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Jacquie Forde - Butter

Permission to Be You - The Podcast Diane Xuereb

In this Episode: Jacquie was the middle child between two brothers. As she was growing up she competed for the attention of her mother. Jacquie also spoke about her need to be validated in her place of work. She worked very hard and took that competitive edge to her job.  "In that competitiveness, there was also the approval seeking. Look at how I can do this, I can do this better than you."   "I had to work 10 times harder than any man just to be seen" I resonated with her story, for many years I sought validation from others, if someone said something nice to me, my day was made.  Equally, if I was criticised, I felt bad all day. I relied on others to feel good, I gave the power to others to make me feel bad or good. It was a never-ending vicious circle. Ultimately Jacquie saw through her story and she started to see what was important and unimportant. During her NLP training, she started to realise that there is a gap between who you think you are and who you actually are. There is a space between you and your thoughts, you and your identity. She realised that she didn't have to be externally referenced. What other people thought of her had nothing to do with her, it had everything to do with them. How often do you seek validation? How long does it last? Do you know that what you are seeking is looking right at you? I invite you to listen to the end, she shares a story about an episode in a supermarket that is somewhat dreadful but equally powerful. If you would love to be a guest, or if you know someone who would be a great guest, please get in touch via email: dianexuereb@beyoutv.com or send me a personal message here:https://www.facebook.com/diane.xuereb.9--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/diane-xuereb/message


29 Jan 2021

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Jacquie Forde

Insightful Conversations with Del Adey-Jones

In addition to being a 3 Principles Teacher and Transformative Coach, Jacquie is also a trained midwife and doula, and a mother of 3 beautiful Daughters, one of whom is about to become a mother herself.Jacquie is going to be addressing a very important subject that is very close to her heart and that is how the Covid 19 Pandemic, is reshaping how women around the globe will navigate their pregnancy and experience the birthing process.Instead of enjoying the wonderful, awe-inspiring journey of bringing a new life into the world, expectant mothers are now experiencing anxiety and panic attacks.


28 Apr 2020

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Jacquie Forde – “Simplicity Comes With Inclusiveness”

The Relevance of Sydney Banks' Role

On this new episode, we have as our guest, Jacquie Forde.  She is a dear friend whose life when from "Searching to Knowing" once she stumbled upon Sydney Banks and the Three Principles. A lovely, simple and deep conversation. About Jacquie Forde - Jacquie brings a spirited personality and vivacious, humorous attitude to her work as a coach and mentor who regularly works with politicians, organizational leaders, entrepreneurs, disadvantaged communities, fellow coaches and women of all ages who want to discover clarity in their careers, the secret to success, improve their resilience, intuition, power and capabilities to live their best lives. For more information on Jacquie,  go to https://jacquieforde.com/ 


23 Apr 2020

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Passion Business Podcast – Episode 27: Jacquie Forde – Unashamedly Human

Passion Business Podcast

Life has this way of pushing you when you're not listeningIn a warm, insightful and fun conversation Jacquie shares how she always knew her purpose was to help people, to be of service became a nurse and later moved into the corporate sector felt she wasn't quite on the right path and changing jobs wasn't helping she started her own consultancy business the event that had her lose her business when finances went down her wellbeing went up what took her from searching to knowing she built her coaching business in a light hearted and organic way by simply showing up as herself the key to building a successful coaching business is not to be a “keyboard coach”?and a lot more ..Meet Jacquie Forde - Unashamedly HumanJacquie Forde, RGN, RM is a professionally qualified  Three Principles Facilitator, NLP Trainer, Hypnotherapist,International Speaker, Business Consultant and Life Coach who works with organizations and individuals all over the world via in person and online Business Programs, Individual Coaching, Workshops and Retreats.  She devotes most of her coaching practice to helping people understand the psycho-spiritual principles behind the human experience helping them gain greater clarity and success in life and business.  Jacquie’s work is guided by The Three Principles, a new paradigm in Psychology. Jacquie's favourite things are laughing out loud, walking, eating olives, drinking green tea with lemon, travelling the world exploring new cultures and cities, raising awareness of social injustice and helping men and women in business and in life see the wonderful wisdom and energy that they innately possess to help them live happier and more successful lives without burning or stressing themselves out. Subscribe so you'll never miss an episode Get in touch with Jacquie jacquieforde.com Unashamedly Human Podcast on Facebook As always, if there is a topic you’d love me to talk about, or know someone who’d be a great guest, or you’d love to be a guest yourself get in touch, leave a comment below, contact me via email or social media. I’d love to hear from you! Curious How A Podcast Can Help You Grow YOUR Business?Everything you need to know to decide whether starting your own podcast is for you .. FREE “Find Your Podcast Topic” worksheet, Podcast Planning Checklist, Video and pdf guide to get an overview of how to actually launch one, covering planning & implementation/tech. Take the First Step Would you love to get more invitations to podcast interviews? Being interviewed on podcasts is the quickest and 100% non-sleezy way to tell the world about your passion business. But it’s not easy to get invited when you first start out. I know, I’ve been in your shoes, and I’m also a podcast host. If you’d love to get more interviews the FREE “Top 5 Actionable Tips To Help You Get Podcast Interviews .. even if you’re just starting out” is for you. Check it out here. Other Episodes You Might Enjoy The post Passion Business Podcast – Episode 27: Jacquie Forde – Unashamedly Human appeared first on Anke Herrmann - Tech Monster Whisperer.


20 Jan 2020

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Episode 86: Avoiding The Pitfalls of Fast Decision Making with Jacquie Forde

The Joy Of Being

On today’s show, “Episode 86: Avoiding The Pitfalls of Fast Decision Making” Jacquie Forde, a Three Principles Facilitator, NLP Trainer, Hypnotherapist, International Speaker, Business Consultant and Life Coach, joins us to discuss decision making, and the struggle of making rash decisions out of fear instead of waiting for the decision to come to you when it’s time. Read Full Show Notes Here See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


10 Dec 2019

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The Unashamedly Human Podcast with Jacquie Forde "Letting Go"

The Unashamedly Human Podcast

I am talking to myself again this week simply looking at the spiritual nature of autumn and it's relevance to our being.I don't know about you but I have always loved autumn or fall and every year since I moved to this cosy corner of Scotland I like to invite other enquiring souls to come join me for my final grounding event of the year.Autumn or Fall is a season drenched in tradition, it is the perfect time to reflect and embrace change. ... it is the end of many things but it can also represent the beginning. My invitation is for us to gather together and take a cue from the spiritual nature of life and use this season to help us find the peace and balance we need to become more deeply grounded in being.Autumn reminds us that our bodies, minds, and surroundings are always developing. It focuses on the impermanence of life, emphasizing how vital it is to embrace the present. By doing so, we can savour what we have before it is gone.The Unashamedly Human Autumn Seasonal Gathering is a small group event at my home in a quiet picturesque fishing village in Scotland, which many of you have visited for courses and events previously and there is no shortage of accommodations with beautiful local bed and breakfasts, hotels and self catering lodges for you to stay in nearby with or without sea views.We will have long days and lazy evenings bathing in our essence and nature as we sit by the roaring log fire indoors, take long walks on the beach and huddle next to the outdoor fire-pit in my garden looking out to sea.This year the theme is, "Letting Go" a 2.5 day deep exploration of our true nature to release any myths, misunderstandings and stories that are still holding us back from what we want to achieve in life and business through releasing the hidden and often invisible stories we innocently hold onto.The date will be from 18th - 20th October 2019. This event is for you if you want to bathe more deeply in the spiritual nature of life and learn more about the practical wisdom that exists within the Three Principles. This event is for you if you are feeling stuck in any area of your life and desperately want to find peace of mind and simply move on with your life. This event is for you if you if you want to share this understanding deeply and simply with others.I'm so excited to offer this very small group immersive retreat again this autumn and I'm looking forward to sharing space and time with you and can't wait to have you join me in love, laughter, wisdom and nature to let go of what needs to be let go of. After all isn't that what nature encourages in autumn?Simply click on the link to join me. https://jacquelineforde.lpages.co/autumn-circle-gathering/or sign up at www.jacquieforde.com for more information on courses, webinars,podcasts and weekly wisdom


12 Sep 2019

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The Joy of Being Unashamedly Human with Jacquie Forde

Stop Suffering About

What does being ‘unashamedly human’ mean to you? To me, it means embracing all that I am and fully exploring the human experience. We seem to spend a big chunk of our lives feeling ashamed or embarrassed about ourselves, or judging ourselves for who we are. What if there were another way, a kinder way, a gentler way? Coach Jacquie Forde is sure that there is and in this conversation we touch on how the understanding of the Three Principles can show us that being unashamedly human is part of the joy of life. You can listen to the podcast by pressing play above, or listen on Apple Podcasts or your favorite podcast app, or watch the video here. Below are the show highlights and full transcript. Show Notes The importance of making room for our own insightsStopping the search for answers and settling into a place of peaceWhat being unashamedly human means to JacquieNavigating life with grace rather than trying to have a perfect lifeWhy the unknown is not as scary as we sometimes think it isHow our minds attach stories to anything outside the now Jacquie Forde is an intuitive loving kick-ass international coach. She has professional qualifications in nursing, midwifery, shamanic healing, NLP, hypnosis, and the Three Principles. Jacquie brings a spirited personality and vivacious humorous attitude to her work as a coach and mentor and regularly works with politicians, organizational leaders, entrepreneurs, fellow coaches and women of all ages. Jacquie is also the host of The Unashamedly Human podcast, which is a podcast designed to help people get out of their heads and into their hearts sharing and understanding of the mind known as the Three Principles alongside other spiritual teachings. You can find Jacquie at JacquieForde.com. Transcript of interview with Jacquie Forde Alexandra: Hi everyone I’m Alexandra Amor. This is the Stop Suffering About podcast and I’m here today with Jacquie Forde. Hi Jacquie. Jacquie: Hi Alexandra. Thank you for inviting me. Alexandra: I’m so thrilled to have you here as a fellow podcaster. I’m really looking forward to interviewing you. Let me introduce you to our audience. Jacquie Forde is an intuitive loving kick-ass international coach. She has professional qualifications in nursing, midwifery, shamanic healing, NLP, hypnosis, and the Three Principles. Jacquie brings a spirited personality and vivacious humorous attitude to her work as a coach and mentor and regularly works with politicians, organizational leaders, entrepreneurs, fellow coaches and women of all ages. Jacquie is also the host of The Unashamedly Human podcast, which is a podcast designed to help people get out of their heads and into their hearts sharing and understanding of the mind known as the Three Principles alongside other spiritual teachings. I loved Jackie that in that bio that you listed all the qualifications that you had because it spoke to me so much about so many of my guests and myself we’re just on this lifelong search and you know I label myself – this was Jonelle Simms’ phrase – being a self-help junkie. Some of those things are so interesting to me, including shamanic healing. No one’s ever listed that one before. Tell us a little bit about that journey and then how you came to find the Principles. I think like probably all your other guests, Alexandra, I’ve spent years and years of my life feeling there was more to life. And for the first of 26, 27 years of my life I would have said that I knew there was more, but I was coming from a calm, safe, measured space so I was quite happy bobbing along in life and just reading the occasional book and watching films that inspired me. And then something happened. When I got married, had kids, lost my grandmother, started working in the corporate sector, it was like holy. I just got lost. I got totally, totally lost Alexandra. I started to look outside of myself because I felt I just felt there’s something wrong with me. I was finding it difficult to have children and work full-time. I was working in a sales environment and it was infectious. I was highly successful but I didn’t understand why people had to be nasty when they were doing their jobs. I just couldn’t get it and I thought well it must be me It must be something about me that needs to be fixed. And so I would buy all these books about sorting myself and how to get on with everybody and Andrew Carnegie’s book, How to Win Friends and Influence People. And then one of the companies I was working with introduced us all to NLP, neuro-linguistic programming, which was from a sales orientated perspective about how to assess and use the right language and develop rapport and I absolutely loved it. I went on to study it. I was still in the corporate job and went on to study NLP and hypnotherapy and it really helped me. It helped me understand and pointed me in the direction of at that point I knew I was the thinker. I knew that I could observe my thoughts and at that stage I thought, well what you do with your thoughts is you manipulate them and you change them and you push them away and you know you do all this razzle dazzle with them. And because I was spending such a huge amount of money on self-development work on my days off I would coach people with all sorts of issues to save up for more self-development so that I wasn’t dipping into the family money. I did that for years and years and years but I never, ever felt from that space that I wanted to leave my corporate job. I knew there was something not quite right. I couldn’t put my finger on it. It was just something about it that just wasn’t right for me to leave. And then I came across Principles years ago, but it was in a book by a guy called Richard Carlson helped me immensely. But he never actually mentioned that that was the Principles. He didn’t actually mention Syd Banks in that book. So about 10 years after that I came across the Principles again and that’s where I went from searching to knowing. And I see that a lot, because it was like all bets are off. This is it. This is it. It helped me make sense of. All of that. That didn’t mean I understood all of it. But somewhere deep down inside of me it was like that’s it, Jacquie. No more. I wanted to know more about the Principals, so I was buying books, and spending huge amounts of money on courses to be professionally trained. And it took me a couple of years just to quieten down and it was something Elsie Spittle said to me. She said, “Jackie, make sure that you make time for your own insights.” And I knew exactly what she meant because a lot of people when they come across this understanding the become like vampires. A new vampire just can’t get enough blood. They just want more blood and this understanding, I see it time and time and time again, people just can’t get enough information and they’re doing the one thing they shouldn’t be doing. They’re cramming it all in, instead of making space. So yeah I call myself a self-help addict. That’s what I was. When your kids are six, four and two and you’re in a book shop and your kids can tell their father where their mother is. She’s in the self-help section, dad, you know you’ve got a problem. Alexandra: I love that. And it was actually one of my guests that pointed this out recently that that quest really points to our natural resilience and our innate well-being because if that wasn’t there, we wouldn’t be searching for it. In other words, I actually feel a lot of – what’s the right word? I don’t know if it’s forgiveness. That’s not quite right but about my own self-help search now because of that. Jacquie: Absolutely, Alexandra. And see for me I’ve got no shame attached to that at all. In fact, I am so glad I did that because all of these things I’ve learned have brought me to this space which means that intuitively I’m doing a lot of that stuff anyway because it helps inform me when I’m with people so I know how to hold a space. I found out years and years ago when you start doing shamanic healing and NLP I understood about developed rapport, I was doing that for 30 odd years beforehand. But they called it developing rapport, which fell is thought was something outside of yourself, when in fact you were settling into yourself. Alexandra: One of the things I noticed that you offer on your website is coaching intensives, and I wonder if you could talk about that a little bit and how that’s different from the regular weekly coaching that you do. Jacquie: It’s one of my favorite things to do and I know you know this. I just I love getting to know people. I love really bathing in the essence of another soul. So coaching intensive are a three-day program and people come to where I live or I go to where they live. But we take the space to be in nature. I live by the sea in the middle of the country. Very quiet small fishing village. And we take these three days to rest in the space of love, of nature, of our own well-being and my student’s well-being. They begin to see me living from this understanding. We’re out and about. We’re doing things, we’re taking walks. We’re watching webinars, we’re watching all sorts of stuff. But it really helps me get an idea of where somebody’s grounding and understanding is and how I can best serve them, to help them deepen their understanding. And I always do follow up a three month follow up with my clients because it’s important for me to know how they are afterwards. It’s not just you come, you do this and you leave. I want to know your soul. I want to know you and I want you to know me and then that way we get to have this gorgeous dance of this is how life works. So it’s a very intimate experience. It’s a very intensive but beautiful. I had a lady with me on Friday actually. And by the end of the day she was exhausted. She says, “Why am I exhausted.” I said because your brain is being rewired. Something’s going on and I don’t know what it is. But I do know when people say to me they’re tired or they have a headache that it’s time for us to stop, that it’s time for you just to go and rest. She sent me a message the next day and she said that said the best sleep she’s had in years and already there was a couple of things that were shifting for her. Now, I like to do it that way. I’m okay doing it an hour here and an hour there, but if you really want to take a deep dive into this understanding and have a program that’s designed just for you and your journey and what’s happening with you then an intensive is how we do it. I’m condensing years and years and years and years of studying in to three days and then in three months, the follow-up. You have my undivided attention so that’s why I love doing because it helps people stop that search so that we can stop doing all these other courses. It’s kind of like do this, settle down, go live now. Alexandra: Do you find that the people that you’re working with have had a similar journey – the self-help search? Jacquie: Absolutely, Alexandra. I have three mentees at the moment. This is a yearlong program I do, but two of them I’ve already said them you can be you can become part of my mentee program but you stop. You’re not allowed to sign up to anybody else’s courses throughout the year. Not allowed to sign up for anything else. It’s just you and me this journey. That is it. Because an awful lot of people you know it’s like 250 pounds here or 350 pounds there. And if they’re anything like I was I would pay that and then not do the course. We’ve all done it. So it’s a case of, even some of these intensives I say to people, “Look it’s just us these three months. It’s just us. My voice, your voice, and the voice of the divine. And that is it. And then at the end of that, once you’ve really settled into your intuition and your wisdom, then follow that and not your head. Because these courses I’ve signed up for over the years, it’s been fear of missing out or that person knows more than I do. They probably do. But I don’t care. It’s really about settling into a beautiful space. Alexandra: I love what you said about letting the space open up. I’m coming up to two years understanding about the Principles and I coincidentally have actually felt that occurring. For the first two years, I took lots of courses, which I loved, and read lots of books and really enjoyed them and now I feel myself just noticing my own insights and letting that space develop. So I just love that. Thank you for that. Jacquie: I was just going to say I think it is really, really important because Syd Banks who first articulated this understanding, he would always say to people just go and live. When we’re living, that’s when we’re seeing how this understanding plays out in us. While we’re in a classroom we’re not seeing that. Alexandra: Your podcast is called Unashamedly Human. Can you tell us what that phrase means to you? Jacquie: It’s so funny. About four years ago I came up with that name and I did nothing with it. I thought what am I going to do with that? And it wouldn’t go away. Unashamedly human what? What is this thing? And then, it’s just like we’re saying, the insight just came in and it was just like oh my god Jacquie that is how you’re living your life. I’m not afraid for life to live through me. I’m not afraid to laugh or cry whenever I’m called to do that. I am not afraid and not ashamed of my human nature. I love it. I just absolutely love it. And the podcast is there to help other people get out of their conceptual minds and into their spiritual essence. That’s what I see. Out of their heads, into their hearts, so that they can learn. For many many years I was afraid and ashamed my human experience. Yet many people are. That’s why we search. That’s why we self soothe. That’s why we do all of these things. So unashamedly human means just live. Go for it and live. Just whatever the hell happens, happens. Deal with it with lightheartedness and love. Alexandra: I just love that that’s the name of the show because right away I got a sense of what it was about and that that unapologetic, unashamed embracing of who we are. And it made me reflect too that I think when we’re on the self-help search the thing that I kept bumping into was that I was never perfect enough. I kept trying to fix the broken things and I just seemed to become more aware of my brokenness in a way. But by allowing ourselves to just be unashamedly human that pressure falls away. Jacquie: Absolutely. And it was so funny because when I said to my husband I’m going to call this Unashamedly Human, and there’s a book coming out as well called Unashamedly Human. And when I said to my husband the podcast is to be called unashamedly human. He said, “That’s you to a T, Jackie.” Alexandra: Tell us about the book. Jacquie: The book is part memoir but it’s also sharing stories and insights about clients and students that I’ve had the honor and the privilege to coach over the last 10 or 15 years and the transformations that both they and I have had. The good, the bad, and the very interesting, because a lot of people believe with this understanding that everything in your life changes and you have this altruistic, amazing life. That’s not what this understanding does. This understanding teaches us how our minds work and from that space we’re able to navigate life worth a lot more grace than you can without it. So the book is about those kind of journeys and merging in as well my experiences as a nurse and a midwife and what it means to the body when we are living in a state of grace vs. living in a state of stress. There’ll be all sorts of mind, body, soul information in there too because that’s the totality of what I knew. Because I want to share that with people. Alexandra: What has that experience been like for you? Have you written books before? Jacquie: No. It’s so funny. When I was younger I used to have a fan zine from the ages of 16 to 20. Myself and two friends, two boys I was at school with, we had this fan zine and we would go and we’d interview bands from all over the world. Big name bands and we’d blag our way in and then interview them. We created our own fan zine, even when it was still a screen print and before photocopying and all this stuff and we’d sell this fanzine / magazine in music shops. I was doing that for years and I loved writing. I absolutely loved it. I had a place at one of the universities in Scotland to study journalism. I wanted to get out of the house. But I got a place as a nurse more quickly and I took that because I wanted to get out of the house. And for years and years it just never occurred to me to write anything. Then I had a boss at work who used to be a proofreader for a company years ago and she was new working in government affairs and she used to send back reports with big red marks over them. So I developed a real fear of writing from that space because I wasn’t used to people contradicting me like that. And it was quite vicious. It wasn’t kind. And I was a bit unstable anyway in the corporate environment. My father was dying and all this kind of stuff. I wasn’t at my best place when I started to get this kind of feedback. So in my head I made up some kind of story about it at the time. When I started my coaching journey I thought I should write a book. And then, “I can’t write a book. How could I write a book?” No I’m just not going to do it. And then I thought I could write blogs. I thought Oh my God no I can’t write a book. I can’t put my writing out in the public. Well then all of a sudden I started to write blogs and I think I’ve got about 15 blogs and had this insight. I thought Oh my God Jacquie you’ve not been writing a book because you thought it was too hard. You’ve just written 15 blogs. That’s a book. A book is just a series of blogs and a series of articles. I think it was from that space that I thought I can write a book. No problem. You can write a book. Alexandra: Nice. So you gave yourself permission. Jacquie Yes. And I think I saw how stupid it was and how stupid my thinking had been in that particular area. Alexandra: And isn’t that interesting that the only thing preventing you from doing it was what you were thinking about what it meant to write a book or that you couldn’t write a book like that. That’s fascinating. Do you have a regular practice about it? Do you try to do a little bit every day? Or how does that work? Jacquie: If I don’t write for a long time it’s almost like if I don’t an exercise for a long time I get a bit stiff and sore and less flexible. Whereas when I write every single day, and it’s usually first thing. I’ve got my cup of green tea and I’m just sitting looking out to sea. And it’s just whatever comes to mind or sometimes I use some prompts. Maybe there’s a list of articles that I’ve read and thought right, okay, what does this mean? Can I go deeper here? How did this have an impact on me? And then I’ll just see what comes. Alexandra: Do you feel like you’re close to being finished or have you set yourself a deadline? Jacquie: I would like to be finished by Christmas and I’d like to launch it in April next year. I’m not in any rush. That’s what comes to mind when I think of a timeline. Alexandra: I can’t wait to read it. You pointed out on Facebook recently, you had a little post about the future being unknown and what struck me that you were talking about what a positive thing that was. And it struck me that the unknown could actually make people a little bit anxious. Why do you think the unknown is a powerful thing or that it’s a positive thing that the future is unknown? Jacquie: Oh, that’s a gorgeous question. As human beings we think we know what’s going to happen. We think we can predict what’s going to happen and we think when we’re not able to predict what’s going to happen then the alternative is scary and it’s frightening. But here’s the thing: we constantly live in the unknown. We haven’t a clue what’s going to happen. And, to me, knowing that is the normal space. Everything unfolds from that space. Knowing that, my life just feels like this huge playground. What happens when you go to a playground and you’re playing. Sometimes you fall, sometimes scrape your knee. You get back up and you do whatever it is you’re going to do. Sometimes you’re on the roundabout and you get a bit dizzy. But there’s so much more potential in recognizing that all we have is now. And like I said earlier as human beings we think we can do this time travel thing in our minds and we can time travel in our minds. In a heartbeat we can be back in the past carrying thoughts across time right in front of us, scaring ourselves, looking at something that’s actually over or we can be looking at something and remembering it with love. Now I’ve learned over the years that I don’t like the feeling I get when something from my past comes to visit and say hello. I haven’t particularly enjoyed it. I don’t want to look for those kind of feelings anymore if I don’t have to. I’d rather live in a nice feeling thank you very much. I am sure that if there’s something from my past I’ve still to learn to know will give me that opportunity to relearn it in a completely different way, instead of always looking back to learn. The more I look back, the less bandwidth I have to appreciate now. Alexandra: Right. So what you’re touching again, is the self-help stuff that we talked about, which is what we tended to do before we knew better. We thoughts we had to bring out the stuff from the past in order to fix it. What you’re saying is that actually leaving that alone is the better way forward and gives us more bandwidth, as you said, to have fresh understanding. Jacquie: Absolutely. I absolutely love that. Alexandra: That’s great. I really resonated with your mention of the unknown because I feel I’ve had a few insights lately about work and business and that kind of thing and I feel like I’m resting in a place of the unknown. And I noticed that in the past I would have felt really anxious about that and would have had to pick a direction or make a choice. And now I don’t feel that at all. I’m sitting here in the unknown and I’m actually really interested and excited to see what shows up and what happens. Jacquie: And do you know what’s really beautiful about what you’ve just said? I’m listening to your tonality and the emotion behind the words that you just use there. You said, “I’m resting in the now and I’m okay in the unknown.” Words that mean exactly the same thing. The now and the unknown together, that’s what it is, yet in our minds our words have all these stories and meanings attached to them. So we’re constantly hypnotizing ourselves by using certain words or we’re scaring ourelves or we’re reinforcing things that aren’t pleasant by the use of the words that we have. Now I know that words are the only way we can really communicate with each other like this. But words are wholly inadequate really. They’re just utterances and this is why in this understanding we always talk about, “Don’t listen to the words. Listen for the feeling. Listen for a nice feeling.” And if you’re getting a nice feeling, then you’re learning something and that’s enough. You don’t always have to in your conceptual mind figure out what’s happening to you and the now. Just as we don’t in our conceptual minds have to figure out what’s going to happen in the future. You can play with the future in your mind. But most people don’t do that. They scare the shit out of themselves about the future, instead of playing with it. And that’s what’s beautiful about this understanding; it’s gifts of Mind, Thought and Consciousness that you get to play with and not be frightened by but to play with. So for me this understanding is light hearted, it’s playful, it’s profound and it is deeply transformational. Alexandra: I love that and I totally agree. And I really appreciate your lighthearted approach, your humor and that you show up in such a lighthearted way. I really appreciate that about you. Jacquie: Thank you. Alexandra: This has been amazing, Jacquie. It’s so lovely getting to know you a little bit better and thank you so much for being on the show. Why don’t you let everybody know where they can find out more about you and your work. Jacquie:   OK. I’m sure you could spell my name on the podcast anyway. You can find out more about me at JacquieForde.com. I have a Facebook page called Unashamedly Human with Jacquie Ford and also the Unashamedly Human podcast, which you can find on SoundCloud and iTunes. Occasionally I do events via OneWoman.global, which is a network I have where we create events for women, by women who are dealing with issues that women are interested in dealing with. My next one online will happen in the 16th and 17th of November with Judy Sedgeman and Del Ady-Jones and we’re going to do a live event in Florida next year. So I’m looking forward to that. Alexandra: I’ll put links in the show notes to all of that and you said OneWoman.global? Jacquie: The sales page isn’t ready for that yet. But if people just you know keep in touch then they’ll get information about that. Absolutely. Alexandra: Perfect. All right. Well thanks again so much. It’s been lovely chatting with you. Jacquie: Thank you for inviting me. Alexandra. Alexandra: Bye bye. Jacquie: Bye love. [Red rubber boots image courtesy Rupert Britton and Unsplash.]

7 Aug 2019

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Jacquie Forde

Insightful Conversations with Del Adey-Jones


30 Apr 2019

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054 Jacquie Forde

The Coaching Life

This one is as real life as it gets, with mentions of dog poo and genitalia mixed amongst the insights and business of coaching. Jacquie brings a beautifully warm blend of humour and wisdom, and shares her journey from a technical career to a life of love and ease, revealing how she has connected and developed professional relationships with people in government by simply being herself.Here’s a little more about Jacquie:A gifted teacher, coach and intuitive, Jacquie Forde has always known there was more to life than she could see, understand or touch. With professional qualifications in Nursing, Midwifery, Shamanic Healing, NLP, Hypnosis, and the Three Principles, and with three decades spent in corporate UK in blue chip organizations working in sales, marketing, business development and government affairs, Jacquie readily admits that she was always more interested in the transformative power of the spiritual nature of life, and left the nine to five behind to create her own successful business over 7 years ago.Jacquie brings a spirited personality and vivacious, humorous attitude to her work as a coach and mentor, who regularly works with politicians, organisational leaders, entrepreneurs, disadvantaged communities, fellow coaches and women of all ages who want to discover clarity in their careers, the secret to success, improve their resilience, intuition, power and capabilities to live their best lives. Her work delivers conscious expansion and peace of mind to clients in all walks of life. With a thriving physical practice located in Scotland and a global online practice, Jacquie is passionate about sharing her knowledge and allowing her clients the space to embrace their own innate wisdom to tap into their highest potential. You can subscribe to her blog, “Unashamedly Human” and her podcast, “The Unashamedly Human Podcast Series” and contact Jacquie at www.jacquieforde.com


22 Nov 2018

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Episode 31: Why We All Self-Harm – with Jacquie Forde

The Little Peace of Mind Podcast

This week’s podcast has a slightly controversial title but Jacquie’s passion is to help people become more human and in this episode we explore what it is that makes us all the same. Here’s who this episode is designed for: People who self-harm – that might include cutting, pulling out your hair, eating disorders, drinking too much wine, over-eating etc etc. You see? We’re all the same. People who love people who self-harm – what can we do when those we love are clearly indulging in unhealthy behaviours People who listen to all the Little Peace of Mind podcasts because they just know there’s something new to learn in each one, whoever you are and whatever you’re up to So, just about everyone then :)


8 Feb 2018