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Learn Spiritual Strategies to Empower Your Life...Here and in the Hereafter with Dannion Brinkley, Part 2

Spirituality for the Politically Incorrect

Join us for Part 2 with Best-Selling Author, Dannion Brinkley as he shares spiritual strategies for empowering your life.  His detailed experiences his near-death experiences are sure to help you better understand what is waiting for you when you transition from earth to the heavenly realms.  Shed any fear of death you may have and release any grief over the passing of loved ones.  Be sure to listen to Part 1 if you have not yet heard it. Listen and subscribe on Apple Podcasts.  Go to https://www.nancyshowalter.com/for a FREE Copy of My Book, It's OK to Be Rich:  The Entrepreneur's Guide to Increased Wealth and Personal Mastery and FREE Mini-Course, "How to Speak Your Success:  The Shocking Truth of How Your Words Impact Achieving Your Goals." COMING SOON!  Pre-Launch of my upcoming book, The Great Awakening:  I AM Teachings for Soul Liberation and Spiritual Mastery.


3 Oct 2021

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Saved by the Light with Best-Selling Author Dannion Brinkley, Part 1

Spirituality for the Politically Incorrect

Don't miss this first of two special episodes with our dear friend and best-selling author, Dannion Brinkley.  Dannion has had a total of 4 near-death experiences, 3 of which he has shared in his books, Saved by the Light, Peace in the Light, Secrets of the Light, and The Secrets of the Light: Spiritual Strategies to Empower Your Life...Here and in the Hereafter. In these two episodes, Dannion shares details from his experiences in the heavenly realms with spiritual beings.  His experiences are remarkable and his sharing is guaranteed to keep you wanting more.   With all that the world has experienced in these last 18 months, I believe that Dannion's sharing can be a great comfort to many who have lost loved ones, or anyone who may be experiencing fear or may be afraid of death.  Please feel free to share these interviews with family and friends as you feel so inclined.  Listen and subscribe on Apple Podcasts.  Go to https://www.nancyshowalter.com/for a FREE Copy of My Book, It's OK to Be Rich:  The Entrepreneur's Guide to Increased Wealth and Personal Mastery and FREE Mini-Course, "How to Speak Your Success:  The Shocking Truth of How Your Words Impact Achieving Your Goals." COMING SOON!  Pre-Launch of my upcoming book, The Great Awakening:  I AM Teachings for Soul Liberation and Spiritual Mastery.


26 Sep 2021

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Destiny: Dannion Brinkley, Saved by the Light

Earth Ancients

The Classic That Changed Our Perception of the AfterlifeIn 1975, Dannion Brinkley was struck and killed by lightning. When he awoke twenty-eight minutes later in a morgue, everything was different. He had visited the afterlife, met thirteen angels, and been given 117 revelations about the future. In the years since, one hundred of the revelations have already come true. In Saved by the Light, now available in trade paperback for the first time, Brinkley shares his incredible story, revealing the truth about the afterlife and providing guidance from beyond about how we should live today.About the AuthorDannion Brinkley is the author of the New York Times and international bestsellers Saved by the Light and At Peace in the Light. His books, tours, and lectures, with his wife, Kathryn, have transformed the consciousness of people across the world. Their nonprofit organization, The Twilight Brigade/Compassion in Action, trains volunteers to be at the bedside of our nation's veterans. It was nominated for the Heart of Hospice award in 2008. Dannion and Kathryn share their lives with six children between their homes in Nevada and South Carolina.

1hr 51mins

18 Aug 2021

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NLS 009: Life and Near Death Experiences (NDE) with Dannion Brinkley

Next Level Soul Podcast with Alex Ferrari

“Lightning never strikes the same place twice” is a common phrase of reassurance. But the odds of lightning striking the same place or person twice, in reality, is very likely. Be it years apart or not. And in the case of our guest, today life has struck him a couple of times harder than most.Dannion Brinkley's near-death experiences being struck by lightning first at just 25 years old, which subjected him to unendurable pain and endless surgeries that affected his brain, heart, nerve endings, and tissues, is still able to support others today and share his journey at 71 years old.This ordeal transformed his life. Dannion has been working as a hospice volunteer across the country for the last 40 plus years.In 1994, Dannion co-wrote and published his autobiographic record-breaking 25 weeks New York Times bestseller book, Saved by the Light: The True Story of a Man Who Died Twice and the Profound Revelations. He describes his purported near-death experience and the aftermath of being clinically dead for approximately twenty-eight minutes. He eventually told a tale of a dark tunnel, a crystal city, and a "cathedral of knowledge" where thirteen "angels" shared with him over a hundred revelations about the future, some of which he claims have come true.In our interview, Dannion talks about his unintentional out-of-body that had just been shot through with himself and watching his loved over 180,000 volts of electricity as he watched his loved ones and paramedics try to save him.You can also find his 2009 publication, co-written with Paul Perry, Secrets of The Light, Lesson from Heaven in the show notes below.In this one, Dannion offers an accessible spiritual guide for empowering your life based on his own experiences in the afterlife. A survivor of three near-death experiences, Brinkley presents us with profound “Lessons from Heaven”—the Seven Truths revealed to him in the afterlife—to help readers find their personal paths to happiness, enlightenment, health, and prosperity.This is a conversation about discovering one’s inner knowing.Please enjoy my conversation with Dannion Brinkley.

1hr 5mins

29 May 2021

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Nicole Marie interviews Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton and Dannion Brinkley Art Bell

News for the Soul Broadcasting

News for the Soul - Intuition, Empowerment, Inspiration & Beyond (646) 595 4274Welcome to the BTR Edition of NEWS FOR THE SOUL: Life Changing Talk Radio from the Uplifting to the Unexplained. NFTS was launched in January 1997 as a positive news newspaper in the Vancouver, B.C. area in January 1997 by journalist Nicole Whitney. Over the years, NFTS evolved into the NFTS RADIO NETWORK :::Find all of todays NFTS show listings here: http://www.newsforthesoul.com/shows-page/todays-shows

2hr 52mins

9 Oct 2020

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XZRS: Dannion Brinkley - Saved By The Light

The 'X' Zone Radio Show

Dannion Brinkley is an international best selling author. In 1994 Dannion's first book (with Paul Perry), Saved By The Light became an instant success. It was closely followed by his next best seller, At Peace In The Light, in 1996. He has recently written the third installment of his Light Trilogy drawing from his personal voyage and near-death encounters entitled, The Secrets Of The Light: Lessons From Heaven. This eloquent and highly inspirational book is an intuitively profound manual focused on spiritual strategies to empower life on both sides of the veil. Co-authored by Dannion's wife, Kathryn Brinkley, The Secrets Of The Light shares 7 powerful truths that will compel you to re-evaluate your current belief system in order to assist you in connecting to higher awareness. As a result, true understanding evolves into self-realization, and ultimately, spiritual enfoldment is accelerated. This holistic guidebook introduces the Four-Fold Path to Power, and shares the system that you may have not previously considered as a truly effective means to raise one's consciousness and its relationship with humankind. Inspiring and thought-provoking, The Secrets of the Light offers insights for practical application as well as a key to understanding the big picture. In his lectures and tours, Dannion imparts a paramount message designed to empower his listeners, teaching them step by step how to find purpose, power and greatness in their everyday lives. He has been praised as 'the best orator in the field' by many of his compeers on the lecture circuit. Dannion's speaking engagements lend a vibrancy and colorful approach to the world as we know it, and are highlighted with a savvy sense of humor and genuine style. The Secrets of the Light lecture series offer a candid, celebratory approach to the spiritual dynamic.


7 Oct 2020

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NEAR-DEATH 3x w/Dannion Brinkley

The Motivation Show

Dannion Brinkley had three of the most profound Near-Death Experiences ever recorded. Imagine dying 3x & coming back to life! Saved by The Light was on the NY Times best seller list for 26 weeks & made into a motion picture starring Eric Roberts as Dannion. Perhaps the greatest story teller of our time, Dannion is able to take death & instill great humor in the retelling of his remarkable story. Wait til you hear what The Beings of Light on "The Other Side" revealed to him & what he has come back to this realm to tell all of us about how to live Life...and how to handle Death!!! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

1hr 4mins

6 Oct 2020

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Life and Death: Beyond the Illusion with Dannion Brinkley

Awakening Code Radio

In this show our guest, author Dannion Brinkley, shines a light on humanity's greatest fear — death — and reminds us we never actually die. With 'Michelle and guest Co-Host Scott Ware of Radiance Magazine, Dannion reveals his four near-death experiences and shares what he learned each time he temporarily "crossed over", and how that shaped his life and his project "The Twilight Brigade" which brings more care and support to veterans in palliative and hospice care. He teaches us ways we can raise the vibration through compassion and kindness to those who defended our country.Helpful Links:Dannion’s website: http://thetwilightbrigade.comRadiance Magazine: https://radiancemagazine.org♫ Songs featured in this show:"Let's Go Crazy" — Prince"Knockin' on Heaven's Door" — Avril Lavigne"Here to Love" — Lenny Kravitz"Somewhere Over the Rainbow" — Iz Kamakawiwoʻole"Who Wants to Live Forever" — Gregorian (Masters of Chant: Chapter VI)"I'm Alive" — ELO / Electric Light Orchestra"Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel)" — Billy Joel

1hr 59mins

27 May 2020

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Episode 41: Near-Death Experiences Pt.1 - Dannion Brinkley

The Brothers Mysterium

During a thunderstorm in 1975 Dannion Brinkley was struck by a bolt of lighting that traveled through the phone line killing him…temporarily. His multiple near-death experiences (NDEs) have made Dannion a New York Times and International best selling author and now “The King of Death” shares his incredible experiences with the brothers as they explore first hand accounts of individuals who have come back from the dead. Music: https://www.purple-planet.com Music: https://www.bensound.com/royalty-free-music

4 May 2020

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Reddit Room 322 & Dannion Brinkley

Scary Mysteries

Check out our Patreon at https://www.patreon.com/scarymysteriesBuy awesome original shirts made by Scary Mysteries https://newdawnfilm.com/scary-mysteri...Subscribe for Weekly Videos here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiE8_________Twisted Twos:Room 322 and Dannion BrinkleyTales of hauntings, murder and scary mysteries. Every week Twisted Two's dives into a pair of uniquely terrifying stories that are worthy of a more in-depth look. For this week, we focus on the curious case of Room 322 at Hotel Zaza and the life of Dannion Brinkley, a man who got struck by lightning and mysteriously gained psychic powers. Get ready for Scary Mysteries, Twisted Two’s.Room 322 Reddit is a hub for the weird and unusual, so it’s not surprising to see it play host to a bunch of conspiracy theories. One of the most unusual and oldest conspiracies is about a particular room at Hotel Zaza, in Houston, Texas. A Redditor named “joelikesmusic” began the thread several years ago by posting a mysterious hotel room with unusual taste in décor. According to the user, room 322 was accidentally booked for his colleague who was then told it wasn’t meant to be booked for him at all. In fact, it shouldn’t have been listed in the first place. It’s not tough to see why because the room looks like it’s been decorated to look like a snuff-film location. Dannion BrinkleyIt was September 17, 1975 when 25-year old, Dannion Brinkley was talking to his best friend, Tom, back in his home at Aiken, South Carolina. A thunderstorm was brewing outside as Dannion was talking on the phone. From out of nowhere, lightning struck the phone line, sending 180,000 volts down the line, into Dannion Brinkley’s head and through his body. The lightning strike was so strong it threw the 25-year old across the room while leaving his shoes permanently welded to the floor. His next conscious thought was seeing his wife and his best friend, Tom, attempt to revive him. Clinically, Dannion was dead and he was experiencing a vivid near-death experience. He recalls that as a spirit, he was starting to travel down a tunnel and there were various forms coming from this misty blue light. He then felt as if everything he had done or seen before in his life surge inside of him. He became aware of all the people he encountered and what they felt.


4 Mar 2020