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Ep. 17 - Real Estate, Tiles and SMB SaaS with Jeff Moore

Riches in the Niches Investor Podcast

Jeff Moore is a distressed real estate investor that buys properties in Opportunity Zones. He is also an avid reader of Annual Reports and a stock investor. Richard started talking to Jeff in April of 2020 as the stock market crashed during the Covid-19 crisis. Over the next few months, Richard and Jeff shared stock ideas and learned from one another. Topics discussed include Real Estate, Tiles, Small Business SaaS, Peter Kamin, Warrants and more. You can reach Jeff on Twitter at @ragnarisapirate. To learn more about Richard check out www.thinkaen.com.


30 Apr 2021

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Navigating the fixed income market with Jeff Moore - April 2021


Every month, portfolio manager Jeff Moore brings his unique perspectives on global fixed income markets, using a multi-sector lens. This month he welcomes special guest Dan Tremblay, head of ESG fixed income investing for Fidelity. Jeff and Dan look at a big question being posed right now: if the rise of ESG investing demonstrates a fundamental shift in the overall investing landscape? Dan describes ESG investing as a dynamic, evolving topic that the investment marketplace is focusing on. Dan also notes there is a lot of quantitative analysis being done to study the correlation between a companies focus on the ESG pillars, and economic outcomes over the longterm. Jeff comments on how Europe is used as an example of how ESG is more ingrained and can be a roadmap for how the trends are heading for North America. Recorded on April 21, 2021.


27 Apr 2021

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279 - Preeminence Unleashed with Nic Peterson and Jeff Moore

The Ultimate Entrepreneur

In this episode, Jay is interviewed by Jeff Moore and Nic Peterson on the Preeminence Unleashed podcast. Jeff, Nic and Jay discuss qualitative ethical arbitrage, pandemic-spurred mindset shifts, and present-day examples of marketing arbitrage. Jeff shares what he has learned from new advancements in the food industry and why it’s critical to maximize the use of our skillsets and equity before investing capital. Jay also gives some tips to avoid “drowning in opportunity” as things open back up post-pandemic. You’ll learn game-changing evolutions in business, how to engage in ethical “marketing manipulation”, and how to leverage intellectual capital to see value where others don’t. Tune in to hear Jay share what he’s most proud of, most frustrated by, and what he wants to conquer next – and learn Jeff’s tips for how to get the most out of Jay’s wisdom. 00:00 – 14:30 – The purpose of marketing, qualitative ethical arbitrage, pandemic-spurred mindset shifts, and some marketing arbitrage examples. 14:30 – 20:00 – Ghost kitchens, what Jeff has learned from new advancements in the food industry, success stories, and why you don’t have to invest capital to succeed. 20:00 – 24:00 – Game-changing evolutions in business, adversity, capacity, affinity, skillset and equity utilization, what people are getting right, and what to expect post-COVID. 24:00 – 36:00 – Marketing manipulation, asset management and maneuvering, intellectual capital, seeing value where others don’t, and Jay’s optimization training. 36:00 – 42:00 – Understanding the solution you offer, the big WHY, what reviews to listen to, and advice on how to best learn from Jay. 42:00 – 53:00 – What’s Jay’s most proud of, what he’s most frustrated by, and what he wants to conquer in the next few months.


16 Apr 2021

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Jeff Moore - OKPOP - Living History

How That Happened

Jeff Moore is the Executive Director of the Oklahoma Museum of Popular Culture, or OKPOP, a forthcoming museum that that will honor the state’s greatest creative talents. When OKPOP opens its doors in late 2022, it will be the culmination of 15 years of planning and Jeff has been there since the beginning. OKPOP has been developed in partnership with the Oklahoma Historical Society, the institution where Jeff began his career as a curator. In 1995, Jeff had the opportunity to work on the Historical Society’s first new museum in decades, the Oklahoma Route 66 Museum in Clinton, Okla. The vibrant and contemporary project was transformational for Jeff, who knew from that moment that he wanted to be a part of these types of endeavors. In this episode, Jeff talks about the origin for his love of history, the relatively recent challenge of looking at pop culture from an intellectual standpoint, and the process of collaborating with Oklahoma creatives to capture their lasting legacy for future generations. Be sure to subscribe to “How That Happened” to receive our latest episodes, learn more about our guests, and collect resources on how to better run your business. For additional show notes, visit https://hogantaylor.com/how-that-happened-episode-45/. Copyright 2021 HoganTaylor LLP. All Rights Reserved. To view the HoganTaylor general terms & conditions, visit www.hogantaylor.com


29 Mar 2021

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Jeff Moore discusses Thryv $THRY

Yet Another Value Podcast

Micro-cap investor Jeff Moore (who also writes http://ragnarisapirate.blogspot.com/​) discusses his bull case for Thryv (THRY). Thryv is an interesting company: their core value comes from their legacy Yellow Pages business, and they're using the cash flows and relationships from that melting ice cube to start up a SMB SaaS service. Jeff argues there's huge upside as the company taps their customer base, acquires smaller competitors, and the market starts to recognize the value of their SaaS business.Chapters0:00​ Intro1:20​ Thryv Overview6:15​ Thryv Software discussion12:25​ Why is a SaaS business attached to a Yellow Page company?14:30​ Why is churn so high?20:05​ Who are Thryv's competitors22:00​ Don't all yellow page companies go bankrupt?28:30​ Walking through Thryv's SOTP40:25​ Discussing Thryv's management team45:45​ What to make of the CEO buying stock while largest shareholders sell down?SHOW LESS


29 Mar 2021

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Navigating the fixed income market with Jeff Moore - March 2021


Every month, portfolio manager Jeff Moore brings his unique perspectives on global fixed income markets, using a multi-sector lens. Reflation and reopening are the big topics right now, and Jeff’s view is that we will reopen gradually over the next few months. The market is in the right place for now, and has done a good job of pricing in reflation, fiscal stimulus, a blue wave in the U.S., etc. Investors should think about inflation being around 3%; by December, Jeff thinks it will be back around 1% – a “snapback and then a rollback.” Jeff’s biggest concern about coronavirus variants is that we have added a lot of debt as a result of a series of shutdowns and recoveries. For some countries, this debt will be a big issue. That said, it looks like the U.S. will snap out of it a little faster than the rest, due to massive stimulus – but while the U.S. will likely have the fastest recovery, it will also have the highest interest rates. Recorded on March 17, 2021.


23 Mar 2021

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Navigating the fixed income market with Jeff Moore - February 2021


Portfolio manager Jeff Moore examines the importance of diversifying in fixed income in 2021 and tackles the discussion on finding yield in this low-rate environment. Jeff notes that the main role of a bond portfolio is to offer diversification and potential for downside protection. In the new Fidelity Multi-Asset Innovation Fund that Jeff manages alongside Mark Schmehl, the balanced nature of the Fund causes the beta to tech exposure to drop about 50%. Jeff is trying to find bonds that yield 3–4% in multi-asset classes in the bond market. Jeff will not buy convertible debt for the Fund; he only buys bonds, and leaves stock volatility to the equity portion of the Fund. Recorded February 17, 2021.


25 Feb 2021

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Getting Families Outdoors with Jeff Moore

Let’s Talk Outdoors

Heather and Derek catch up with Jeff Moore. Because of his own nature-immersed childhood, Jeff has a lot of recommendations for parents and families about getting outdoors and fostering a love for nature. Join us for ideas for getting started with getting outdoors, and some great words of wisdom from Jeff for all parents. 


12 Nov 2020

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S01 Episode 16: Jeff Moore of Wave7 Research

The Retail Shift

Jeff Moore is Principal of Wave7 Research, a wireless research company that covers U.S. postpaid and prepaid competition, as well as smartphone competition and fixed wireless competition.  Wave7 Research is the leading firm in terms of wireless retail coverage.  Jeff Moore has over 20 years of telecom industry experience and from 2006-2015, Jeff was the lead official responsible for gathering competitive intelligence for Sprint and was Chairman of Sprint's Competitive Intelligence Roundtable.


11 Nov 2020

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U.S. election day: Where do the markets go from here? - Jeff Moore and Greg Lowman


Today is the big day; America chooses a president for the next 4 years, and depending on how the die is cast a different (or the same) permutation of the White House, the Senate, and the House of Representatives can be at play. How will markets react? What are the probable scenarios we could be looking at? What happens according to the Constitution and other laws in the event of an elongated battle, and during the in-between from today to January?  Portfolio manager Jeff Moore and Fidelity’s political expert Greg Lowman join us to dissect where the markets may go from here, and what investors should be paying attention to. Recorded on November 3, 2020.


3 Nov 2020