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Maybe we should look under the hood | All about prenatal nutrition with Kristin Brown

The Mama Well Podcast

If you feel like sometimes your health is coming last and are ready to learn how to find balance with your in a simple and sustainable way… Grab our FREE mini course below that will help guide you with our foundational steps! Click here! Today Brooke is talking with Kristin about prenatal nutrition and why it is so important for pregnant women. Kristin gives tips on how to deal with morning sickness/nausea, as well as how to improve your energy while pregnant. Follow Kristin on Instagram @prenatal.dietitian. If you are interested in her Prenatal Masterclass, click here! Or if you can try her 5 day prenatal meal plan for FREE! Make sure to subscribe and tune in each week for quick mom friendly episodes that will help encourage you on this journey! Follow @the.mama.well for more on Instagram and your hosts Alyssa @nutrition.for.littles and Brooke @nutrition.for.mamas too! Want to be our favorite human or even get a chance to be featured on the episode? Leave us a written review on the podcast today!


6 Sep 2022

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#012 - Kristin Brown - Promoting Christian Values in Public Policy

Biblical Courage with Paul Horrocks

Kristin Brown is a Southern California native who has made her home in the Metro DC area since college. When Kristin and Scott got married at Cherrydale in 2013, little did she know that God had planned an opportunity to use her passion for communications and ministry in a role here at Cherrydale. Prior to joining the staff as Communications Director/Women’s Ministry Coordinator, Kristin served as a ministry intern at Cherrydale, working in the area of women’s ministry. Kristin has more than twenty years of communications experience in the Christian non-profit arena, serving most recently as vice president of communications at the Institute for Faith, Work & Economics. She also served in the pro-life movement, as vice president of communications for Care Net, an organization supporting the gospel-centered work of pregnancy centers, and as media director for Family Research Council, a public policy organization in Washington, DC. She received a Bachelor of Arts in English from Princeton University, where she first trusted Christ as her Savior and Lord. Kristin is currently pursuing a Master of Arts in Religion from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary and dreams of writing a book someday. To sign up for the Biblical Courage newsletter or support the podcast, visit: https://biblicalcourage.com/--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/biblicalcourage/support


8 Sep 2021

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EMB #443: Digestive Health with Kristin Brown

Exploring Mind and Body

On this edition of Exploring Mind and Body Kristin Brown is going to talk about the importance of understanding digestive health. As a registered dietician she says the good majority of her clients deal with digestion issues in some way. On today’s show we’ll focus on how 70% of our immune system residents in our gut, serotonin production in our gut and basic digestion and absorption.Kristin Brown is a Registered Dietitian running a local and online nutrition consulting practice in Fredericton, New Brunswick. Kristin is the voice behind the blog Grounded Health Nutrition, helping people craft a healthy life they love using delicious food and sustainable lifestyle practices. Through her practice, Kristin shows people that eating healthy and loving the food they eat CAN be done and that creating a lifestyle that is both healthy AND indulgent is the key to long term success.Show Notes:Digestive health,inflammationdiet sustainabilityfocus on preventionimmune systemdigestion and absorptionantibioticsprobioticsgas, bloating, indigestion, diarrhea is not normalchew your foodrest and digestmindful eating gut health bacteriafermented foodspuradyme (where to get probiotics)back to basicswhole foods


9 Jun 2020

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Drop Every Weight (Elder Kristin Brown)

Training 4 Reigning w/ Dr. Eric Lee Brown



28 Jan 2020

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#5 Kristin Brown

Conversations with Ozzie Chavez

One of the masterminds behind THICC thoughts, Kristin Brown shares with us her travels, current projects and exiting new ventures. Enjoy! --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/appSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/ozzie-chavez/support

1hr 18mins

20 Sep 2019

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#19 The Prenatal Dietitian: An Interview With Kristin Brown

The Be More Human Podcast

We were super excited to interview Kristin Brown on the show, Dietitian and owner of Grounded Health. Don’t shy away from listening if “prenatal nutrition” isn’t your thing... it was really about so much more than that. Although we set out to talk about nutrition, our conversation lead us down some totally different (but related!) roads. Kristin is super passionate about removing toxins from your environment that are derived from cleaning products, personal care products, plastics, and even receipts. This really matters and not many people are talking about it! Kristin's posts are filled with evidence based nutrition information tailored to women in the phases of fertility and pregnancy. BUT that doesn’t mean that you can’t benefit from her educational posts if this is not you. She shares tonnes of valuable, beautifully packaged tidbits of information when it comes to nutrition, and overall health and wellness.


5 Sep 2019

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Ep. 1 "Thicc" - Kristin Brown

Fake Lashes Real Feelings

Our very first episode and we dive right into connecting with your inner bad bitch! Clap along, scream YAS, and get inspired by Kristin Brown! 


15 Jul 2019

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Kristin Brown

Momma Stories

In this weeks episode Sarah sits down with Kristin to discuss her journey into becoming a momma. They tackle some of the difficult decisions many parents are faced with around daycare, traveling for work, and how her husband ultimately decided to stay home with their daughter. Kristin also gives great advice on being supportive partners, helping her daughter make good decisions and other tips to balancing the crazy world of being a parent. Any questions or feedback, please email us at info@mommastories.com Please be sure you are following us @themommastories and share your story on our Website


9 Jul 2019

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Finding Your Purpose with Kristin Brown [Episode 63]

Thriving In Motherhood Podcast

Kristin is a mother of twin toddlers (1 boy and 1 girl) and host of The Progress Project Podcast. She loves reading, yoga, and baking. She talks about her struggles with infertility which guided her to be the mother she wants to be in finding the balance between being a present mother and doing some work too. Kristin speaks to trusting herself and finding momentum in her successes. Kristin felt a lot of resistance as she dealt with her infertility for five years. As she did that, she was able to come to terms with and really explore what her role could be if she wasn't meant to be a mother yet. Resistance turned into acceptance for her as she journaled and wrote her way through her thought processes. She found herself as she discovered her gifts and desires. She took time to think about the woman she sees herself as in 50 years and used that to help find her purpose. She finds the balance between motherhood and having a career as an ongoing challenge. She wants to be a present mother, but uses her work as a creative outlet and to help her be a person outside of being a mother. Kristin believes balance is the constant readjustment in the pursuit of wholeness. Something that help Kristin stay present in motherhood is not resisting what is. 


3 Jul 2019

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SMM 057: How to Use Writing + Visualization as a Conduit to God|| Kristin Brown

Spiritually Minded Women Podcast

My guest today is Kristin Brown. After experiencing 5 years of infertility, Kristin and her husband were excited to welcome boy/girl twins to their home. Kristin and her best friend, Laura,  have a podcast called The Progress Project, a personal growth podcast with conversations on how to improve little by little, while giving ourselves plenty of grace. How Challenges Help Us In the interview, Kristin shares how she learned through the trial of infertility that challenges help us learn exactly what we need to learn. She talks about how she was able to find peace and contentment even before she became a mother. Purpose is More Than Roles Kristin discusses how she learned her purpose is not totally wrapped up in motherhood and that she has worth whether she is a mother or not. Writing, Visualization and Prayer You’ll hear why Kristin turned to writing as a form of prayer and a way to recognize themes in her life. Kristin talks about how writing has became personal scripture just for her and a conduit to God. Writing also led Kristin to visualization and she shares what she learned and how this practice has evolved for her. Finally, Kristin and I discussed how hearing how others communicate with God helps us to explore and find our own methods of communications. Confidence Through God Kristin knows God is her partner in motherhood. She has gained confidence to do what she needs to do as a mom because she knows He is walking beside her.   Show Notes For more about Kristin’s experiences with visualization, listen to episode 61 of Kristin’s podcast, The Progress Project. Listen to more episodes of the Spiritually Minded Mom podcast about communication with God: Episode 6: Growing into Motherhood + Learning How God Speaks to You || Monica Packer Episode 14: How to Recognize God in Simple Ways + Battle Loneliness and Negative Thoughts || Michelle Garfield Episode 42: Seek a Relationship with God Episode 44: Use God as a Guide Follow Kristin Instagram: @kristinbrown Instagram: @jointheprogressproject Website: jointheprogressproject.com Podcast: The Progress Project Follow Spiritually Minded Mom Blog: spirituallymindedmom.com Instagram: @spirituallymindedmom Facebook: spirituallymindedmom Podcast: Spiritually Minded Mom on iTunes


5 Jun 2019