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Abortion and the Texas heartbeat bill - Stephanie Gray Connors vs Rev Bromleigh McCleneghan


The Texas 'heartbeat' bill, prohibiting termination after 6 weeks gestation has put abortion law in the spotlight recently.  Pro-life advocate Stephanie Gray Connors and pro-choice minister Rev Bromleigh McCleneghan debate the legal, ethical and religious case for and against abortion. For Stephanie Gray Connors: https://loveunleasheslife.com/  For Bromleigh McCleneghan: https://twitter.com/bromleighm ----------- For exclusive resources and to support us: • Confident Christianity apologetics course: http://www.premier.org.uk/getconfident • Support (USA): http://www.premierinsight.org/unbelievableshow • Support (rest of the world): https://resources.premier.org.uk/supportunbelievable • For our newsletter https://www.premier.org.uk/Unbelievablenewsletter • For our blog: http://www.premierinsight.org/unbelievable-the-blog • For the podcast: http://www.premierchristianradio.com/Shows/Saturday/Unbelievable   • Facebook https://www.facebook.com/UnbelievableJB • Twitter https://twitter.com/unbelievablejb • Insta https://www.instagram.com/justin.brierley  

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8 Oct 2021

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Break the Rules #145: Overcoming Endometriosis & Infertility with Dr. Stephanie Gray

Break The Rules

Special Links & Show Notes Dr. Stephanie Gray was a busy nurse practitioner and hormone specialist, helping other women balance their hormones and overcome infertility, when she hit the roadblocks of infertility and endometriosis herself. Her personal experiences in the patient seat opened her eyes to discovering how to use a blend of natural and conventional medicine in order to conceive, send her endometriosis into remission, and ultimately rebalance her hormones for life. Websites: www.ihhclinic.com www.yourlongevityblueprint.com Facebook: @ drstephaniegray And @IntegrativeHealthandHormone Clinic IG: stephaniegraydnp longevityblueprint Twitter: @drsbgray Youtube: YourLongevityBlueprint 10% off her book and any purchases at yourlongevittyblueprint.com Her course is https://longevityblueprint.thinkific.com/courses/longevity-blueprint Bio Stephanie Gray, DNP, MS, ARNP, ANP-C, GNP-C, CCCN, ABAAHP, FAARFM helps men and women build sustainable and optimal health and longevity so that they can focus on what matters most to them! She graduated as one of 12 Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) candidates from The University of Iowa College of Nursing in July 2011. Gray also holds a MSN and BSN from The University of Iowa College of Nursing. She has been practicing as a nurse practitioner since 2009. Her additional expertise lies within integrative health, combining conventional medicine with complementary and alternative medicine. Dr. Stephanie Gray is the only nurse practitioner and one of only a few individuals in the state of Iowa certified through the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine’s Board of Anti-Aging Health Practitioners (ABAAHP). She became the only nurse practitioner and one of 2 individuals in Iowa to complete their Advanced Fellowship in Anti-Aging, Regenerative, and Functional Medicine in December 2013. She currently offers what she feels is the safest and most effective approach to hormone replacement, individualized natural hormone replacement therapy. The post Break the Rules #145: Overcoming Endometriosis & Infertility with Dr. Stephanie Gray appeared first on Meet Dr. Lauryn.


4 Aug 2021

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#367 Using Words to Hide the Harm of Abortion - Stephanie Gray Connors

Catholic Answers Focus

From the beginning, support for abortion has relied on using language to hide reality — specifically the reality of killing an innocent boy or girl. We expect an avalanche of such language in the year ahead, given the likelihood of a new US Supreme Court abortion decision. In preparation, we asked pro-life brainiac Stephanie Gray Connors to help us cut through the deadly propaganda.Cy Kellett:Challenging deceptive language around abortion. Stephanie Gray Connors is next.Hello and welcome to Focus, the Catholic Answers podcast for living, understanding and defending your Catholic fait…

14 Jul 2021

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Ep. 156 Mysterious Effects On Hormones & Intermittent Fasting: Tips for Optimizing Estrogen Metabolism with Dr. Stephanie Gray

Everyday Wellness

I am excited to welcome a fellow nurse practitioner, Dr. Stephanie Gray, as my guest for today’s show! Stephanie Gray, DNP, MS, ARNP, AGNP-C, ABAAHP, FAARFM, is a functional medicine provider who helps men and women build sustainable and optimal health and longevity so that they can focus on what matters most to them!  Stephanie helps women in mid-life, who feel like their bodies have betrayed them, step back into their bodies by restoring optimal hormone levels so they can regain their sleep, figure, mood, and feel amazing once again. She is known for keeping hormone replacement therapy sexy, safe, and effective.Stephanie saw a lot of incontinence while doing her graduate training in nursing homes. She realized that urinary incontinence was the primary reason for people being admitted to long-term care facilities. So she learned the art of pessary fitting, and through that, discovered that there were non-surgical and non-pharmacological options for urinary incontinence. Those options helped people regain some dignity and allowed them to stay in their own homes. Stephanie decided that there had to be a similar approach for every other condition, so she sought out the necessary training, became a nurse practitioner, and started a practice of her own. Be sure to listen in today, to hear Stephanie’s story, and learn all you need to know about hormones and hormone therapy.IN THIS EPISODE YOU WILL LEARN: Stephanie discusses what motivated her to focus on hormone therapy. Stephanie’s health journey led her along the route of learning functional medicine, which involved optimizing her hormones. The first signs of hormonal imbalance in the body, which could tip people off that there is something wrong. Stephanie discusses pellets, BiEst, and TriEst and talks about the age at which people can start using hormone therapy safely, and the length of time that hormone therapy can continue being used. Some of the reasons for women getting hot flashes. Stephanie discusses the tests that she prefers for her patients. Stephanie explains why it is vital to find someone who can test your hormone levels effectively. Stephanie talks about hormones, bone density, osteoporosis, and osteopenia. The difference between bioidentical and synthetic hormone medications. Stephanie explains what having a hysterectomy represents for a woman. Some tips to help middle-aged women to optimize their estrogen metabolism. Stephanie owns Integrative Health and Hormone Clinic in Hiawatha, Iowa. Connect with Cynthia ThurlowFollow on Twitter, Instagram & LinkedInCheck out Cynthia’s website Connect with Dr. Stephanie GrayThe website for her book podcast/blog/supplementsThe Integrative Health and Hormone Clinic WebsiteOn Social media: stephaniegraydnpResources:Thanks10 will provide 10% off purchases at www.yourlongevityblueprint.com (including Stephanie’s book, Your Longevity Blueprint.)If you purchase Stephanie’s book, she has 2 free pdfs, a quick start guide, and a pdf of questionnaires to help you determine where you need to start. Go to https://yourlongevityblueprint.com/ylb-bonus/ 


26 Jun 2021

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140: Lose Weight & Fix Your Hormones By Healing Your Gut With Dr. Stephanie Gray

Quest for the Best with Stu Schaefer

For Complete Show Notes... and... special links... visit www.StuSchaefer.com  Grab your free fat loss blueprint at https://stuschaefer.com/blueprint Stephanie Gray, DNP, MS, ARNP, ANP-C, GNP-C, ABAAHP, FAARFM, helps men and women build sustainable and optimal health and longevity so that they can focus on what matters most to them! She has been working as a nurse practitioner since 2009. She completed her doctorate focusing on estrogen metabolism from the University of Iowa in 2011. Additionally, she has a Masters in Metabolic Nutritional Medicine from the University of South Florida’s Medical School.


14 Jun 2021

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Your Longevity Blueprint with Dr. Stephanie Gray

The Real Heal

In this episode, Dr. Renee is joined by Dr. Stephanie Gray as they delve into the key topics covered in Dr. Stephanie's Amazon best selling book, The Longevity Blueprint.  Connect with Dr. Stephanie: http://www.ihhclinic.com/ http://www.yourlongevityblueprint.com/ Purchase Dr. Stephanie's book: Your Longevity Blueprint  https://www.amazon.com/dp/1599328593/?ref=idea_lv_dp_ov_d&tag=onamzreneewel-20&linkCode=ic6&ascsubtag=amzn1.ideas.VZ2VSCU3UA2A


28 May 2021

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Episode #71: The Truth About Our Hormones and Bioidentical Hormone Replacement, with Dr. Stephanie Gray

The Functional Gynecologist

Have you felt like you should get your hormones tested? Has your doctor told you they can't really measure hormones accurately? Did you know that we have multiple forms of estrogen in our body and we can evaluate how your body is producing them, metabolizing them, and possibly re-circulating them?Functional medicine practitioners understand hormones in so much more detail than the conventional OB/GYNs. You don't have to struggle, not get real answers, or be a guinea pig just trying different pills!In this episode, Dr. Tabatha has an in-depth conversation about the truth surrounding hormones, with Dr. Stephanie Gray. Every woman needs to listen to this!Stephanie Gray, DNP, MS, ARNP, AGNP-C, ABAAHP, FAARFM, is a functional medicine provider who helps men and women build sustainable and optimal health and longevity so that they can focus on what matters most to them! She has been working as a nurse practitioner since 2009. She completed her doctorate focusing on estrogen metabolism from the University of Iowa in 2011. Additionally, she has a Masters in Metabolic Nutritional Medicine from the University of South Florida’s Medical School. Her expertise lies within integrative, anti-aging, and functional medicine. She is arguably one of the midwest's’ most credentialed female healthcare providers combining many certifications and trainings. She completed an Advanced fellowship in Anti-Aging Regenerative and Functional medicine in 2013. She became the first BioTe certified provider in Iowa to administer hormone pellets also in 2013. She has appeared on numerous podcasts, summits, and TV interviews. She is a contributor to various health publications including mindbodygreen. She is the initial author of the FNP Mastery App and an Amazon best-selling author of her book Your Longevity Blueprint.She is host of the Your Longevity Blueprint podcast and co-founder of Your Longevity Blueprint Nutraceuticals with her husband, Eric and. They enjoy spending time outdoors with their son William. They founded the Integrative Health and Hormone Clinic in Hiawatha, Iowa.Dr. Stephanie's Longevity Blueprint Book: https://yourlongevityblueprint.comDr. Stephanie's Office Website: https://ihhclinic.comDr. Stephanie's FB: https://www.facebook.com/IntegrativeHealthAndHormoneClinic/Dr. Stephanie's IG: https://www.instagram.com/stephaniegraydnp/The Functional Gynecologist's Guide to Balancing your Hormones:https://drtabatha.synduit.com/sueb0001Dr. Tabatha's Website: https://www.drtabatha.com/Dr. Tabatha's FB: https://www.facebook.com/DrTabathaDr. Tabatha's IG: https://www.instagram.com/dr_tabatha/Dr. Tabatha's YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/TheFunctionalGynecologist


6 May 2021

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#10081 Why Are You Pro-Choice? - Stephanie Gray Connors

Catholic Answers Live

Stephanie Gray Connors explains why the Catholic Church is pro-life and what that really means.Questions Covered:08:55 – I don’t know if I am pro-choice. I believe it may be acceptable in some cases to have abortions if the mother’s life is in danger. 18:15 – I am not comfortable with the comfortable with Catholics telling non-Catholics that they can’t have abortions. Why should Catholics dictate their beliefs on other people? 29:45 – Do you distinguish between early term abortion and late term abortion? Is one worse than another? Is contraception tantamount to abortion? 41:36 – I am pro-choice because I do not believe it is the government’s place to say what women can do with their bodies. …

29 Apr 2021

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214: Body: The Connection Between Hormones and Longevity… and What You Can Start to Address TODAY with Dr. Stephanie Gray

The Entrepology Podcast

Last week, we got into 10 awesome categories of biohacks. This week, we’re going to take one of those categories a little bit deeper — and that is: hormones. Joining me is Dr. Stephanie Gray to take a deep dive into the connection between hormone optimization and longevity. Stephanie is a clinician deeply credentialed in being able to look at hormones and the influence on our health. Today, we discuss how we can biohack the influence of hormones in terms of our longevity and quality of living over the long term, her personal story and health wake-up call that made her realize the importance of focusing on hormones within her work, and the power of simple lifestyle changes that we all can make. This episode is deeply relevant for all of us that want to live a longer, higher quality life — which should be all of us! I can’t wait for you to tune into this conversation with Dr. Stephanie Gray! Key Takeaways: [1:30] About today’s episode with Dr. Stephanie Gray! [2:47] Welcoming Dr. Stephanie Gray to The Entrepology Podcast! [3:39] Stephanie introduces herself, her story, and shares why she is uniquely positioned to talk about longevity and hormones today! [6:17] After going through her own health crisis and addressing the root cause, what key pieces did Stephanie notice in hindsight that were negatively impacting her health? [9:07] Why you need to ask patients what they are eating. [10:38] What is the longevity blueprint? [12:19] Why stress is the biggest hijacker of our endocrine system. [12:48] We stress doesn’t equal achievement. [15:47] How to offset the impact of stress to shift to a state of thriving, and the danger of hurrying. [18:42] The power of simple lifestyle changes. [21:55] How does Stephanie leverage tests and data to see what’s happening with regards to hormones in her patients? [24:17] Stephanie shares how they test hormone levels in non-cycling women. [25:18] We all have a unique blueprint — which is why taking an individualized course of action to address our own health is so key. [26:00] How our hormonal health impacts our longevity. [28:22] How our hormones impact our aesthetics (such as our skin, hair, and nails). [30:13] Is there an age cap to when we can leverage hormone replacement therapy? [31:46] Beyond hormone management, Stephanie shares some of the key pieces we can be looking at and habits we should be engaging in to optimize our health long term. [34:29] Dr. Stephanie Gray’s key performance indicators! [38:36] Where to find Dr. Stephanie Gray and her incredible work online! [39:17] Thanking Stephanie for joining the podcast! Mentioned in This Episode: Dr. Stephanie Gray Your Longevity Blueprint Your Longevity Blueprint: Building A Healthier Body Through Functional Medicine, by Dr. Stephanie Gray The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry: How to Stay Emotionally Healthy and Spiritually Alive in the Chaos of the Modern World, by John Mark Comer Oura Ring Love Does: Discover a Secretly Incredible Life in an Ordinary World, by Bob Goff Dream Big: Know What You Want, Why You Want It, and What You’re Going to Do About It, by Bob Goff More About Dr. Stephanie Gray Stephanie Gray is a functional medicine provider who helps men and women build sustainable and optimal health and longevity so that they can focus on what matters most to them! She has been working as a nurse practitioner since 2009 and completed her doctorate, focusing on estrogen metabolism from the University of Iowa, in 2011. Additionally, she has a Master’s in Metabolic Nutritional Medicine from the University of South Florida Medical School. Her expertise lies within integrative, anti-aging, and functional medicine. Stephanie has appeared on numerous podcasts, summits, and TV interviews and is a contributor to various health publications, including mindbodygreen. She is also the initial author of the FNP Mastery App; an Amazon best-selling author of her book, Your Longevity Blueprint; the host of the Your Longevity Blueprint Podcast; and the co-founder of Your Longevity Blueprint Nutraceuticals. Connect with my Guest: Website: YourLongevityBlueprint.com and IHHClinic.com Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn If you enjoyed our conversation and would like to hear more: Please subscribe to The Entrepology Podcast on Stitcher or iTunes. We would also appreciate a review! Come Join Your Tribe on The Entrepology Collective Facebook Page! They say that you’re the product of the five people with whom you spend the most time. Imagine you could spend time with hundreds of fellow entrepreneurs and go-getters looking to up-level their business, body, and mindset! Come hang out with us on Facebook and let us collectively inspire and support you towards your vision of contribution, your commitment towards better health, and your journey of mindset mastery. We’re in this together! Come join us today! BADASS FUEL — Fuel for Badass Women Scientifically Supported Ingredients | Support, Not Replacement | Non-GMO Two years ago, someone asked me what supplements I take to maintain my health, energy, and edge — and they were surprised that I only took four things consistently. For myself and my patients, there are four basics that support — at a foundational level — nearly every system in our bodies. In my quest for the highest quality ingredients and the easiest system for consistently incorporating supplementation into my routine, I formulated and manufactured my own line of foundational supplements. Trusted for myself and my patients, and under the guidance of your own healthcare provider, I’m excited to invite you to check out our foundational product line: Badass Basics. Learn more or order the products yourself by visiting BadassFuel.com! CALL TO ACTION If you listened to this podcast and feel like you’ve heard this message before — this is a sign! That means you need to take action. In this episode, we talked about the core things you need to take action on to obtain optimal health. Whatever you need to do to make those pieces fun and exciting, do that! It’s the small things that add up that are going to have a massive impact on your health! Let us know what small changes you will be making by following up with us on The Entrepology Collective!


30 Mar 2021

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How Functional Medicine Can Help Optimize Your Hormones with Dr. Stephanie Gray - Holistic Plastic Surgery Show #228

Holistic Plastic Surgery Show

What’s the difference between functional medicine and conventional medicine? While conventional medicine focuses on interventions, such as medications and surgery, to tackle acute and chronic medical issues, functional medicine is focused on finding the underlying root causes of illness. A relatively new field that is practiced by physicians, nurse practitioners, chiropractors, naturopaths, and others, functional medicine often combines dietary and lifestyle changes to enact profound improvements in health. So how can functional medicine help you optimize your hormones? On this episode of The Holistic Plastic Surgery Show, I’m joined by the author of Your Longevity Blueprint, a guide to optimal health, specifically hormone health, which focuses on the principles of functional medicine. She shares with us simple tips to naturally optimize hormones, the difference between how your body reacts to natural vs. synthetic hormones, top nutrients to boost estrogen metabolism, and a whole lot more. Please join me and Dr. Stephanie Gray as we reveal How Functional Medicine Can Help Optimize Your Hormones. Link: www.yourlongevityblueprint.com


10 Mar 2021