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Going from CMO to CRO, with Darryl Praill

The B2B Sales Podcast

This episode is an interview of Darryl Praill for Sales Development Talks, a new show Thibaut is launching with Tolstoy.If you're interested in receiving 1 weekly sales tip from Skip & Thibaut, you can sign up to their newsletter here.If you want 1 sales development tip per week from Thibaut, it's over here.


25 Oct 2022

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Thibaut's interview with Darryl Praill

The B2B Sales Podcast

This episode is an interview of Thibaut by Darryl Praill, from AgoraPulse. Thibaut talks about his New Outreach System (you can check it here).If you're interested in receiving 1 weekly sales tip from Skip & Thibaut, you can sign up to their newsletter here.If you want 1 sales development tip per week from Thibaut, it's over here.


10 Oct 2022

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Alignment - Sales, Marketing, and Customer Experience with guest Darryl Praill - 307

Find My Catalyst Podcast

Darryl Praill is my Catalyst this week. Daryyl is the CMO at Agoropulse, top 10 SaaS brinding expert, top 50 social seller, and someone I'm excited to claim as a friend. If you are interested in sales and marketing alignmemnt, how this impacts the customer experience, common mistakes we continue to make, problem solving, the importance of team selling, and a couple of things you can do today to address the common challenges that continue to persist - this episdode is for you. We talk about groundhog day, lessons you can learn from a planning a wedding and how it applies to business, and 3 challengs that continue to persist. We get a little off track early in this one - you can listen to the background discussion, or fast forward to the 12 min mark - your choice. Show Links Darryl on LinkedIn Execute Better. Start getting the right things done, in the right order, and grow your business. http://catalystsale.com/game Connect with Mike Mike Simmons Catalyst Sale


12 Sep 2022

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How to Recruit and Hire a Modern Day Marketer with Darryl Praill of Agorapulse

Modern Day Marketer

Darryl Praill is the CMO at Agorapulse, a Canadian social media management software company. The topic of today's discussion is how to recruit, hire, and onboard excellent marketers. As the need for skilled marketers grows, hiring has become highly competitive in the past 2-3 years. Darryl emphasizes that a candidate's online presence as well as their personal networks and contacts play a significant role in the recruiting process. Because overturn is common, Darryl suggests using a project management tool to record work, hiring internally when possible, and cross-training new hires. 0:00 Introduction 1:03 Conversation with Darryl 2:52 Modern day CMO 6:12 Video is everything 7:23 Evangelist 10:25 “Out content” the competitors 12:20 Transitioning roles 14:20 Cross training 17:00 Get the lay of the land 18:45 Setting up for success 24:00 Recruiting and hiring 31:50 Bounties and background checks 35:31 Recent 2-3 years of hiring 28:50 Letting go if it’s not the right fit 40:18 Social tribe 43:35 Final thoughts 45:50 Outro Join The JuiceFollow The Juice:| Website | Blog | Twitter | LinkedInFollow Benyamin: | Diamond Pencils | LinkedInFollow Brett:| Twitter | LinkedIn 


2 Sep 2022

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3 Steps to Achieve Sales and Marketing Alignment with Darryl Praill, Ep #98

B2B Content Marketing: The Content Callout Podcast

Is sales and marketing alignment necessary? Should marketing own the SDR function? Why are most marketers afraid to be corporate evangelists? Darryl Praill—the CMO at Agorapulse, the industry’s leading social media management platform—has some strong opinions about this topic. Specifically, he firmly believes that sales and marketing must align. How do you achieve that? We dive into it all in this episode of The Content Callout.  Outline of This Episode [1:33] Darryl’s rapid-fire tips for marketers [1:50] Sales and marketing alignment is more than a sound bite [9:55] Should the SDR function be part of marketing? [16:25] The problem is that messaging isn’t consistent [18:31] Why are people afraid to be brand evangelists? [26:10] The best way to connect with Darryl Connect with Darryl Praill Connect with Darryl on LinkedIn Agorapulse Connect with The Content Callout https://www.contentcallout.com/ Subscribe to The Content Callout on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts


5 Jul 2022

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Less Is More, From Inside Inside Sales Hosted By Darryl Praill

Skalable Growth

Last month, we welcomed the incomparable Darryl Praill and his outstanding podcast Inside Inside Sales to the Sales IQ Network. With 180 episodes in the bank, it is a treasure trove for those not only in sales, but across the wider revenue team.In this episode, we've remixed Luigi's recent appearance on the Inside Inside Sales podcast, so you can sit back and enjoy getting to know Darryl, his expansive revenue knowledge, and his show. Luigi and Darryl spend the time exploring how to work smarter, not harder, to optimise your sales outcomes. 🔗 LINKSListen to the Inside Inside Sales wherever you get your podcasts, or find out more here. Connect with Darryl at on LinkedIn. Connect with Luigi on LinkedIn.


4 May 2022

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How to Avoid War Between Sales and Marketing with Darryl Praill

The Sales Hunter Podcast

If we’re talking sales versus marketing, who wins the war? Perhaps that’s the wrong question. Because who is the ultimate loser in such a war? The organization or company. Please welcome our guest, Darryl Praill as he and Mark discuss the roles of sales and marketing, and the steps to fostering a productive and efficient relationship between the two. In this episode they’ll answer questions such as: What is the ideal business structure with regards to Marketing versus Sales? How should they rely on each other? Or more controversialy, who should report to whom?  Connect with Darryl on LinkedIn or at: https://www.darrylpraill.com/ Comment from the audience: “Marketing is the road. Sales is the destination. Both are equally important. Companies want to reach goals more than build the road.” - Adil  Learn more about Mark Hunter, The Sales Hunter at https://www.thesaleshunter.com . 


14 Apr 2022

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Social Cycologists S01E34: Social Selling with Silicon Valley Companies with Darryl Praill

Social Cycologists

This week on Social Cycologists, we interview Darryl Praill, a veteran marketing and sales executive within the tech industry. He was previously the CMO and CRO of Vanillasoft, a sales engagement platform, and is currently the CMO of Agorapulse.  In this episode, we cover: How is Account Based Marketing (ABM) changing with social media, how to get C-level execs to respond to your LinkedIn messages (hint, includes personalization and relevance), being professionally persistent and tailoring your outreach, and much more.  Sign up for Social Cycle at socialcycle.io. Don't forget us to rate us 5 stars on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Anchor! Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and join our Facebook group.--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/social-cycologists/message


21 Mar 2022

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Darryl Praill – Why Your Sales Messages are Deleted by Prospects

The Extremely Successful Sales Club

Would you like to know how to make every sales message interesting and relevant to your ideal prospects, while ensuring that people recognise why you’re a different proposition from the rest of the sales crowd?Well, Darryl Praill has got some great advice that will help you with just that!And the good news is - he’s my guest on this week’s Extremely Successful Sales Club PodcastIn case you don’t already know, Darryl was voted LinkedIn’s Number 3 Marketer Globally – he is an in-demand event host, a Sales World Top 50 Keynote speaker, a multi-gold- medal winning content creator and a serial entrepreneur. He has raised almost $100 million in venture capital – has acquired, merged and taken companies public – and is currently Chief Revenue Officer with the Sales Engagement Platform VanillaSoft.In this episode, Darryl shares some incredible insights - stuff like…Why corporate meetings are not the place where big business decisions are actually madeHow to cut through all the noise so that prospects sit up and listen to what you’ve got to sayWhy people who ask “How has sales changed” are focusing on the wrong questionThe number of touch attempts required to ensure that prospects take your callAnd the reason he is on a one-man crusade against sales botsAnd that doesn’t even cover half of it 😊Download and listen to the whole episode here right now


2 Feb 2022

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Darryl Praill - Playing the Long Game: Know How Your Buyers Buy and How to Provide Value for Them

Making Sales Social Podcast

Visit the Darryl Praill website and connect with Darryl Praill on LinkedIn and Twitter!


12 Oct 2021