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6 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Ben Gowland. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Ben Gowland, often where they are interviewed.

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6 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Ben Gowland. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Ben Gowland, often where they are interviewed.

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Primary care networks and 2019 a review with the General Practice Podcast's Ben Gowland

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Primary care networks (PCNs) were introduced in 2019 and have had a seismic impact on General Practice. The person leading the charge with information has been Ben Gowland of the General Practice Podcast and in this episode we review his 2019 and share our own and the impact of PCNs. 

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Ben Gowland : Ockham Healthcare - https://ockham.healthcare/

Hussain Gandhi – challenges for a new PCN Clinical Director


Tom Howseman – better managing demand through pre-triage protocols


Episodes with Dr Paul Bennet on:

Lessons from a duty system overhaul


(Time) saving begins at home https://ockham.healthcare/innovation-in-general-practice-time-saving-begins-at-home/

Dr Nikki Kanani episodes:

General Practice podcast: https://ockham.healthcare/episode-148-nikki-kanani-the-new-gp-contract-where-the-new-money-will-be-invested/

eGPlearning Podblast: https://egplearning.co.uk/nikki-kanani-interview-with-egplearning-podblast/

Gandhi tweet blogs for his PCN: https://twitter.com/ncepcn

And Andy taking up the challenge. https://twitter.com/drawfoster/status/1205547156301582338

Paul Defly practice unbound episode with network pharmacists:


Becky Malby website: https://beckymalby.wordpress.com/

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Role of federations with PCNs

What excites us for 2020

How the new roles will change primary care

Ben Andy and Gandhi’s views on the new roles for PCNs with an in depth discussion on pharmacists, paramedics, first contact physiotherapist, mental health workers and physician associates. 

We mention the work by Healthier Fleetwood in integrating care. http://www.healthierfleetwood.co.uk/

Is equal share in networks the best way to share resources?

Ben’s favourite work based app: Dropbox

And an honourable mention to Skype and other VOIP services. 

Ben’s favourite non-work based app: Audible and Zen Tennis

How would Ben Gowland spend £100 million on health tech and no red tape?

Solving trust issues with data sharing in primary care …...not an easy feat!

Predictions for 2020

Gandhi - excited about the digital revolution of primary care and anxious about the impact. With a caution on workload impact for all. 

Andy’s prediction: 

A collective news story of ‘PCNs on the ropes’

A lower impact of artificial intelligence in primary care. Ben feels it will be back with companies like Bablyon delving further into primary care.  

Contact: Ben@ockham.healthcare

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Dec 27 2019 · 1hr 7mins
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Rachel Morris & Ben Gowland – making change happen in general practice

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Rachel Morris “starred” in two of our most popular podcasts and through her work on GP resilience she was inspired to set up her own “You Are Not A Frog” podcast. In a recent edition of that podcast she interviewed our own Ben Gowland to discuss ways in which general practice can effectively introduce change, particularly against a background of resistance.

Show Notes

Ben explains how his career progressed to setting up Ockham Healthcare (52secs)

How Ockham Healthcare developed its unique offering (2min 02secs)

Working with at-scale general practice – a means to an end (2mins 47secs)

The goals for working at scale (3mins 37secs)

Making a difference – Time for Care (4mins 29secs)

Difficulties in implementing the high impact changes (5mins 36secs)

Change is difficult so how do we approach it? (7mins 01secs)

Introducing pharmacists – a practical example (7mins 32secs)

Resistance to change - a systematic approach (9mins 15secs)

The problem is obvious why we need to change? Isn’t it? (11mins 25secs)

The system and what you can control (12mins 22secs)

Overcoming the emotional response (13mins 28secs)

Picking the changes you pursue – small or large (14mins 34secs)

Ockham Healthcare’s role in supporting joint working (16mins 39secs)

Influencing without hierarchical “power” – a practice’s relationship with the PCN (17mins 56secs)

What’s the one big thing a PCN should be doing? (19mins 43secs)

Expect resistance – dealing with your “No Nos” (21mins 02secs)

Becoming positive about change (22mins 17secs)

Contacting Ben (23mins 28secs)

Ben is available on email ben@ockhamhealthcare

He is on Twitter @benxgowland

The Ockham website is here

The You Are Not a Frog podcast is available in a number of places including here

Nov 11 2019 · 24mins

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Making change happen in a world full of NoNos, with Ben Gowland

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In this episode, Rachel is joined by Ben Gowland, Director of Ockham Healthcare and host of The General Practice Podcast.

We chat about why changes work or fail -  it’s often dependent how we do the change rather than what we are trying to change, so how we make changes is a really important part of how we run our practices. 

We talk about the best approach to change and discuss how John Kotter’s book suggests starting with a focus on the problem, helping colleagues to see the reason that the change is needed and creating a sense of urgency. We discuss why GPs can so often neglect to see the need for change and talk about how to create a common narrative around what needs to change. 

Podcast links

The General Practice Podcast


Follow Ben on twitter @BenXGowland

Our Iceberg is melting – John Kotter

The Model For Improvement https://improvement.nhs.uk/documents/2142/plan-do-study-act.pdf

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Follow Rachel on twitter @DrRachelMorris or LinkedIn and find out more about her online and face to face courses for doctors on surviving and thriving at work at www.shapesfordoctors.com or for other organisations at www.wildmonday.co.uk

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Nov 05 2019 · 35mins
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Ben Gowland – PCNs two months in – lessons so far

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The tables are turned again and in this week’s episode Ben is interviewed about the lessons we are learning about Primary Care Networks after two months of their existence. He discusses the role of PCNs and how they are perceived, the challenges they are facing and the issues they are focussing on, their approaches to the new roles, the weight of expectations and the lessons they might learn from the establishment of CCGs.

Show Notes

Is the role of PCNs any clearer? (33secs)

The problem of mismatched expectations (2min 07secs)

The rapid rise of PCNs – a tough start (3mins 30secs)

The Clinical Directors role as inspiring leaders – quick wins (5mins 06secs)

Unforeseen challenges – backwards to move forwards (6mins 27secs)

The role of federations with PCNs (7mins 09secs)

How can ensure the roles of federations and PCNs are clear and distinct (7mins 48secs)

The perceptions of the wider NHS (9mins 28secs)

Two roles for the clinical leaders (10mins 57secs)

Too many expectations placed on PCNs too soon (11mins 19secs)

Supporting a potentially fragile system (12mins 27secs)

Building the support on firm foundations (13mins 26secs)

Approaches to the appointment of new roles (14mins 54secs)

Addressing the 30% funding gap (15mins 45secs)

The challenge of the 30% funding gap (19mins 42secs)

Lessons from setting up the CCGs (17mins 33secs)

Prioritising building relationships and trust (18mins 36secs)

Ben’s advice – control your own agenda, focus on relationships and don’t reinvent the wheel (19mins 53secs)

Sep 01 2019 · 22mins

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Ben Gowland – Developing a powerful voice for general practice

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In this podcast Ben Gowland, Director and Principal Consultant of Ockham Healthcare, launches a new publication from Ockham; “Ten Steps for Developing a Powerful Voice for General Practice”. With the development of Primary Care Networks and the greater integration of care come huge opportunities for at-scale general practice. However, if they are to partner with often larger and more established organisations it is essential that they develop a more powerful voice. In the Ten Step Guide and in this podcast Ben explains why it is important, how it can be done and the pitfalls to avoid.

May 05 2019 · 14mins
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Episode 145: Ben Gowland – the new GP contract

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Something different this week; the tables are turned with Ben Gowland in the hot seat explaining the importance of the new GP contract. Ben, presenter of the General Practice Podcast and Principal Consultant for Ockham Healthcare, explains why the new GP contract is a huge opportunity and gives him optimism for the future. He describes the way that the additional £2.8bn attached to the contract will flow, how primary care networks will be developed and how they will be staffed. He also gives practical advice to practices about what they should be doing now, in preparation for the year ahead.

Feb 04 2019 · 18mins