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7 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Kat Ward. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Kat Ward, often where they are interviewed.

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7 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Kat Ward. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Kat Ward, often where they are interviewed.

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Misery's Offspring ft Kat Ward with Paranormal Hearts

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What an incredible interview with Kat Ward! She is a paranormal investigator as well as hosts her own podcast "Paranormal Hearts". Check our blog for more information!

Thank you again for coming on the show!

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Nov 28 2019 · 32mins
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Kat Ward Ep 43 Ghostly Tales with Steve Stockton 'Sittin' In'

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Producer/Host of the wonderful Paranormal Heart Podcast, Kat Ward, stops in to tell us some of her many encounters with the uncanny. As a young girl growing up in Canada, her very first run in with the paranormal was with the Hatman! What did she find out about this repeating visitor as a child, and later as an adult? Kat has been interested in the subject of ghostly goings on all her life,and tells us a few tells of cryptids located in and around Canada. Listen as we relive on of the scariest close up and personal encounters she had as a paranormal investigator! For this episode we bring in our friend Steve Stockton and make it a fun story filled convo with all things that go bump in the night!   Find Kat's Podcast on Podbean, On her youtube channel, on Darkmatter Radio, and on her Facebook page.              All of Steve's books can be found on Kindle , he is also on Twitter, Facebook and on our Gatekeepers Page!    FindSteve's and My book on Kindle      We Arte All Children In The Wilderness of The Afterlife BookHatman Video Kat Mentions Here!

Mar 18 2019 · 1hr 47mins

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The Round Table w/Bryan Bowden, Sysco Murdoch, Kat Ward, and Jonathan Mallard

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On this episode of Beyond Reason, Justin brings on Bryan Bowden, Sysco Murdoch, Kat Ward, and Jonathan Mallard for the first ever Beyond Reason round table. They talk about the Chinese rover on the moon, women having sexual relations with ghosts, and so much more. Join us, you with open minds, and listen to an amazing episode!
Jan 19 2019 · 1hr 21mins

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0007 NoBoBuMe Inside The Goblin Universe with Special Guest Kat Ward of Paranormal Heart

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Hey Goblins

We are exploring deep, Inside The Goblin Universe with NoBoBuMe Sir Bryan and our special guest, Paranormal Investigator and Host of Paranormal Heart, Kat Ward. Join us as we discuss her passion for the paranormal, podcasting and a good pun. There are lots of laughs on this episode so don’t miss it!

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Lean into the Fear™

Oct 04 2018 · 1hr 18mins
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Justin's Podcast of the Month: Kat Ward

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On this episode of Beyond Reason, Justin brings on Kat to discuss her journey through the paranormal and podcasting. They talk about how Kat got interested in the paranormal, areas in her life of high strangeness, her podcast journey, and so much more. Join us, you with open minds, and listen to an amazing episode!
Jul 28 2018 · 42mins
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Episode 50: Paranormal Heart with Kat Ward

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In the Paranormal news we have Capcom giving $70,000 for proof of monsters, giant earth bound bats, an under-sea Mordor and a ghostly Monk caught on film. The MUFON minute has Laura recounting a recent experience she had, and this month's Oddities has ten strange facts about Valentine's Day. Then, I am joined by a returning guest and a true friend Kat Ward to talk about her new podcast Paranormal Heart. We chat about a wide variety of paranormal topics and have a great time.

Check out Kat's show here: https://paranormalheart.podbean.com

Feb 01 2018 · 58mins
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Mother's Day Special with Melissa Martin Ellis and Kat Ward

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They are strong, beautiful, intelligent, motivated and love the paranormal! These are the women of the paranormal and this is a very special Mother's Day edition of the Odd to Newfoundland Paranormal Podcast. In the paranormal news we have a lady who wants to give birth on mars, a grandma who is having quintuplets and we also talk about the mother of all Newfoundland lore, the Old Hag! Then, I am joined by Melissa Martin Ellis to talk about "The Everything Ghost Hunting Book" and a very special paranormal encounter with her own late mother. Last, but certainly not least, Kat Ward from the Canadian Supernatural Research Society joins us to weigh in on some of the ghostly goings on in her life. I'd like to dedicate this episode to my mother Brenda Mallard and my wife, Stephanie Walters. Love you gals!www.mellissart.com to check out Melissa's projectswww.canadiansupernaturalresearchsociety.com to keep up with Kat Ward and their investigating crew
May 01 2015 · 58mins