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Blick nach Osteuropa – Daniel Kraft

WDR 5 Neugier genügt - Redezeit

Unser Interesse an Mittel- und Osteuropa sei seit Jahren immer weiter gesunken, sagt Daniel Kraft von der Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung. Warum wir das unbedingt ändern sollten, erklärt er in der Redezeit. Moderation: Anja Backhaus.


1 Jun 2022

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Meet Physician-Scientist Daniel Kraft MD @Daniel_Kraft

It's about the triple aim!

On this episode of Health UnaBASHEd co-hosts Gil Bashe and Gregg Masters welcome physician-scientist and master curator of digital health innovation content Daniel Kraft, MD.Dr Kraft is a technology enthusiast, theorist and practitioner. We discuss bench-to-beside innovation that matters, the proliferation of digital health apps, and the need for curation that facilitates the onramp of tech into care delivery best practices including key trends, tailwinds, and likely headwinds.For more information or to access our library of on-demand broadcasts, go the Health UnaBASHEDshow page at HealthcareNOW Radio.For more information on Dr. Kraft's work in digital health apps curation click here.==##==


31 Mar 2022

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Health UnaBASHEd: Physician-Scientist Daniel Kraft MD

Healthcare NOW Radio Podcast Network - Discussions on healthcare including technology, innovation, policy, data security, telehealth and more. Visit HealthcareNOWRadio.com

On this episode Gil and Gregg welcome physician-scientist and curator of the Exponential Medicine Daniel Kraft, MD. Dr Kraft is a technology enthusiast and theorist. We discuss bench-to-beside innovation that matters, and optimizes the onramp of tech into care delivery best practices including key trends, tailwinds, and likely headwinds.To stream our Station live 24/7 visit www.HealthcareNOWRadio.com or ask your Smart Device to “….Play HealthcareNOW Radio”.Find all of our network podcasts on your favorite podcast platforms and be sure to subscribe and like us. Learn more at www.healthcarenowradio.com/listen


31 Mar 2022

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062 - Fly A Plane in Chinese with ShaoLan and Daniel Kraft from Exponential Medicine

Talk Chineasy - Learn Chinese every day with ShaoLan

Leading health expert and entrepreneur Daniel Kraft reveals his love of flying. Learn air-related words in this fascinating episode covering the basic words relating to flight. 🔥 Download the Chineasy app for free and dive deeper into Chinese culture and language. Check out our website for more.


3 Mar 2022

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The Ever-Expanding Exam Room with Daniel Kraft M.D. and Jordan Shlain M.D.

Ahead In Health

Health care has expanded beyond the clinic, the lab and the hospital. Today, more people than ever are using virtual health. It’s in our homes, parks and gyms. Even before Covid accelerated these trends, there were more and more health apps, wearable technologies, and ways to message or video chat with your doctor. AI is being used for early detection and for decision making.In this episode of Ahead in Health, host Jodie Lesh talks to Daniel Kraft M.D. and Jordan Shlain M.D., two noted health care innovators and futurists. They examine how the emergence of these new tools has reshaped patients’ mindsets and habits, how to build and design for trust, and medicine’s next big leap.


1 Mar 2022

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027 - See A Doctor in Chinese with ShaoLan and Daniel Kraft from Exponential Medicine

Talk Chineasy - Learn Chinese every day with ShaoLan

The amazing Daniel Kraft, doctor, tech entrepreneur and scientist returns to Talk Chineasy to learn how to say "see a doctor" in Mandarin Chinese. ShaoLan also discovers some surprising new technologies that are helping to revolutionise the quality of healthcare around the world. 🔥 Download the Chineasy app for free and dive deeper into Chinese culture and language. Check out our website for more.


27 Jan 2022

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018 - Health in Chinese with ShaoLan and Daniel Kraft from Exponential Medicine

Talk Chineasy - Learn Chinese every day with ShaoLan

What is the easiest way to remember all these new Chinese words you’re learning? Cue the four-time USA memory champion Nelson Dellis, who tells ShaoLan the secrets to remembering. Also, learn how to say "I forgot" as well as "I remember." 🔥 Download the Chineasy app for free and dive deeper into Chinese culture and language. Check out our website for more.


18 Jan 2022

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#225: Dr. Daniel Kraft: Predict the Future of Healthcare by Inventing It

Healthcare Entrepreneur Academy Podcast

OVERVIEW: Jason A. Duprat, Entrepreneur, Healthcare Practitioner, and Host of the Healthcare Entrepreneur Academy podcast talks with Dr. Daniel Kraft, MD, physician-scientist, inventor, entrepreneur, innovator, and Chair of the XPRIZE Pandemic Alliance Task Force. Daniel discusses his showcase event, Exponential Medicine. He also shares his insight on healthcare innovation and offers advice to anyone trying to get their business ideas off the ground.  EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS: Daniel considers himself an international healthcare futurist. He’s focused on rethinking and reimagining digital healthcare to address the unmet needs of patients and to solve their pain points.   His vision includes democratizing healthcare solutions around the planet: drugs, devices, software, and wearables.  Daniel is the founder and Chair of Exponential Medicine - a high-energy and boldly redesigned medical conference. The annual program gathers biomedical and technology-based faculty, innovators, and organizations to explore technologies that will impact the future of health and medicine.  Daniel’s advice for people who host events or speak at conferences: throw away the script and be less afraid of making mistakes. The Innovation Lab at Exponential Medicine helps accelerate entrepreneurs from startup to market. Healthcare is a team sport. No one person has the answer.  Daniel is an advocate of design thinking to meet people where they are - to redefine the problem to better understand people and challenge assumptions.  Daniel talks about the 15 years he spent as a flight surgeon practicing aerospace medicine in the California and Massachusetts Air National Guard and why he decided to get out of the military. If you’re launching your own business, Daniel advises you to do it from the bedside. What problem are you solving? Understand who’s cheese you might be moving.  Daniel also advises seeking out partners through virtual networking on LinkedIn and participating in pitch days with accelerators and incubators. Build a business plan and recruit people to your team. 3 KEY POINTS: The goal of Exponential Medicine is to bring people together to learn and cross-fertilize ideas - to accelerate incremental medicine.  COVID is sparking a health age through the use of telemedicine and the alignment of regulations with reimbursements. It’s forcing us to find and catalyze new healthcare solutions - there will be new spinoffs coming out of COVID.  Figure out what your unmet need is and understand it from different angles. Look at the landscape of the competition and then build prototypes for your solution. TWEETABLE QUOTES: “Healthcare and innovation is a team sport... Bring people together from all sorts of realms to learn and cross-fertilize...” - Dr. Daniel Kraft “Start with a minimum viable product and validate the marketplace ahead of time.” - Dr. Daniel Kraft RESOURCES: Daniel Kraft M.D.: https://danielkraftmd.net/ Dr. Daniel Kraft’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/daniel_kraft Singularity Group: ​​https://www.su.org/ Exponential Medicine: http://exponentialmedicine.com/ Rock Health: https://rockhealth.com/ Have a healthcare business question? Want to request a podcast topic? Text Jason at 407-972-0084 and he’ll add you to his contacts. Occasionally, he’ll share important announcements and answer your questions as well. #HealthcareEntrepreneurAcademy #healthcare #HealthcareBoss #entrepreneur #entrepreneurship #podcast #healthcareinnovation #healthcarefuturist #digitalhealthcare  #startups #COVID


6 Jan 2022

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AHIMA21 Keynote Daniel Kraft, MD, on AI, Consumerism, and COVID-19 Disinformation


Register for the AHIMA21 Virtual ConferenceLearn more about Dr. Daniel Kraft at his website 


7 Sep 2021

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Episode 58: Digitally sick with Daniel Kraft and Health Reconsidered

The Digitally Sick Podcast

In this pod the Digitally Sick team of Alex Butler and Faisal Ahmed meet the Health.Reconsidered team from Clubhouse, the social audio network We talk specifically about how the pandemic has accelerated innovation and the uptake and application of digital health technologies with Daniel Kraft, MD. David Hunt introduces us to Health.Reconsidered, pharma’s first global Clubhouse community which aims to advance the debate, addressing the inequalities and celebrating the innovation in healthcare. In just a few months it has attracted 2,000 active participants meeting daily, expanded recently to include an exciting global webinar driven on the promise of inclusivity for the pharma industry. We meet the team and chat about what has been learnt so far.


2 Sep 2021