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Overcome Estrogen Dominance with Magdalena Wszelaki

Breast Cancer Conqueror Podcast

Magdalena Wszelaki is the founder of Hormones Balance, a thriving online community dedicated to helping women balance hormones naturally. Magdalena is a nutrition coach, certified herbalist, a published bestselling cookbook author, speaker, and educator. She’s got a long history of hormonal challenges. Her health crisis was the direct result of highly stressful life in advertising - starting from Graves’ and Hashimoto’s Disease (autoimmune conditions causing thyroid failure) to total burnout and estrogen dominance. Today she is in full remission, lives a symptoms-free life, and teaches women how to find their sacred hormonal balance with her books, online programs, and education. Listen in to this episode to find out about Estrogen Dominance and its role in Breast Cancer.  Learn about the ways you can test for Estrogen Dominance as well as the types of foods and herbs that are helpful in balancing you out.  As a free gift to our listeners, Magdalena has offered her 19 Everyday Foods to Overcome Estrogen Dominance.


26 Apr 2021

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PP #203: Overcoming Estrogen Dominance with Magdalena Wszelaki

The Period Party

Magdalena Wszelaki is the founder of Hormones Balance, a thriving online community dedicated to helping women balance hormones naturally. Magdalena is a nutrition coach, certified herbalist, and author of Overcoming Estrogen Dominance, which we’re talking about today. She’s got a long history of hormonal challenges that led to total burnout and estrogen dominance. Today she lives a symptom-free life and teaches women how to find their sacred hormonal balance. In this episode, we talk about what estrogen dominance is, Magdalena’s history of period problems and experience with estrogen dominance, the surprising symptoms of estrogen dominance, Magdalena’s top tips for supporting your body and taking control of your hormones, and so much more! To learn more about Magdalena Wszelaki, visit the show notes.


15 Mar 2021

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#302 Overcome Estrogen Dominance with Magdalena Wszelaki

The Keto Diet Podcast

Why estrogen dominance is the most important health issue affecting women today, and how you can prevent future disease. RESOURCES 21-page guide to achieve weight loss on your keto diet FREE guide on how to start keto Keto question? Need help? Send me a message Estrogen dominance quiz Herbs for estrogen dominance Overcoming Estrogen Dominance PARTNERS HEALTHFUL for 10% off your first BELCAMPO order (new code that won't expire) Eaton CBD oil 20% discount: use the code KETODIET for 20% off everything


14 Mar 2021

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Overcoming Estrogen Dominance with Magdalena Wszelaki

Dr. Lo Radio Show

Welcome to another episode of the Dr. Lo Radio Show! I really enjoyed recording this episode, and I think you will enjoy it as well.  Today I am chatting with Magdalena Wszelaki all about overcoming estrogen dominance.  We have a wonderful repeat guest on the show.  She is the founder of Hormone Balance community and the Magdalena line of all natural supplements and skincare products.  She knows first hand what it means to overcome estrogen dominance.  Magdalena talks about her new book, Overcoming Estrogen Dominance. She shares three things women can do to start taking control of their hormone health.  She also shares which herbs and supplements help balance hormones. Magdalena shares why women in menopause with low estrogen often experience estrogen dominance and three things women can do to reduce hot flashes.  If you are listening to this episode and you or someone you know are navigating through any of the health issues we discuss, I would be more than happy to support you in the journey! Feel free to reach out to me to continue this conversation: @doctor_lo I hope you enjoy and learn something new from this episode!  We Discuss: {06:05} Magdalena shares her experience with estrogen dominance and her healing story.  {09:32} What is estrogen dominance and what are the symptoms? {14:20} The Liver’s Impact on Hormones and Estrogen {17:25} Symptoms in Women in Different Stages {19:00} Ways to Support & Improve Liver Function {22:46} Using Herbs and Supplements to Help Balance Hormones {29:17} Estrogen Dominance with Low Progesterone  {29:58} Ways to Increase Progesterone  {34:33} Ways to Reduce Hot Flashes {36:41} How the Gallbladder Removal Can Affect Estrogen Dominance {39:27} Pop Quiz Questions to Win a Free Book And so much more!  Links Mentioned: Overcoming Estrogen Dominance Book  https://amzn.to/3csOTep Magdalena’s Website https://hormonesbalance.com/ Hormones Balance on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Hormonesbalance/ Hormones Balance on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/hormonebalance/ Paleovalley https://paleovalley.com/ Grab the bundle with CODE: DRLO Follow me on social media for fertility tips, daily life, and more! - Instagram: @doctor_lo: https://www.instagram.com/doctor_lo/ - Facebook: Dr. Lauren Noel: https://www.facebook.com/DrLoNoel/ - Shine Instagram: Shine Natural Medicine: http://www.instagram.com/shinenaturalmedicine - My Golden Eggs Fertility Course: https://www.goldeneggsfertility.com If you enjoyed this episode, please leave a 5 star review on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, or wherever you are listening! And don't forget to subscribe and share this podcast with friends and family! I love seeing your posts on social media!


12 Mar 2021

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#125: Mapping Hashimotos with Andrea Nakayama and Guest Host Magdalena Wszelaki

15-Minute Matrix

Today in the final episode of our special series I’m back in the guest seat with my friend Magdalena Wszelaki. Together we’ll be exploring the 3 roots that apply to any chronic illness with a particular emphasis on Hashimotos. You won't want to miss this fast and furious episode where I speak into how to apply all that I’ve learned in managing my own Hashimoto’s diagnosis!March 8th, 2020> Click here to download the completed Matrix from this week’s episode> Get access to my ebook Roadmap to Resolution here.Related Episodes: #122 Mapping Inflammatory Root Causes with Andrea Nakayama and Guest Host Eileen Laird #123 Mapping Environmental Inputs with Andrea Nakayama and Guest Host Lara Adler #124 Mapping the Gut-Brain Connection with Andrea Nakayama and Guest Host Cavin BalasterGet 15-Minute Matrix podcast notifications delivered to your inbox!


8 Mar 2020

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161: Why We Need to Address Estrogen Dominance w/ Magdalena Wszelaki

Essentially You: Empowering You On Your Health & Wellness Journey With Safe, Natural & Effective Solutions

What we're talking about in this episode! Defining estrogen dominance and the largest symptoms you may relate too Learn the best way to test for estrogen dominance and other hormone imbalance Foods that you can add in or be mindful of to keep yourself out of estrogen dominance The difference between dirty and clean estrogen and how to filter your gut and liver Seemless lifestyle changes to get your hormones under control and support yourself   Episode Summary:  When it comes to estrogen dominance, there is so much to unpack and explore, because each individual’s markers are unique to them. What puts one woman out of the normal range can be another woman’s happy place, and it is only by understanding the signs and symptoms of estrogen dominance that you can begin to find natural solutions that work for you. After struggling with her own health crisis as a direct result of a stressful life, Magdalena Wszelaki said enough is enough and decided to dedicate herself to stopping the immense amount of suffering happening in the women around her. A fellow hormone expert, author and founder of Hormones Balance, Magdalena is here today to provide you with tips and natural remedies to get you back to a symptom-free life.  The hard truth is that many doctors do not know about estrogen dominance or how to heal it naturally, and instead will provide you with dramatic bandaid solutions like birth control or hormone therapy. Magdalena is here to start the conversation and let you know that there is another way to healing that can not only prevent but also reverse your symptoms.  If you want to gain facts and understanding around what you can do and how you can start to reduce your estrogen dominance with natural remedies, lifestyle changes, and supplements, this is the episode for you.  Do you or someone you love struggle with estrogen dominance or the symptoms of hormonal imbalance? Let us know your thoughts in the comments on the episode post!   Quotes: “The whole beauty of epigenetics is the fact of nutrition and lifestyle changes. Your ability to detoxify, sleep, your stress levels, your food quality, can really manage your hormones in very effective ways.” (8:46) “There is the combination of fear on my end for sure, seeing so many women in my family passing away and suffering with estrogen dominance. Combined with incredible curiosity and saying that ‘I don’t want to live that way, I want to be in charge of my health and mitigate as best I can’. But also thinking ‘why on earth are there so many women that are suffering, and nobody is talking about this?’” (10:18) “You might need to be on the higher side of the range to feel good, where I need to be on the lower side of the range to feel good. And if I was in your range, even though we are both inside the normal range, I would feel overly estrogenic, just as an example.” (25:09) “When you start making these changes it becomes second nature. When you start feeling good and start feeling wins, that’s when you kind of go ‘I don’t want to go back to eating sh*t food’. And they are so fundamental to your overall health.” (41:10)   Resources Mentioned: Hormones Balance Website How To Grow Broccoli Sprouts Cooking for Hormone Balance by Magdalena Wszelaki   Other Resources: Check out the full show notes page Keep up with everything Dr. Mariza Follow Dr. Mariza on Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube


28 Jan 2020

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Hormones & Balance with Magdalena Wszelaki

Breast Cancer Conqueror Podcast

Magdalena Wszelaki is the author of the best-seller cookbook Cooking for Hormone Balance,published by Harper Collins. She is the founder of Hormones Balance, a nutrition practice dedicated to helping women to rebalance hormones naturally. Magdalena is a certified nutrition coach, herbalist, speaker and educator with a long history of hormonal challenges. Her health crisis was the direct result from a highly stressful life in advertising - starting from Graves’ and Hashimoto’s Disease (autoimmune conditions causing thyroid failure) to adrenal fatigue and estrogen dominance.  Today she is in full remission, lives a symptoms-free awesome life and teaches women how to accomplish the same in her book, and online resources.  Listen in to this episode as she shares her story and offers tips on how to naturally balance hormones.  As a free gift to our listeners, Magdalena has offered FREE access to her Seed Rotation Starter Kit.


19 Aug 2019

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Estrogen Dominance With Magdalena Wszelaki

The Simplicity Sessions

I am delighted to have Magdalena Wszelaki in this episode; she is a women’s hormone expert, the best selling author of a fantastic book: Cooking for Hormone Balance, and she curates some brilliant videos on her website Hormone Balance.com.   In this thoughtful episode, we talk about her own journey with her health, coming from years of suffering from severe estrogen dominance and hashimoto's thyroiditis. Magdalena shares her knowledge and experience for you to begin to understand more about your own body’s signs and symptoms, learn how to choose your food, supplements, hygiene and cleaning products to support the main body functions directly related to your hormone balance. Here are the main themes we addressed in this amazing episode: ● Magdalena talks about being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s. ● Traumatic events trigger disease manifestation. ● Timeline therapy to find the root causes. ● How you can lower the inflammation in your body. ● Elimination diet is a great starting point. ● The spiritual and emotional connection. ● What is Estrogen Dominance? ● Manifestations of Estrogen Dominance. ● Bisphenols are highly toxic and are everywhere. ● Learning how to live cleanly. ● Helping your two internal systems responsible for metabolizing estrogen: digestion and liver. ● Bitters promote healthy liver function and help regulate bowel movements. ● Genetic predisposition. ● New program: The Estrogen Reset. I hope you enjoyed this episode as much as I did and that it helped you realize that by understanding your body, you can feel really good, no matter your genetic predisposition. Wishing more simplicity and ease in all that you do! You can connect to this episode on iTunes, Spotify or Stitcher by searching The Simplicity Sessions, or visiting jennpike.com/episode39. Learn more about Magdalena Wszelaki:  Magdalena Wszelaki is a published author with Harper Collin (Cooking for Hormone Balance), a Certified Holistic Health Coach accredited by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. She received her education from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City. She is currently training with the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism to become a Clinical Herbalist. Before getting into the health arena, she had a long, fast-paced career as a strategic planner for the advertising powerhouse called WPP in both Asia and the US, working on Fortune 100 brands. Magdalena is also a regular Vipassana (insightful) meditation practitioner and a Level II Reiki healer (a form of energy healing). Visit Magdalena Wszelaki ́s website Cooking for Balance Hormones Balance on Facebook Online working with Jenn: To register for my signature program The Hormone Project and work with me 1:1 to support your health, hormones and more, please join the waitlist at jennpike.com/thehormoneproject Learn more about our amazing sponsors  I have a great recommendation for you to start building foundational health for your children’s little bodies Genuine Health in partnership with Joyous Health offer an Organic Fermented Gut Superfood for children to help your children build their healthy gut flora (which is where their immune system truly lives), and  combined  with the Advanced Health Probiotic for Children they’ll boost your child’s nutritional intake and improve their overall health. Order any product at Genuine Health, use the promo code JENNPIKE and save 10% off all of your purchases. Hormone imbalances are deeply addressed during this episode and Saint Francis Herb Farm  has the right product: Femance Vitex Combo, which is perfect to alleviate some of the symptoms that are associated with menopause, perimenopause, premenstrual symptoms, pain related to menstrual cycles, nervous tension and even muscle and joint pain. Create a more simple life with Saint Francis Herb Farm products, order through Pure Feast and enter the code SAINTFRANCIS10 to save 10% off all of your orders and get them shipped directly to your home.  Learn more about Jenn’s work: Jenn Pike Ignite your Life with Jenn Pike The Hormone Project The Simplicity Project Shop for books, DVDs, programs and much more! http://www.jennpike.com/ Simplicity TV on Youtube Quotes:  “Your hormones are the last thing that fails.” “Within 3 to 6 months from a traumatic event a lot of diseases manifest.” “An elimination diet is a great starting point to reduce inflammation.” “If supplementation and diet are not working for you, look deeper into the spiritual and emotional connection.” “The more variety of gut bacteria you have, the less predisposition you have to develop estrogen problems.” “Incorporate bitter foods to help your liver produce bile.” “The liver loves bitters.” “Bitters promote healthy liver function and help regulate bowel movements.” “If you understand your body, you can really feel good, no matter your genetic predisposition.” Additional Information About Jenn: Jenn studied and graduated with honors in Human Anatomy and Physiology with such a passion that it propelled her to continue her education over many years. Jenn is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Medical Exercise Specialist, Registered Yoga Instructor and Faculty of the Toronto Yoga Conference, Pre & Post Natal Yoga Expert, STOTT Pilates trained instructor, Twist Sport Conditioning Coach, Spin Instructor Crossfit Level 1 Coaching, among other certifications she got along the way. She is also a guest Holistic Expert for Breakfast Television, Global, CHCH, Rogers Tv and writes columns for STRONG Fitness Magazine, iRun magazine, Savvy Mom and contributes to Inside Fitness Magazine, The Toronto Star and Sun. She is also a proud educator and ambassador to Genuine Health, Nature’s Emporium and Juice Plus. Jenn is a proud mama to two beautiful souls and her best teachers of life. She resides on Lake Simcoe in Keswick with her husband and two children.   


24 Jun 2019

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41 | Natural Remedies for Hormone Balance with Magdalena Wszelaki

Whole-Hearted Eating ™ with Dana Monsees & Cristina Hoyt

Magdalena Wszelaki was inspired to change careers to the health and wellness field after conventional medicine failed her and she forged her own path to wellness, starting with her diagnosis of Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis in 2008. Magdalena is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and the author of Cooking for Hormone Balance, and today we’re getting deep...Read More »


26 Sep 2018

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How To Regain Your Hormonal Balance Naturally With Magdalena Wszelaki

The Uplifting Content Podcast With Ione Butler (Let’s Talk About…)

In this episode Ione Butler spoke to Magdalena Wszelaki of Hormones Balance about how to balance our hormones naturally!If you are not feeling right and are fed up with being told there is nothing wrong with you watch/listen to this episode, a hormonal imbalace can wreak havoic on your body and emotions and Magalena offers some increible tips and advice on how to address these issues.Subscribe to our email update to never miss a beat.  Enter to win her book here.Ione ButlerFacebookInstagramTwitter Podcast Website IMDB Uplifting ContentWebsiteUplifting ClothingFacebookTwitterInstagramYouTubeMagdalena Wszelaki WebsiteFacebookTwitter InstagramPinterestLinkedInYouTubeCooking for Hormone Balance BookWebsite Amazon


12 Sep 2018