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Jerry Seinfeld visits SNY, Keith Hernandez revisits Seinfeld and the 2021 Mets

Shea Anything

Doug Williams and Keith Hernandez drop an all-new Shea Anything podcast presented by Verizon, a day after Jerry Seinfeld dropped by the SNY booth for a visit with Gary, Keith, and Ron. Doug and Keith look back at some of the highlights of the Mets game with Jerry, and Keith reveals his plans to binge watch Seinfeld on Netflix - even the episodes he wasn’t in! The guys also talk about the return of Noah Syndergaard, Thor’s potential future in New York, and the 2022 bounce back potential for Francisco Lindor, Jeff McNeil, and Dom Smith.


30 Sep 2021

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Episode 3: Jerry Seinfeld

The Q Interview

Over the course of his 45-year career, comedian Jerry Seinfeld accumulated hundreds of jokes written on scraps of paper. He’s now compiled those jokes into a new book called Is This Anything? The title refers to a common question comedians ask each other when trying out new material. He joined Tom Power to talk about the book, the longevity of his career and the stupidity of a "quick question."


3 Sep 2021

Similar People

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Jerry Seinfeld

Spike's Car Radio

Founding member, Jerry Seinfeld is back for a Saturday night recording in Baldwin Hills and many important questions are answered. Why is his car collection so big? Which potential car purchase is keeping him up at night? Will there be a Bee Movie 2, and what's the deal with all this Lego buzz?  Also Spike is in a car repair storm and Zuckerman is high on pain killers. Stay to the end for a huge SCR announcement!


1 Sep 2021

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Ryan Hamilton on his Netflix special, touring with Jerry Seinfeld, & how to write a joke (#10)

If I Was Starting Today

This episode features Ryan Hamilton, a standup comedian that's toured with Jerry Seinfeld, starred in his own Netflix's special and been on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallow and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.  Learn about his writing process and how we went from PR to comedian. Here are some highlights: What he learned touring with Jerry Seinfeld How he went from PR to being a full time standup comedian in NYC Ryan's process for writing a joke Advice he would give to any young comedian starting out Ryan's half-baked startup ideas he would start today RESOURCES: Ryan Hamilton Website Ryan Hamilton Instagram  Happy Face on Netflix Comedy Cellar Jim Huffman website Jim's Twitter GrowthHit The Growth Marketer's Playbook

1hr 5mins

10 May 2021

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Episode 29: The Two Genders: Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld

Gettin Head: A Bucketcast

Today we’re going through Pikes 85-87 (Walk in Loset, Our Selves, and Interstellar Slunk). We also discuss uncomfortable meme comments, the terrible 20s, Britain starts speaking like HP Lovecraft, Jim Caviezel is a Q-nut, Spense and Brit hit an enormous bong (13 years ago), hacking in media, master filmmaker Neil Breen, Phil Anselmo’s bands ranked, Rickenbacker’s bass capacitors and how they effect the sound, Nothing but Trouble is the unfunniest film, Dan Aykroyd’s alien documentary, Smash Mouth is the new euphemism for oral sex, the Gettin Head soundboard stays on during sex, Tom DeLounge Chair, Might as Well be Walking on the Son (of God, Jesus Christ), uncomfortable humor, Buckethands and their size, The Bad Plus, Space Mountain, write HELLYEAH or RIP VINNIE PAUL in The Golden Corral restroom, Florida’s Coral Castle, New Segment: Bucketjokes!, DTRM, Faggoth, and Britain’s new podcast: Bad Word of the Day. 

1hr 19mins

9 May 2021

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Six Million Dollar Man, Captain & Tenille, Beach Boys, Jerry Seinfeld and a bad vaccine song PSA

The Situation with Michael Brown

The show goes off the rails as Michael's computer system goes down in the studio - and hi-jinks, shenanigans, AND tomfoolery ensue. Michael compares himself to the Six Million Dollar man after receiving both rounds of the COVID-19 vaccine. Ryan compares Michael to germaphobe and notoriously anti-social people-avoider Jerry Seinfeld from a 2002 encounter on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Michael objects. A pandering, condescending, patronizing COVID vaccine theme song targeting African-Americans in a New York public service announcement prompts the guys to think of ideal candidates for a Caucasian persuasion vaccine song - like Captain & Tenille and The Beach Boys.


31 Mar 2021

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Jerry Seinfeld

Spike's Car Radio

After more than a year, Jerry returns to California, opens up his hanger and discusses his future car plans and the new 992 GT3.


31 Mar 2021

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Stand-Up Saturday: CrossFit Games Drama, Cancel Culture, Dad's Collectibles + More! feat. Dave Chappelle & Jerry Seinfeld

No Days Off

Music by: AJR - "I'm Not Famous" Stand-up bits cited in-episode; featuring Dave Chappelle & Jerry Seinfeld 


13 Mar 2021

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Jerry Seinfeld

Comedy Gold Minds with Kevin Hart

Kevin talks with comedy legend Jerry Seinfeld about Kevin’s appearance on “Comedians in Cars”, their shared love of Bernie Mac and Jerry’s new unannounced project. Like Comedy Gold Minds? SiriusXM subscribers get it a day early, plus Kevin Hart’s Laugh Out Loud Radio, his 24/7 comedy channel, with great talk shows and stand-up. Learn more / check it out for 3 months at siriusxm.com/comedygoldminds.


27 Jan 2021

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#485: Jerry Seinfeld — A Comedy Legend’s Systems, Routines, and Methods for Success

Signal From The Noise: By Podcast Notes

Tim Ferriss Show: Read the notes at at podcastnotes.org. Don't forget to subscribe for free to our newsletter, the top 10 ideas of the week, every Monday---------Jerry Seinfeld — A Comedy Legend’s Systems, Routines, and Methods for Success | Brought to you by Wealthfront automated investing, Oura smart ring wearable for personalized sleep and health insights, and Rokform rugged cases for iPhone and Galaxy. More on all three below.Entertainment icon Jerry Seinfeld’s (@jerryseinfeld) comedy career took off after his first appearance on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson in 1981. Eight years later, he teamed up with fellow comedian Larry David to create what was to become the most successful comedy series in the history of television: Seinfeld. The show ran on NBC for nine seasons, winning numerous Emmy, Golden Globe, and People’s Choice awards, and was named the greatest television show of all time in 2009 by TV Guide and in 2012 was identified as the best sitcom ever in a 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair poll.Seinfeld made his Netflix debut with the original stand-up special Jerry Before Seinfeld along with his Emmy-nominated and critically acclaimed web series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, which has garnered over 100 million views, and which the New York Times describes as “impressively complex and artful” and Variety calls “a game-changer.” His latest stand-up special, 23 Hours to Kill, was released by Netflix earlier this year.He is also the author of Is This Anything? which features his best work across five decades in comedy.Please enjoy!This episode is brought to you by Oura! Oura is the company behind the smart ring that delivers personalized sleep and health insights to help you optimize just about everything. I’ve been using it religiously for at least six months, and I was introduced to it by Dr. Peter Attia. It is the only wearable that I wear on a daily basis.With advanced sensors, Oura packs state-of-the-art heart rate, heart-rate variability, temperature, activity, and sleep monitoring technology into a convenient, non-invasive ring. It weighs less than 6 grams and focuses on three key insights—sleep, readiness, and activity.Try it for yourself. The Oura Ring comes in two styles and three colors: Silver, Black, and Matte Black. For $299, you can give or get the gift of health by visiting OuraRing.com.*This episode is also brought to you by Rokform! Rokform is the active lifestyle iPhone and Galaxy protective case company. Their protection is beyond great, with thousands of 5-star reviews and customer testimonials—or “Survival Stories” as Rokform calls them—that include a drop from the upper deck of a baseball stadium and a 75-foot cellphone tower fall.Rokform’s rugged cases have been called the Swiss Army Knives of phone cases due to a versatile design that allows you to use your iPhone or Galaxy phone in ways you never thought possible. Each case is built around an integrated magnet that is completely safe for your phone. The magnet allows you to instantly attach your device to any magnetic surface—toolboxes, file cabinets, refrigerators, golf carts, you name it. The Tim Ferriss Show listeners—that’s you!—get 25% off at Rokform.com when you use promo code TIM.*This episode is also brought to you by Wealthfront! Wealthfront pioneered the automated investing movement, sometimes referred to as ‘robo-advising,’ and they currently oversee $20 billion of assets for their clients. It takes about three minutes to sign up, and then Wealthfront will build you a globally diversified portfolio of ETFs based on your risk appetite and manage it for you at an incredibly low cost. Smart investing should not feel like a rollercoaster ride. Let the professionals do the work for you. Go to Wealthfront.com/Tim and open a Wealthfront account today, and you’ll get your first $5,000 managed for free, for life. Wealthfront will automate your investments for the long term. Get started today at Wealthfront.com/Tim.***If you enjoy the podcast, would you please consider leaving a short review on Apple Podcasts/iTunes? It takes less than 60 seconds, and it really makes a difference in helping to convince hard-to-get guests. I also love reading the reviews!For show notes and past guests, please visit tim.blog/podcast.Sign up for Tim’s email newsletter (“5-Bullet Friday”) at tim.blog/friday.For transcripts of episodes, go to tim.blog/transcripts.Discover Tim’s books: tim.blog/books.Follow Tim:Twitter: twitter.com/tferriss Instagram: instagram.com/timferrissFacebook: facebook.com/timferriss YouTube: youtube.com/timferriss

9 Dec 2020