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How Eric Wallace Went From the NCAA to the Australian Football League

Bothering Strangers

Former Australian Rules Football Player and NFL player Eric Wallace joins the Bothering Strangers podcast to talk about how he went from playing college basketball to becoming the first American to play Australian Rules Football. He also discusses how he made the switch from Aussie Rules Football to the NFL and how he found his passion for photography and modeling after the NFL.   Subscribe to the Bothering Strangers podcast on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/max-heering2/support


19 Mar 2021

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Episode 085 - Eric Wallace, Social Champ and Academy Coach


From Elementary Teacher, to Academy Coach, to Social Champ, Eric has a track record of teaching and training the next leaders of Walmart. He's been on a mission to not just show how is store in Paris, TN is capturing the attention of customers and associates through their Facebook and TikTok pages, but he's teaching others how to win too! Listen as Terrence sits down with Eric to talk about the wins and experiences he's had on Local Social.


28 Jan 2021

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Ep 48: ARE DSLRS DEAD? Feat Eric Wallace

Paid in Exposure Photography Podcast

17:45 Are DSLRs Dead - 26:30 #NoMorePie QTNA Ghosted by Disgruntled Clients - 44:00 AMAZON PRIME DAY DEALS - 58:15 Nudes & the Mayor - 60:00 JBP Boyz vs Charlamange - 66:00 Voting with a Purpose - 82:00 Billboard Unseasoned Music Award Show - 88:0 0Dak & The NFL Slave Game - 99:00 VOTINGGGGGG - 106:00 Expose Yourself Notebook - 110:00 Last Minute Highlights Follow Eric: https://www.instagram.com/polymathicwallace/ Follow Ke: https://www.instagram.com/kss7_/ Follow Gavin: https://www.instagram.com/iam_gavinb/ --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/paidinexposure/support

1hr 58mins

16 Oct 2020

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Preaching the Whole Gospel with Eric Wallace

Diligent Pastors

Christians often believe a half-gospel that leaves them hopeless. But the whole gospel gives us hope and power to live as God intends.About Our GuestEric Wallace serves as founder and president of the Institute for Uniting Church and Home through which he has ministered to thousands of church leaders and families through conferences and seminars as well as private conversation. He has been married to his wife Leslee since 1995 and the Lord has blessed them with eight children.Featured ResourceSermon Audio: Share your sermons online with Sermon Audio. Join a library of over 1.7 million sermons from theologically conservative churches and other ministries from around the world. Embed your audio on your site, submit your sermons to podcast directories like Apple Podcasts, and list your church on the Local Church Finder.What You Will LearnHow growing up in a Christian home did not guarantee joy and peace in ChristHow Christians can walk by grace in Christ every dayThe importance of the church to provide relationships that lead to personal growthHow the gospel justifies and sanctifies believersHow reading the Scriptures in the home leads to transformationWhy Christians resort to a legalistic or programmatic approach to lifeHow church leaders can encourage the congregation with grace and hopeAdditional ResourcesThe Institute for Uniting Church and HomeEric’s latest book: Real Hope for Your Home: How Finding Joy Changes Us and Our RelationshipsYour Identity in Christ from A–Z (Free PDF Download)Support the show (https://diligentpastors.com/donate/)


3 Sep 2020

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Eric Wallace - Polymath Playground

The All-In Podcast with Nate Peo

Listen to the full episode here: https://natepeo.com/blogs/the-all-in-... Eric Wallace is the founder of Polymath Playground, who currently resides in North Carolina. In 2012, he graduated with a Masters in Public Administration from Seattle University. Since then he has competed professionally across the world in three different professional sports, from Australia to his backyard in North Carolina. Join us in this episode of the All-In podcast as we discuss sports, film, photography, and the necessity of the polymath. Connect with Eric:https://www.wallaceric.com/ How To Be A Success Champion: http://bit.ly/BeASuccessChampion


11 Aug 2020

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Episode: 19: Telehealth with Eric Wallace, M.D., FASN

Life as a Nephrologist Series

This episode we bring on Eric L. Wallace, M.D., FASN, Director of Home Dialysis at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and Medical Director of Telehealth. Telehealth allows patients to teleconference and/or have telephone conversations with their existing doctor(s).  In today’s environment, with many provider offices still closed, this may be a good solution and/or alternative for patients to continue their existing care under the direction of their provider via teleconference. Dr. Wallace discusses his journey to becoming an expert in telemedicine and the challenges that come with the territory. He explains how you can accomplish a lot over the phone in nephrology, but there can be issues with technology, internet connection (especially for patients in rural areas), and tech literacy. Lastly, he explains how socioeconomics play a huge role in Telehealth, public health and public education issues, techniques to improve your phone calls with patients, and the future of Telehealth. 


29 Jul 2020

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CBP 126: The Riches are in the Niches - Cash-Based Physical Therapy in the Golf Niche—with Eric Wallace

The Cash-Based Practice Podcast

After Eric Wallace graduated from PT school, he worked for several years as a staff physical therapist at a hospital-based outpatient clinic. Though he’d never imagined owning a practice, after having kids, he couldn’t bear the thought of coming home from work each day drained and unhappy. He knew he wanted something more, and that led him to begin exploring cash-based PT options—including listening to this podcast!  When his family relocated to Appleton, Wisconsin, Eric teamed up with a chiropractor and ran the physical-therapy side of their business. He soon learned all about the frustrations that come with accepting insurance, and he began to dabble with offering some cash-based services.  Soon after, Eric decided to go it alone and start his own fully cash-based physical therapy practice. He rented space in a gym to start, but his lack of a real business plan made things difficult. He quickly niched his focus to golf—an area of passion for him personally and a highly motivated target for the business. Eventually, he moved into his own space and went 100% cash-based with a focus on improving performance for golfers. In this interview, Eric shares what he’s learned along the way and what’s worked best in his recent foray into online workshops. He provides his top strategies for niche marketing and managing a practice as it grows. USEFUL INFORMATION: Check out our Online Patient Attraction System

1hr 3mins

9 Jul 2020

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The Evergreen Experience High Plains Bank and Left Hand Brewing Co: John Creighton and Eric Wallace

Evergreen Journal by Tugboat Institute

John Creighton, President & CEO, High Plains Bank, and Eric Wallace, President & Co-Founder, Left Hand Brewing Co. both live and lead businesses in Colorado. On May 22, 2020, John and Eric joined Dave Whorton on The Evergreen Experience™ to share the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on their businesses, the innovations and adaptations that they have tried, their view on the future of their industries and how Evergreen® principles have guided them.


4 Jun 2020

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The Modern Renaissance Polymath with Eric Wallace [The Polymath PolyCast]

The Polymath PolyCast with Dustin Miller

Today we are talking with the Polymathic Eric Wallace the Founder of Polymath Playground. photographer, actor, and model. A show about becoming a polymath, and all of the areas of interest in between! Note: Because of the technical problems it was hard to tell when someone was done speaking. If it seems that I interrupt him too much, my apologies, for I truly did want to hear what he had to say! Links: https://www.facebook.com/Eric-Wallace-830646020429021/ ww.wallaceric.com https://www.instagram.com/polymathicwallace/ https://twitter.com/PolymathicEW https://www.linkedin.com/in/walllaceeric/ https://www.imdb.com/name/nm9546255/ https://www.polymathplayground.shop/ https://www.instagram.com/polymathplayground/ Timestamps: 0:00 Introduction 1:00 Polymathic Athlete 2:00 What started Polymath Playground? 4:00 We want to do things outside our current realm of interests 5:00 Innate curiosity 5:30 Specialization is for insects 6:15 Universal Potential 8:00 We are all headed towards the destination in life, but we can all learn divergently 9:10 Leonardo Da Vinci (P.S. He's my hero!) 11:00 Curiosity SKILLED the Cat https://www.polymathplayground.shop/ 12:30 "We have that renaissance soul within us!" The Polymathic Eric Wallace 13:30 "We limit ourselves because we think we found what we are already supposed to be doing." 15:40 "I didn't know you did...." 16:40 His role in a major movie... Avengers Endgame! 18:30 Camera Talk, especially if you're getting started 20:00 Landing the role in Endgame 23:00 More Endgame talk because of course... it is epic 25:30 Polymath Playground Fedora 28:00 Da Vinci's Apprentice 31:00 Never finished the Mona Lisa 32:30 Level Progression 34:00 Know how your brain works 39:00 How to think like Leonardo Da Vinci 42:00 Polymath Exercise by PolyInnovator 43:00 Athlete Cross Train 44:00 Three Variables of Exercise 46:00 Telling a story (Secret projects too) 47:00 Digital Creative 49:00 You don't need to be a genius to be a polymath! 52:00 The Beauty of Flight 53:00 Being Present 55:00 Multiple types of Intelligences 57:50 We all have that potential #multipotentialite 59:45 YouTube University 01:00:00 Super Connectors and Brick and Mortar Polymath Playground 01:02:30 The Thought of being a "monomath" is painful to us 01:04:00 Eric's Hero 01:07:00 Do your Passion / Outro

1hr 8mins

26 May 2020

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Episode 134: Eric Wallace of Left Hand Brewing Co. Shares Perspective and Advice for Brewers Navigating the COVID-19 Shutdown

Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine Podcast

This isn’t the first time in his 26 years in the craft beer industry that Eric Wallace, Cofounder and President of Left Hand Brewing Co. and former Chairman of the Brewers Association Board of Directors, has had to deal with adverse business conditions. The late 90’s and early 00’s were a period of net contraction for craft beer, as tepid consumer reaction failed to deliver the growth that many over-leveraged breweries expected. Today, the pandemic poses a different sort of challenge—a widely felt social, health, and economic event that was as unexpected as it has been severe—but lessons learned from craft beer’s early period are still apropos. In this special industry-focused episode, Wallace weaves through the granular operations issues facing the brewery, from the challenge and necessity in furloughing employees (“furlough is not a moral issue—it’s surviving; It’s a requirement; If you’re going to survive, you have to cut your expenses to match whatever you’re lucky enough to have coming in”) to the utter collapse in sales (“In March, [draft beer] sales dropped to $1700, from six figures [last year]. We’re a stout brewery, and we ended up getting shut down on the… day before St. Patrick’s Day”). Wallace discusses the government tools they’ve been able to secure, such as a loan through the PPP program, and the challenge in any kind of long-term planning. IRI data may suggest that craft beer sales are up in the grocery channel, but that’s a small consolation at best for breweries like Left Hand. “I’ve read the IRI data, and I’m like ‘Really? That’s what’s happening? Because it doesn’t feel like it,’” says Wallace. The conversation also turns toward a macro view, with Wallace discussing the shared responsibility of all craft brewers, and all in the hospitality world, to ensure the safety of customers and staff. “To take the short-term view, right now with all the largesse that the government is raining on our heads, just because philosophically you disagree and your freedom is being imposed upon… that’s bullshit,” says Wallace. “I want to open as bad as anybody, but I also feel an obligation to be a responsible citizen, business owner, member of society.” What will the future look like? Wallace and Left Hand are planning on two years of severely limited business, as the world grapples with the disease while working to find a vaccine. But that won’t be the end of it. Expect 3-5 years after that to “dig out,” pay off debt incurred in the survival process, and get back on any sort of sound economic footing. There is no quick bounce-back from this pandemic and the ripple effect it is having throughout the economy. This episode is a sobering and honest look at the reality facing the world’s craft brewers. This episode is brought to you by: G&D Chillers (https://gdchillers.com): Nearly 2,000 breweries across the US, Canada & Mexico partner with G&D Chillers. Innovative, Modular Designs and no proprietary parts propel G&D ahead as the premier choice for your glycol chilling needs. Breweries you recognize—Russian River, Ninkasi, Jack's Abby, Samuel Adams and more—trust G&D to chill the beer you love! Call G&D Chillers to discuss your project today or reach out directly at GDChillers.com. Old Orchard (https://www.oldorchard.com/brewer): Old Orchard supplies craft juice blends from the heart of Beer City USA. As the industry blending experts, they supply major national brands and growing breweries alike. They've been the best-kept juicy secret in craft beverage for years, but now the secret's out. Breweries across the board are experiencing a seamless transition to Old Orchard as their new juice supplier. So hop aboard the Old Orchard fruit train; their sample kit starter pack is waiting for you at www.oldorchard.com/brewer. Hopsteiner (https://www.hopsteiner.com): This episode is brought to you by Hopsteiner–your premium hop supplier dedicated to delivering quality hops and hop products in every package. Visit Hopsteiner.com for a complete list of offerings or select “shop hops” to start ordering today. Ska Fabricating (https://skafabricating.com): Ska Fabricating is excited to introduce the newest player in their all-star lineup of canning line automation: The Magic Bus, a fully automatic can depalletizer with pallet management. No more pouring time and labor into the manual handling of pallets, top frames and tier sheets on your canning line - packaging teams can simply load cans, deband, and press start. To learn more, contact Ska Fab today at (970) 403-8562 or reach out online at skafabricating.com. Brewers Publications (https://www.brewerspublications.com): This episode is brought to you by Brewers Publications, publishers of “Small Brewery Finance” by Maria Pearman, “How to Brew” by John Palmer, and the forthcoming “Historical Brewing Techniques” by Lars Marius Garshol. Established in 1986, Brewers Publications has published more than 50 books of enduring value for amateur and professional brewers alike. Visit BrewersPublications.com today to browse the complete catalog of books and ebooks.Support Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine Podcast

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10 May 2020