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Lanette Creamer on Exploratory Testing and Technical Testers

Engineering Culture by InfoQ

In this podcast recorded at Agile 2019, Shane Hastie, Lead Editor for Culture & Methods, spoke to Lanette Creamer about the need for technical skills by testers and the importance of exploratory testing.Why listen to this podcast:• Despite the importance and value it provides, software testing is not a particularly respected profession• Testers with development skills and developers with testing skills can communicate effectively with each other and pairing results in faster bug identification and removal• Unit tests are an asset of confidence• Testers have an ethical responsibility to think beyond the intended use of the code, considering what could happen and how the product could be misused• Exploratory testing is an approach where instead of trying to prove that the software works, the goal is discoveryMore on this: Quick scan our curated show notes on InfoQ https://bit.ly/3hQAiuPYou can also subscribe to the InfoQ newsletter to receive weekly updates on the hottest topics from professional software development. bit.ly/24x3IVqSubscribe: www.youtube.com/infoqLike InfoQ on Facebook: bit.ly/2jmlyG8Follow on Twitter: twitter.com/InfoQFollow on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/infoqCheck the landing page on InfoQ: https://bit.ly/3hQAiuP


22 Jun 2020

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Lanette Creamer, Software Test Pilot

The Omni Show

Full transcript and show notes at theomnishow.omnigroup.com Lanette Creamer — tester, speaker, cat enjoyer — joins the show to talk about testing OmniGraffle. Her previous experience includes testing Adobe InDesign, where she first met Liz Marley, then a tester at The Omni Group, when Liz presented an elaborate prototype iPad made from a cardboard box. Lanette gives talks and workshops at various conferences, and you may well have seen her speaking already. If not, you still have a couple chances later this year. One of her upcoming talks uses the metaphor of applying makeup: how much time do you have, and what can you do given that amount of time? What should you prioritize? You can find Lanette on the web on her Linkedin profile. You can also find her cat Navani on the web. And here too. Some other people, places, and things mentioned: OmniGraffle OmniFocus Bellevue, Washington Sumner High Bellingham Pagemaker Adobe InDesign Chris Parrish Liz Marley Kristina Sontag Renton, Washington Game of Thrones MTV Billy Idol Billy Joel Agile Conference Tesla Model S The Final Countdown Bon Jovi New Seattle Tunnel Navani, the kitten Navani, the character from The Stormlight Archive


29 May 2019

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Cat Facts with Lanette Creamer

Ministry of Testing

We’re so happy to welcome Lanette Creamer to TestBash! This episode digs into a few points of the research that inspired her talk “Test Like a Cat (Not a Dog)“ where she extrapolates some of the most bizarre facts about cats that you might never have imagined. We also take a few minutes to talk about the cat and dog metaphor extended into how we collaborate with developers. Meow. View the TestBash Philadelphia line up and book tickets!


2 Sep 2016