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30: Ninja Scroll w/ Abraham Marte

Hablando en Serie

Hoy hablamos con Abraham Marte acerca del legendario anime Ninja Scroll. Este anime recopila los mejores aspectos del mundo de Japanimation, y muchos aficionados se vuelven fan del anime gracias a este. Analizamos los mejores aspectos, exactamente qué lo convierte en un clásico y cuál fue su impacto en nosotros. Disponible en GuerraFilmsTV(YouTube) con video. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkVXmp0B8InEXYgQGvGhwFgMúsica de intro: Benjamin Tissot - Actionable from www.bensound.comMúsica de outro: Komiku - Intensive puzzle resolution from freemusicarchive.orgSuscríbanse al Podcast y coméntenlo con sus amigos. 


1 Apr 2021

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Ep 22- No seas pussy Ft Abraham Marte

Full Metal Yabra

En este episodio nos acompaña Abraham Marte, campeón mundial de brazilian jiu jitsu, para hablar de la gente pussy . Abraham les hace saber a Humberto y Yabra que ellos no saben nada de la vida y que nada en esta vida es overrated, ni siquiera este podcast.


12 Sep 2020

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Ep 24- ¿Quién gana a la trompá, Danilo o Leonel? Ft Abraham Marte.

Los Jorg

Jorg, el pleito de Danilo y Leonel tiene décadas y ha sido intenso politica y psicológicamente, pero ¿qué pasaría si se entran a trompa? ¿Quien ganaría ese pleito? Bueno, LosJorg decidimos invitar a un experto en artes marciales, campeón múltiples veces de Jiujitsu, Abraham Marte, para analizar el asunto y que no seamos nosotros quién decidamos esto.Elegimos diferentes variables y factores e hicimos de este ejercicio de imaginación, casi una realidad ciéntifcia.¿Y ustedes quién cree que gana ese pleito ?

1hr 9mins

10 Aug 2020

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Find Humility in Learning and Never Stop with BJJ World Champion Abraham Marte

Dad Time

In Episode 4, we had a chance to sit down with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Hero and World Champion, Abraham Marte, who also is a husband, dad of two girls, and real life sensei. We covered everything including:Stoicism as a philosophyJiu-jitsu and online teaching during COVID-19Do we really change after global crisis?Media, metrics, and focusing on what is importantWhere is Wuhan, China anyway?Podcast Recommendation: The London RealBecoming Mr. Miyagi and not a Cobra Cai Why teaching self-defense is as important as swimmingWhy COVID-19 is an opportunity and teaching lesson to get away from materialismThe nostalgia of "old school" teaching through tough loveGaining humility through learning and never stoppingMaking a good Moscow MuleApplying martial arts  to parentingPrinciple he wants to instill in his girlsLegacy with his kidsBook Recommendation - The obstacle is the way - Ryan HolidayAbraham Marte Jiu-Jitsu  (Source: BJJ Heroes) Nickname: He is often called “Loco” which means crazy in Spanish. The name started due to Abraham’s obsession for Jiu-Jitsu.Lineage: Mitsuyo Maeda > Carlos Gracie > Helio Gracie > Rickson Gracie > Marcelo Behring > Fernando Yamasaki > Abraham Tabar > Abraham Marte MessinaMain Achievements:1st Place IBJJF World Masters Championship (2014**)1st Place IBJJF Pan American Championship No-Gi (2015)3rd Place IBJJF World Championship (2015 / 2013)3rd Place CBJJ Brazilian Nationals (2013)About Abraham:Abraham Marte was born on June 27, 1980, in San Domingo, DR. Marte’s father was a former sports minister and through his father’s connections with the sporting world, he started practicing Judo as a youngster. He had his first class in 2001, when Abraham found out about this academy that was teaching Jiu-Jitsu taught by Abraham Tabar, a Judo black belt who loved newaza (the groundwork aspect of Judo) and would often travel to the United States to learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu from people such as Romero Cavalcanti (and later Royce Gracie and Fernando Yamasaki).Though Abraham Marte enjoyed Jiu-Jitsu thoroughly he had to stop training in 2002 due to a serious injury to his back. At the time Abraham was employed as a DJ, working nights and leading a life of excess but with time and dedication, he left his former life behind in order to recover and come back to BJJ, which he did in 2006.Being a natural athlete at Jiu-Jitsu he decided to start competing for fun. His first big competition was taken when he was a blue belt in Puerto Rico, even though he could only train 4x per week. Abraham Marte’s passion for Jiu Jitsu overflowed to his wife who also became a BJJ enthusiast and competitor.

2hr 47mins

5 May 2020

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Season 03 - Episode 22 - Abraham Marte

Great Northeast BJJ Podcast

S3Ep22Host: Jorge LawWe’re back in the barn with Pan No-Gi and World Masters Champion Abraham Marte. We talk about his young life in the Dominican Republic, making a connection, and putting Jiu-Jitsu first. There may or may not have also been a surprising amount of singing on this episode.

2hr 48mins

5 Jan 2019

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Episode 24 - Abraham Marte

The Liberation Mentor Podcast

Masters World Champ Abraham Marte likes to call it how he sees it. Abraham discusses how injury derailed his competitive goals and forced him to learn some deep lessons about life. He also describes his displeasure with the thug-like and arrogant nature of some of the upcoming generation of BJJ fighters. Check out Abraham's academy website.


26 Dec 2017

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Verbal Tap with Adam Woods & Abraham Marte

Verbal Tap MMA Comedy Podcast

The show starts with some Ultimate Mat Warrior. Adam Woods comes back to learn the results of Over/Under Kevin UFC 215. Finally. Abraham Marte calls the guys while road tripping in California. Check out the podcast, too much fun.

1hr 32mins

11 Sep 2017

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Episode 15: Abraham Marte and Amir Allam

Top Turtle MMA

Well, if you haven't heard the news about UFC 200 and Conor McGregor, you've been living under a rock. Luckily, if that is you, Dave breaks it down for you and let's you know what's up. Plus, we have interviews with two of the biggest men in all of the Eddie Bravo Invitational and all the UFC 197 breakdown you could possibly want.

1hr 17mins

21 Apr 2016

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Verbal Tap with Abraham Marte & Chris Martin

Verbal Tap MMA Comedy Podcast

The guys open up the show about the "McGregor Post" they put up, followed by EBI, Copa Podio and Flo Grappling, AJ fighting Ben, Condit, Wideman, and everything else. Then, Abraham Marte stops by with his good friend Chris Martin to talk to us about: http://www.bjj4change.org/. Ever wanted to train bjj with the best on a beach? Listen in!

2hr 13mins

13 Jan 2016

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Epi 116 Fighting For A Dream With Abraham Marte

BjjBrick Podcast- BJJ, no-gi and good times!

The BjjBrick Podcast is in iTunes, Stitcher radio, and RSS link for Andriod This week we bring you a interview with Abraham Marte. Abraham is a black belt in the ultra heavyweight division from the Dominican Republic that has managed to medal at worlds at every belt level.  He is now on a mission to help the kids in his community and become the best in the world. Abraham Marte (picture from Preston Smith)We talk about: His competition history Competing only a few times a year His strength training Training with smaller and less skilled partners Changing your environment to make your training better BJJ4Change Fighting for a Dream Helping kids with BJJ How BJJ has changed over the years Jiu-Jitsu tour Links: Abraham Marte's Facebook Page BJJ 4 Change Fighting for a Dream Quote of the week: "There is a difference between a fighter and a martial artist. A fighter is training for a purpose: He has a fight. I'm a martial artist. I don't train for a fight. I train for myself. I'm training all the time. My goal is perfection. But I will never reach perfection." Georges St-Pierre Article of the week: Tips for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Beginners from Startjiujitsu.com Catch us next week for another episode of The BjjBrick Podcast

1hr 29mins

4 Jan 2016