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Ep.6 Moira Cameron & Sally Kettle

First Women: LIVE! Pioneers in Your Living Room

Moira Cameron, First Woman Yeoman Warder at the Tower of London and Sally Kettle, First Woman to row the Atlantic, east-west twice – once with her mum!


2 Sep 2021

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Sally Kettle @sallykettle

What Next Mum

Today’s episode is with Sally Kettle @sallykettle @activepregnancyfoundationSally is an adventurer, founder of the Active Pregnancy Foundation and mum of one.Sally has rowed the Atlantic Ocean twice - the first time with her Mum, achieving a World Record in the process and the second time as an all female team of 4.She then went on to qualify as a humanitarian aid worker and took part in the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race and walked the Freedom Trail across the Pyrenees.Sally talks openly and honestly about her IVF, the importance of women having access to proper information about post natal recovery and fitness, the need to change the 6 week post natal check and what the future holds for her.I also couldn’t resist asking her about what it was like to be on the TV show Deal or No Deal and come away as a member of the illustrious 1p club!In May 2021 the @activepregnancyfoundation is running a campaign - #RealMumsAreRoleModels - enter to win a £100 Amazon voucher.


8 May 2021

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Broken Oars, Episode 17 - Sally Kettle, Professional Adventuress!

Broken Oars Podcast

Broken Oars Podcast Returns! In this episode, you’ll learn such things as why God is no good at choruses; why the Northern one reads male rabbits; what constitutes a hymnal banger; why Amazonian tribesmen can sing Livin’ on a Prayer; why rowers don’t play in the NBA and why Metallica were right to sack Dave Mustaine … ‘What?’ we hear you say. ‘What is this nonsense? Where is the second part of the interview with the incredible and inimitable Sally Kettle, ocean-rower and adventuress, that you promised?’ (Yeah. We see you, Thames Tradesmen, at the back there ...). Well, as you know, Broken Oars Podcast has always been the podcast that pushes the envelope of what’s possible in the podcast medium. Diving deep into his knowledge of post-modernism (so, a fairly shallow dive into a fairly shallow puddle, then), the Northern one has thrown away the usual conventions of a podcast (like an intro, a middle bit, an outro and some editing) and decided to leave in the pre-recording conversation your genial hosts were having before the clapperboard clicked. Some would call it bold. Some would call it a tour de force extension of the podcast form. Some, like Thames Tradesmen, would call it two muppets talking smack ... However, alongside our left-field insights, we have, as promised, returned with Part Two of our conversation with the ocean-rower, adventuress, author, motivational speaker, Active Pregnancy Charity Founder and all-round force of nature that is ... Sally Kettle. Now, we know that some of you were holding off listening to this episode until you had both sections to listen to. Well, you now have no excuses. Get it downloaded and get it on! Learn what sort of ocean mega-fauna you can expect to meet on your average Atlantic crossing, and why no Atlantic crossing is average. Why thumbs and sail winches don’t mix. Why elite athletes sometimes don’t have the time, space or perspective to be kind when kindness is what’s needed. How it isn’t setting the goal or reaching the goal that teaches you the lessons that change your life, but the journey towards achieving them - even if you never do. Why those journeys never run smooth; but why it’s the unexpected bumps in the road and waves in the ocean that teach the biggest lessons – even if those lessons aren’t sometimes appreciated at the time. The importance of learning the difference between what’s in your control and what isn’t, and surrendering to the experience - and why vast natural forces are really good at making you realise this. Why you should write your story immediately after the event before you have a chance to intellectually and emotionally self-censor. Decompression after major life events and achievements. Why there are no female adventuresses on TV, while the pale, male and stale rack up series after recommissioned series. How the Active Pregnancy Foundation supports and celebrates female physicality; championing its importance pre- and post-birth, in motherhood and in life. We always say that our current episode is the best we’ve ever recorded In this instance, however, it is. And it’s out in time for the weekend? GET SOME! Bowside? Strokeside? Sally Kettle would have rowed the Atlantic in the time it’s taken you to sort your footplates out. Go and get eaten by sharks.  

1hr 5mins

26 Feb 2021

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Secrets Of Planning To Row Across Atlantic TWICE!-Sally Kettle

Negotiators Podcast

Sally Kettle in Web Chat with Derek ArdenDerek with Sally Kettle woman talking about rowing the Atlantic ocean from East to west TWICE.Sally shares her secrets on how she planned it, and the leadership challenges, and how her Mum stepped up when her boyfriend pulled out.How Sally raised the money and the £250k extra she raised for her charity.What happens when you are attacked by a shark and how there is no room for wingeing on a 106-day rowing adventure.


3 Nov 2020

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#027 - Interview with Sally Kettle

The Ocean Rowing Podcast



23 Apr 2020

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ep. 27 - How setting goals can transform your life with Sally Kettle

everywoman Podcast

Broadcaster, motivational speaker and everywoman trainer, Sally Kettle knows about the power of a goal to transform your life. As an ocean rower, she was the first woman to row the Atlantic twice, from east to west - once with her mother, Sarah in 2004. But it’s not just the big , audacious goals in life that have the power to shape us, as she discusses in this everywoman podcast. How and why we set goals – big and small - at all stages of our lives and careers is key to moving us forward successfully. And the journey of goal setting is one that demands resilience, adaptability and real understanding of ourselves. In this frank and inspiring chat, we discuss the power of combining personal vision with a plan and what it takes to reach for – and achieve - what you really want.  


31 Mar 2020

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Sally Kettle - The Life of an Adventurer after rowing the Atlantic Ocean twice!

Tough Girl Podcast

We first spoke with Sally back at the very start of the Tough Girl Podcast, Sally was one of the first 4 guests. During the first episode we focused on her row across the Atlantic Ocean with her mum who she hadn’t spoken to in 10 years! Since 2015, I’ve heard her give motivational talks, and met Sally on multiple occasions, she’s become a good friend. Sally is also part of the Tough Girl Tribe (closed FB group for guests and patrons of the tough girl podcast). Earlier on this year, her book  “Sally's Odd at Sea” was selected for the monthly book club (run by Allison McArthur). So much came out from the discussion, such as the challenges of writing the book, feedback on the cover, working as a humanitarian aid worker, becoming a Personal Trainer and working with the athletes in the gym at the 2012 London Olympics, sailing the last leg of the Clipper Round the World, plus so much more! I decided it would be fab to get Sally back on the podcast to share more about her other adventures and challenges she’s been involved with.  Some of the adventures and challenges include: Qualifying as a humanitarian aid worker with Shelterbox and being deployed to two disasters. Joining the incredible ‘1st’ women from the Armed Forces to climb the Chemin De la Liberte. Recording a documentary about the most remote islands in the world. Writing articles for the BBC Magazine and presented them on BBC Radio 4, which included going to the Galapagos to write about El Niño. Sally also tried to row round Great Britain - but was picked up by the RNLI in Margate!! Show notes How we know each other The Tough Girl Tribe book club Feedback on the book cover… Finding out more about Sally and her life as an adventurer How times have changed Going against the norms of society  Being at peace with her decision about her career Becoming a humanitarian disaster relief worker Losing a friend in a Tsunami  Suffering from anxiety Being deployed to disaster zones Coping emotionally  Adjusting back to normal life Not having to prove herself anymore Having her daughter (after 10 years) Going on adventures Health and fitness after a bad pregnancy The challenges with social media  Surviving for 3 years Resilience training  Walking the ‘Chemin De la Liberte’ the freedom trail The challenges of team dynamics Being stuck in very challenging situations Why journalling doesn’t work for you The Clipper Round the World Yacht Race Not being great at sailing! Needing to get off the boat Breaking her thumb in half and being treated in Amsterdam The Row around Great Britain and everything that went wrong… Wanting to spend more time outdoors Quick Fire Questions The Well-beginners Podcast A new children’s book!  Starting a new campaign - Active Pregnancy 


11 Jul 2019

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Episode 35 - Life lessons from Ocean Rowing with Sally Kettle

The Mother of All Movement Podcast

In the 3rd episode of this "Women in the Water" mini series I am chatting to Sally Kettle who is the first woman to row the Atlantic Ocean twice from East to West.  Ultimately this is a conversation not just about how awesome Sally is - although she undoubtedly is - but actually how traumatic situations can help us grow, the lessons we can learn from failing, how sometimes we do totally the wrong thing and why it’s OK to talk about it so it doesn’t chew us up inside.  Sally is clearly highly self motivated with a great sense of humour and has learnt a lot from her experiences so it was great to hear her stories and receive some of that experience. Do enjoy this episode and the other two in the series, and please come back and let me know with a review on your podcast platform - if you review it I will give you a shout out and thanks on the next episode.  I always love hearing feedback and any comments. Find out more about Sally here: https://www.sallykettle.com Hear her TED talk here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=4&v=m6nvMoV2mLA Thanks for listening!

1hr 11mins

21 May 2019

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Sportswomen with Balls ft. Sally Kettle and Amanda Foster

Periods Amazing Women in History

Well done on getting Periods! In the first episode Samantha hears about two incredible sportswomen who have NO shortage of balls.Atlantic rower and adventurer Sally Kettle and Hollywood stunt woman and clay shooter Amanda Foster share their stories and historical heroines.Top quotes:Amanda: “Creativity is like food for me”Sally: “I have a 'no failure' policy… well I did at the time anyway!"Amanda shares her stories of martial arts, motorcycles, hang gliding and car stunts. They talk about who doubled Grace Jones and what it’s like lying on top of ‘good boy’ Brad Pitt. Amanda is looking for the next challenge in clay pigeon shooting for the country! Sponsors sign up here!Sally tells us about rowing the Atlantic twice, making it into the Guinness Book of World Records, shark attacks with an all-woman team, and re-inventing as an inspirational speaker. She tells how 106 days at sea with her mum was an experience she will always treasure, even though they had to go to the loo in a bucket.Our guests choose women whose periods were in sync, being born just 4 years apart!Amanda picks sharpshooter Annie Oakley, who learned to shoot by following her dad on hunts and ended up a household name.Sally picks Nellie Bly, the American journalist who set out to travel the world in 80 days with one dress and a bag of gold coins around her neck. When she got home she did a landmark expose on asylum conditions as an undercover journalist.Legends all round.Follow our guests:Amanda Foster - Stuntwoman, Director, Actorhttp://www.amandafoster.mehttps://twitter.com/amanda30af?lang=enTwitter @Amanda30afWatch Amanda in No.7’s adverthttp://www.davidreviews.tv/Work/Boots_No_7_Amanda_Foster/Sally Kettle - Adventurer, Speaker, Rowerwww.sallykettle.com@sallykettle instagram and TwitterSally features in the exhibition 'First Women’ at London’s Dyson Gallery until the 22nd Augusthttps://www.rca.ac.uk/news-and-events/events/anita-corbin-first-women-uk/@periodspodcast See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


16 Aug 2018

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DB 021: Guinness Record Holder Sally Kettle On Beating The Odds & The Ignore The Naysayers Challenge

Dream Big Podcast

In today’s episode, Eva and Olga welcome Sally Kettle, the first woman to row the Atlantic Ocean twice from East to West, and once with her mother. For our customizable 7-Day “Trash Cleanup” challenge and show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/21


27 Feb 2017