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6: What You're Really Being Called To Do In This Pandemic with Felicia Hinds-Patrick

All About The Sisters Wellness Podcast

Today’s chat is with Felicia Hinds-Patrick of Sakred Soul. She is a Spiritual Life Coach and an Advanced Soul Realignment Practitioner. Through her work, she shows you who you truly are at the soul level. She will reveal your specific soul gifts and how you can use these gifts to create the life you want. She will also tell you how you may be blocking yourself from fully utilizing these gifts to create abundance and what you truly want. In this episode, we talk about the call to action within this pandemic, why it had to happen, and how we need to respond. We also discuss meditation for beginners, simple techniques, and how the Ego tries to control us. 


31 Aug 2020

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S. 2 Ep. 10 Living from a Conscious Space + The Library in the Sky with Felicia Hinds-Patrick

A Blissfully Balanced Life

Founder of Sākred Soul, Felicia Hinds-Patrick joins us today to discuss how she quit her 6 figure corporate job to pursue her passion. She will teach us how to live from a more conscious space and more on the library in the sky. Connect with Felicia further: Website: https://www.sakredsoul.com Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sakred_soul/ Facebook - Click here --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/blissfully-balanced-life/support


13 Jul 2020

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87: Being encouraged to LIVE with Felicia Hinds-Patrick

Fiercely Unstoppable

This is the Seventh of an 8 week series from the Glow at Podcast Row event where I was a top podcaster and featured speaker in NYC!  For the next 8 weeks you will hear tips, tricks, and incredible stories from women on a mission.  7/8 with Felicia Hinds-Patrick! Felicia Hinds-Patrick has her certifications as a Hypnotherapist, Soul Realignment Practitioner, Reiki Master, and Healer she has creatively merged her knowledge and wisdom of each, allowing her to provide life changing Individualized Coaching Sessions, Online Mastery Classes, Transformative Energy Meditations and Healing Sessions. Felicia has transformed individuals who felt stuck in life, gain clarity, while upholding their authenticity and respecting their individuality.  Felicia’s diverse career background reflects her successful years in corporate America and Entrepreneurship- Desktop/Database Administrator, Procurement Specialist, Executive Administrator, Real Estate and Collections. However, as life would have it, she came to a crossroads, a place we all know too often, she was “stuck”. In search of answers, her personal quest for self-understanding led her to her first certification course. Divine intervention at its best, Felicia discovered her gift and quickly realized her true calling. Living by the saying “there are no coincidence”, it was only a matter of months when Felicia made a conscious decision to walk away from corporate America and live her divinity, birthing “Sakred Soul”. Through her work she encourages you to LIVE. ———--------- In this episode we talk about: -Visiting spiritual healers and shamans and what that can do for you -Learning and growing from a spiritual healers and shamans -Your ego, what it is and how to let go of it -Learning the right way to talk to and think about yourself -What vibrations are and how to use them! -What to do when you are at a place when you are ready to surrender  -How to release societies standards from your life  -Learning how to attract your dreams easily Questions: -What do you do and how did you get here? -When a client comes to you, what do you do? How do you help them?  -Are there signs we can notice that tell us that we're losing ourselves? -What is the ego? Your true self?  -What is a vibration and how can elevate it?  -Tell us a time you overcame an obstacle and felt victorious about it? -What's a strong message everyone could here right now? Fav. Quotes: "We have to start looking at our souls like children, we're raising ourselves." "We're are spiritual beings having a human experience." Connect with Felicia! website: www.sakredsoul.com   IG & Twitter: sakred_soul   Facebook: @FeliciaHindsPatrick   ———---------   Want some other free goodies? Affirmations.Confidence. Success. $10k months


23 Apr 2020

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2.5: Spiritual Wisdom to Guide Your True Path with Felicia Hinds-Patrick


What is your purpose? What emerges when you surrender? I ask coach and spiritual guide Felicia Hinds-Patrick on her journey from being a big shot in finance living the “perfect” picket fence life and how she chose to dive deeper to find her calling, picking trust over practicality. Felicia now works with women to help them transform their lives. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/aboveandbelow/support


21 Mar 2020

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#167: Felicia Hinds-Patrick: Awakening to Your Soul's Work

Profit With Purpose by Anna Goldstein

From the outside looking in, Felicia managed to create a life that may have seemed perfect picture on the outside - a husband, 2 kids, house and a well-paid job in corporate America. But somewhere along the way, she lost herself in all of these masks; Mother, Wife, Career Woman, Provider, Daughter, Sister, Friend, and had no clear identity anymore. She began making choices that were so far removed from her and somewhere in between infidelity, death, heartache…she felt like she had lost everything and that was her awakening. She needed to know what life is truly about and what her true purpose was.  She was divinely guided to her first-ever Medium, who pretty much described her purpose as she is living it today. She got trained in Akashic records, left Goldman Sachs and Sakred Soul was born. Recently she launched the IamMoveMeant, which is a community of individuals who are READY to move out of being "stuck" in life. Felicia’s story of transformation is captivating. In this episode, we talk about how to move into your higher self, evolve, and how she awakens to her soul’s work. If you haven’t subscribed to the Profit with Purpose show, make sure you hit subscribe. What happened after having it all? We forget whom we are after having kids, being a wife and having a career and that is where Felicia found herself in. She went outside her marriage trying to look for who she was and made choices that she’s not proud of. She cried for the loss of her lover and herself and was looking for her purpose. She was lost and grieving when she found a medium where she sat down for 15 minutes with her guide and got all the answers she was looking for. We are spiritual beings having a human experience, souls that come back time and time again. She found that the individual she had an affair with, brought her spiritual awakening in his death. What no longer works for her? We are here to evolve as spiritual beings and everything that we go through we grow. It is necessary to understand that we have to nurture ourselves the same way we would nurture our children by not talking negatively about ourselves. Take the struggles as a growth opportunity. Watch your thoughts and what we are doing from the inside. It is important to differentiate between your ego or higher self. What is the difference between ego and higher self? She recognized her higher self over her ego when she was going through struggles. She worked with a shaman one on one for three months and came to her space fast while experiencing many things from the spiritual world. She shifted into consciousness through visions as she trusted the whole process. She joined a course and worked with people. She then read her shaman which translated into working with clients. She quit her job to do what she had learned because she had found love in the spiritual word- The Sakred Soul three years ago. It was a fast but sure journey- she found her purpose. What involves a reading? She reads people at the soul level by looking at how the soul was created from origination. She helps people realize who they were and connect with that person. How to discover your purpose? The first thing you should do in the morning is meditation- go within yourself for self-awareness. Pay attention to yourself and pick up on your emotions. The human experience focuses on the physical but the most important one is the soul which we tend to forget- but its discovery creates harmony. What happened with her husband after all the changes? She was able to talk about everything and how she was sorry for what had happened. He saw her and understood why things happened the way they did, which is where forgiveness came in. He forgave her before she knew how to forgive herself. Always keep in mind that secrets cause blockages from what we want in life within ourselves just like shame. What is it that she sees about people? Things come to her intuitively. She picks things on the surface and only goes deeper when she has permission from a person. Paying attention to what your higher self is saying is crucial. The higher self whispers the things you should be doing as compared to the ego which punches. Start doing it consciously by being tuned in and know exactly what you want. What is the best advice she’s ever been given? Always remember that it’s your spiritual being having a human experience. Remember to put your mind, body, spirit, and soul together- stop forgetting the soul. Relevant Links: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sakred_soul/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FeliciaHindsPatrick/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/sakred_soul life coach nyc


5 Mar 2020