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029: Troy Silva’s big influence on baseball as a coach, leader, and best selling author.

Highlighting the BEST of Youth Sports

In this interview, we were honored to meet with a former professional baseball player and the best selling author of 9 Innings of Hitting, Troy Silva. Troy provided a ton of value for coaches, parents, and players navigating the youth sports and baseball journey. Troy has a huge following on the internet and social media, we encourage you to follow him and his positive message: Website: https://troypsilva.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/TroyPSilva YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Troypsilva Baseball Family Podcast: https://www.facebook.com/baseballfampodcast/ ... Highlighting the BEST of Youth Sports is proudly presented by our National Partner IDLife. IDLife is a health and wellness company that is changing the game with its customized nutrition. Everyone has unique nutritional needs and IDLife’s mission is to offer the highest quality products and programs to help you lead a healthier life. What separate’s IDLife from other nutritional brands is its 100% FREE IDAssessment that is tailored to your unique health needs. The answers you provide generate a confidential report with scientifically backed supplement recommendations, creating your own customized vitamin program. Just visit the website at https://numbersdontlie.idlife.com/ and take the FREE assessment today! . . . Highlighting the BEST of Youth Sports™ is the official Numbers Don't Lie show bringing you content related to trending youth sports topics, youth athletes, youth sports motivation, youth sports highlights, social media in youth sports, and much more. The official show page can be found here: https://anchor.fm/numbersdontl1e We’re on most major platforms which are listed on that page, please subscribe, rate, and review to help us spread the word and tell us what you want to hear more of. At Numbers Don't Lie Productions® we help you create exciting highlight videos that are sure to get your athlete noticed amongst the best of the BEST! Established in 2016, we have now featured thousands of athletes in over 40 states and 15 countries. Our #1 priority is Highlighting the BEST of Youth Sports™ Numbers Don't Lie Productions is a family-owned online business that was created to provide a video editing solution and resource to support families on their youth sports journey. We understand that most youth sports parents don’t have the time, resources, or expertise to create highlight videos, so we created a simple, quick, and low-cost process that helps them create highlights to showcase their athlete amongst the best of the BEST. Learn more at the link below on how we can help you highlight your athlete's special skills! . . . Website: https://numbersdontlie.biz/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/numbersdontl1e Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NumbersDontL1e/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/numbersdontl1e--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/numbersdontl1e/support


24 Jul 2020

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BFT SHOW: Troy Silva, Tristan Gebbia

Bald Faced Truth with John Canzano

Guests: Troy Silva, Tristan Gebbia John Canzano talks with these guests about using this time in quarantine to come together with family, the importance of coaching staff continuity, celebrity encounters, and blasts from the pasts. Plus, The Big Splash, Punch It! Audio, and 2@2. Subscribe NOW to this podcast for more great content. It’s free. Why wouldn’t you?Follow @JohnCanzanoBFT on Twitter.

2hr 17mins

1 May 2020

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BFT Interview: Troy Silva

Bald Faced Truth with John Canzano

Guest: Troy Silva - Baseball Family PodcastJohn Canzano talks with Troy Silva about using this time in quarantine to come together with family, the importance of being a multi-sport athlete, and how to handle playing time disputes with coaches. Subscribe NOW to this podcast for more great content. It’s free. Why wouldn’t you?Follow @JohnCanzanoBFT on Twitter.


1 May 2020

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Episode 9 - The key to hitting better in games, overused buzzwords and Faith and baseball with Troy Silva

Strong Mind Sports with Clint McGill

Troy Silva is a former professional baseball player with one of the most followed baseball accounts on twitter (@troypsilva), and today Troy shares EXACTLY what you should be working on to hit better in games, some of the most overused buzzwords he hears today and also how his faith has shaped him during his playing and now coaching career.  


24 Oct 2019

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Troy Silva - Building Confidence, Being A Good Teammate, & Avoiding Unrealistic Expectations

GameChanger Baseball & Softball Podcast

Today on the show we have Troy Silva.Troy played baseball at Cuesta College and Lewis-Clark State college before being drafted by the Cleveland indians. He played professional baseball for six years before being forced to retire after two arm surgeries. He then started teaching at Rijo Athletics where he teaches baseball and softball players hitting and fielding. He also teaches coaches and parents about how to teach and motivate their players and children.Troy also runs the baseball family podcast where Troy and his wife share their experiences as a baseball family. We talk more about the podcast today on the show along with how coaches can make baseball fun for their players, how to build confidence, how to avoid unrealistic expectations, and much more.


15 Aug 2019

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39: Interview With Troy Silva

Baseball Dads Podcast

Today Paul interviews former Cleveland Indian, and fellow Baseball Dad Troy Silva.


24 Oct 2017

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WYC 083 – Youth Baseball – Troy Silva talks 9 Innings of Hitting

The Winning Youth Coaching Podcast: Youth Sports | Coaching | Parenting | Family Resources

Troy Silva is the author of the #1 bestselling book on Amazon & iTunes for coaching baseball - 9 Innings of Hitting. Troy spends his days coaching baseball at Rijo Athletics in the Seattle area. Troy has spent his life playing and coaching baseball, including being drafted by the Cleveland Indians in 1997 and playing 6 years of professional baseball. Troy is married and has 3 beautiful children.Book: 9 Innings of HittingTwitter: @TroyPSilvaFacebook: /Rijo-Athletics-Baseball-Softball-49661522946Websites: rijoathletics.com ; rijobaseball.tvListen Now:Listen on iTunes: iTunes linkListen on Stitcher: Stitcher linkListen on Google Play Music: Google Play link-Quote'Hitters have to be smart enough to have a  good approach and dumb enough to get in there and hit.'Pretty swings vs. developing consistent swings in players Swing instruction is different than hitting instruction - you need someone to develop the concept of hitting. It starts with the swing, but that's just the first step in the process of hitting.Each individual has different needs Early on while Troy was coaching - he realized that kids weren't necessarily getting better, they were just looking better. He was trying to teach them all one way to swing, instead of working with each individual's strengths.Mental Toughness There is a huge difference between expecting to hit the ball vs. trying to hit the ball Mental approach actually has a physical effect on batspeedMental approach - how do you not overthink when at the plate? 'Hitters have to be smart enough to have a  good approach and dumb enough to get in there and hit.' 'Free hitters up to be athletic and just get in there and compete' Quiet the mind - it's ok to be thinking about 1 thing while at bat - just don't start complicating it by thinking of 5 or 10 different things you need to doTeaching progression A great start is just to have kids watch their favorite big-leaguer and copy what they are seeing. Start with mechanics. Then it comes down to the individual and what they need to become a productive hitter. Great progression chart in the book 9 Innings of HittingShould we teach the ‘oppo first’ approach when setting up our batting practices? You should learn power first and how to swing hard BEFORE learning how to hit to the opposite fieldHIT - Honor, Integrity, Truth As a Christian, Troy uses baseball to be a light in a dark world. As a coach your job is to be a mentor and positive influence in these young peoples' lives.The One that got away Being drafted as a pitcher was really tough for TroyBest borrowed/stolen idea Ed Sheft - Mental toughness - You have to know you are better than your competitorFavorite coaching/leadership quote/book Personal experience is the best teacherRijo Athletics and 9 Innings of Hitting Online video hitting/fielding portal with over 300 videos: rijobaseball.tv Book by Jose Rijo: Creating Winning Relationships through Sports-Reviews are the lifeblood of the podcast!- If you like the podcast- please take 2 minutes to write a review! Click hereReady to be an Awesome Youth Coach? Sign up for our free weekly newsletter:


20 Jun 2016

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Troy Silva Interview - 9 Innings of Hitting - 5/16/2015

Beyond The Game


16 May 2015