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5 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Tessa Lunney. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Tessa Lunney, often where they are interviewed.

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5 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Tessa Lunney. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Tessa Lunney, often where they are interviewed.

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Ep 18: April in Paris 1921 - Author Interview with Tessa Lunney

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We had the honor to interview author Tessa Lunney on the podcast today about her novel, April in Paris 1921. 

Jade was experiencing a lot of difficulties with her Wi-Fi so apologies if the quality is a little bit shaky. We tried our best to edit it to death!

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Nov 19 2018 · 38mins
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Tessa Lunney – Kiki in Paris

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Tessa Lunney’s party girl hero Kiki Button poses for Pablo Picasso in Bohemian Paris in the first book of a mystery series that gently prods at serious questions – like how to be a ‘modern woman.’

Hi there I’m your host Jenny Wheeler and today Tessa talks about  why she’s obsessed with 1920s Paris, how her doctorate on war literature helped shape Kiki’s character, and why Harry Potter saved her in the early days of motherhood.

But before we talk to Tessa, just a reminder that the show notes for this episode can be found on the website, the Joys of Binge Reading.com  that’s where you’ll find links to Tessa’s website and  work, as well as details about how to subscribe to the podcast so you don’t miss future episodes.

Where to find Tessa Lunney: 

Website: https://tessalunney.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tessa.lunney

Twitter: https://twitter.com/tessawynn

Instagram:  @misskikibutton  and @tessawynn

Six Things You'll Find Out  

Why she’s obsessed with Anglophone 1920s Paris
Partying with Pablo Picasso and Kiki Button
Aussie nurse and hero Kiki Button’s relevance to Me Too
How Harry Potter saved her sanity as a young Mother
Where to go in Kiki’s Paris
How her doctorate on war trauma informed the story

What follows is a "near as" transcript of our conversation, not word for word but pretty close to it, with links to important mentions.

Jenny: But now here’s Tessa.  Hello there Tessa and welcome to the show it’s great to have you with us . .

Tessa Lunney: Paris mysteries

Tessa: It's great to be here.

Jenny: Beginning at the  beginning - was there a "Once Upon A Time” moment when you decided you wanted to write fiction?  And if there was a catalyst, what was it?

Tessa: There was a moment when I decided to write fiction, and that was about two years after I realized I was never going to be an actress. I wanted to be an actress so much from when I was a very little girl. When I was about 21 or 22, I realized that I didn't have the success that my friends who were actors had already had, but also it didn't suit me. It didn't suit my personality and it didn't suit me intellectually. I looked at the decisions I'd made in my life, and I realized none of these were pointing towards an acting life.

I told myself  "you have to be honest with yourself, you're not going to do this". A couple of years later, I finished university and I did an honors year, which is an extra year added on to my three year degree. I was surrounded by highly intelligent, passionate, eloquent book readers. And I thought 'these are my people!' I thought, 'you're going to have to go with books. It's you're first love and you're true love, so maybe you can tell a story... maybe you should start to try?'

And so I started to try when I enrolled in a graduate diploma of creative writing. I enrolled because my boyfriend at the time was enrolling in his Bachelor of Music, and I was bored and had nothing better to do. I had three or four classes a week, and I thought this is it. This is what I'm going to do. That was like a long moment that ended in a flash of revelation.

Jenny: It's great that you had such self awareness at such an early age!

Tessa: Well, it was sort of forced upon me because I was quite unhappy trying to do this and trying to do that. It was all failing and not working. It should have worked; it worked in my mind but I just couldn't perform, I couldn't do anything. I tried out the drama schools and hadn't got in and I just thought this is a series of failures. But more than that- I wasn't even enjoying it. I didn't even enjoy being up on stage. I didn't want to do it, so why are you pursuing this if you hate it? So I had to think about it. It took a long time because I went overseas and had affairs and finished my degree. I did a lot of thinking, so the self awareness came slowly.

Jenny: April in Paris 1921 is a mystery set in that period when the expat artists and writers were taking over Montparnasse!
Nov 18 2018 · 39mins

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Tessa Lunney's April in Paris, 1921

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We meet Katherine King Button as she embarks from the boat into London, two years after departing at the end of the war. Having served as a nurse on the Western Front, Katherine is Kiki to all those who know her from those days. London is just a pit stop, though on her way to Paris and to the freedom that only the post war liberty that city can offer. Ensconced in a garret in Montparnasse Kiki is determined to live up to notoriety as the blonde Australian society reporter.Falling in with artistic circles Kiki becomes a model and lover of Pablo Picasso who entrusts Kiki with a mission to locate a stolen portrait; leveraging all her society access to discover the thief. When a mysterious figure from the war reemerges, at the same time reports drift in from Germany's northern territories of fascist brownshirts terrorising the population, Kiki knows her past is catching up with her...Settle in for a ripping adventure in the city of lights!
Sep 28 2018 · 8mins

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Tessa Lunney's April in Paris, 1921

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Great Conversations features interviews with authors and writers, exploring books, writing and literary culture from Australia and the world.Today's episode features Tessa Lunney discussing her debut novel April in Paris, 1921.In April in Paris, 1921 we meet Katherine King Button returning to London, having departed Europe at the end of the war. Katherine is Kiki to all those who know her from those days, and London is just a pit stop on her way to Paris and the freedom that only that city can offer.
Jul 29 2018 · 24mins
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S03 – Episode 014: Swing dancer, Poet & Academic - Tessa Lunney - Author April in Paris 1921

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Tessa Lunney is a novelist, poet, and occasional academic. Her debut novel April in Paris, 1921 is published by Harper Collins Australia and Pegasus Books USA. In 2016 she won the prestigious Griffith University Josephine Ulrick Prize for Literature for her story Chess and Dragonflies and the A Room Of Her Own Foundation Orlando Prize for Fiction for Those Ebola Burners Them. She was also the recipient of a Varuna Fellowship. In 2013, she graduated from Western Sydney University with a Doctorate of Creative Arts that explored silence in Australian war fiction. In 2014 she was awarded an Australia Council ArtStart grant for literature. Her poetry, short fiction, and reviews have been published in Best Australian Poems 2014, Southerly, Cordite,Griffith Review, and the Australian Book Review, among others.
She loves swing and rockabilly dancing, vintage style and lives in Sydney.
Jun 15 2018 · 55mins