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17 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Luis Alvarez. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Luis Alvarez, often where they are interviewed.

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17 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Luis Alvarez. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Luis Alvarez, often where they are interviewed.

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Luis Alvarez, U.S. Army, Iraq, Healing Heroes

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U.S. Army veteran Luis Alvarez joins us to discuss his revolutionary work to help heal the bones and other tissue of our wounded service members beyond what the human body can often do on its own. Alvarez explains how he was inspired to make this his mission, how his innovative approach works, the promising research already done, and the work yet to be done. Alvarez also discusses his time at West Point and his service in Iraq. Don't miss this fascinating conversation.
Aug 26 2020 · 33mins
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Luis Alvarez & Barry Luster - Photographers on the rise

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How they got started as photographers

How and why they started working together

Their shoot process from models to location selections

Their choice of cameras

the Landscape of photographers in San Antonio 

The Legacy they would like to leave behind

Aug 16 2020 · 1hr 8mins

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Season 2 | Dr. Luis Alvarez | U.S. Army Veteran | MIT | Theradaptive | (Episode 25)

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Dr. Luis Alvarez joined The Protectors to discuss the future of warfighter healing.  Interview coming this week.  Luis is a U.S. Army Veteran and has a PhD from MIT.

About: Luis is a West Point grad and Iraq Veteran. While serving in the Army in Iraq, Alvarez was frustrated to see the lack of technology available for targeted tissue regeneration. Some of his fellow service members underwent amputations weeks or months after a wound originally occurred because the bone and tissue couldn't be healed properly.

To address that shortcoming, Luis got a PhD in biological engineering from MIT and developed a method of converting the most powerful regenerative proteins currently used in humans into material-binding variants. These new proteins, which can be coated on to medical devices or implants, allow for targeted tissue regeneration with little off-target effects.

In practical terms, this means that major bone breaks could now be healed in a matter of weeks, not months. Cartilage that may have been considered irreparable might now be fully repaired.  His company, Theradaptive, has received $6 million in funding from the Department of Defense. While their lead products are for orthopedic trauma, they have also developed similar therapeutics for spinal fusion, cartilage repair, localized oncotherapy, and more. 

Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/theprotectors)

Jun 29 2020 · 20mins
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Smart Building Technology | How Smart Greenhouses are Causing Cannabusiness to Grow - Guests: Luis Alvarez and Richard Newberry

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The California Cannabis industry is one of the most heavily regulated industries in the world. While that presents a huge problem for growers, it has become a HUGE opportunity for my two guests, Luis Alvarez and Richard Newberry.

If you’ve wondered how to get in on the growth of the cannabusiness market, then head on over to podcast.iotplaybook.com, where you learn about Smart Greenhouses and how you can take advantage of this rapidly growing opportunity.

What You Will Learn:
  • What is a smart greenhouse
  • The opportunity for Smart Greenhouses in the global market
  • Why IoT managed service providers are uniquely qualified to take advantage of this opportunity.
  • Luis and Richard’s project with Matsui
  • How the KMC Commander works


Creating Life With IoT

Luis Alvarez is the owner of Alvarez Technology Group and Richard Newberry is the CEO of KMC Controls; two companies with a profound presence in the world of smart building technology. Smart buildings are the low-hanging fruit of IoT and recently, they have become increasingly popular in the cannabis industry. It has created a monumental opportunity for IoTMSPs as more and more facilities are being upgraded to keep business flowing. Old greenhouses are being retrofitted with smart lighting, automated water systems, and other technology while dispensary owners are installing IoT security systems to meet state regulations. There is a lot of movement in this particular niche, and it is a perfect time to get into the business of IoT.

Data Consolidation and Smart Greenhouses

Cannabusiness and agribusiness are not the only industries looking to overhaul their operations with new smart building technology. Recently, Luis and Richard did a project for Matsui, a flower business that provides most of the orchids in the United States. Matsui has sixty-five greenhouses to grow their product, but they do not have sufficient staffing or data management capabilities to effectively monitor everything that is happening. Luis and Richard helped them design a dashboard that consolidates all of their data and makes it accessible across all of their devices. Then, they figured out how to retrofit all of their greenhouses with intelligent technology.

IoT Quality Control

This is a perfect time to bring in smart building technology because it can save manpower and cut energy costs by nearly 40%. That is huge for cannabusiness because regulations are unforgiving and lighting for a small, personal grow-op can be upwards of $5,000 per month. When production costs are so high, everything must be done to ensure the product goes to market. The KMC Commander enables growers to install sensors and monitor everything from temperature and humidity to CO2. If you are interested in learning more about this technology and the opportunities associated with it, listen to the IoT Playbook episode, How Smart Greenhouses are Causing Cannabusiness to Grow – Guests: Luis Alvarez and Richard Newberry.

About Luis Alvarez

In less than a decade, Luis Alvarez has grown the Alvarez Technology Group, Inc. (ATG) from a small two-person consultancy to the premier information technology (IT) solutions provider on the California Central Coast, delivering IT services to more than 200 companies throughout the state. A visionary who never shies away from exploring exciting new technologies that might give his clients a competitive advantage, Luis specializes in working with executives and managers of small- and mid-sized businesses, sharing his expertise by advising them on trends, analyzing their systems for improved performance and planning how IT can help achieve their business goals.

About Richard Newberry

Richard is leading KMC Controls as the CEO to optimize growth and profitability. They have a new vision and mission with clear objectives and strategies. Their mission is to have Innovative and Intuitive solutions from Responsive and Supportive people. They are the industry leader in adopting IoT technologies for Intelligent Buildings.

How to contact Luis Alvarez and Richard Newberry: Luis Alvarez Richard Newberry More IoT Playbook Resources:
Jan 13 2020 · 38mins

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Luis Alvarez

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Welcome to the 714! This week my man Luis Alvarez comes on the podcast as 2020 rolls in and we discuss a multitude of topics so sit back and enjoy. 


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Jan 06 2020 · 32mins
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Oct 18 2019 · 29mins
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Sep 13 2019 · 31mins
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"Confidence is So Annoying to Me" (w/ Luis Alvarez Schacht AKA Bob's Assistant)

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Luis Alvarez Schacht AKA Bob's Assistant stops by for a slumber party! He talks being Bob the Drag Queens assistant, side hustle jobs, the evolution of drag race and drag as an economy, growing up in Miami and the mix of comedy and drag.




May 13 2019 · 1hr 13mins
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16. Luis Alvarez you so crazy

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We have Luis Alvarez on the show, we discuss UFC, Apu from Springfields most wanted. our crazy videos.
Feb 11 2019 · 55mins
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Episode 1: Luis Alvarez ’88

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Luis Alvarez Jr. ’88 explains how he got admitted and his path to becoming president and chief executive officer of the Law School Foundation.

Transcript: law.virginia.edu/admissions/law-schooled
Feb 07 2019 · 31mins