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100. Dr. Helen Turnbull | The Unchallenged Brain Is Not Worth Trusting: The Role of Unconscious Bias in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Leadership Junkies Podcast

Are you confused about diversity, inclusion and what it means in business? Are you looking to better understand the role of diversity and inclusion in your life and business? Are you looking to better understand the path to more diverse and inclusive organizations, teams, communities and lives? Our special guest Dr. Helen Turnbull answers these and other questions about diversity, equity, inclusion and leadership. Dr. Helen Turnbull, CSP and Global Speaking Fellow, is a world recognized thought leader in global inclusion and diversity. Her extensive research focuses on unconscious bias and its impact on all aspects of inclusion. She has unparalleled knowledge on the complexity of inclusion; and a deep understanding of the patterns and mental models contributing to exclusion. Her “Inclusion Complexity Model” identifies 3 Immutable Forces and 4 Permeable Forces that play a key role in Inclusion and she knows what it takes to create an inclusive work environment. Dr. Turnbull is the author of three online psycho-metric assessment tools on Unconscious Bias and Inclusion – namely, Cognizant, the ISM profile and The Gender Gap Assessment. She also has an E-Learning program on Unconscious Bias and Inclusion. In May 2013 she spoke at TEDx on “The Illusion of Inclusion”. She keynotes on these topics globally and has spoken to senior executives in Australia, Asia, Europe, UK, Canada, Latin America and the USA. The Leadership Junkies Podcast is brought to you by Cardivera.com. Show Notes Episode highlights… Ways that diversity, equity and inclusion has changed (or not) over the past 40 years One unconscious bias – we hire for diversity but still manage for similarity Everyone has unconscious biases and they don’t go away (awareness brings them into your vision but you still must pay attention to them and catch them) Unconscious bias as a mental virus Defining and understanding unconscious biases and their impact The unchallenged brain is not worth trusting Strategies for creating diverse and inclusive workplaces The complexities of diversity and inclusion – The Inclusion Complexity Model The role of dominance as an immutable force Unconscious bias as an immutable force Degrees of difference as an immutable force Understanding intersectionality and its impact on diversity and inclusion (individuals and groups) The role of the lived experience as a foundation of understanding diversity, equity and inclusion The four permeable forces around diversity and inclusion (affinity bias, assimilation, political correctness (redefined as polite consideration) and internalized oppression) Using the Inclusion Complexity Model to address diversity, equity and inclusion in your business People of difference can tell the difference between genuine interest and lip service The power of listening to your people without interrupting Being intentional about opening space for others to speak Resources: Helen Turnbull (drhelenturnbull@humanfacets.com) Human Facets Website Privilege, Power and Difference Book by Allan Johnson The Leadership Junkies Podcast Cardivera

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8 Apr 2021

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Helen Turnbull | The Cape Leopard Trust

Conservation Careers Podcast

How do you conserve a species which is incredibly hard to see? A ghost species?  That’s the challenge faced by today’s guest Helen Turnbull, CEO of The Cape Leopard Trust in South Africa.  The Cape leopard is the stuff of legends.   It’s seldom seen and highly elusive, surviving in some of the most inhospitable habitat possible – the rugged mountain ranges of South Africa’s Western Cape.  And here they can come into conflict with people, or more specifically farmers, who can see them threats to their livestock.  This is where the Trust comes in, to ensure the long-term survival of leopard populations by promoting peaceful coexistence and the protection of landscapes, empowered by scientific research, positive community partnerships, education and advocacy.  In today’s episode I talk with Helen about the amazing work of the Trust, and how they tackle such a complex issue.  We also discuss her fascinating career which has taken her from working for an airline for nearly two decades, to being a business owner working in sustainable tourism, to where she is today, leading conservation efforts for cape leopards.  It’s a great story, and we start with Helen providing an overview of the work of the Trust.  Enjoy. 


23 Mar 2021

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#27 Unconscious Bias and the Bottom Line, with Dr Helen Turnbull

Manage Self, Lead Others. Nina Sunday presents.

< 37:44 >TALKING POINTSWhy is it important for organizations to be thinking about inclusion and diversity?If you figure out how to do inclusion properly, you will gain commitment instead of compliance, and achieve more loyalty and creativity.3 immutable forces around inclusion that will never change; 1 dominance2 unconscious bias – have to be vigilant3 degrees of difference Permeable factors:1 affinity bias – 'mini-me' syndrome2 assimilation – if people withhold their best ideas, leaders are not getting their best selves, they’re getting a simulator.3 political correctness – walking on egg shells; afraid to speak to each other across differences. Can’t give honest feedback because might be accused of being racist. A leader has to listen to creative people e.g. Google company allows people to work 10% of time on their own projects. Psychological safety – one thing leaders can do is to go round the meeting, even a Zoom room, and ask each person to speak without interruption. While it’s time-consuming, it buys you loyalty and commitment, because everyone’s voice matters. ABOUT DR HELEN TURNBULL CSPDr. Turnbull is a world-recognized Thought Leader in global inclusion and diversity.  She is author of two psychometric assessment tools on unconscious bias and Inclusion - Cognizant and the ISM profile, plus an eLearning program. She is a CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) member of the National Speakers Association and an accomplished keynote speaker.Contact: https://www.humanfacets.com/Email: drhelenturnbull@humanfacets.comResourcesThe Illusion of Inclusion: Global Inclusion, Unconscious Bias, and the Bottom Line by Helen TurnbullDr. Turnbull’s TED Talk: Inclusion, Exclusion, Illusion and CollusionABOUT THE HOST, NINA SUNDAY, CSPA Certified Virtual Presenter, Nina Sunday presents at conferences virtually and face-to-face on the subject of: 'Second Curve Thinking: How to Re-motivate Your Team BEFORE They De-motivate'.Her 2018 book, ‘Workplace Wisdom for 9 to thrive; proven tactics and hacks to get ahead in today’s workplace’ is a selection of the C-Suite Book Club. Holding a Bachelor of Arts and Diploma in Education, and a graduate in Production Management from the Australian, Film, TV and Radio School, Nina is a Past Chapter President of Professional Speakers Australia and CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) member.In the Manage Self, Lead Others podcast, Nina Sunday speaks with key experts from across the globe to share insights on transforming culture, self-leadership and leading others, highlighting emerging trends.For more information visit https://ninasunday.com or follow Nina Sunday on LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


11 Mar 2021

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Dr Helen Turnbull, Diversity and Inclusion

Elevate Your Leadership

Diversity and Inclusion... How do we define Diversity and Inclusion? What is affinity bias and is it wrong? What is unconscious bias and is it wrong? Does diversity simply mean black and brown people as many D&I “experts” contend? What is neutral space and how can we apply it? What are blind spots? Dr. Helen Turnbull and I tackle the topic on Diversity and Inclusion head on. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


16 Jan 2021

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Shift Notes Ep. Nine: Helen Turnbull

Shift Notes

This week our podcast moves back of house, to the kitchen. Chef’s are notoriously known for their strong work ethic and Helen is no exception. Now the co-owner of 50-50 in Kapiti, Helen combines smart business sense with an eye for excellence and a passion for flavour. What we admire most about Helen, is that she’s actively works to pass knowledge and experience on to everyone underneath her charge. In this podcast we explore some of her wisdoms around business and leadership. Helen’s stories about working amongst elite chefs, and challenging herself abroad, also give us a clear understanding of how one can achieve what others think is impossible with a little drive and determination. Who is Helen Turnbull (3:00) Japanese experience (8:05) Differences in the Japanese kitchen (10:40) Hardest part of working in Japan (12:20) Notable chefs & career influences (14:48) Japanese vs. NZ Food Culture (20:10) Music with space (23:32) Opening 50-50 (25:16) Why a career in the kitchen (29:25) Transferable hospo skills (30:00) Opening a business and understanding best practice numbers (34:15) Biggest challenges in the kitchen (37:36) Finding life balance (40:30) Advice for getting the best out of your people (42:06) For those who want to begin a career in the kitchen (46:30) This podcast and content thereof are for information purposes only. Within the podcast, some general information or personal experiences regarding health and wellbeing may be discussed by the presenters. This information does not represent medical or health advice, nor should it be taken as such. Please consult your healthcare professional with any medical or mental health related questions. If you feel that you need support or would like to talk with someone please contact any of the support services listed below. Lifeline (0800543354, or free text 4357) Healthline (0800611116) Suicide crisis helpline (0508828865) Depression and Anxiety Helpline (0800111757, or free text 4202)


24 Nov 2020

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People First! Dr. Helen Turnbull, Author of The Illusion of Inclusion

PeopleFirst! with Morag Barrett

Welcome to SkyeTeam's People First! In this series, we explore the people side of successful business and careers. We all have a story to share, a leadership journey that we are experiencing.We'll be interviewing authors, business leaders, thought leaders, and people like you to uncover the  latest ideas, resources and tools to help you become more effective at work - and in life. As it turns out, the secret is cultivating winning relationships. Business is personal, and relationships matter!So, sit back, grab a coffee as Morag Barrett and Dr. Helen Turnbull discuss one of the most salient topics of our times, The Illusion of Inclusion.Websites:https://www.humanfacets.com/about/https://twitter.com/InclusionfacetsDr. Turnbull is a world-recognized Thought Leader in global inclusion and diversity. Her extensive research focuses on unconscious bias, inclusion blind spots and gender bias. She has unparalleled knowledge on the complexity of inclusion. Dr. Turnbull is the author of three online psycho-metric assessment tools on Unconscious Bias and Inclusion – namely, Cognizant, the ISM profile, and The Gender Gap Assessment. She has spoken TEDx on “The Illusion of Inclusion”.  She keynotes and offers workshops in Australia, Asia, Europe, UK, Canada, Latin America, and the USA.  Several of her clients have won major Awards because of her work, including two clients winning the high-profile Catalyst Award. In addition to her PhD, Dr. Turnbull has two Masters Degrees in Organizational Behavior and Mental Health Counseling and an Under-Graduate Degree in Psychology and Sociology. She was also President of the Open University Students Association (OUSA) in the UK and in that role has had lunch with the HRH Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip; she has attended The Garden Party at Buckingham Palace and sat next to Prime Minister Harold Wilson at an event in the Guild Hall in London.


26 Aug 2020

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507: Dr. Helen Turnbull on How Creativity Transforms Your Business

Simplify & Multiply

Dr. Helen Turnbull on How Creativity Transforms Your Business


25 Mar 2020

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174 Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace: Part 3 With Dr. Helen Turnbull

Businesses that Care Podcast (formerly Mere Mortals Unite)

Welcome to our special series on Diversity and Inclusion.  It isn’t my area of expertise, but obviously a very important topic in the world of business culture.  I gathered 6 experts to close out 2018 to share their perspectives. This is part 3. Dr. Turnbull is a world recognized thought leader in global inclusion and diversity. Her Ph.D. dissertation research was on stereotype threat, assimilation and internalized oppression across cultures. She is the author of three online psycho-metric assessment tools on unconscious bias and inclusion. In addition to her Ph.D., she has two Masters degrees, one in organizational behavior and one in mental health counseling.  She has spoken all over the world to companies like Lockheed Martin and Wells Fargo. Diversity and Inclusion Part 1 with Jess Pettitt - https://julieannsullivan.com/jessica-pettitt/ Diversity and Inclusion Part 2 with Corey Kupfer - https://julieannsullivan.com/corey-kupfer/ For more information about Helen: Helen’s Website Helen’s Human Facet Website Helen on Twitter Helen on LinkedIn Helen on Facebook iTunes - Subscribe, Rate and Review


5 Dec 2018

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Dr. Helen Turnbull: Getting Past the ‘Illusion of Inclusion’

The Female Insight Zone

A lot of us are well-intentioned and don’t believe that we are biased toward others in any way. But it is naïve—delusional, even—to think that we don’t harbor unconscious bias. In fact, the issue of inclusion is an incredibly complex one, and until we recognize those complications and actively pursue change, the ‘illusion of inclusion’ will persist.Dr. Helen Turbull’s interest in diversity and inclusion was ignited after her move from Scotland to the US, where issues of race are front and center. At a National Training Laboratories Conference, Dr. Turnbull was inspired by a teacher who suggested that nothing would change until the dominant culture stepped up to become true advocates. Dr. Turnbull saw this as a call-to-action, and pursued research around stereotype threat, covering and internalized oppression across cultures.Now Dr. Turnbull is a world-recognized thought leader in global inclusion and diversity. She has more than 25 years of experience assisting businesses in enhancing organizational capabilities and creating an inclusive environment. She has worked with a number of blue chip clients around the world, including Texas Instruments, JP Morgan Chase, and Citigroup Europe. In May of 2013, Dr. Turnbull spoke at TEDx on ‘The Illusion of Inclusion,’ and she regularly keynotes of the topic of embedding an inclusive workplace culture in Australia, Asia, Europe, the UK, and the US.Today, Dr. Turnbull explains the ‘illusion of inclusion,’ exploring the complexity of the issue and why organizations must embrace diversity initiatives as part of an ongoing process. She discusses the immutable forces at play, including the dynamics of the dominant culture, the impact of unconscious bias, and the degrees of differences within groups, as well as the permeable forces—affinity bias, assimilation and political correctness. Listen in to understand how Dr. Turnbull works with companies to get past the illusion of inclusion and make long-term commitments to ensure that all employees are valued and involved.Key Interview TakeawaysNothing will change until the dominant culture steps up to become advocates for true inclusion. Until we begin to understand the complexity of the issue and actively pursue change together, challenges around diversity will persist.For diversity initiatives to work, organizations must be in it for the long haul. Dr. Turnbull argues that a two-hour workshop is not the solution. A company must embrace inclusion as part of an ongoing process.Inclusion is much more complex than people realize. The dynamics of the dominant culture, unconscious bias, and the degrees of differences within groups are all at play.Reframe political correctness as ‘polite consideration.’ Recognize your own affinity bias and consciously work to develop a curiosity about others’ stories.Companies hire for diversity, but manage for similarity. Many organizations have a diverse workforce, yet the assimilation model entrenched in workplace culture requires employees to minimize themselves in order to fit in.Connect with Dr. Helen Turnbull Human FacetsEmail drhelenturnbull@humanfacets.comResources The Illusion of Inclusion: Global Inclusion, Unconscious Bias, and the Bottom Line by Helen Turnbull Dr. Turnbull’s TED Talk: Inclusion, Exclusion, Illusion and Collusion Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


15 Dec 2017

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The Illusion of Inclusion with Dr. Helen Turnbull

Inside Transformational Leadership

What does it take to create an inclusive environment in your workplace? Dr. Turnbull, a world-recognized thought leader in global inclusion and diversity, is passionate about helping us to look at how to identify obstacles such as Affinity Bias, Assimilation and Confirmation bias, to ensure that all voices are heard and embed an inclusive workplace culture. She has helped her clients develop award-winning diversity strategies that have changed the experience of their workplaces. Meet Helen Turnbull in a conversation with Host Kate Ebner. They will explore how to instill valuable new behaviors into the fabric of your organization’s culture – and how to become aware of blind spots that may be having unintended negative effects and impacting the quality of your day to day decision making. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn about how to move far beyond unconscious bias to establish a workplace that is inclusive and welcoming to all.


31 Aug 2015