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How to Achieve Financial Independence and Live The Abundant Life with Nicole Rule

The His and Her Money Show

On this episode of the His & Her Money Show, Nicole Rule is at the mic to talk about financial independence, and how we can normalize the whole idea behind financial freedom to let everybody know that it IS achievable. Nicole is a mom of four and a total entrepreneur, who's the owner of Greatest Worth and recently launched The Abundant Life Summit. She knows exactly what she's talking about and we know you'll want to hear it!   RESOURCES MENTIONED Abundant Life Summit | hisandhermoney.com/abundantlife Greatest Worth | greatestworth.com


9 Sep 2020

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005: Budget Shouldn't be a Bad Word with Nicole Rule

No Guilt Mom

Feel like budgeting is too painful?  Yes?  Our guest Nicole Rule, the founder of Your Greatest Worth, paid down $100,000 in 26 months, but wouldn’t recommend that process to anyone.   Instead, Nicole has a way to make budgeting happier.  The DOT Student planning System The Abundant Life Summit Get the show notes here


8 Sep 2020

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Organizing Your Finances with Nicole Rule from Greatest Worth

Pulling Curls Podcast: Pregnancy & Parenting Untangled

Organizing your finances is a really important step towards gaining wealth and having a vision for what you want to use your money on. I'm excited to have a guest that can give us all some good ideas on what to do! Organizing Your Finances This week's guest is Nicole Rule from The Greastest Worth Website & Podcast. Her tagline is "make a life you love, start with your money." Money is just the start for a great life! You can also find her on Instagram. She is part of the Abundant Life Virtual Summit which you can sign up for right now! She also has a ton of free items that can get you started organizing your finances! This post is inspired by my family budget posts -- and you can also get the free download to work on your own budget!     This episode is sponsored by The Organized Home.  We aim to organize your whole house in that course.  You can jump in for just a month or a whole year!  Up to you! Items mentioned to help you organize your budget: How to prioritize your budget Tools that you use to organize your finances -- she uses You Need a Budget How I organize my own finances Why NOW is the best time to get organized Nicole's Worksheets & support How budgeting formulas don't always work!' The tough part of managing finances together in a partnership Other finance things that might interest you: My abundance budgeting post My other family finances posts My blogging for income series The episode where I talk with my husband about money Producer: Drew Erickson


24 Aug 2020

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Money, Mindset, and Dream Chasing with Nicole Rule

Fools in Love Podcast

This week on the Fools in Love Podcast, we are excited to welcome Nicole Rule! Nicole owns a business called Greatest Worth and also has a podcast Your Greatest Worth. As a mom, entrepreneur and money coach, she has a vision of helping women live a life they love by teaching them how to manage their money. With accountability, virtual classes, and practical support, She guides her clients through paying off debt and finding confidence with their budgets. In this episode, we talk about how Nicole and her husband paid off $100k in debt in 26 months, how to prepare for a crisis, how gaining control of your money can bring you closer together as a couple, and so much more! Did you enjoy the show? Awesome! Now go SUBSCRIBE to the podcast and we would love you forever if you left a review! It helps more people find the show. Find Nicole at https://www.greatestworth.com/ Or on Instagram @greatestworth


10 Jun 2020

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Episode 33: With Nicole Rule - owner of The Greatest Worth

The Great Reset

We speak with Nicole Rule who runs a budget and finance coaching company called The Greatest Worth.  She talks about having kids at home, changing her own budgeting through Covid-19 and the advice she offers many of her clients as we go through this unique time in human history.   She brings up many interesting ideas about how we look at budgeting and some different ways to do that.  A great conversation with a wonderful person. 

1hr 2mins

19 May 2020

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017 | How To Budget In A Crisis | Interview with Nicole Rule

Suburban Warrior

Warriors, these are unprecedented, scary times for sure.  We are all doing the best we can to stay safe and understand how our world is changing. Many Americans are have lost their jobs and are unsure when they will have an income again, it's scary.  In this episode, I sit down with Money Coach and founder of Greatest Worth, Nicole Rule.  She is a self-proclaimed recovering budget avoider and Target run addict.  She started her journey of helping others find joy in managing their money after she and her husband paid off over $100,000 in debt in just 26 months.  She wants to help others avoid going into debt, as well as create healthy budgets to live the life they want to live.   She also has an amazing e-course available now, the Emergecy Budget Blueprint.  It is available on her website and is a "pay what feels good" course.  In this time of crisis, Nicole wants everyone to have access to the tools and strategies that she provides in the course, even if you can't pay for it right now.  It's all about paying it forward.  The Emergency Budget Blueprint Mini Course - www.greatestworth.com/ebbYour Greatest Worth Podcast - www.greatestworth.com/podcastThe Greatest Worth Family FB Group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/greatestworthfamily/FB - https://www.facebook.com/greatestworth/IG - www.instagram.com/greatestworthPlease leave a rating a review! And join my Facebook group, Suburban Warrior!  Stay healthy and safe!xo,Crissy


21 Apr 2020

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Ep. 30 | How to use your personal and family values to finally get your finances in order with Nicole Rule

The Live with Audacity™ Podcast - Clarity & Focus for Multi-Passionate Moms Building an Impactful Online Business

Today I get to talk to Nicole Rule, founder and owner of Greatest Worth, where she guides women to make a life they love, starting with their money. Through her process of paying off $100,000 in debt in 26 months she learned that money management is only 30% numbers and 70% beliefs, mindset and habits. Her passion is to guide women to live into their full potential, while creating a money life that supports their dreams!We talk about how identifying your personal and family values and digging seven layers deep into your why can help you stay on track and stay focused on your goals. And you know I also want to help you build a life that supports your dreams soooooo let's dive in.Find Nicole:www.greatestworth.com https://www.instagram.com/greatestworth/www.facebook.com/greatestworthhttps://www.facebook.com/groups/greatestworthfamily/https://www.greatestworth.com/podcastFind me: Take the Audacity Quotient quiz: http://bit.ly/audacityquotient Join the Facebook Community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/LivewithAudacityNow/ Find me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/livewithaudacitynow/Support the show (https://www.livewithaudacitynow.com/podcast)


13 Apr 2020

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How to Create a Budget When Your Husband Doesn’t Want To with Nicole Rule

How to Like Your Husband

#024 - Money is typically a point of contention in most marriages. In fact, it can oftentimes lead to divorce! And sometimes, your spouse isn’t on board for creating the change in your finances that you need to survive and thrive. Nicole Rule, of Greatest Worth, is here to share all of her tips on taking ownership of your finances and how to effectively communicate those with your spouse. No arguing and no getting defensive! Money habits are hard to break, but with some intentional self-awareness practices, you can make big changes that can save you a lot of heartache AND money. https://www.greatestworth.com/ebb-waitlisthttps://mrsrachelballard.com/how-to-create-a-budget-when-your-husband-doesnt-want-to-with-nicole-rule/


7 Apr 2020

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Episode 25: Interview with Money Management Expert, Nicole Rule of "Greatest Worth"

Uncut & Unleashed - Just Engaged U&I-versity Podcast

Have you & your partner talked money management? Have you discussed your 1-3 year financial plans? Most couples go from being engaged to directly planning a wedding. It is important to enjoy the engagement season and learn how to manage your money before getting married. Meet Nicole Rule, she is the founder and owner of greatestworth.com - a place where she guides women and couples to make a life they love, starting with their money. She is a wife, mother of 4 and a money coach. Money management is the #1 tool she used to make her dream life her reality. Her goal is for all women to be living into the very best versions of themselves and she believes the foundation of this is solid money management! https://www.greatestworth.com You can find her on IG & FB @greatestworth https://www.instagram.com/greatestworth/ & on her podcast “Your Greatest Worth.” Join her amazing, supportive Facebook Group “The Greatest Worth Family” and get free live coaching every Monday night! https://www.facebook.com/groups/greatestworthfamily/ FREE LINK for "Debt Pay Off Email Challenge' https://view.flodesk.com/pages/5d8a6f6b995cc6000f4aacd7 FREE LINK for 'The Couple's Guide to Having the Money Talk' https://view.flodesk.com/pages/5e20c7862442f300264dd741 WATCH FULL EPISODE ON YouTube Episode Sponsored by: http://justengageduniversity.com GET YOUR FREE EBOOK with code 2020 below: https://www.gbwbrands.com/product-page/just-engaged-u-i-versity-ebook


22 Jan 2020