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30: Kim Schlag - How to Overcome Emotional Eating & Why Lifting Weights is SO FREAKING IMPORTANT for Women...Especially as You Age

Where Optimal Meets Practical

On this episode with Kim Schlag we talk about emotional eating and why weight training is so important for women.--- -What is emotional eating?-What are some simple steps to help overcome it?-Why doesn’t the eating help?-Why is weight training so important for women?-Why is there such a stigma around women being strong?---I appreciate you taking your time out to listen to the podcast. I know you’re gonna love this one.---Where to find Kim:Instagram: @KimschlagfitnessYoutube: Kim SchlagTikTok: @KimSchlagfitnessPodcast: Fitness Made Simple---Where to find me:Instagram: @JordanLipsFitnessYoutube: Jordan Lips FitnessEmail: JordanLips@Jordanlipsfitness.comPodcast: Where Optimal Meets PracticalWebsite: JordanLipsFitness.com---Helping you find the balance between OPTIMAL and PRACTICAL---Love You-JL


3 Nov 2020

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Walk + Talk with Kim Schlag

The Weekly Walk

Formerly obese stay at home mom who hit her stride in her early 40s, Kim Schlag figured out that this whole fitness thing was not as complicated as it's made out to be and totally reshaped her body and her career. Kim started as a coach working 1-1 with women in her basement gym and now coach's thousands of people online all over the world to lose weight, heal their relationship with food and get strong.

13 Oct 2020

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#23 - Emotional Eating and Performance Based Training with Kim Schlag

The Finlay Carmichael PT Podcast

This week, I was joined by Kim Schlag. Kim and I discussed a range of subjects, but Kim shared some things that she has found have benefited her clients who find themselves emotionally eating. Kim is a powerlifter, and therefore we also talk about how performance-based goals have benefitted her, rather than constantly being focussed on her physique. I hope you enjoy the podcast, and feel free to share on your stories and tag away!  If you would like to find out more about Kim, check out her Instagram here... https://www.instagram.com/kimschlagfitness/ (@kimschlagfitnness) Want to find out about me and what I do? Check out my website here.... https://www.finlaycarmichaelpt.com Sign up to receive my emails here... https://forms.aweber.com/form/86/1499113786.htm Follow me on Instagram here.... https://instagram.com/finlaycarmichaelpt


9 Oct 2020

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Crazy Symptoms of Menopause, with Kim Schlag

The Strong and Lean at Any Age Podcast

Kim and I are great friends and love to get together and talk.   In today's episode, Kim and talk about our peri menopause experiences and how the symptoms we both had were never talked about as potential menopausal symptoms.  Kim share's her journey through it all and gives some great advice if you are struggling.  We also talk about something that is happening in households everywhere right now:  Mindless/boredom eating, and Kim and I walk you through some strategies you can implement right now to get that under control.


7 May 2020

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084: A Candid Look at Menopause with Kim Schlag

Biceps After Babies Radio

Today we have a topic and conversation that I think is not talked about enough. And if you know me, you know that I am not one to shy away from the awkward or uncomfortable conversations, especially when they involve something medical. Having a background as a nurse and a husband, who's a physician, we are very comfortable with talking about all things medical. And I was so grateful that Kim was willing to come on and share so openly about menopause, and about how that changes things in terms of training and how it changes things in terms of your diet and your nutrition and some of the symptoms and things that we have to look forward to as we approach that age of menopause. I think the more that we can talk and share about these things openly, especially as females, the more that we can be prepared, and we can know what to expect. The more knowledge we have, the better equipped we are going to be able to deal with that time that is gonna happen in all of our lives.  Find show notes at bicepsafterbabies.com/84


5 May 2020

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32. How to lose weight at menopause; An interview with fitness expert Kim Schlag.

Women's Health By Heather Hirsch

Good friend and fitness motivator Kim Schlag joins me in this highly requested podcast to discuss all things midlife and weight related. Kim tells listeners her personal story of weight loss at midlife, and how she motivated others to do the same. We talk about the various changes at midlife that bring about unique challenges […] The post 32. How to lose weight at menopause; An interview with fitness expert Kim Schlag. appeared first on .


15 Apr 2020

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The Menopause and Fitness - Interview with Kim Schlag

The Fitness Solution with Adam Berry

Today I am bringing up another very important interview I did a few months ago with the amazing Kim Schlag.  Kim is an online fitness professional who has spent a long time spreading the message of how fitness works alongside the Menopause.  And in this episode, she details it all so wonderfully. Kim is just the most wonderful human and its no surprise that she has got such a fantastic business and is able to work with other great trainers like Jordan Syatt.  To find out more about Kim then please head here:  Kim Schlag on InstagramIf you need help with Fitness, Fat Loss and Fun and want to work with Adam, then please book a 10min call with him right here:  Book A 10min Call with Adam


17 Feb 2020

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54: Simplifying Your Weight Loss and Getting Strong with Kim Schlag

Be More Real with Sam Altieri

On today’s episode I have the lovely Kim Schlag, a health and weight loss coach. On this episode we give you PRACTICAL tips on:-how to stop eating when you’re full-when and how much to eat-how to get more daily movement-getting your calories right for your goal-how to start building healthy habits-why strength training leads to confidence-the importance of community in your journeyMy Incredible Guest: Kim Schlag@kimschlagfitnessWebsite: www.kimschlagfitness.comPodcast: Fitness SimplifedFor More Info:Balance and Shine Group Coaching Program has 2 SPOTS available. Apply here: www.balancewithsam.comFit and Free Membership: www.fitandfreeforlife.comIG: www.instagram.com/saltyliftsFB: www.facebook.com/balancewithsam


13 Feb 2020

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'Eat A Lot Of Peaches' w/ Kim Schlag

Cool, Calm, & Chaotic

Class Is In Session And The Course Is ‘Get Strong, Lean & Confident 101’! This 101st Episode of CCC Is A Fantastic and Fun Chat With Online Fitness and Nutrition Coach Kim Schlag of Kim Schlag Fitness! Kim Is A Truly Amazing Person With A Whole Bunch of Health, Fitness, Nutrition, and LIFE Experience That She Shares With All of Us. Not Only Is Kim An Unbelievably Encouraging, Motivation, and All Around Amazing Person She Has A Practical, Realistic, and Positive Approach To REAL & SUSTAINABLE Healthy and Wellness! We Get Into All Types of Topics Related To Every Area of Life, It’s A Great Convo…Stick Around For The Fun, You Are Going To Love It!  Topics Include… Kim Being A Beacon of Light In A World of Fitness Darkness Turning Your Life Around In Your 40s Overcoming Past Traps of Health, Fitness, & Nutrition and Focusing On What Matters Balancing Work & Life While Achieving Your Goals Using Life’s Tragedies As Lessons and Reasons To Move Forward Changing Our Speech and Focus From Weight/Thinness To Strength/Awesomeness Resistance Training and Managing Calorie Intake Is Life Changing  Not Letting Body Image Control Your Life  Achieving Goals Regardless of The Struggles Menopause Powerlifting and Speaking Life Into Deadlift PR’s Philadelphia Soft Pretzels Are Better Than Anywhere Else…It’s Not Debatable Pet Porcupines, Lucky Charms,Describing Teal, Using Chopsticks, 90s Boy Bands, Eating Lots of Peaches, and More!  Check Out Kim In All The Following Places… Website Instagram YouTube Follow Zarate Fitness Related Content At The Following Places… Website Instagram Twitter Facebook YouTube ALSO… ARE YOU Interested In Weekly FREE Email Full of Good Reads, Schedules, and A Ton Of Tips, Ideas, and Ways To Increase Health, Fitness, and Happiness Delivered Right To Your Email Instead Of Checking All Over The Place? Me Too!! Sign Up Below And Sit Back and Keep Living The Good Life! http://zaratefitness.us10.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=bd5db6ad085f2ab63066ec43d&id=6af1b1391a

1hr 10mins

4 Sep 2019

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Episode 40 Kim Schlag - Sane Nutrition

Fit n’ Chips Chats

Kim Schlag is my Insta-buddy! After years of yo-yo dieting, she discovered weight training and sane nutrition and completely transformed her life. She then completely changed her life around, now a qualified trainer and nutrition coach. I totally adore her and her commonsense approach to living a healthy life, I also am a great fan of her Instagram page where you will find some brilliant tips for exercise and nutrition. Check out Kim at https://www.kimschlagfitness.com and on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/kimschlagfitness/


4 Feb 2019