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Single, Flying High and Free...Solo Travel for the Soul with Tiara Renee Smith

Consider the Lilies

Tiara Smith talks about the journey of self-discovery, her pursuit of peace and the alignment with God that she has been so fortunate to experience in 2020. According to Smith,  the process has been rewarding and painful. She shares her self care practices and details some of the life changing encounters she's had with God on foreign land. If you ever been feeling 'stuck ' as a single person, this episode is for you! Smith is a master stylist and hair guru in Nashville Tennessee who is currently expanding her brand and making her mark in the beauty and wellness industry. Her best friend and business partner, the beautiful Linda Fisher,  are reminding women and men every day to remember what they loved about themselves in their health and wellness initiative called My Keto Best Friend. The pair have lost weight together through the ketogenic diet,, intermittent fasting and support from the network of trainers and resources they've assembled. The program is growing by leaps and bounds and clients are seeing real results. Follow My KetoBestFriend on Instagram. Always consult your doctor before embarking on a new diet and exercise regimen. Follow Tiara Smith on Instagram at ThestylistQueen and if your interested in safe exciting travel excursions outside the US, contact MovingMelanin.Follow our new Instagram page at ConsiderTheLiliesPodcast for chance to win a $100 gift card to Massage Envy!! See rules there before applying. US residents from any state can enter.Not sponsored by Massage Envy. One winner chosen on December 25th. Not ready to fly? Here's a link to some top destinations in driving distance from Tennessee and North Carolina. I live in the Triangle (Raleigh-Durham) area. It's an 8 hour drive from Nashville. Charlotte, NC is a 3 hour drive from me. Also, don't sleep on Richmond (2 hours) and our Carolina Beaches. Try your local parks and lakes and don't forget Botanical Gardens for a local getaway. Plan a day trip to a small town you've never been to. Grab some local foods, sit in the car and listen to your favorite podcast or sermon..  Check hotel rates now. They've been pretty low and they are still generous with cancelation policies. You might need a quick stay-cation. Wherever you reside, Google 'road trips within 1 hour outside ____________(your city). ' You will be surprised at the gems that aren't so far from your home. Get out of the house. Get on the road, especially during this beautiful fall season. It'll do you some good. Realign with God and listen for that still,  small voice. Meditate on Luke 12:27 and give all your concerns to God. His yoke is easy and His burden is light. Thank you to all our listeners and be blessed!Pastor Shaun 

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29 Nov 2020

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S4 E02: Campus Chat with Renee Smith

Two Profs in a Pod

Because they miss seeing colleagues on campus, Tenisha and Beth vary their regular episode format to engage in campus chats. In this episode, they visit with Renee Smith, Library Faculty at GCC. Show notes: https://twoprofsinapod.blogspot.com/2020/11/campus-chat-with-renee-smith.html


9 Nov 2020

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TNT ESQ: Episode 49 with Renee Smith - THERE'S WORK IN THE HARD THINGS


Today we welcome Renee Smith, the Founder and CEO of A Human Workplace. Renée champions a more loving, human workplace where everyone is welcome to bring their whole, true selves to work. Here’s the thing gang, we each need to be able to bring our whole self in order to bring our very best to the toughest challenges. Renée brings a revolutionary and revelatory message that wins audiences around the world over to embrace love as a necessary and essential workplace practice. She engages with select leaders and teams each year to challenge, inspire, and guide them back to their full humanity as the ground for and orientation to meaningful change. Her simple yet elegant approach and breakthrough experiences have been called “uncommon and profound,” helping people discover and practice what it is to be human at work. Together we dive into shining a spotlight on love in the workplace, finding boldness to step into the hard things, choosing self-love first in order to give the best of ourselves, paying attention to our assignment(s) from the universe, and that LOVE is innate; it will naturally appear if we give it space. To connect with Renee Smith: Website: AHumanWorkplace.com LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/renee-smith-wa-state-lean


6 Sep 2020

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Inspire Her Podcast – Episode 22 with Renee Smith

Inspire Her

Renee Smith, owner of Subtle & Sass, is giving you the best tips on how to support small businesses during this time while also telling you how she has adapted during this time. You will love her inspiration behind this sweet boutique, her goals for her business and how she helps others with their fashion....


29 Apr 2020

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Episode 98 - Renee Smith, Founder and CEO of A Human Workplace

Value through Vulnerability (boosted by HumansFirst) and sponsored by Aequip

The weekly #HumansFirst open and inclusive calls can all be found here -> https://humansfirst.club/events Find the Aequip team at https://www.aequip.co.uk/ I really enjoyed this conversation with Renee Smith who opens our conversation with one of the most vulnerable personal stories of vulnerability shared on this podcast so far.  Renee really does role-model the change she wants to see in the world, bringing the importance of love to the workplace, however, people wish to name or adopt that.  We also discuss leadership, culture, vulnerability, courage and much more. Some key highlights include: -  “We want to contribute; we want to matter. We want to be cared about ourselves. Of course love belongs at work and when we are in a condition when we feel love, we give and do and be our very best” – 09.20 -  “You are a good investment. Invest in yourself. I was worthy of investing in” – 11.45 -  “We need to be creating an environment where you stop, and we turn and we face someone to truly listen to them,  and we look them in the eye and we turn away from our devices and our computer and we hear them.” – 36.10 -  “Tell me a story about a time when you felt afraid at work and tell me a story about a time when you felt loved or any version of that at work?” – 38.00  Renee can be found via the following means:  Email - renee@makeworkmorehuman.com  Website - https://www.makeworkmorehuman.com/ LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/renee-smith-wa-state-lean/ Bio: As the Founder and CEO of A Human Workplace, Renée champions a more loving, humane, and safe workplace where everyone is welcome to bring their whole selves to work. This is an effective workplace where individuals and teams can be and do and bring their very best to their toughest challenges. Under her leadership, A Human Workplace provides an expanding and unique set of cultural resources for leaders and teams including learning experiences, ready to use tools, gatherings, train the trainer, coaching, and consulting services to public and private organizations as well as to communities who want to make work more human and loving. Renee also conducts primary research, writes, and speaks on Making Work More Human, and personally hosts gatherings of A Human Workplace to help people (re)discover human values and practice what it means to be human at work. She actively collaborates with others around the world to grow global momentum to shift workplace cultures everywhere and to lift up a brilliant community of people each holding insights for a more human workplace. Email – garry@garryturner.life Vimeo - https://vimeo.com/414211396 LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/garryinterpersonalcatalyst/ Twitter - https://twitter.com/GarryIPCatalyst --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/valuevulnerability/message


8 Mar 2020

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How To Build Your Personal Branding With S. Renee Smith And Getting Out Of Status Quo Thinking With Christina Blacken

Take The Lead

In this day and age, almost everyone and everything that tries to make it big is nothing without branding. However, with so many platforms available, it can be a challenge to create one and put it out there. Host, Dr. Diane Hamilton, guests S. Renee Smith, advisor, coach, and strategic partner to senior leaders, to enlighten us about personal branding, strategic planning, and development. She shares with us key points on how to be likable, credible, and marketable—noting how branding starts with being authentic in who you are and the value you bring. The power of narratives is in how it influences people to get into a new kind of thinking. As a storyteller herself, Christina Blacken knows this to be true. Her storytelling platform, The New Quo, has been helping high growth leaders get out of the status quo thinking and into creativity and purpose. Christina discusses how leaders should go about cultural change and embody what they are preaching. She then shares doing various social causes and motivating young people to volunteer. Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share! Here’s How » Join the Take The Lead community today: DrDianeHamilton.com Dr. Diane Hamilton Facebook Dr. Diane Hamilton Twitter Dr. Diane Hamilton LinkedIn Dr. Diane Hamilton YouTube Dr. Diane Hamilton Instagram


16 Dec 2019

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Positive Thinking with Renee Smith

Unleashed with Eva Melton

Having trouble releasing a negative habit or negative thinking? Tune into this rich conversation between Eva Melton & Renee Smith on The Law of Positive Replacement. Find more information about Eva at www.EvaMelton.com #PositiveThinking 


9 Nov 2019

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GWBC Radio: T. Renee Smith with iSuccess and Juanda Magwood-Ware with Aflac

GWBC Radio

T. Renee Smith, Chief Executive Officer of iSuccess Consulting, Inc., helps small to mid-size businesses develop growth, branding, and marketing strategies required to effectively scale their business and compete for and win B2B, corporate, and government contracts. iSuccess Consulting, Inc. is proud to be in partnership with PPICW, Inc. and Delta Air Lines in developing […]The post GWBC Radio: T. Renee Smith with iSuccess and Juanda Magwood-Ware with Aflac appeared first on Business RadioX ®.

18 Oct 2019

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Dedication Through Design with Kat Martin and Renee Smith

The Perfect Day Podcast

Subtle and Sass Boutique Co-Founders Kat Martin and Renee Smith join me on the Perfect Day podcast to share about their unique shop, making women feel beautiful and valued via clothing with purpose! Through The Giving Rack, they also provide clothing to women in need to feed their passion for philanthropy. Along the way, this powerhouse duo shares how their friendship brings out the best in their business and how they've learned from struggles to victories. 


10 Sep 2019

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SHRM19 Special Edition - Wendy talks to S. Renee Smith

The HR Social Hour Half Hour Podcast

In this special SHRM19 episode Wendy is joined by SHRM19 speaker S. Renee Smith, speaker, author & coach. She will be talking about personal brand and we have a great conversation around some of what she will be sharing in her presentation and pre-conference workshop.S. Renee's mega session on Defining & Communicating your Personal Brand to Increase your Visibility, Credibility & Career Opportunities is Monday, 6/24 at 1:30 p.m. The pre-conference workshop will help you develop your personal brand to make that leap to the executive level. There is an extra fee for this 15 credit session, which has sessions on June 22-24. Connect with S. Renee via her website https://srenee.com/ or via email at srenee@srenee.com


13 Jun 2019