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E341 - Nicole Holland - How to launch a podcast that convert

Hacks & Hobbies

In this episode, we get to speak with Nicole Holland. The Founder of Interviews that Converts. She helps innovative companies amplify their reach, reputation and revenue through podcasts. She initiates in creating and executing a custom designed strategy and facilitates making high-level relationships you need with hard-to-reach prospects through Podcasts, so a company can flourish and make the biggest impact with the least pull on resources, in the fastest time possible. She was a podcast host on The Nicole Holland show. She speaks with successful entrepreneurs and business owners across a wide range of niches about what it really took for them to reach "Rockstar" status, as well as conduct Masterclass Interviews and Resource Sharing episodes to help online business owners up their game and profitability. She’s super good at her chosen profession. A very intelligent and intuitive consultant. Let’s find out how she was able to get from where she is today! Our Guest Nicole Holland LinkedIn : linkedin.com/in/nicoleholland Twitter : niczthename Website : TheNicoleHolland.com  (Personal Website) Hacks to Take Away The most important thing in my eyes is to see people taking action on building their dreams and making their goals a reality. Oftentimes we're comparing ourselves against an unrealistic idea. And this is not helpful for anyone. Sometimes we forget that we are human, and there's only so much we can do. And we also need to prioritize all the things that we could be doing. Being able to create money from the comfort of my home, regardless of any circumstances, was more important than the discomfort of my fears of overcoming and stepping through my fears. I understand the value of coaching, I understand the value of investing. If your goals are more important than your circumstances, you'll figure it out. Like marketing is all about creating connections. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/hacksandhobbies/message


8 Oct 2020

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How To Stop Being The Best Kept Secret In Your Industry with Nicole Holland

The Nicole Holland Show

See show notes for this episode at https://interviewsthatconvert.com/stop-being-best-kept-secret-industry-nicole-holland 


27 Jul 2020

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052 Legit Podcasting Tips For Established Coaches and Course Creators with Nicole Holland

The Anthony John Amyx Podcast

Today, I’m bringing on one of my clients to share some of her legit podcasting tips for established coaches and course creators. So, if you have a podcast or maybe you’ve thought about starting one, I’m telling you this episode is full of some precious strategies to help you generate more leads themselves with podcasts. Today’s guest is a highly sought after marketing strategist. A consultant who specializes in helping businesses and brands strategically leverage podcasts skills. Her name is Nicole Holland. They featured Nicole on multiple publications such as Forbes, the Huffington Post, and Entrepreneur.com where they recognized her as one of the 48 best podcasts for entrepreneurs alongside international powerhouses including Oprah Winfrey, Guy Raz, and Neil Tyson Degrasse. What You’ll Hear In This Episode What made Nicole go from a correctional officer to podcasting? Is podcasting still relevant in today’s marketplace? Why does Nicole think podcasting is important for coaches and course creators to add to their marketing mix? How to make your podcast stand out in a crowded market as discussed by Nicole How can a coaching business use a podcast to generate and book sales calls? 4 Types of Podcast Interview-based show Solo show Bater show Hybrid show What is the best way to build an engagement with your audience? What Nicole thought about running Facebook ads to podcast episodes? What are the biggest mistakes Nicole sees in people who are making in podcasting? Why does Nicole think if you don’t have a podcast yet, then you are losing out on market share? As a podcast guest, why is it important to listen to your episode/s as proposed by Nicole? What are the key insights and key distinctions to being a good host? Why would anyone want to do a 5 or 15-minutes collaboration podcast as Nicole explained What wisdom would Nicole give her younger self that would help her collapse time and get results faster? If somebody will follow Nicole’s advice, what would be the possibilities that will open for them? Links Mentioned In This Episode http://interviewsthatconvert.com http://instagram.com/nicoleholland http://instgaram.com/ajamyx http://ajamyx.com/book


3 Jun 2020

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223 Nicole Holland - Mindset Over Everything

Podcast Junkies

06:00 – Harry welcomes to the podcast, Nicole Holland who shares how she is handling her personal and business life during the throes of this global pandemic 15:19 – Nicole’s podcast genesis story and how she honed her interviewing skills 34:15 – What Nicole learned from her experience working as a correction’s officer 46:04 – Nicole speaks to the many influential mentors she has had throughout her life 53:18 – Ongoing projects Nicole is working on with her clients 59:42 – What is something that Nicole has changed her mind about recently1:00:53 – What is the most misunderstood thing about Nicole1:02:12 – Harry thanks Nicole for joining the show and let’s listeners know where they can follow herTWEETABLES“Dealing with crisis it’s like autopilot for me. And so, I don’t really feel it until I sit down and go, ‘Ok, now that I’ve looked after everybody else, what do I need?’”“Mindset is way more important right now than tactics or strategy.”“You mentioned empathic and that’s just how I came out. And, I’m also just a problem-solver; I see gaps. I’m a strategist by nature.”“I learned [as a correction’s officer] to be able to just really be there in space – hold space with people. I learned how to not exacerbate situations but to deescalate situations naturally.”“Podcasting, and podcast guesting, is what I do, but they’re just vehicles. So, whether it’s podcasting, whether it’s podcast guesting, whether it’s social media, whether it’s blogging, whether it’s YouTube, whatever. These are just vehicles to achieve a goal.”THANK YOU SPONSORS!Register to Win Focusrite’s Podcast Studio MakeoverLINKS MENTIONEDFullCast WebsiteFocusrite WebsitePodcast Junkies Junkies Facebook GroupPodcast MovementPodfestNicole’s LinkedInNicole’s YouTube ChannelNicole’s Instagram – @thenicolehollandNicole’s Twitter – @niczthenameNicole’s FacebookNicole’s PodcastNicole’s Website This podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis: Chartable - https://chartable.com/privacy

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23 May 2020

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Changing State by Changing Space with Nicole Holland

Socially Powered Digital Marketing Show Podcast

In these uncertain times, it is important to think about our mental space & sometimes changing the physical space you are in can help you change your state of mind. In this episode we are joined by Nicole Holland, Online Business & Marketing Consultant, we will be discussing how we are all coping with the coronavirus situation in a time of fear, uncertainty & doubt. Also, how leaders need to lead & show-up for others. Plus, Nicole is offering training for free to get a podcast up & going immediately.  Full Show Notes: sociallypowered.com/003 SUBSCRIBE, RATE, & REVIEW: Podcasts Spotify Google Stitcher FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA @SociallyPowered Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Instagram See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


20 Mar 2020

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Nicole Holland, Powerhouse Podcaster, Bringing Listeners the Fire Inside You – Episode 88

How'd It Happen Podcast

Nicole Holland is a highly sought-after Media Strategist & Coach, specializing in Podcasts & Podcast Guesting. She held a coveted “New & Noteworthy” distinction from Apple Podcasts for over 2 years, was named in The Huffington Post as one of “5-Must-Follow Women Entrepreneurs”, and has been featured on popular podcasts and publications including Entrepreneur Magazine,… Continue reading ➞ Nicole Holland, Powerhouse Podcaster, Bringing Listeners the Fire Inside You – Episode 88 The post Nicole Holland, Powerhouse Podcaster, Bringing Listeners the Fire Inside You – Episode 88 first appeared on Mike Malatesta.

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11 Mar 2020

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#69: Nicole Holland: The Mindset to get on top level podcasts to expand your audience and attract tons of clients

Entrepreneur’s Inner Game Podcast

Nicole is a media strategist and coach who specialize in podcast hosting as well as podcast guesting. Originally a corrections officer, Nicole ventured into the world of podcasting just a few years ago with absolutely zero street cred. No one knew her. In just a few months of podcasting she made the Apple New and Noteworthy Podcast list and stayed there for over 2 years. She’s featured on popular podcasts and was listed as one of Entrepreneur’s top 48 podcasts. Listen in as she shares: A technique to grow your audience (and get clients) that few are using. Are you? Why podcasts are better than summits The podcasting mindset trap that keeps you stuck in your business How to connect to a network of influencers in a way that is second nature to you A mindset shift that will keep you from taking any kind of rejection personally The exact “come-from” that will make podcast hosts want you on their show Why getting on podcasts is NOT a numbers game and what you must do instead to be welcomed on a show Why it’s not a good idea to fake it till you make it as a podcast guest The telltale sign that you’re ready to be a podcast guest, and what to do if you’re not How top level leaders are just like you – this makes it easy for you to approach them When to (and not to) approach top level hosts to be on their show How to be sure others will see your value An effective (and fun) first step to ease into podcasting if you’re not completely ready The essential ‘Why’ that makes you appealing to influential podcast hosts You’ll be surprised to know the many things people do wrong when trying to get on a podcast. Find out what will get an instant rejection or even cause you to be completely ignored. Discover how to get the Yes instead: www.TheNicoleHolland.com/pitch. Smash Your Income Glass Ceiling To Attract More Clients And Money… without doing more marketing! Click here for Free Video Training Nina x


19 Dec 2019

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More Leads From Podcast Guesting with Nicole Holland | BBB 081

Brands On Brands | Personal Branding & Content Marketing

Nicole Holland is a business owner, coach, and a top-rated podcaster on her own self-titled show, where she dispenses vital business strategy tips to her listeners. After years of working on her own show and with other podcasters, she knows the right and wrong ways to leverage the PR potential of this growing medium. In this episode, Nicole breaks down how you can make the best case for yourself as a podcast guest, reveals her biggest pet peeve when it comes to spreading awareness of your brand, and explains why it’s okay to start small. The Finer Details of This Episode: How going on other people’s podcasts taught Nicole that being a guest is an incredibly effective method for building your brand. Some of the barriers you should prepare for if you aim to guest on other shows. Nicole gives us the lowdown on her upcoming ebook that will help readers tailor the best possible pitch for their podcasts. Figuring out what other hosts want so you know what kind of value you can provide by guesting. Why you need to stop “cold-pitching” podcasts to other hosts. The reason you should start off guesting on smaller shows than go for a big one on your first try. Nicole helps you figure out which of her programs is best for your goals. Her parting advice for what you should and should NOT do when looking to grow your podcast influence. Quotes: “When you wow and impress and do good by somebody, they are gonna hand-deliver you to other people who can help you too.” “Just because you want to be on a show, doesn’t mean it’s gonna be easy—but it can be done.” “Pay attention to how the host is already demonstrating that they want to receive a potential ‘great fit’ guest.” “Downloads are only one aspect.” “If we’re not getting you an ROI, I don’t want your money.” “If you aren’t getting the ‘yes’ from the host, then something’s wrong.” “Prove your process, prove your thesis, then come back and take the course.” Guest Links: Nicole’s homepage - https://thenicoleholland.com/ Enrol in Nicole’s FREE Get That Yes program - http://brandonbrands.com/nicoleholland Visit Brandon’s website at www.BrandsOnBrandsOnBrands.com Join the Brand Growth Community on Facebook at www.brandonbrands.com/community And please leave a rating and review on iTunes!


18 Nov 2019

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Nicole Holland - How To Get Yourself On Any Podcast (No Matter How Big)

Hustle & Flowchart - Digital Marketing and Web3

Joining us today is Nicole Holland who went from a former correctional officer to being named in the Huffington Post as one of “50 Must-Follow Women Entrepreneurs in 2017”. She has also been interviewed on countless trending podcasts and has a successful business where she helps podcasters improve their conversions, focus on their podcast guesting efforts and design irresistible lead magnets.  You’ll hear how Nicole first quit a job she knew was draining her even though she had no backup plan, then created a coaching and online presence over time, with no online skills but with a love for marketing and a knack for making the right connections. We also dive into Nicole’s no-fail, six-step system for “Interviews that Convert” as well as her tips to get past the gatekeepers and assure that your time spent as a guest on a podcast is well worth it.  After you’ve listened, be sure to check out our podcast with Tom Schwab on how to get yourself featured on high-quality podcasts and our podcast with Steve Olsher on how to earn $1,000 almost every time you’re featured on a podcast.  “As a podcast guest, you do very little work and you have an opportunity for amazing gains.” - Nicole Holland Some Topics We Discussed Include: How to get past the gatekeepers How to make sure your message resonates with the podcaster’s audience Tips to impress the podcasters you want to meet most How to get on big shows even if they seem out of reach How to get those listeners back on your website Nicole’s six crucial steps for guaranteed conversions Why being a guest is a no brainer Nicole’s breakdown of how we can get on the Joe Rogan show The real strategy of podcasts, and why it’s not selling anything How to resonate with your audience and lead them to the next touchpoint How buying a bonus to a program, led to an amazing opportunity Red flags to look out for when guesting on podcasts And much, much more! Contact Nicole Holland: TheNicoleHolland.com/hustle References and Links Mentioned: Are you ready to be EPIC with us?! Then grab our EGP Letter here where you’ll get not only all of the notes for everything episode we’ve done and will do in the mail, a private forum community, plus new training videos all the time with us and our guests. This episode is sponsored by Intercom, one of our favorite tools as we use a lot of conversational types of chats in our marketing, even for closing affiliate deals. There’s no room for idle chat in marketing, and Intercom is the only business messenger that starts with real-time chat and keeps growing your business with conversational thoughts. The more places you can interact with your customers, the better and with this tool, you can have a streamlined path to your products and sales. Giftology by John Ruhlin The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks Easy Webinar Steve Olsher Fascinating Founders podcast The Nicole Holland podcast  Wicked Reports How To Get Yourself Featured On High-Quality Podcasts – Tom Schwab How To Earn $1,000 Every Time You’re Featured Somewhere – Steve Olsher

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12 Nov 2019

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Tech Tips and Wisdom with Nicole Holland

Be Awesome

Are you a business leader? Entrepreneur? Emerging thought leader? Wanting to increase your efficiency and effectiveness while growing your business? Join the conversation as Nicole shares amazing tech tips and wisdom (and trust me - they WORK!)Nicole Holland helps businesses get the recognition they deserve using innovative, fun & profitable organic growth strategies. She has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, HuffPo, iTunes New & Noteworthy for 2 years running, & on 100+ podcasts.Nicole ​helps​ Emerging Thought Leaders connect deeply with their hard-to-reach prospects for opportunities & lead generation, through visibility & publicity strategies.HOW SHE DOES IT: She provides high-touch VIP experiences for clients around Visibility Consulting & Done-for-You Podcast Publicity services. Nicole works with Emerging Thought Leaders, such as:★ B2B SaaS Company Founders★ Coaches, Consultants★ Established Entrepreneurslinkedin.com/in/nicolehollandWebsite: shor.by/thenicolehollandlinkedin@interviewsthatconvert.comTwitter: niczthenamewww.mhnrnetwork.com


20 Sep 2019