Nutrition for a discussion on chrononutrition, post-workout meals, and more!Danny Lennon's Info:Instagram - @dannylennon_sigmaWebsite- https://sigmanutrition.com/Article on Chrononutrition: https://www.strongerbyscience.com/chrononutrition/Pain and Rehab Seminar: https://www.barbellmedicine.com/shop/events/pain-rehab-2-day-virtual-seminar/ For more of our stuff:Podcasts: goo.gl/X4H4z8Website:www.barbellmedicine.comInstagram:@austin_barbellmedicine@jordan_barbellmedicine@leah_barbellmedicine@vaness_barbellmedicine@untamedstrength@michael_barbellmedicine@derek_barbellmedicine@hassan_barbellmedicine@michael_amato_barbellmedicine@charlie_barbellmedicine@alex_barbellmedicine@tomcampitelliEmail: info@barbellmedicine.comSupplements/Templates/Seminars:www.barbellmedicine.com/shop/Forum: forum.barbellmedicine.com/


25 May 2021

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Danny Lennon of Sigma Nutrition

Live Train Perform

In this episode, Danny and I discuss the similarities, and the differences between eating for health, and eating for performance.We cover a lot of ground, and relate his nutritional principles to a broad spectrum of people from general population weekend warriors, to elite athletes.Danny shares his approach to preparing professional fighters for fight camp, as well as fight week, acute weight cutting techniques, and re-hydration protocols.This was a thoroughly enjoyable conversation with a leader in the industry! I recommend grabbing a notepad and pen.Danny is the founder of Sigma Nutrition, a company providing educational media content on evidence-based nutrition. Of this content, Danny is perhaps most well-known for being the host of the top-ranked podcast, Sigma Nutrition Radio. Danny has a MSc. in nutritional sciences from University College Cork, in addition to an undergraduate degree in biology and physics. Danny has worked as a nutrition practitioner for several years, working with a range of athletes. He is the author of “The Sigma Weight Cutting System for MMA & Boxing”, a book that details an evidence-based approach to combat sports nutrition and making weight. He has presented internationally at conferences and seminars in Europe, the UK, Australia and the United States. Your host - Shaun KoberInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/coach_kobes/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/performancefunctionaltrainingYoutube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnOpTWXi1xKdamDBgzlfaPw?view_as=subscriberYour guest - Danny LennonWebsite: https://sigmanutrition.com/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dannylennon_sigma/https://www.instagram.com/sigmanutrition/Podcast: https://sigmanutrition.com/podcasts/Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC15FdoCPbrQvzuIaCEOS5hgRate and Review: https://lovethepodcast.com/livetrainperform  

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18 Apr 2021

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Losing Weight Simply Calories In vs Out? Danny Lennon Explains!

The TrulyFit Podcast

Danny Lennon, founder of Sigma Nutrition, joins the podcast to explain the basics of energy balance, (law of thermodynamics) and why calories in and calories out matter. We also discuss the relevant externalities interwoven with energy balance that must be understood. Danny has his hands full in the nutrition world as owner of his science based nutrition coaching company, podcast host (Sigma Nutrition Radio), and conference lecturer (NASM's Optima, among many others). Sigma works with everyday common people to professional MMA fighters.You can find more about Danny Lennon & Sigma Nutrition below:https://sigmanutrition.com/https://www.instagram.com/trulyfitapp/


17 Mar 2021

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Season 6, Episode 3 with Danny Lennon on Scientific Evidence, Nutrition and Dietetics

Sleep4Performance Podcast

Danny is the founder of Sigma Nutrition https://sigmanutrition.com/ and head of content creation for the company. Known for hosting the top-ranked podcast Sigma Nutrition Radio https://sigmanutrition.com/podcasts/ with over 360 episodes. Danny is also a respected educator in the field. He has spoken at conferences and events all over Europe (including London, Dublin, Amsterdam and Vienna), as well as the United States and Australia. Danny has a master’s degree (MSc.) in Nutritional Sciences from University College Cork, during which time Danny took classes in biochemistry, clinical nutrition, micronutrient interactions and physiology. Previous to this Danny also completed a BSc. Degree in Biology and Physics Education and spent a year teaching these subjects. In the past, Danny has worked as a nutrition practitioner with a wide variety of clients. He became well known for his role as a performance nutritionist to professional mixed martial artists & boxers. Outside of the nutrition world, Danny has competed as a powerlifter, is a BJJ blue belt and is a life-long Arsenal fan. Go to Sigma Nutrition to avail of many free resources such as sigma statements, podcasts, free downloads and lots more. If you are interested in nutrition and dietetics this is the place to start. Contact me at ian.dunican@meliusconsulting.com.au Instagram @sleep4perform or @meliusperform Twitter @meliusperform LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/melius-consulting-health-safety-improvement/ and at www.meliusconsulting.com.au 

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10 Feb 2021

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Episode 18: Danny Lennon- Myths and Misconceptions of Energy Balance (Calories-In/Calories-Out)

The Mind Muscle Connection

In this episode, I'm joined by Danny Lennon.  Danny is the founder of Sigma Nutrition and head of content creation for the company. He has worked as a nutrition practitioner with a wide variety of clients. He became well known for his role as a performance nutritionist to professional mixed martial artists & boxers. In this episode we discuss:-Danny's nutrition background.-What is energy balance (calories-in/calories-out).-What makes up energy expenditure.-What part of energy expenditure varies the most?-Danny's thoughts on periodizing nutrition.-Is it hormones or calories?-Calories-in/Calories-out is NOT an intervention. -Why some people stop tracking and then see weight loss. -Why food choices are important. How to find Danny:Instagram: @dannylennon_sigmaPodcast: https://sigmanutrition.com/podcasts/


3 Feb 2021

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Danny Lennon — Being A Better Thinker, Conspiracy Theory Science, & Determining Who's Worth Listening To | MTFP Ep.101

The More Than Fitness Podcast With Matt McLeod

Danny is the founder of Sigma Nutrition, a company aimed at providing the highest-quality, evidence-based information on nutrition and health. Known for hosting the top-ranked podcast Sigma Nutrition Radio, Danny is also a respected educator in the field. He has spoken at conferences and events all over Europe (including London, Dublin, Amsterdam, and Vienna), as well as the United States and Australia. As you can see, Danny is legit. I was excited to get to know him a bit better and we went into some rabbit holes that I've never touched on the podcast before, so it was an absolute treat to have the opportunity to chat. In this chat, we cover (in order): -Danny's background -Conor McGregor's recent UFC fight and Danny's experience attending his past fights -Danny's conversations with top UFC fighter performance coaches and dietitians -Where Danny's thirst for knowledge and curiosity came from -How he determines who's worth listening to -The Dunning Kruger effect with Joe Rogan's podcast and Netflix documentaries -Personal biases and U.S. politics -How to not let your own ego get in the way of truth -Virtue signaling and projecting a certain self-image -Debunking "you can find a study for anything" -Danny's thoughts on conspiracy theories and why they're appealing -How social media algorithms fuel echo chambers of communication -The danger of half-truths and drawing conclusions -The importance of the scientific method for critical thinking -People's misunderstanding of what an "expert" means -Learning for the sake of learning vs as a utility -Danny's advice on being a better thinker -What Danny's career would be in an alternate universe -And more! WATCH this episode on YouTube: https://youtu.be/fYCTMJBFvoA Connect With Danny: Instagram: @dannylennon_sigma Podcast: https://sigmanutrition.com/podcasts Website: https://sigmanutrition.com Connect With Matt: [Free] 30-Day Ultimate Physique Development Manual: https://bit.ly/UltimatePhysiqueDevelopment Hire Matt For Coaching: https://mattmcleod.org/online-coaching Instagram: @mattmcleod6 YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/mattmcleod6 Website: https://mattmcleod.org **PS: If you could rate and review the podcast, it would mean the world to me and it would help get the word out to others just like us so we can continue building this amazing, one-of-a-kind community.** ---- Produced by: David Margittai | In Post Media Website: https://www.inpostmedia.com Email: david@inpostmedia.com Social: @_margittai © 2021 Matt McLeod


26 Jan 2021

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Nutrition Strategies for Office Warriors with Danny Lennon

Mind Body Soul Podcast

Danny Lennon thanks for a most interesting and insightful conversation.Really measured advice here about the kinds of questions to ask yourself in order to embark on improving your nutrition.We discuss:1. Principles that will serve you well as solid cornerstones of your day to day nutrition efforts.2. Dealing with time and/or education constraints when it comes to eating healthily.3. Why proximity and visibility of foods is important to eating healthily.4. Trying to optimise how we relate to food emotionally so we enjoy it.Find out more about Danny and his company here:https://sigmanutrition.com/https://www.instagram.com/dannylennon_sigma/


20 Jan 2021

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Episode #10 - Danny Lennon (Nutrition Expert)

Fit For Golf

Welcome to episode 10 of the Fit For Golf Podcast. In this episode I am joined by world renowned nutrition and health expert, Danny Lennon. Danny Lennon is the founder of Sigma Nutrition, a company aimed at providing the highest-quality, evidence-based information on nutrition and health.  Danny has a master’s degree (MSc.) in Nutritional Sciences from University College Cork and BSc. Degree in Biology and Physics Education. As he gained popularity online for his wonderful work, Danny quickly became a highly esteemed nutrition expert. He is invited to give presentations all over the world on a wide range of nutrition concepts. Not just an academic Danny also has a huge amount of experience applying his knowledge in the real world. He has worked closely with a number of high level athletes and also competed in powerlifting and holds a blue belt in Jiu Jitsu. Danny is also the host of Sigma Nutrition Radio, one of the world's top ranked Nutrition Podcasts with a whopping 360 episodes. Yes, this is a long intro, but I feel it’s necessary to make it clear how high a level nutrition expert you are about to listen to.  Last thing before we start the podcast, I want to make sure you are all aware of the Fit For Golf App. It is the only golf fitness resource you will ever need and is currently being used by 6 PGA Tour Players, 2 European Tour Players, and thousands of amateurs all over the world. Check it out on www.fitforgolf.blog and use the code PREMIUM50 to get a one month trial for just $6. You will not find it in the app store, you must go to my website. 

1hr 4mins

20 Nov 2020

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Episode 124 - Danny Lennon - Nutrition for performance vs. health

No Lift Podcast

Danny Lennon returns to the podcast to discuss nutrition for performance vs. nutrition for health.

1hr 10mins

5 Oct 2020