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8 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Andrew Dana. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Andrew Dana, often where they are interviewed.

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8 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Andrew Dana. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Andrew Dana, often where they are interviewed.

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On their ninth rewrite of the third act of Detective Pikachu vs. Predator, it occurred to Thicket that they might just be the voice of their generation. In a fever, they swiped together the final epic speech where Detective Pikachu refutes Predator’s cynical attempts to turn him against his human partner, arguing that the Pokémon relationship with humanity was one not of servitude but of guardianship, for every Pokémon can see within each human the potential to rise above their flawed nature. | Copyright 2020 by Andrew Dana Hudson. Narrated by Paul Boehmer.

Apr 23 2020



386: What It’s Like to Start a Pizza Restaurant & Kosher Deli w/ Andrew Dana, Timber Pizza [Main T4C episode]

Time4Coffee Podcast
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Andrew Dana is the co-owner of Timber Pizza, an award winning pizza restaurant, and Call Your Mother, a Jewish deli in Washington, D.C. A few years back at a local tech company, Andrew and his partner, Chris Brady met and became buddies who shared two primary passions in life: pizza and basketball.  Shortly thereafter they agreed that it was their love of pizza they would pursue and decided to go pro at sauce and dough.

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Feb 25 2020



Episode 24: Andrew Dana Hudson's "Under the Grid" with Sarena Ulibarri

Alan & Jeremy Vs Science Fiction
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This episode we discuss "Under the Grid" by Andrew Dana Hudson with our guest Sarena Ulibarri. Sarena is a writer and the Editor-in-Chief of World Weaver Press. We discuss Solarpunk, economics in Science Fiction, and emojis among other topics. Our guest co-host is TJ Berry, author of Space Unicorn Blues and it's sequel Five Unicorn Flush.

You can find the book Weight of Light here:

Books Reviewed:

Junction by Daniel Benson

Oct 09 2019

1hr 2mins


A hole in their thinking: Talking entrepreneurship and more with Timber Pizza/Call Your Mother’s dynamic duo, Andrew Dana and Dani Moreira

Industry Night
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The stars were out on this show! First we spoke with the Washington City Paper’s food editor extraordinaireLaura Hayes about how food/dining coverage in DC has morphed from “what to eat, where, and why” to meatier issues, such as sexual harassment in the kitchen, fair wages and tipping, sourcing and sustainability in an age of climate change.

The, the couple with the golden touch, Andrew Dana and Dani Moreira, co-owners of nationally-hailed Timber Pizza and Call Your Mother bagel/deli shop, talk about how instinct and hard work shot both those concepts to the top of the industry in such a short time.

Join us!

Jul 11 2019



Make Friends Radio - Episode 13 Feat. Andrew Dana & Brian Bassett (March 2019)

Make Friends Radio
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Make Friends Radio is a monthly open format music podcast!

This Month's Guest: Andrew Dana
From Maui House Collective: Maui House Collective:

Featuring Brian Bassett
From Pure - Mix - Dayhaus:

We are pleased to welcome Maui's own Andrew Dana to the show this month. Andrew is one of the founding members of the Maui House Collective who are responsible for booking some of the biggest names to touch down on in the islands. At the end of the month, they are hosting an incredible party called Tropical Oasis Retreat featuring Christian Martin, Jimpster, Sunshine Jones, Galen & many many more. On top of that, he manages one of the best bars in all of Maui "The Dirty Monkey." SO please give a warm welcome to our new friend Andrew Dana!

Instagram: @andrewdana808

Brian Bassett is a well respected and some might even say legendary local promoter who has been responsible for supporting the Sacramento scene for the last 30+ years. He hosted Pure Tuesdays back when dinosaurs roamed the earth and frequently hosts events with Midnight at the Park Ultralounge. One of my favorite current events that he hosts is Dayhaus at Mix over Major three day weekend. Those shoes have seen acts like Halo Vargas & Colette most recently. We hope you enjoy the Chat with Brian about some Sacramento dance culture history.

We hope you guys enjoy!

Mar 15 2019

2hr 38mins


Andrew Dana, co-owner Timber Pizza and Call Your Mother deli

DC Entrepreneur
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Andrew Dana, is guest on today's episode. He's the co-owner of DC's highly successful, Timber Pizza Co and buzzed-about new sister restaurant, Call Your Mother (a Jew-ish deli.) From the "Boca Raton-meets-Brooklyn" interior at the deli to serving up delicious pies from their mobile wood-fired pizza truck, this native Washingtonian is bringing something new to the DC food scene. 

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Feb 27 2019



Andrew Dana Founder & Chief Dough Boy at Call Your Mother a Jew-ish Deli & Timber Pizza

The Founder's Mind
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Andrew Dana, Founder & Chief Dough Boy of Timber Pizza, Call Your Mother, and Turus Pizza talks about going all in on restaurants. From a mobile wood fired pizza oven to two DC neighborhood hotspots with national and international recognition Andrew talks about putting in the work, lighting a fire under his own ass to get things rolling, and how prioritizing the customer experience over everything will get your business to where it needs to be.

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Dec 03 2018



012: Leaving the Tech World to Create a Pizza Empire with Andrew Dana

Unbeaten Path Podcast | Careers, Career Change, Personal Development, Entrepreneurship, Adventure, Travel
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Andrew Dana is the founder of Timber Pizza. Most of us have had that conversation with friends talking about how you should just quit your jobs and open a bar, deli, or a pizza place but it always ends there. Well, Andrew actually did just that. He started down the typical path and was working at a tech company after business school, but always had the dream of opening his own pizza restaurant on his mind. Andrew started the business while still working his corporate job, and has grown Timber Pizza to the point of making Bon Appetite Magazine’s Top 50 restaurants to open in 2016.   

On Today’s Episode, Andrew and I discuss:

  • The key moments that led Andrew to leave the rat race and go out on his own
  • Early days of the company and the hustle that went along with it
  • Biggest lessons learned from first starting to where Andrew is today
  • And much more…

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You can find Timber Pizza at:

Twitter: @TimberPizzaCo

Instagram: timberpizzaco


Sean's Twitter: @seansechrist_

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Nov 09 2017