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Edutaining Videos That Go Viral With Joey Yak

HighLevel Spotlight Sessions

In this “Edutaining” Spotlight Session, we talk with Joey Yak, founder of Yak Agency. Joey provides viral video content to help businesses dominate in their industry!  You’ll learn some insights into how to make the most of your video content, including:  🐟 How to stop catfishing your clients!  🤪 How to stop taking yourself so seriously (use humor)  🥃 How to stop marketing like the guy at the bar!   Sample videos: The LevelUp Summit 👉https://bit.ly/3r10nNAThriller Video 👉 https://bit.ly/3E5O8Yb Does your agency need creative video that you can white label?  Contact Joey at: theyakagency.com/ghl

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3 Oct 2022

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How A Rapper Made $500K Without Even Releasing An Album with Joey Yak

How To Think With Dan Henry

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1hr 18mins

21 Jun 2022

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The Sales Genius talks with Joey Yak

Sales Genius

Joe Ingram the Sales Genius spends 30 minutes with Joey Yak.  Joey is going to share his "Don't ask for permission" philosophy and his Edutaining content approach to sales.  YAK packaged up his past and presented it as a product. “My Melody Your Message” for Entrepreneurs. YAK quit his job, took out all of his 401k ($3,500 lol), and started his business in his backyard in his Brother In Law’s RV.  Within 3 Months of starting this Business, YAK has worked with top Entrepreneurs such as Tim Grover, Billy Gene, Cole Hatter, Brad Lea, Casey Adams, Greg Walker, and many more.  YAK took “theme songs” and “jingles” which he calls bangers and turned it into a production company that is doing high-level catch production! wggyak.phonesites.com--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/salesgenius/message


18 Mar 2022

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EP 2: Joey Yak — It Pays Not to Ask for Permission

Working For A Dream

Success is relative, and even for people who’ve “made it” by society’s standards, feeling fulfilled isn’t a guarantee. That was the case for Joey Yak.  It was just a few years ago that Joey, now known professionally as the Studio CEO, was living what he calls a “crazy rockstar life” as an independent artist in Hollywood, traveling across the country in tour buses with his face plastered on the outside. People thought he was living the American dream, but in reality, Joey says it felt like he was stuck inside “the worst nightmare.”  “Everything that I didn’t want to become, I felt on the inside that I was that person — away from my kid, flying first class on a guilt trip,” he says. “I would wake up and pop Adderall, and in order for me to go to sleep, I had to drink alcohol.”  Ultimately, Joey was pushed by something he now recognizes as God to get sober, get home to St. Louis and come up with a new plan for his life. That plan would see him build a six-figure business creating custom theme songs for entrepreneurs, using his musical prowess to help others get their dreams off the ground. But Joey didn’t get here overnight. On this episode of the Working For a Dream Podcast, Patrick and Joey talk about changing your life’s direction, the power of music for branding and how to create consistent content that’ll get your business attention. What You’ll Learn: Why you should use your personal story to add value to your business How to put out content that creates “edu-tainment”  Why it pays (literally) not to ask for permission And much more! Favorite Quote: “Everyone wants to know the end result before they take the action. I go into it saying I’m going to prepare myself for an opportunity that may never happen and create that opportunity. Opportunities don’t just come to you.” — Joey Yak How to Get Involved: Connect with Joey: Facebook Instagram LinkedIn Joeyyak.com Connect with Patrick:  LinkedIn Facebook Instagram


4 Feb 2021

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41. Putting A Melody To Your Message w/ Joey YAK

Chronicles Of A Modern Beast

Joey is an Entrepreneur who creates Custom Theme Music and Creative Consults/edits for 7+ Figure Businesses. He went from having a record deal through Universal Republic, doing a nationwide tour with Bone Thugs N Harmony, made it to Hollywood, but quitting it all to follow his calling in life and starting his own business in his back yard. He went from making music just for himself to creating theme music for the world's most prominent entrepreneurs! And this week, you better believe it, that this week he is coming to the show to put his melody to your message!


7 Jan 2021

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Turning messages into melodies + some sobriety - with Joey YAK

The Elevate Experience

Welcome back! Today we dive into conversation with the Studio CEO Joey YAK. Joey is a hip hop artist, entrepreneur, father, business owner and most importantly a man of faith and recovery. Joey so elegantly tells his story of sobriety, faith, hip hop, and perspective. This was one fantastic conversation that felt so familiar. Joey puts his heart and soul on the table and you can absolutely feel it. Enjoy the show and follow Joey along his journey @Joey.yak on all social platforms.  Enjoy the show and don't forget to subscribe, rate and review the show.  Make sure to follow us on social - @elevateaddictionservices @angie.at.elevate @joey.yak You can find us on the web -www.elevaterehab.org With these current times, if you know anyone or are struggling with mental health/addiction yourself please reach out. There is help and there is hope, and there are solutions to these problems. Speak to our registration counselors at 831-740-8298 You don’t ever want to miss a podcast, so make sure you subscribe here!


5 Jan 2021

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Joey Yak

Successful Life Podcast

Podcast Show Notes Guest: Joey Yak, Artist, Entrepreneur, and The Studio CEO. Today’s Episode Summary: There are few people in the world who make their childhood dream come true and achieve success in a very young age. While a lot of other people give up their dreams because they end up in the whirlwind of everyday life while growing up. But my today’s podcast guest, Joey Yak, is from one of those people who believed in their dream and brought their dream to life. Joey Yak is an energetic young artist who accomplished his childhood dream of creating music and becoming a star. He created custom theme music for many renowned entrepreneurs of the world like Tim Grover, Billy Gene etc. He worked for many big names of music industry and reached his jackpot; Hollywood. In a very young age he achieved this success and was doing nationwide tours with Crazy Bone. At that time he was very stubborn, immature, addicted to drugs, partying, and most importantly father of a daughter and not providing for his family. He was traveling and was living American dream and then at this pinnacle of his success he chose his family over fame and left Hollywood. He returned to his family and started a new humble beginning. He went through a whole self transformation journey and during the process he went through depression phase and learned many lessons for lifetime. He changed himself to a new person and then moved to the path of entrepreneurship. He converted his passion into business and now Joey is who he is today. Joey is an entrepreneur and creates custom theme songs about people’s life, he creates podcast intros, and owns a company called Million Dollar Media where he does content creation. Joey is now 29 years old and has 15 years of experience in music industry. What You will Learn from this Episode: Today I am having conversation with Joey about his enterpenural journey and you will learn many things from him in this podcast. Joey is sharing with us his journey story from being Hollywood guy to a business owner; his childhood passion, his success, what he achieved, his depression story, his self transformation and starting own business. Moreover, he is talking about self-awareness and doing what you are passionate about, adding value to people’s life, making big decisions without being afraid, power of instincts, and power of aligning action with intentions. Also he is explaining how you should approach people to offer them your services, why change is necessary in life, what’s the first thing you should do if you want to quit any addiction etc. There is a lot more in today’s episode, so, tune in to this amazing and energetic podcast. The Episode Timeline: [00:51] –Introduction of Joey Yak. [01:47] – How to approach people to offer them your services? [06:44] – What Joey does? [07:39] – How he started creating music and how he ended up in Hollywood? [13:48] –Self transformation journey of Joey after leaving Hollywood. [18:46] – Entrepreneurial journey of Joey and his depression phase. [25:55] – Talk about: “Know yourself and do what you are passionate about”. [30:01] –Accepting change in life and why change is necessary? [34:58] – Power of instincts. [36:35] – How he stopped taking drugs? [40:34] – How like minded people connect with each other? [44:39] – Make big decisions and don’t be afraid of making them. [47:55] – Changing perspective; 1st step to get rid of any addiction. [52:34] – Power of aligning action with intentions. [55:30] –What it takes to grow your financial level? [59:06] – Joey’s contact detail. Golden Nuggets from Episode: “Everything is a choice and a decision to rise.” – Joey Yak “Every embracement is just a future encouragement.” – Joey Yak “Once you change your perspective you really can change your life and you will attract those types of people that are meant to be with you.” – Joey Yak “First step to change is in accepting that you have the problem.” – Joey Yak “In order for you to start something new, your normal has to get interrupted somehow. You got to change something consciously, if you want something to change.” – Joey Yak “Subliminal moves will create your one power move.” – Joey Yak “People don’t make the decision because they are scared, that what’s on the other side of door, but what’s on the other side of the door is what YOU choose to be on the other side of the door.” – Joey Yak “It’s so important to be doing what you can do right now, without looking for any results. Because people may be right now are not watching you but when they start watching you now they are watching you.” – Joey Yak “When you get to the point where you don’t trust your instincts YOUR INSTINCTS TRUST YOU.” – Joey Yak “I think everybody’s purpose is to be able to package up their pain and present it to the platform or package up their passion, package up their problems, and present it to the platform or and present it as a product.” – Joey Yak “Everything that we need to know about us, we already know. If we can get silence in this chaotic world we can find a little bit of silence which is inner peace and you can hear that voice. If you can find that voice inside of you then you will already know what you need to do and how to do. ” – Joey Yak Joey Yak’s Social Media Handles: Facebook:  Joey Yak Pieper https://www.facebook.com/thestudioceo Instagram:  @joey.yak https://www.instagram.com/joey.yak/ My Website & Social Media Handles: Website: https://salesceo.co/ Facebook:  @Corey Berrier https://www.facebook.com/corey.berrier Instagram:  @coreyberrier https://www.instagram.com/coreyberrier/ @successfullifepodcast https://www.instagram.com/successfullifepodcast/ Twitter: @ successfullifepodcast https://twitter.com/success40324744 Linkedin:  Corey Berrier- Successful Life Podcast https://www.linkedin.com/in/coreysalescoach/ YouTube: Successful Life Podcast https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrPl4lUyKV7hZxoTksQDsyg/featured


1 Nov 2020

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Joey YAK - The Studio CEO

Virtually Limitless

In this episode of the Virtually Limitless Podcast our host Trey Carmichael interviewed Joey YAK.Joey makes music for the entrepreneurs and sales people. He also makes customer intros and outros for podcasts as well as custom theme songs for some of the big dogs in the industry. At this point you have probably heard our intro a few times and it's one of the best investments we made in our brand.Want to see more of Joey?https://www.instagram.com/joey.yak/Join the Virtually Limitless Community! 👇https://www.facebook.com/groups/virtuallylimitless/Grab your copy of Limitless Expansion Secrets! 👇https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08KR9F393/Want to see more of Trey? 👇www.treycarmichael.usWant to see more of Justine? 👇www.justinemader.comWant to get published and have a chance to appear on the show? 👇www.limitlesspress.us


31 Oct 2020

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EP 039 Joey Yak What Are You Fantastic At That Has Become Familiar

Dark Horse Entrepreneur | Courses & Marketing Made Easy

Joey shares about putting music to your message and the power behind it Joey talks about the pitfalls of acting like the manager when you are still the janitor Joey share why you should open your mind and act without permission Joey Yaks links Website Facebook YouTube DarkHorseSchooling.com


19 Oct 2020

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118: Monetizing Your Passion: Guest Joey Yak

Work Wherever Podcast

Joey Yak has long been an entrepreneur – first growing a brand and following in the rap game – signing a record deal and doing national tours with Bone Thugs n Harmony and Stevie Stone. Joey, turned his attention later to family life – and rebuilt himself and bran into – what he calls – BANGERS for businesses. Welcome into Inovare the studio CEO, and creator of our intro JOEY YAK We talked about where he grew up and what drove him to hip-hop, the ins-and-outs of what touring was like and ultimately the decisions that led him to leave the rap world and focus on entrepreneurship and family.


24 Aug 2020