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215 Best Of: What Opting Out of 'Should' Has to Do With Heading Outside (Cait Flanders)

Humans Outside

As you’re building a life around going outside, you might have found that making time to go outside is all about opting out of the things that don't matter to you so that you can opt into the things you do care about, like heading into nature.  This episode with bestselling author Cait Flanders is all about those choices. She joined us in October of last year to talk about her opt-out habit and I’m excited to re-share this episode with you. Connect with this episode:  Visit Cait Flanders’ website Buy Cait’s book, Adventures In Opting Out: A Field Guide to Leading an Intentional Life Buy Cait’s book, The Year of Less Listen to Cait’s podcast Follow Cait on Instagram Some of the good stuff: [3:22] Cait’s favorite outdoor space [4:54] How Cait became someone who likes to go outside [7:59] All about her shopping ban [16:46] Preparing for the stories you wish you were telling yourself [18:38] The decision to opt-out [24:37] The importance of helpers [27:04] Where do you find such a helper? [32:25] What hiking has to do with going outside [36:56] Can you pursue life with a nature emphasis without opting out? [41:00] Does spending time in nature help you understand your opt-out choices? [43:27] Tips for opting out [52:03] Cait’s favorite outdoor gear [55:34] Cait’s favorite outdoor moment


16 Jun 2022

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Cait Flanders: Purposeful Healing & Romancing Yourself

The Pop-Up Pod

How do you heal on purpose? What might help to bring you back to yourself after a life-changingly hard experience? Cait Flanders (she/her) joins us to talk about healing. More specifically, she shares what the past 2.5 years have been like while healing from a sex-related trauma. (So yes, this is a gentle content warning for you about the conversation ahead, but know that Cait does not go into any detail at all about the experience, and instead this is a beautifully honest and thoughtful accounting of what helped to bring her back to herself as well as what she wants from dating and sex now that she is open to those things again.) She shares about therapy, about how the commitment to no longer accepting harmful treatment in one relationship wound up changing pretty much all of her relationships, why she bought herself all new sex toys, how she is romancing herself, and more. You can find Cait at caitflanders.com and on IG @caitflanders ** The Pop-Up Pod is 100% listener-supported via our sliding scale Patreon (thanks, ya'll!) which ensures that everyone involved in the show's creation & production gets paid (host, sound engineer, transcriptionist, and all guests!)  [Full transcript of this episode is available here]

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6 Apr 2022

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Love, Control, and What Do I Want Right Now, with Cait Flanders

Grow With Soul

Today I’m chatting with Cait from her new home where all the writing was going to happen. We talk about whether the writing is, in fact, happening, and how Cait balances a lightness in her projects with the need for financial security. Mostly, though, we talk about love. Cait wrote a newsletter about embarking on a year of love and so today we talk about our experiences of this as single women - we talk about growth, about control, about friendship, about self-respect and ultimately about choosing how the relationships in our life work.How solitude and a change of scene nourishes ideas Our frank financial goals Our feelings of control in relationships with others - both healthy and unhealthySelf belief The pressure to look visibly happy to be single What are the stories in your head preventing you from experiencing? For links and resources discussed in the show, see the full show notes.Kayte on InstagramCait on InstagramSubscribe to my newsletter!


11 Mar 2022

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Flow State, Thriving, and Becoming Yourself with Cait Flanders

Grow With Soul

Today I’m catching up with Cait who is now in the same time zone after her transatlantic move. We talked about becoming yourself again after a huge change, having curiosity instead of panics about your work, the connection between thriving and a flow state and whether it’s possible to have one without the other.What we talk about in this episode:- Getting to know yourself as you evolve- Invisible growth- Ways in which we approach our time- Surviving vs thriving and turning to curiosity- Being in flow state For links and resources discussed in the show, see the full show notes.Kayte on InstagramCait on InstagramSubscribe to my newsletter!


11 Feb 2022

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A One Year Spending Ban, Freedom From Debt, and Finding Yourself With Cait Flanders

The Simple Life Project

Today I have special guest and author Cait Flanders on to talk about her journey to simplifying and freeing her life through her 1 year spending ban. Her book The Year Of Less hit huge worldwide. Show Notes: https://laurennicolejones.com/podcast-episode-the-year-of-less-with-cait-flanders


13 Jan 2022

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EP. 379: Creating Adventure with Cait Flanders

The Tiffany Han Show (formerly Raise Your Hand Say Yes)

Whether she is adventuring through the experimental changes in her everyday life or adventuring around the globe, Cait Flanders has created a life led by bold choices. Luckily for us, she has chronicled it all in her newest book, “Adventures in Opting Out” and is chatting with me today about what happens when we reframe our choices as adventures.  The majority of self-help books may assist in inspiring you to make significant changes in your life. They might even detail precisely how to execute them. But then what? What happens when we get the sinking feeling that maybe we made the “wrong” choice? Or when those closest to us don’t understand or respect what we’re called to do. What if life is just fine and yet we feel called to change it anyway? Cut to Cait’s book and today’s episode, shedding light on these doubts and helping to embrace the discomfort that may show up, even when we’re moving in the right direction.  Resources mentioned:  Read The Year of Less: How I Stopped Shopping, Gave Away My Belongings, and Discovered Life Is Worth More Than Anything You Can Buy in a Store by Cait Flanders Read Adventures in Opting Out: A Field Guide to Leading an Intentional Life by Cait Flanders Follow Cait on Instagram Get on the early-bird waitlist for Grown-up Gap Year! (Early applications open through 8/2!) Join Tiffany’s free Radical Delight Kickstart! Follow Tiffany on Instagram! For detailed show notes head to www.tiffanyhan.com/blog/episode379


27 Jul 2021

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99: Cait Flanders on the Adventures in Opting Out

Mostly Money

Cait Flanders is back. Previously my guest on episode 63 in March of 2018, she is the author of Wall Street Journal bestseller, THE YEAR OF LESS. Described by Vogue magazine as “a fascinating look into a living experiment that we can all learn from,” it has been translated into 10 languages, and sold more than 190,000 copies.Her new book, ADVENTURES IN OPTING OUT, is a field guide to opting out of expectations, changing paths, and leading a more intentional life. Cait joins me again to talk about how her life has changed since writing her first best selling book, and explains what her newest book is all about.Instagram: @caitflandersWebsite: CaitFlanders.com


29 Jun 2021

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On Opting Out & Building Self-Trust with Cait Flanders


Making decisions that are right and true for ourselves can feel like a sticky, uncomfortable process. What does it actually look like to go through the emotional ups and downs of deciding to live life differently than anyone you know? Today’s guest, Cait Flanders, is here to share her experience. She is normalizing what it looks like to opt-out of traditional expectations and live a creative and intentional life. Cait Flanders is the author of Wall Street Journal bestseller, THE YEAR OF LESS. Described by Vogue as “a fascinating look into a living experiment that we can all learn from,” it has been translated into 10 languages, and sold more than 190,000 copies. Her new book, ADVENTURES IN OPTING OUT, is a field guide to opting out of expectations, changing paths, and leading a more intentional life. Powell’s Books says it, “offers a sturdy and flexible framework to navigate whatever path you are currently on.” In our conversation, Cait shares all about her experiences of opting out, growth and learning through experimentation, and working through the fear of trying something new. Whether you’re on the precipice of making a change or have walked this path many times before, Cait’s insightful stories will broaden your opting-out plans.Tune in to hear more about:Why it’s not so simple to choose differentlyHow to be less precious about your process, even though you don’t know where it will take youWhy a contemplation period before opting out can feel longer than you think it should (and why that’s totally normal!)The squirmy process of actively standing up for yourself and your decisions Navigating relationships as you opt in to the life you wantWhy you don’t need a “big picture” vision for your life to live more intentionallyAnd why you’re never too small (or young, or old, or alone, or whatever) to make big decisions for your own lifeLove Needy? Pretty please subscribe on Apple Podcasts or Spotify and leave a rating & review. Really love Needy? Join the Needy Podcast Inner Circle! Special treats, discounts, quarterly Q&As and more for a one-time or monthly donation of any amount. Exclusively for folks who love the Needy podcast. THANK YOU.


15 Jun 2021

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EP 083: How To Opt-Out of Expectations and Live a Life with Intention with Cait Flanders

Anxiety Reset Podcast

In this episode, Bestselling author of “The Year of Less” Cait chats to Georgie about her new book “Adventures in Opting Out”, all about “opting-out” and changing the course of your life. They discuss the drivers leading to change and living an intentional life, how to know when to make the decision and deal with the uncertainty. They also cover how the messiness and letting go can impact all areas of your life, for the better.  You can connect with Cait Flanders at @Caitflanders or on her website: https://caitflanders.com/ Join the waitlist for Reset Your Anxious Mind In 90 Days: https://forms.gle/toajcCWvZ7BYMnBW9 Loved this? Please share this episode on your Instagram stories and tag @georgiethenaturopath


10 Feb 2021

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EP: 100 Opting Out is Intentional Living with Cait Flanders

Soul Sister Conversations

About the Show:--Do people see you as “flaky” because you’re always changing paths or your mind? OR perhaps you’d like to change your mind and don’t yet have the courage to opt out of the things that you’re currently in.—Opting out is actually intentional living. It takes you closer to your most authentic life.—Cait Flanders, Best Selling Author of A YEAR OF LESS has is back to talk about recently released book #2 called ADVENTURES IN OPTING OUT: A field guide to intentional living. —We chat about all aspects of opting out: fear, mindset, getting lost, trusting people.—We also talk about:—✔️ The difference between opting out and quitting.✔️ How opting out relates to intentional living.✔️ What kind of MINDSET do you need to opt out of something.✔️ You are not flaky if you change your mind.✔️ Overcoming fear you can live your most authentic life✔️ It is hard to self-soothe without numbing.✔️ How to identify your own voice versus the inner critic.✔️ How to trust other people✔️ How do you know you are on the right path—About Cait Flanders:--Cait Flanders is a Canadian Author of two books: A Year of Less and The Adventures in Opting Out. --Connect with Cait Flanders:Website:  https://caitflanders.com/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/caitflanders/?hl=en

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17 Jan 2021