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The Woman who Disrupted a Billion Dollar Industry: Seema Bansal, the Co-Founder of Venus ET Fleur

Woman Inc.

My guest this week is, Seema Bansal, the Co-Founder of Venus ET Fleur, a bespoke rose atelier with a mission to transform the online floral industry. You may know them as the gorgeous boxes filled with real roses that last an entire year and beloved by clients, tastemakers, and celebrities. In 2018, Seema and her Co-Founder (who also happens to be her husband) were named one of Forbes 30 Under 30 honorees. She has also served as keynote speaker for the 2018 SheRunsIt GenNext Awards, and most recently, received an exclusive invite to be a part of Marie Claire’s annual Power Trip Summit. In this episode, Seema and I chat about the early days of starting her company with her new boyfriend at the time, and how every major step in their entrepreneurial journey unfolded along the way. Seema shares how she stays grounded and in her power in the midst of running a rapidly growing company. I hope you love this episode as much as I loved recording it! You can find Seema on instagram @seemabansalchadha and @venusetfleur. As always, meet us in the comments section on Instagram @womanincpodcast to let us know your favorite part and to show Seema some love. Now, let’s get over to my conversation with Seema.


24 Apr 2021

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Seema Bansal on Surviving the Kardashian Bump, and Styling Products on Instagram

In Conversation with Shopify Plus

Seema Bansal, co-founder of Venus ET Fleur, discusses the dos and don'ts of styling products on Instagram, setting the right boundaires when working with your spouse, and what happens to a small business when a Kardashian posts about it on social media."Never in a million years did I think that Kourtney Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian would share a post of Venus ET Fleur," she says. "But what we didn't think of was the supply chain. Can we actually fulfill these orders?"Brought to you by Shopify Plus, the enterprise platform powering brands from Allbirds and Gymshark to Staples and Heinz. Join the revolution at shopify.com/plus.


5 Jan 2021

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How a Bad Valentine's Day Sparked a Multi-Million Dollar Business Idea with Seema Bansal, Co-Founder of Venus ET Fleur

Behind Her Empire

Seema Bansal is the co-founder of Venus ET Fleur, the company behind Eternity Roses, which are real roses that stay fresh for a full year, an invention that has permanently transformed the billion-dollar floral industry. Seema never set out to start a company in the floral business. In 2015, Seema was in a long-distance relationship with her now husband and business partner, Sunny. He sent her flowers on Valentine's Day and they looked horrible despite the large price tag he paid. This sparked their idea of creating a better experience and luxury flowers that actually looked great for a longer period of time. As their relationship began to bloom, so did their idea of transforming the online floral industry and that’s when their business was born.  At the time, both Seema and Sunny were working for their family businesses and decided to leave to embark on a new journey together despite having no experience in the floral industry. Good thing they did, very early into their launch - their signature Eternity Roses became Instagram's most coveted bouquet after the Kardashians posted about the brand in 2016. Their multi-million dollar business has developed a loyal customer base which includes celebrities like Priyanka Chopra, Oprah, Drake, Cardi B, and many more. We’ll chat with Seema about the skills she learned in her family plumbing business that have helped her as an entrepreneur, how social media was a game-changer when launching their brand, and the importance of prioritizing your mental health when being a leader of a high growth business. In this episode, we'll talk to Seema about: * Seema discusses her upbringing with Indian parents who immigrated to Canada to create a new life for themselves [3:14]* Seema shares her involvement in the family business from a young age & how it has impacted her business acumen today [7:34]* Why Seema decided to chart her own path and start Venus Et Fleur with her then boyfriend, now husband and co-founder, Sunny [12:56]* Seema talks about the early days of the business and why she decided to leave the family business to chart her own path [16:47]* How the company transitioned from a classic flower delivery service to shipping luxury flowers that lasted for a year [18:36]* As the key driver for all brand and marketing, Seema shares the challenges she faced early in the business when trying to gain awareness and traction with the messaging [23:58]* How influencer marketing and a shout out from the Kardashians completely changed the trajectory of the business [25:41]* Seema shares tips on how to think about business partnerships & opens up about what it’s like to work with her husband [33:21]* How COVID impacted the business and the changes they made to support the new environment we’re in [37:05]* Seema shares tips on how she stays inspired both in life and business [41:25]* How Seema handles burnout and shifts she’s made in her life as a leader to help create more balance [45:07]Follow Seema:* Personal Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/seemabansalchadha/ * Company Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/VENUSETFLEUR/ * Venus Et Fleur Website: https://www.venusetfleur.com* Chiji Website: https://homeofchiji.com/Follow Yasmin:* Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yasminknouri/* Stay updated & subscribe to our newsletter: https://www.behindherempire.com/ See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


4 Jan 2021

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Get Your Business Blooming with Seema Bansal

SUCCESS Stories with Madison Pieper

The SUCCESS Stories podcast takes you behind the scenes with the most successful authors, speakers, athletes, entrepreneurs, and other high achievers. You hear first-hand about their personal journey to the top. In this episode, you will hear from entrepreneur, Seema Bansal. She is the co-founder of the international floral business, Venus ET Fleur. Seema shares her story about starting a business from the ground-up with an unlikely partner that turned into a successful business and marriage. Learn more about Seema's journey at www.success.com. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


15 Sep 2020

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Innovating The Floral Industry With Venus Et Fleur's Co-Founder, Seema Bansal Chadha

I Suck At Life

Venus Et Fleur's signature Eternity Roses became Instagram's most coveted bouquet after the Kardashians posted about the brand in 2016. Since then Venus Et Fleur has become the industry leader in long-lasting luxury roses and florals. Co-Founder Seema Bansal Chadha joins Yola to share how her bad Valentine's Day bouquet experience turned into a multi-million dollar business even though she and her husband had no experience in the floral space. The Forbes 30 under 30 alum also speaks on how she is staying inspired as an entrepreneur and an individual during the quarantine plus how Venus Et Fleur is continuing to innovate and grow during the pandemic. Seema's Recommendations: Book:  The Alchemist  Meditation: 21 Day Deepak Chopra Challenge App: Calm Productivity: Asana    Connect with Yola: @yolarobert Find the pod: @isuckatlifepodcast  Produced by Dear Media


28 May 2020

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Seema Bansal & Sunny Chadha

XOXO by The Knot

Seema Bansal and Sunny Chadha married on December 28, 2018 in Miami, Florida. Four years earlier the duo was introduced to one another by mutual friends while Seema was on a trip to New York City. After immediately hitting it off, Seema headed home to Vancouver and the two continued to stay in touch despite the thousands of miles between them. A few months after long-distance dating, Seema moved to New York City to be with Sunny. As their love began to bloom, so did their idea for a groundbreaking business: Venus ET Fleur®, the company behind the popular Eternity Roses that last up to one full year. Their business and their cultural heritages played a large role in creating a memorable wedding weekend. On the episode today, Seema and Sunny walk us through their multi-day Indian wedding festivities and how they incorporated details that reflected who they were as a couple and what they value. In discussing their journey as co-founders, describing their vibrant wedding celebrations and sharing about their first six months of marriage, this powerhouse couple highlights the importance of teamwork and togetherness in building a love that lasts. This is their story.(Photo courtesy of Blink Photography) See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


5 Jun 2019

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Seema Bansal and Sunny Chadha, Co-Founders of Venus ET Fleur

Beauty Bosses

Seema Bansal and Sunny Chadha are partners in life and business, and that is not entirely coincidental. A disappointing Valentine’s Day bouquet prompted them to jointly find a better answer to a question many have asked but very few have decently answered: how can you make those beautiful flowers last? In this episode of Beauty Bosses, Dr. Lara Devgan speaks with Seema and Sunny about bootstrapping their business, working together as a couple, and the boost their business got after being flagged by the Kardashians.

17 Sep 2018

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Wie man ohne zusätzliche Mittel ein marodes Bildungssystem verbessert | Seema Bansal

TEDTalks Bildung

Seema Bansal hat mit einem ehrgeizigen Ziel eine bahnbrechende Methode für eine Reform des öffentlichen Bildungswesens für 15.000 Schulen in Haryana, Indien, angestoßen: Bis 2020 sollen 80 % der Kinder auf dem Wissensstand ihrer jeweiligen Klassenstufe stehen. Dieses Ziel soll ohne zusätzliche Mittel durch Reformen in allen Schulen erreicht werden. Der Erfolg von Bansal und ihrem Team gründet sich auf kreative, praxisorientierte Methoden wie den Kontakt mit Lehrern durch SMS-Gruppen-Chats. Dadurch haben sich Lernergebnisse und Einsatzbereitschaft in den Schulen Haryanas bereits deutlich gesteigert.


22 Jun 2016

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Comment réparer un système éducatif brisé... sans dépenser plus ? | Seema Bansal

TEDTalks Education

Seema Bansal a ouvert la voie à la réforme de l'école publique pour 15 000 écoles de l'Haryana, en Inde, en fixant un objectif ambitieux : d'ici 2020, 80% des enfants doivent être au niveau scolaire de leur catégorie d'âge. Elle tente de remplir cet objectif en recherchant des réformes qui fonctionneraient pour chaque école sans nécessité d'argent supplémentaire. Bansal et son équipe ont trouvé le succès grâce à des techniques créatives, directes, telles que communiquer avec les enseignants en utilisant des groupes de discussions par SMS, et ils ont déjà améliorer les chiffres de l'apprentissage et de l'engagement dans les écoles de l'Haryana.


22 Jun 2016

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추가 예산 없이 망가진 교육 시스템을 고치는 방법 | 시마 반살 (Seema Bansal)

TEDTalks 교육

시마 반살은 2020년까지 80퍼센트의 아이들이 학년 수준의 지식을 갖추어야 한다는 야심찬 목표를 세움으로써 인도 하리아나 주에 있는 1만 5천 곳의 학교가 나아갈 공교육 개혁의 길을 구축했습니다. 그녀는 추가적인 자원 없이도 모든 학교에 효과가 있는 개혁 방안을 찾음으로써 이 목표를 이루려고 합니다. 반살과 그녀의 팀은 휴대폰 문자 메시지 단체 채팅으로 교사들과 의사소통하는 것과 같은 창의적이고 쉬운 기술을 사용하여 성공을 보았으며, 이미 하리아나의 학교들에서 학습과 참여도의 수치를 향상시켰습니다.


22 Jun 2016