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5 TIPS to building an UNBREAKABLE Relationship | Lisa Bilyeu on Women of Impact

Women of Impact

Check out our sponsor:  Teonan: Go to TEONAN.com and use the code WOI to get 15% off your first purchase. Relationships are never easy, and marriage is harder than most would imagine. With the average length of marriage in the U.S, being just over 8 years, I am happily celebrating 19 years of marriage this year and sharing some of the lessons learned along the way. I am answering your questions about everything from how to know if he’s the “one” to de-escalating those heated arguments that leave you angered and red in the face. Relationships are beautiful when you recognize the amount of work it takes to be in a great relationship, and when you finally realize the “perfect” relationship doesn’t exist and never did. So, whether you are in a relationship, thinking about marriage, dating or not even started yet, there’s definitely make you stop and think, ‘huh maybe I should give this a try.’ It’s not for everyone, but being married and in a healthy and loving relationship can be one of the best experiences for anyone. BONUS TAKEAWAYS: 2 Tips for when you find yourself sabotaging your own relationships: 1. Write it down and reflect to explore your feelings in detail with no judgement. When and how did things progress from argument? Exactly was it that triggered your response. 2. Communicate with your partner about exactly what things are triggering you before the next argument. Be open, be vulnerable, and be patient with yourself. How to disrupt heated arguments before they escalate any further: 1. Recall the argument and identify where would have been a good moment to walk away and take the time to change your mood. 2. Consider writing a letter to yourself to remind you to disrupt the moment. 3. Use something meaningful and significant, such as Lisa’s love chip, to signal to your partner and yourself what’s important. SHOW NOTES: Selection Matters | Lisa breaks down why who you choose to be with is critical [0:42] Sacrificial Love | A love worth sacrificing for starts with open communication [1:52] Self Sabotage | When killing relationships is a habit, identify your triggers and talk [4:42] Growth Minded | Lisa on why you can’t grow with someone that doesn’t grow [13:49] Arguments | Unavoidable, but treatable when you find ways to disrupt the anger [17:16] QUOTES: “If you're with somebody, you should be looking at them saying, are they worth the sacrifice that I could be spending on a relationship with myself?” [4:24] “That's the beauty about being in a relationship, being vulnerable, showing that you want to get better, but that you're not there yet.” [8:06] “If they're not going to be there for you, while you're stumbling while you're trying to figure it out, then maybe they're not the right one for you.” [8:48] “It all comes down to being each other's security, knowing I'm not going anywhere, when you know, someone's not going anywhere. It gives you a sense of safety.” [12:26] “Be vulnerable with your partner, show your weaknesses, show your vulnerabilities that builds trust. And honestly, a relationship without trust isn't a relationship.” [13:37] “having the communication about what the disrupter means, and then both of you being on board with making sure that you can use it in order for you both to have a beautiful freakin relationship.” [26:36]


28 Jul 2021

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The Radical Confidence to follow your dreams with Lisa Bilyeu

The Emma Guns Show

Lisa Bilyeu is the co-founder and president of Impact Theory, a digital media production company focused on empowering content. And that, listeners, is how I first came to learn about Lisa. I watched the video of an interview she had done with my friend, the makeup artist and entrepreneur, Mally Roncal and really liked the tone of her content, which is design to wake up, confront, empower and motivate those who watch it.In this conversation, @lisabilyeu and I discuss:Why it’s so easy to find yourself in the purgatory of the mundane.Why it’s her mission to push people to know what their dreams are and be confident to pursue them.Her message of radical confidence.Why, if you have a goal, you have to have the energy and mindset as if it’s Day One every single day.How, in her youth, she had wanted to fit in so badly that she ended up minimising herself and how she came to be able to shift into her gear when she was unapologetically herself.Why taking ownership of your mistakes and committing to learning from them is so important.Why the ego is only ever trying to protect you but sometimes doesn’t help you at all.How we can fall into the trap of rejecting ourselves and so much more…For more information about Lisa and to be first to hear about her book, out 2022, go to https://www.lisabilyeu.comWatch WOMEN OF IMPACT now.Watch Lisa's TED Talk From Housewife to the Co-Founder of a Billion-Dollar CompanyTo join the closed Facebook group for the podcast click here >> The Emma Guns Show Forum.To follow me on social media >> Twitter | Instagram.See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

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17 Jul 2021

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Purgatory of the Mundane (feat. Lisa Bilyeu)

Token CEO

On today's Token CEO Erika kicks off the episode discussing this week's headlines. She then talks to Lisa Bilyeu, Co-Founder of Impact Theory and Quest Nutrition, who shares her story of transforming from housewife to an entrepreneur, as well as her techniques on breaking the mold others created for her. Erika wraps up with sharing tips on how to ask for a vacation at work.(00:01:11) - Erika's Trip to DC(00:05:23) - Headlines(00:17:13) - Lisa Bilyeu Interview(00:46:14) - How To Ask For A Raise At Work


1 Jul 2021

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Lisa Bilyeu’s Comeback Story - The #1 Mindset Shift That Made Quest Nutrition Possible

Comeback Stories

Lisa Bilyeu shares the wisdom she has learned in her journey from stay-at-home housewife to millionaire business co-founder alongside her husband, Tom Bilyeu. Learn how Lisa took a chronic and debilitating health issue and turned it into the foundation for extreme ownership in her life, and why she believes the mindset she discovered at her lowest point was the key to her success. Lisa was brought up in the metropolis of London but has Greek roots and would always go back to the village where she grew up each summer. It was from Lisa’s father that she learned the foundational lesson of working hard and putting in the effort is how you achieve something. Coming from nothing doesn’t define who you can be, it just means that you have to believe in yourself and put in the work. Many of us grow up with the belief system of what our parents pass on to us, which is pretty much what happened to Lisa. Even with her big dreams of making movies in America, she found herself falling into the lifestyle of the stay-at-home wife before starting Quest Nutrition. Lisa was bullied as a young girl and struggled with a painful internal belief that she wasn’t good enough and all the insecurities that come with that. Lisa’s mother was her first real teacher. She chose to stand on her own after divorcing Lisa’s father, and seeing her be empowered while raising Lisa and her siblings showed her what was possible with hard work. Looking back at her mother’s story, Lisa realized that she had body image issues and lost her way later on.  In the early days of starting the business with her husband, Lisa quickly learned that picking herself back up was her superpower and she built the confidence that if she didn’t know something she could learn it. Lisa’s experience with helping her mother get healthy again is the origin story of the content that they would begin to create and where Impact Theory was born.  If you don’t believe something is possible, you might as well give up now. If you do believe it’s possible, you are going to overcome the obstacles that get in your way and stop making excuses. Mindset is the key to the comeback story. The most difficult point in Lisa’s life occurred during the early days of Quest Nutrition when the work involved 24 hour days and plenty of hardship and success. Right at the moment where things started to take off, Lisa couldn’t eat much of anything without feeling completely awful. With more money than she ever dreamed, Lisa was more miserable than ever. She realized that the fact she was sick was her fault and she needed to accept responsibility for the situation and take control of her own health. She started tracking everything about what she ate instead of taking a pill to solve her problems. This expanded out into the rest of her life and is how Lisa lives now: complete ownership. For Lisa, there was no rock bottom. It was just 8 years of a life that she didn’t want, despite the fact that it wasn’t a bad life. Even though she didn’t want it, her mindset fell into the narrative of her childhood. Lisa used to say that she couldn’t do something, but now she says she could do it if she put in the work but maybe she doesn’t want to. There is nothing out of your reach, and that mindset is incredibly empowering. Instead of running away from your weaknesses, you need to shine a light on them and focus on shoring them up. Mindfulness gives us the space to make better decisions and make fewer mistakes.  It’s not about when we fall, it’s about how we get back up. Society tends to focus on the fall and use it to define people, but we need to move past that and focus more on who we show up as each day and who we are trying to be in the future. Lisa is most grateful for her husband, everything else in her life could go. From the beginning of their marriage, they focused on doing what they needed to do to build a happy successful marriage, not just being married. If you have a common goal with your relationship, you can communicate with each other and trust that criticism, feedback, or complaints, are in service to your shared goal. Like a business partnership, each person has a role and responsibilities and they execute them together like a team. As long as we keep nurturing, loving, and growing at the forefront they become the foundations for a relationship. Relationships are like sports, they take practice and work to become good at. If Lisa could say something to her younger self she would send her an emoji that would make her laugh. Lisa believes that her hardship and struggle made her into who she is now, and embracing that hardship is empowering for her. If you’re not feeling confident right now, start by asking different questions. Break down the thing that you want from your perspective, instead of from someone else’s perspective. Don’t focus on the “shoulds” and take them out of your vocabulary. Not asking yourself the hard questions forces you to stay exactly where you are, whether you like it or not. Lisa’s comeback shoutout goes to herself. At the end of the day, your comeback story starts with yourself.


17 Jun 2021

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How to Take Full Ownership of Your Own Health | Lisa Bilyeu on Health Theory

Health Theory with Tom Bilyeu

On this very personal episode of Heath Theory, Tom Bilyeu interviews the co-founder of Impact Theory (and his wife), Lisa Bilyeu. For years Lisa has suffered from catastrophic dysbiosis, and her battle with illness is actually the inspiration for Health Theory. Now that her health is manageable, she is sharing the most important lessons she has learned. In this episode, she explains why she needed to take total ownership of her health, how she dealt with shame and fear, why she has learned to use controlled experiments, and why it is so important to challenge accepted beliefs on health. SHOW NOTES: Lisa and Tom discuss how and when her health issues began [1:37] Lisa shares her story of how her eating problems developed [3:31] Lisa explains the emotional distress and shame behind her sickness [6:22] Lisa talks about the fear of appearing weak that accompanied her chronic illness [9:51] Lisa explains how she got over the desire to hide her illness [12:46] Lisa and Tom discuss the first few times they sought help [15:56] Lisa and Tom talk about how important it was for her to take ownership [23:32] Lisa explains why taking ownership allowed her to figure out how to heal herself [26:43] Tom and Lisa talk about how different people have wildly different triggers [33:01] Lisa discusses what she is going to try to do next [37:17] Lisa and Tom talk about trying the carnivore diet and other experiments [40:01] Lisa and Tom talk about never quitting [47:04] FOLLOW WOMEN OF IMPACT: INSTAGRAM: https://bit.ly/2PjcSPG FOLLOW LISA: INSTAGRAM: https://bit.ly/2PjcS28


15 Feb 2021

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131. LISA BILYEU: Developing your SELF- CONFIDENCE, SELF-HONESTY + strategizing wins against your FEARS.

BlackBeltBeauty Radio

Happy 2021 people! I’m so excited to kick off the new year with one of my very favorite persons to rap with on the podcast, my homegirl, Lisa Bilyeu. For those of you who are new to Lisa and her work, she is the co-founder of Impact Theory and Quest Nutrition, as well as the founder and host of Women of Impact. Her infectious presence exudes infinite amounts of authenticity, confidence, badassery, and strength. Which is exactly what we talk about in this episode. I honestly could not think of a more PERFECT person to launch the New Year on the podcast with because every single conversation I have with Lisa- be it publicly or privately, is legitimately High-level empowering, incredibly inspiring + SO MUCH FUN. In this epic talk, Lisa and I peel back the layers of developing discipline in order to achieve, the characteristics that define a “strong woman”, and the importance of cultivating emotional independence. Lisa shares that her journey was very much a series of conscious choices that came from declaring her values and vision. From 8 years as a housewife to a now multi-dynamic successful entrepreneur and path leader, Lisa demonstrates a high-level lifestyle that is curated from deep self-awareness and an empowered mindset. Some of the highlights of this episode are how we challenge the viewpoints of… Failure. Failure is a vital piece of the success process. Crying. Letting emotions out, identifying, and honoring them to allow space and not become them. Strength. And how, despite common misconception, strength is embodied in softness. Sensitivity. What it means to be “too sensitive”- the difference between when it’s appropriate and when it’s not. “What if”. The thought process behind the statement...and avoiding fear-based decisions. Uncertainty. As it can actually be one of your biggest allies. Wealth. Impact, daily habits, and values that define achievement and excellence despite external factors and outcomes. Defying the definition of “failure.” As always with my girl Lisa, you get a high-minded + expansive conversation.  I couldn’t be more proud to bring her incredible mind, heart + voice back on the show for all of you to take in as you prepare yourselves to launch into that next level version of yourSELF. Lisa’s mindset gems in this talk will most definitely help you in that process. Let us know you're listening to this episode by sharing it on your IG stories and tagging both Lisa and I.   And if you have not already, please give this podcast a 5-star rating and review via Itunes. My team and I SO appreciate the support! Happy 2021 badasses, let’s IMPRESS ourselves HARDCORE this year. Xx Roxy STAY CONNECTED WITH LISA: PODCAST INSTAGRAM TWITTER FACEBOOK WEBSITE LOVING THE PODCAST? WE WOULD LOVE YOUR SUPPORT TO KEEP IT GROWING STRONG! SUBSCRIBE, RATE + REVIEW BLACKBELTBEAUTY RADIO HERE

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12 Jan 2021

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#8 – Build your decision-making confidence | Lisa Bilyeu

Save the Date – by CMB

Lisa Bilyeu co-founded two hugely successful companies, Impact Theory and Quest Nutrition, with her husband, Tom Bilyeu. Tom and Lisa are truly relationship role models. And if you want to learn how they created and continue to maintain an amazingly juicy relationship for 15 plus years (while building an empire together!) so that you can go and create that for your own lives, please tune in. http://coffeemeetsbagel.com

1hr 1min

6 Jan 2021

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164: How to Take Ownership for Your Life w/ Lisa Bilyeu of Impact Theory

The Lavendaire Lifestyle

Have you ever been in the “purgatory of the mundane”? That place in life where things are neither good or bad, fulfilling or disappointing. Today’s guest Lisa Bilyeu spent eight years there, before going from housewife to co-founder of the billion dollar brand, Quest Nutrition. In this episode we explore: 2:22 – Aspiring filmmaker to… The post 164: How to Take Ownership for Your Life w/ Lisa Bilyeu of Impact Theory appeared first on Lavendaire.


29 Nov 2020

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Analyze Your Next Endeavor Before You Start with Tom and Lisa Bilyeu

Marketing & Influence Podcast

In this episode, Tom and Lisa Bilyeu drop knowledge on how to analyze and assess your next venture before you start, to ensure you understand what it will actually take, and how it will affect your life. They also discuss powerful tactics on how to make your online show a success. “I approach everything I do knowing that if I put time and energy into it, I am going to get better at it.” -Tom Bilyeu Want More Marketing Direction & Advice? Get LIVE marketing training with Brendon every single month so you KNOW what's working! Join us in the InfluencerBusinessProgram.com To join Influencer Summit, go to InfluencerSummit.com Follow Brendon on Instagram.


8 Nov 2020

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157: This Practice Changed My Business - with Lisa Bilyeu

The Rachel Hollis Podcast

Today I sit down with the incredibly inspiring Lisa Bilyeu of Impact Theory to discuss adapting your mindset to any obstacle, the power of authenticity online, and the cool new trick she's using to totally transform her business. I know you'll love hearing this conversation as much as I enjoyed having it!Follow Lisa on Instagram instagram.com/lisabilyeu and make sure you check out her podcast Women of Impact here -> https://lisabilyeu.libsyn.com--Look: we've all either been through it, are currently going through it, or will go through it. That's just how life is: once you think you've got it all figured out, it hits you with something you never saw coming. Grief? Check. Divorce? Check. Global pandemic? Uh, CHECK! That's why I wrote a new book all about conquering hard things and coming out the other side a better, stronger you. It's called Didn't See That Coming, and it's available for pre-order here: https://bit.ly/dstcriseThe RISE App is finally HERE y'all and it's got everything you could ever want in a health and wellness app. Fully customizable workouts? Check? Nature hikes? Check. Gratitude practice? Check. Meditation with a healthy dose of humor? Check! We designed this app to be for EVERY BODY on every type of wellness journey, and it would mean so much to us if you gave it a shot. Search "The RISE App by Rachel Hollis" in your app store or follow this link for iPhone users to get started today! -> https://bit.ly/riseapprhTwo of my very best friends are launching a podcast with us! It's called Everyday Lesbians, and it's like sitting down with a couple of your best friends to chat about all the things: funny things, hard things, movie things, things we don't totally understand (like TikTok???). Join Beans and Sami every week for a bit of fun, and listen to the trailer here: https://bit.ly/EvLpodcast Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

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11 Aug 2020