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Sleepaway Camp Feat. Thomas McCormack

2 Wizards Watching Wrestling And A Wordplay

Thomas McCormack of the Rushmore Podcast cohosts again while we search for Speckner in the mountains of the northwest. We discuss the slasher classic Sleepaway Camp and have an absolute blast doing so. Listen. Now!

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13 Feb 2021

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WCW Souled Out 2000 Feat. Thomas McCormack

2 Wizards Watching Wrestling And A Wordplay

This week while Speckner is away, Harry is joined by Thomas McCormack, cohost of Rushmore Podcast. Harry and Thomas have a great time talking about a not-so great show. Check out Rushmore Podcast if you’re not already doing so. Farts. 

1hr 19mins

22 Jan 2021

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⭐ 125: How to Start a Real Estate Business at 40 Years Young... Thomas McCormack of Resources RE

Entrepreneur Stories 4⃣ Inspiration

Thomas McCormack is Managing Partner and Broker for Resources Real Estate located in Monmouth County, NJ. Having begun as a sales associate in 2002, Tom built his business by providing his clients with top-of-the-line service, ongoing communication and superior market knowledge. With a background in television and event production, Tom has decades of experience that includes marketing, content creation, production, negotiation and detailed organization. This Episode is Sponsored By: The Great Courses Plus is founded on the idea that education should be accessible to everyone. This is college level learning but without the student loans. Start your free month today, go to: millionaire-interviews.com/greatcoursesplus.  Capterra is the leading, free online resource to help you find the best software solution for your business. With over 850,000 reviews of products from real users, discover everything you need to make an informed decision! To help support the show, go visit them at: millionaire-interviews.com/capterra. Brandcrowd is an amazing online tool that can help you make an amazing logo design online. Brandcrowd takes your business name and industry and generates thousands of logos in seconds. One of the best things about Brandcrowd is that it is FREE. To find out more about Brandcrowd, go check out: millionaire-interviews.com/brandcrowd.  For Show Notes, Key Points, Contact Info, Resources Mentioned, & the Fabulous 4 Questions on this episode visit our website: Millionaire Interviews.  Support this Podcast via Patreon Feedback? Questions? Comments? My team & I would love to hear from you! Hollar at us via: Twitter (@acpeek or @millionairepod), Instagram (@millionaire_interviews), LinkedIn (@austincpeek), Facebook (@millionaireinterviews), or email: austin@millionaire-interviews.com. 😀😎😍


1 Jan 2021

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Call to Fatima with Thomas McCormack | EP269

Daily Spark with Dr. Angela

To enlight listeners about the message of Fatima from 1916 to 2020.


21 Oct 2020

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111 - Jeff Dye's Friendship with Thomas McCormack & Pepper Goins - Quarantine Edition

Jeff Dye's Friendship Podcast

On the 111th episode of Jeff Dye’s Friendship Podcast…  Jeff Dye (@JeffDye) is joined by Thomas McCormack and Pepper Goins of the Rushmore Podcast. Subscribe to the Patreon to get exclusive Jeff Dye content, including a video version of Jeff Dye’s Friendship Podcast! www.patreon.com/jeffdye

1hr 17mins

28 May 2020

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The University of Life & Thomas McCormack

The University of Life

In this episode, I delve into the Life Coaching space together with my friend and Life Coach himself Thomas McCormack.Thomas is someone who I've known loosely over the past few years however we've really gotten to know each other well over the past few months.I wanted to explore his journey into this space and what he's learned along the way, especially so as its something I actually wanted to do myself. I also wanted to learn some of the core skills that he applies to his clients so perhaps I could be a better friend to those I'm closest to. Enjoy the podcast and if you want to connect in with him from here, you can find him via: http://www.tmclifecoach.com/Support the show (http://www.theuniversityoflife.com)

1hr 7mins

7 May 2020

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F.U. 19 - Thomas McCormack Loves Syrup


Thank you for downloading this gloriously filthy episode of Fartmouth!This week's show features:Guest: Thomas McCormack of Rushmore Podcast!Would You RatherGo check out Rushmore Podcast on: everywhere podcasts are, idiot.*************************************https://www.facebook.com/FartmouthPodcast*************************************https://twitter.com/FartmouthU*************************************If you enjoyed this show, please consider reviewing us on Apple Podcasts!


3 May 2020

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EP08 - Life Is Short, Is It Yours? From The Heart with Thomas McCormack (The Millennial Coach) 

Only Human Podcast

Thomas is a Mayo man. Having given it a go in Dublin and almost losing himself in a life that wasn't his own Thomas made some changes and retrained as a Life Coach. He battled for a year or two as to where he "should" base himself before trusting the voice inside and moving back west only weeks before Coronavirus visited the Irish shores. He speaks from the heart sharing what he has learned on his journey and about the pace of life that seems most natural to him. He asks:"What can you take from this time to make you a more content human being when this has passed? Life isn’t guaranteed. No matter what we think - we’re never in control (as we’ve surely been taught now?) With that knowledge, how can you make your life your own and make it one you’d be proud of when this is all over? ☀️We have the time now to ponder over the choices we could make to live life to our fullest. ☀️This time will have made many of us more aware of what we want to change, what we’re grateful for - and what life could be...if we backed ourselves just a little bit more. Less is moreSlow is fastLife is shortIs it yours?"Only Human Podcast is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, etc and is produced by Evan Balfe 🎤Until next time, stay well, stay curious. Jack ✌️


19 Apr 2020

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Ep. 127: Thomas McCormack on Ditching Traditional Marketing to Sell Luxury Real Estate

Selling the Dream: A Podcast for Resort & 2nd Home Real Estate Agents

Are you trying to sell luxury real estate with traditional marketing methods? If you’re breaking into the luxury real estate market, and trying to market the same way that you’ve always marketed, I have news for you: it won’t work! Luxury real estate requires a completely different approach to marketing. You aren’t selling someone their everyday home. This is their dream home. The home conveniently located in the heart of the big city, close to shopping districts and 5 star restaurants. Or with a mountain view, just a few miles from a favorite ski resort. It may even have a palm tree swaying in the front yard in the ocean breezes. You can’t market dream homes the same way that you market everyday homes…but what has to change? How can you differentiate your marketing to reach your ideal buyer, who is ready to buy their dream home? In this episode of the Selling the Dream podcast, I’m talking to Tom McCormack. He’s based in the Jersey Shore - which is so much more than just the location of a reality TV show. He’s been working on the luxury market for years, and is here to share his experiences in marketing himself uniquely to luxury market buyers, and exactly what it takes to attract his ideal buyer.. But before we dive in: have you created your free profile on the Second Home Agents website? Go over and get started: it’s FREE to join. Click here to register, fill out your profile and get listed today. Highlights of this episode: Tom introduces Thomas McCormack and his business. The view to selling luxury real estate is to elevate the view: don’t focus on things that aren’t realistic to the area. Thomas is using the campaign “Live Like a Local” to help his leads and clients see what it’s really like to live in his market. That campaign uses agents who are using their phones to capture “real life.” Be nice to everyone: the gardener, the cleaners, the valets. You never know where your next referral will come from! If you do even a decent job, they’ll remember you! How do you change your marketing to capture your ideal market? It’s all about getting your message out on a regular basis. Focus on creating a value proposition which provides MORE than the average brokerage. Show how you take care of all the details that matter. You can’t sell luxury real estate by putting it on the internet and hoping for the best: it’s all about the relationships. Don’t be afraid to work with an agency to help convey the messaging that you are focusing on. It may require a high-end logo, or rebranding yourself. People who buy luxury real estate want to feel like they are special, and that didn’t happen by accident. If you’re considering changing your branding, and your look, think first about how you want your clients to think of when they see you! Be willing to go outside of your comfort zone when trying new branding: look at the other things that are also bought by your ideal client, whether it be cars, clothing, or other high end brands. Remember: luxury items don’t advertise the item itself. They showcase a lifestyle. Thomas shares the associations that he is a member of, and how they impact his business, and where things are REALLY happening for him and his business. When you have a property, make sure you’re connected to other agents - make sure that they know about it. Other luxury agents can be a fantastic source of leads. Thomas shares his top tips for anyone new to the industry. Make sure you subscribe to the Selling the Dream podcast so you don’t miss any new episodes. Hey everybody, thank you so much for spending time with us today: would you do me a giant favor and share this podcast with fellow realtors, and leave a review. Your reviews help this podcast get shared with more people. Connect with Thomas McCormack: Website LinkedIn Connect with me (Tom): 2nd Home Agents website Facebook Instagram YouTube Subscribe to the Show Don’t miss a single episode of the podcast. You can search for “Selling the Dream” on any of your favorite listening platforms, or follow the links below: iTunes Spotify Stitcher YouTube Have you made your free profile on the Second Home Agents website? Go over and get started: it’s FREE. Click here to register, make your profile and get listed today. As always, thanks for listening. Don’t forget, you’re not selling a home: you’re selling the dream. See you next time!

15 Nov 2019