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Whats a CRO - and how can your company benefit from having one with Darryl Praill 1

GerbyCasts with Phil Gerbyshak

What are the keys to sales and marketing success? Listening and communicating effectively, says Darryl Praill, Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) of @vanillasoft. He breaks it down for us all so we can be more effective in this high energy #GerbyCasts.


9 Sep 2021

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How To Fake It with Darryl Praill

Women Your Mother Warned You About

It's always a fun show when Darryl Praill is your guest. 2020 Top 10 SaaS Branding Expert, Top 19 B2B Marketer To Follow, Sales World Top 50 Keynote Speaker and Podcaster. He might just be someone you want to listen to. Between speaking French with Rachel and barking Shih Tzus barging in, Darryl brings a boatload wisdom. He talks about some of the new tools to really take control of every step of your sales methodology, the grind of quotas, the importance of workplace culture, why to be the world's biggest cynic and how to fake it. He also reveals his top most common bad habits of sales reps and how an effective sales engagement platform like VanillaSoft can make these issues a thing of the past. Find out more about VanillaSoft and Darryl Join our exclusive fan community, Warner World, for more Gina, Rachel and Women Your Mother Warned You About More about Gina Engagement Expert – Speaker – Sales Trainer – Entrepreneur – Improv Comic Gina is a Master Sales Trainer for Jeb Blount’s Sales Gravy who combines street smarts and improv comedy skills with her experience in the corporate and entrepreneurial worlds, which sets her apart from her competition. “Sass without too much crass” is how Gina Trimarco describes herself. A high energy entrepreneur, engager, speaker, trainer, improv comedienne and podcast producer, Gina credits most of her success on her upbringing by her Italian mobster dad and German immigrant mother. More about Rachel Rachel Pitts is a mom, Master Sales Trainer at Sales Gravy, and the creator of the UltraFitLifestyle. Her first love and career was in the field of dance. Her extensive career across stage, TV, and film carries on even today, as Rachel still enjoys teaching ballet at Litchfield Dance Arts Academy. She also uses her skills as a performer in her parody video series, calling herself The Singing Lender. Rachel’s love of the stage and fitness led her to begin training for and competing in NPC Bikini Fitness competitions in 2020. Working towards her Pro Card, this process has helped Rachel take the UltraFitLifestyle to the next level. And pick up her book, The Gift of Wreckage on Amazon More about Keith Walters As Managing Principal of Walters Dev Group, LLC, Keith currently assists companies via board and advisory roles. Keith has spent more than 30 years using a strong entrepreneurial focus to lead, advise and grow very successful businesses. His focus on operational excellence brings stability into organizations he leads and guides. Through a unique management system focused on company growth and strong culture development Keith helps build businesses that are true talent magnets. Women Your Mother Warned You About™ is now brought to you by Sales Gravy™ 


12 Aug 2021

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Ep. 30: An Outsiders Legacy with Darryl Praill

What Is Your Legacy?

A fantastic conversation with Darryl Praill, CRO at VanillaSoft.We talked about his intended legacy, values, professional vs. personal legacy, and many other great topics, stories, and experiences shared in this conversation.Join us in this incredible conversation next!I'm your host for What Is Your Legacy podcast, Galem Girmay.Thank you for taking the time to listen, and if you're enjoying this podcast, I'd love to see your rating and review on Apple.


1 Jun 2021

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#087: Darryl Praill - Leveraging Your Personal Brand Creates Awareness and Customers for the Company

Scale Your Sales Podcast

You are going to love this conversation! Heads Up - VanillaSoft is hiring! My next guest of Scale Your Sales Podcast is Darryl Praill - the CRO of VanillaSoft. He is a top 50 sales keynote speaker a 2020 top 10 branding expert, a social media influencer, and a category-leading podcaster and serial entrepreneur. He has raised almost a hundred million dollars in funding as has been an acquirer and acquired and gone public. Welcome to Scale Your Sales Podcast Darryl Praill 00:00 Leveraging Your Personal Band Creates Awareness and Customers for the Company  07:10 Darryl says The World Had Changed, Sales and Marketing Has Really Grayed Out  09:54 Marketing and Sales Start to Cross-pollinate  11:52 How Do You Get Notoriety and Visibility While Not Having a Lot Less Money?  15:58 Darryl says Ignore the Vanity Metrics, Your Reputation Will Establish Yourself.  18:30 Why the Onboarding Process Gets the Right Team that Reflects the Culture of the Company  23:04 The Whole George Floyd Thing in the States Has That Changed Behaviors? Maybe A Little! The Sales World Is Far More Aware Now Because Of Advocacy Groups like Women in Sales and That's Great.   26:38 Darryl says Be Exclusive, Be Diverse to Make the Company a Better Place.  33:52 End.   Go to https://outboundconference.com/ click on the VanillaSoft logo and see all the social content that the speakers are putting out - this is the insides view.   Connect with Darryl Praill on https://www.linkedin.com/in/darrylpraill/  or find all his content by putting his name on Google. Darryl has a great show on the Sales Experts Channel called DRIVE it is on Friday and you do not want to miss this. https://www.brighttalk.com/webcast/14877/458173 Janice B Gordon, the awarding-winning Customer Growth Expert and founder of Scale Your Sales, listed 25 of the Top 100 Global Business Influencer in 2017. Janice helps companies around the world adopt the Scale Your Sales framework to develop their leading-edge capabilities in securing, maintaining, and growing their most valued customer relationships for long-term value and partnership.   Book Janice to speak virtually at your next event https://Janicebgordon.com Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/Janice-b-gordon-customer-growth-expert Twitter: https://twitter.com/janicebgordon Scale Your Sales Podcast: http://scaleyoursales.libsyn.com More on the blog https://scaleyoursales.co.uk/blog Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/Janicebgordon Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/scaleyoursalesjbg 


30 May 2021

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Darryl Praill, CRO at VanillaSoft.com Discusses A CRO's Perspective: Creating Demand Engine Alignment with Sales and Marketing

Smart Chickens A B2B SaaS Demand Gen Drives Innovation & Growth Podcast

Darryl shares some of his must-do strategies to build better alignment between sales and marketing to create the revenue engine. He believes firmly in SLA, sales lead agreements to keep both teams focused on revenue and maintain transparency between marketing and sales goals.  We discuss marketing attribution to sales pipelines and what metrics are important to a CRO. Darryl shares some lessons learned on the people process of managing a revenue team and how to avoid misunderstanding and negative outcomes with your sales teams. He explains the criticalness of breaking down silos between marketing and sales, both in process, people and to build a culture of revenue team first, department or divisions second approach. We discuss some of the mar-tech that he deploys at VanillaSoft to rev up his demand-gen engine and how reverse engineering revenue goals to SQLs is key to putting a strategic demand gen plan for successful revenue attainment. As always, Darry doesn't hold back, he injects a bit of his humor but is all business about the practical and pragmatic approaches to build a world-class revenue team at VanillaSoft. He also gives us some of his favorite marketing/sales book recommendations such as Blue Ocean and some insights on what advice he would have given a younger Darryl Praill. 

1hr 2mins

6 May 2021

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Sales and Marketing Alignment with CRO Darryl Praill - 247

Catalyst Sale Podcast

In this episode, Mike talks with Darryl Praill, CRO VanillaSoft. They cover a myriad of topics ranging from Sales and Marketing Alignment to creating a culture where people feel comfortable with cross team collaboration. Key Takeaways: Misalignment comes when you think your view is the only way/view. Have an intentional perspective. Are you being intentional and trying to understand all perspectives. If you want the cheapest source of information that’s going to have the most profound impact on your success, identify 10 different customers you can talk to and ask them why they invested in your product/offering. When you ask existing customers you gain: An understanding of your prospect An understanding on how to engage your prospects The ability to utilize storytelling - the most powerful secret sauce. Do things because they will have a positive impact on the business in 3-6 months. No time like the present, do it. It’s hard to create a culture where people feel comfortable with cross team collaboration, you have to be intentional. Create actual teams. Bring issues to meetings for team troubleshooting. Create a community of people who support and invest in one another. Force each other to work together and learn from one another. Doing so, now gives you relationships in other departments. Give people time and space so they understand the desired outcome. Give yourself permission to fail and then give yourself permission to fix it. If you make the same mistake more than once, then you are in trouble.  You only learn from taking risks. Show Links:  Darryl on LinkedIn Darryl on Twitter Darryl’s handle on Clubhouse @ohpinion8ted Work With Catalyst Sale: Listen to our free resource (this podcast) and then put the action items into practice. Share your work with us via Twitter or hello@catalystsale.com Invest in a Catalyst Sale course - self directed. Find our courses here Hire us as a consultant/advisor within your team or organization  Thank You  Please send listener questions and feedback to hello@catalystsale.com or contact us directly on twitter, facebook or LinkedIn. This podcast is brought to you by Catalyst Sale - you can learn more about Catalyst Sale, and the products and services we provide via the following links. Growth Acceleration - Plateau Breakthrough Product Market Fit


5 May 2021

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127. 3 CX Strategies for CROs w/ Darryl Praill

The Customer Experience Podcast

As a CRO, how do you change the culture of your org so that customer experience is everyone’s responsibility? In this episode, I interview Darryl Praill, CRO at Vanilla Soft, about how he distributes the ownership of customer experience across the whole org by dissolving barriers between teams. Darryl talked with me about: - What a matrix organization is - How colleagues are influenced by how they are compensated - 3 ways to create a culture of empathy - How marketing leaders can develop their personal brand - The role of video in customer experience Check out these resources we mentioned during the podcast: - Neewer Photo and Video - Darryl on Twitter Subscribe, listen, and rate/review the Customer Experience Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play or Google Podcasts, and find more episodes on our blog. Listening on a desktop & can’t see the links? Just search for The Customer Experience Podcast in your favorite podcast player.


16 Mar 2021

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Darryl Praill Is Back!

The Why And The Buy

Darryl Praill, sales master, keynote speaker, podcaster, CRO of VanillaSoft and great friend of the show is here to talk about technology. Well... sometimes when Jeff, Christie and Darryl get talking, the subject can take a different path. So instead, Darryl drops of wealth of knowledge about shifting from marketing to his new role as CRO. Many think of this position as one that analyzes and minimizes risk, and is a process innovator. While that may be true, Darryl says it really boils down to being a professional counselor. He explains that it really is about working well with people of all generations, creating an atmosphere that breeds success,  shooting straight with your team, and encouraging them to do the same. He stresses accountability and showing the team you have their back and its importance in building trust and communication.   Learn more about Darryl here Learn more about VanillaSoft here WANT MORE WHY AND THE BUY? Join our new listener group for discussions about episodes and other helpful resources for your business! Get access to the greenroom. Go behind the scenes with past, present and future guests! Follow us on LinkedIn! Don’t forget to subscribe, rate and review our podcast. It only takes a second and helps us make more podcasts for you. The Why and The Buy is a Pod About It Production.


27 Jan 2021

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The Live Video Production Suite That Professionalizes Your Livestreams - with Darryl Praill

Martech Stacked

I’m joined today by a man who describes himself by saying...- he’s an aggressive B2B SaaS revenue machine,- he manages a budget better than a miser- and he’s not afraid of making hard decisions.He’s the host of Inside Inside Sales and the Chief Revenue Officer at VanillaSoft - welcome to Martech Stacked, Darryl Praill.Here are the 3 top tools in Darryl’s current martech stack:#1: TerminusLeading Account Based Marketing Platform - B2B marketers use Terminus to transform their organizations into full-funnel revenue generators.#2: vMixThe vMix Software Video Mixer and Switcher is the complete live video production software solution. For more information, visit vMix online today.#3: HubSpotHubSpot offers a complete CRM platform with all the tools and integrations you need to grow better — whether you want to increase leads, accelerate sales, streamline customer service, or build a powerful website.


19 Nov 2020

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63 - Marketing is not Sales and Sales is not Marketing | Darryl Praill

State of Demand Gen

Chris interviewed Darryl Praill (CRO @ VanillaSoft) on State of Demand Gen this week to talk about marketing, sales, and where both sit in the organization. They discuss common frictions between the two teams, and how they can work together to achieve a shared goal...revenue. For more content, subscribe to State of Demand Gen on Spotify or Apple Podcasts. Tired of just listening? Check out Refine Labs on LinkedIn and YouTube.


3 Oct 2020