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E17: Andy Paul Reinvents Realness (and Selling)

Revenue Real Hotline

Does not get cooler than a conversation with the man, the myth, the legend that is the great Andy Paul.Speaking from experience.For this installment of the RevenueReal Hotline, Andy and I talk our history and his impact for me.We talk how ridiculous it is to propogate that selling does not involve relationships.We talk all that is sales variation ( = shit is complex). We talk how society perceives sellers.We talk about how easy it is to slip into a consumerism within human interactions e.g. Tinder.We talk communication shifts to digital and asynchronous, and the major skill gap left in the wake.Something most SDR onboarding programs neglect to address.We talk about the importance of conversations during relationship building.We talk about how hard it can be to form and maintain relationships when aspiring to not feel anything bad.:: cough, me, cough::We talk training and coaching back to human connection aka be human.We talk Andy's next book!!!We talk about 'compassion empathy' v. cognitive empathy and why the latter is more important.We talk ADHD and hypersensitivity and how it can be a superpower (on most days).We talk how sleep remains my Achilles heel. We talk about how amazing (and smart) it would be to embed a sports psychologist onto sales floors.We talk how books are still the best way to absorb new concepts and ideas.We talk about how sales is a creative pursuit that requires real-time synthesis of information received.We talk about Andy's learning curve at the seven-year mark, and his pivot into major accounts. We talk coaching and challenging others v. doing so ourselves.Really though, we talk human.Interested in joining the conversation? Call or text...Against Empathy by Paul Bloom 

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9 Jul 2021

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The One with Andy Paul

The LGBT Sport Podcast

Andy Paul first got involved with Birchfield Harriers when he was 11 years old.He was, by his own description, a fairly average athlete – but his love affair with the sport has existed ever since.He’s been a club at the coach for decades, as well as a deputy-chair and chair – and now, he’s a life vice-president. He’s also one of the founders of the Athletics Pride Network, which launched last year to help make athletics a place where more LGBTQ+ people feel welcome.This is a conversation that touches on that; the plans for the network going forward; Andy’s own experiences of being LGBTQ+ in sport, and loads more besides.He’s a brilliant, engaging talker – and we’re really glad Andy found the time to join us for a chat. WANT TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT OUR GUESTS?@AthleticsPride1@AndyGPaulWANT TO GET IN TOUCH WITH THE PODCAST?@jack_murleyjack.murley@bbc.co.ukPHOTO CREDIT:Andy Paul


30 Jun 2021

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12: Bridging the Gap from Knowing to Understanding with Sales Enablement’s Andy Paul

Sales Tech Podcast

Bridging the Gap from Knowing to Understanding with Sales Enablement’s Andy Paul Episode Summary: Welcome to Sales Tech Podcast, the show that talks about sales technology, what’s working, what’s not, and where the industry is going. In this episode, Andy Paul joins the show to discuss his extensive experience in sales technology. Throughout his professional career, Andy has sold everything from computers and small businesses to complex communications systems. He’s closed hundreds of millions of dollars in products and services before eventually starting his own company. Andy is also the host of Sales Enablement, a podcast that showcases in-depth conversations with the most exciting B2B sales and marketing leaders in the business. Today, Thom and Andy talk about the current state of sales technology, why sales managers tend to follow the status quo, and what sales tech Andy wishes existed years ago. Andy provides his thoughts on the most impactful ways sales professionals can utilize sales technology without becoming too reliant on it. Finally, Andy shares his thoughts on the future of the sales industry and the critical role that technology will play. What We Covered: 00:36 – Thom introduces today’s guest, Andy Paul who joins the show to talk about his podcast, Sales Enablement, sales tech trends, and changes Andy has noticed in the industry throughout the years 06:27 – Andy reveals what sales managers should be doing to get people to be the best version of themselves 09:04 – Andy provides his thoughts on why managers tend to stick to the status quo 12:30 – Why some sellers are still hesitant to adapt to sales technology 14:07 – How to get sales professionals to better utilize sales technology 16:22 – The sales tools and tech that Andy wishes existed twenty years ago 17:40 – How sales has changed throughout the years 19:29 – Andy talks about what he thinks is the mark of a great salesperson when it comes to how they utilize technology 21:27 – What Andy wishes all salespeople knew that they don’t currently know 23:55 – Andy speculates on the future of sales tech 25:00 – Thom thanks Andy for joining the show today and lets listeners know how to connect with him Tweetables: “The idea is to help the person not become the best seller, it’s to help them to become the best version of themselves.” (05:19) “Leaning into [sales tech] too much, in my mind, can be problematic. But, that said, I think we’re still learning.” (13:46) “To me, enablement is anything and everything that enables a seller to have a knowledge-based interaction with the buyer.” (19:49) “To the extent, we can use our technology to enable people to bridge that gap from knowing to understanding, then I think we’ll be effective overall.” (21:08) Links Mentioned: Andy Paul on LinkedIn Sales Enablement Podcast Harvard Business Review Article ‘Let Your Workers Rebel’


31 May 2021

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Episode #83 S1-EP83 Sales Enablement with Andy Paul

Sales Hustle

Andy Paul is the well-known host of “Sales Enablement with Andy Paul,” the top-rated sales podcast that’s been considered as the go-to resource for sales leaders and top sales producers around the world with more than 900 episodes to date and millions of downloads. Andy has been recognized as #8 in LinkedIn’s list of Top 50 Global Sales Experts who has also authored two Bestselling books: Amp Up Your Sales and Zero-Time Selling.With over four decades of experience in sales, he has sold everything from computers to small businesses to complex communications systems that were worth tens of millions of dollars to some of the world’s largest enterprises. It was only when he closed over half a billion dollars worth in products and services that he started his own company - The Sales House, a sales leadership accelerator dedicated for VP’s of Sales and Sales Managers in fulfillment of his mission to share and educate about the power of continuous learning for continuous acceleration in their performance. Find out more and reach out to Andy Paul through the following links:Websites:https://www.andypaul.com/https://www.thesaleshouse.com/Also check out his podcast - Sales Enablement with Andy Paul at https://pod.link/1046045197Join the Sales Hustle Community! Text “Hustle” to 424-401-9300.If you’re listening to the Sales Hustle podcast, please subscribe, share, and we’re listening for your feedback. If you are a sales professional looking to take your sales career to the next level, please visit us at https://salescast.co/ and set a time with Collin and co-founder Chris.Please make sure to rate and review the show on Apple.


12 Apr 2021

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126 - Is Your Marketing Strategy Stuck? | Sales Enablement Podcast with Andy Paul

State of Demand Gen

Chris Walker joined Andy Paul on the Sales Enablement Podcast to talk about why marketing gets stuck, and how to get unstuck. They talk about making space for innovation, closing the gap between how buyers are buying and how businesses are being run, the importance of qualitative feedback, and why the fear of the unknown is ruining marketing and sales strategies.


5 Apr 2021

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Ep. 21: A Lifelong Learners Intended Legacy with Andy Paul

What Is Your Legacy?

I spoke with a lifelong learner, Andy Paul about his intended legacy. Andy is a podcast host of Sales Enablement, Author of two award winning sales books: Zero-Time Selling & Amp Up Your Sales. He's also been ranked number 8 on LinkedIn List of Top 50 Global Sales Experts, and is the Founder of The Sales House, a sales leadership accelerator for VP’s of Sales and Sales Managers. We speak about what it means to be a lifelong learner, and how his curiosity has lead him to:Having the right support to pursue your dreams How writing books is leaving a legacyBecoming the best version of yourself Join us in this incredible conversation next!I'm your host for What Is Your Legacy podcast, Galem Girmay.Thank you for taking the time to listen, I'd love to see your rating and review of this podcast in Apple.


30 Mar 2021

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#26 Don't Get Lost in the Sales Process ft. Andy Paul

Not Another Sales Podcast

Technology has evolved all aspects of our lives, including our sales process and approach. The danger is we can sometimes become too reliant on the technology around us and the process we use, and less focussed on what individuals salespeople can do to influence or impact the opportunities. I say opportunities, but another thing to think about is how do we make it more about the buyer process and experience, than just our process? To discuss this and much more I'm joined by Andy Paul. Andy is the Host of the Sales Enablement Podcast by Andy Paul, Founder of The Sales House, Author and Speaker. Along with this, Andy will also be sharing what inspired him to start a podcast.


11 Mar 2021

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#58 The Price Goes Up: How Andy Paul Went from Aimless Teenager to Working With Steve Jobs and Becoming a World-Renowned Sales Educator

Finding Founders

Today, we sit down with Andy Paul, Global Sales Expert and CEO of Zero-Time Selling Incorporated. Through his two bestselling books and his Sales Enablement podcast, Andy aims to share his sales expertise with small business salespeople and through a long storied career we talk about how he went from growing up in Japan, to working with Steve Jobs, to selling $100M satellites, to eventually becoming a best selling author! Andy Paul’s Website Andy Paul’s LinkedIn Sales Enablement Podcast With Andy Paul Zero-Time Selling: 10 Essential Steps to Accelerate Every Company’s Sales by Andy Paul--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/finding-founders/support


11 Feb 2021

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Coaching and Self-Development, with Andy Paul

Sales IQ Podcast

This week we welcome Andy Paul to the Sales IQ Podcast. Andy is a sales expert who has a key focus on sales development and coaching, hosting his own podcast 'Sales Enablement Podcast with Andy Paul' he has developed his understanding and sales skills to an extremely high level. This week Luigi and Andy discuss coaching and how you can focus on self improvement so that you can continue on your journey as a high level sales professional.Where you can find Andy:https://www.linkedin.com/in/realandypaul/https://www.ringdna.com/sales-enablement-podcast-with-andy-paulhttps://podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/sales-enablement-podcast-with-andy-paul/id1046045197Timestamps:[05:45] - Andrews Journey into the world of selling[10:30] - The key to developing great Sales Coaches[18:30] - Your mission as a sales professional  [24:20] - The steps leading to self improvement[29:15] - Learning to accept feedback[32:50] - Developing a coaches perspective[43:20] - Sales: Art or Science?[45:20] - Biggest influence in Andy's career


19 Nov 2020

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72) Andy Paul on self-directed coaching, motivation, and empathy

Blissful Prospecting | B2B Outbound Sales with JBay

Andy Paul is the Founder of The Sales House. In this episode, we dig into habits and how you can coach yourself to be a better rep. Andy also shares his tips for how managers can more effectively lead their reps. Connect with Andy on LinkedIn here and The Sales House here.  This episode is brought to you by Wingman. Capture the winning moments from your sales calls and cold calls.  Resources mentioned in the episode: Wingman http://trywingman.com/ --- Reply Method Guide https://blissfulprospecting.com/reply-method/ --- Show Notes Page https://blissfulprospecting.com/podcast


17 Nov 2020