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Guest Speaker: Break Down The Wall (Jeremy Powers)

Decided Church

Join us this week for a stand alone sermon with a Guest Speaker, Jeremy Powers! Missed the live? Watch it HERE.--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/decided-church/support


24 Oct 2021

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E20: Jeremy Powers On Committing To Continual Improvement

Agency Freedom

In this episode of Agency Freedom Podcast, James talks with Jeremy Powers, the Founder of Powers Insurance Experts in South Carolina.Visit the Agency Freedom Podcast website to sign up for our email list and receive updates and resources directly in your inbox every Friday morning.

1hr 4mins

17 Sep 2021

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Agency Freedom: E20: Jeremy Powers On Committing To Continual Improvement

Agency Intelligence

In this episode of Agency Freedom Podcast, James talks with Jeremy Powers, the Founder of Powers Insurance Experts in South Carolina.Visit the Agency Freedom Podcast website to sign up for our email list and receive updates and resources directly in your inbox every Friday morning.

1hr 4mins

17 Sep 2021

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083: Jeremy Powers

The Executive’s Purpose

Have you ever talked with someone and thought, “Wow! I am excited for this persons future!” This is how I feel after talking with today’s guest, Jeremy Powers. He made a huge decision from jumping from a retail business to doing something on his own. This wasn’t easy, but he is thriving! His future is brighter than his past. He asks a few questions about business ownership, & what a new business owner should be thinking about. Listen to this episode to hear the answers to these questions! 


26 Jan 2021

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3.24 - Jeremy Powers

The Gravel Lot

Jeremy Powers is arguably the most successful US male cyclocross racer of the last decade, and after hanging up his pro racing shoes, he had a lot to figure out. This week he talks us through the transition, its' ups and downs, and what the future looks like for JPow. Visit The B Line Follow TGL today: Facebook - Instagram - Twitter Subscribe to The Gravel Lot on the Wide Angle Podium Network and become a member TODAY and get access to EXCLUSIVE bonus content. Be Free Ride Bikes: The best kit on the market, customized to YOUR specifications. Learn more about WORX Powertools: Use code "GEARUP" at checkout for 15% off Grimpeur Brothers Coffee: Purchase The Full Schleck or Hello Cyclocross Friends Espresso and support WAP today! Handup Gloves: Use code "PEBBLE$" for 20% off EVERYTHING in store. Noxgear: Use code "pebbles" for 35% off your order Watch Unknown Country TODAY: Jake Wells' journey to the Dirty Kanza XL Visit The Gravel Lot website for our latest podcast, Real Talk videos, Bonus Content, shop, social media, and everything in between. Learn more about Undertipper and download their latest album “Y’all” at: http://undertipper.bandcamp.com/

1hr 32mins

21 May 2020

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Episode 47: Jeremy Powers

Pack Chatter

As COVID-19 takes-over our lives, we get some time with cyclocross legend and GCN journalist, Jeremy Powers. We talk about Powers's personal situation in this tough time before digging into his transition from pro-racer to full-time journalist. 

1hr 3mins

19 Mar 2020

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#93 — Life after cyclocross w/ Jeremy Powers

Uncorked: The Podcast

Jeremy Powers, a highly decorated and recently retired cyclocross racer, sits down at the mic with Steph this week to talk life in his first year of retirement from professional sport. They riff on the transition out of professional racing, and how his values and priorities have shifted as he embarks on his new career. Jeremy was powerful in his yes’ and no’s as an athlete, through the lens of optimizing his performance. Listen in to hear how he prioritizes his life now to optimize his life experience.He reflects on why it felt like the right time to retire, the joy in having passions that aren’t connected to income, and his opinion on the future of women in sport. Show Links:A fav podcast: https://www.whoop.com/the-locker/podcast-23-jeremy-powers-cyclocross-national-champion/ https://audioboom.com/channels/5008985 https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/king-of-the-ride/e/55365159How I build this: https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/national-public-radio/how-i-built-this/e/51949855?autoplay=trueDinner with DJ AM: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DJ_AMIG to follow: https://www.instagram.com/kateplusfate/Ellen Noble: https://www.instagram.com/ellenlikesbikes/Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeremy_PowersJer on the 'gram: https://www.instagram.com/jpows/


12 Nov 2019

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Episode 152 | Jeremy Powers

Cyclocross Radio

Jeremy Powers returns for his first chat with Cyclocross Radio since hanging up the toe spikes for the final time. This was a great opportunity to look back at key moments in Powers' career and also to pick his brain on the future of American 'cross. This episode is sponsored by CXISBOSS. For the best deal on FMB tires and much more go to www.cxisboss.com.  Enter the code RADIO for 10 percent off your tire order. For the best deal in life insurance, go to healthiq.com/wap.  Sign up for Whoop and get 15% off using code CXHAIRS at www.whoop.com. Thanks as always for tuning in. If this is your first time listening, you can explore the rest of our episodes here. Cyclocross Radio is part of the Wide Angle Podium podcast network. Check out  www.wideanglepodium.com, listen to the shows, and consider becoming a member. Check out MTB Heat Check for the latest highlights and power rankings from North American cross country MTB at www.youtube.com/cxhairs. Please subscribe to Cyclocross Radio and all of the Wide Angle Podium shows on Apple Podcasts, if that’s how you consume podcasts. Also, rate and review on Apple Podcasts, even if it’s not the way you consume podcasts. To keep up to date, follow @cxhairs  on Instagram and Twitter. Have a question, comment, complaint or general inquiry? Hit us up at feedback@cxhairs.com And don't hesitate to call the helpline: 405-CXHAIRS. Need coffee? (Trick question, you do). Check out our partnership with Grimpeur Bros and the amazingly tasty Hello Cyclocross Friends! Espresso blend. You can get these flavorful and possibly magical beans here: https://www.grimpeurbros.com/products/hello-cyclocross-friends-wap-espresso

1hr 14mins

6 Aug 2019

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Jeremy Powers, 4-Time Cyclocross National Champion, talks retirement, gratitude, coming back from injuries, and how he made the most of his career despite never being the most talented rider.

WHOOP Podcast

Four-time cyclocross national champ Jeremy Powers discusses his recent retirement (3:28), what cyclocross is exactly (5:40), his path to becoming a pro (7:47), tracking nutrition (12:49), competing with a team vs as an individual (22:15), meditation (25:49), seeing a sports psychologist at the age of 17 (27:08), music as a training tool (28:44), "the momentum loop" of gratitude and positivity (34:14), battling back from a potentially fatal case of valley fever (35:49), how he discovered WHOOP (41:33), getting out of the red and into the green (44:23), sleep and recovery tips (47:37), who he's influenced and inspired by (58:34), and the Jam Fund he co-created to support aspiring young cyclists (103:34).Support the show (http://whoop.com)

1hr 8mins

15 May 2019

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4x National Champion Cyclist & Entrepreneur Jeremy Powers

Choose the Hard Way

Jeremy shares insights about: being a pioneer, drawing your own map, failing and getting up over and over again to forge a career, start a media company, chase a dream and inspire + enable others to do the same, at scale. ---- Jeremy Powers is a professional cyclist who has won over 90 UCI races, four U.S. National Championships and the 2015 Pan American Championship. He has also been a relentless champion of the discipline of cyclocross and has put huge chunks of his time and money into building the sport in the United States where it is rising in popularity, but still underground for the most part. In this episode, Jeremy takes us inside the mentality it takes to win, to face failure and to get up over and over again in the face of daunting financial, professional, interpersonal and health challenges. We touch on what he did to create a career path where there wasn’t one, become a champion and start-up a media company. Jeremy has mentored and developed some of the best talent competing in the sport through teams and organizations he created including Aspire Racing and the JAM fund. In 2010, Jeremy and Sam Smith created the groundbreaking online video series ‘Behind THE Barriers.’ The series followed Jeremy as he traveled to races across the U.S. and around the world and continues today as Behind the Barriers TV. This interview took place in 2017 just before Jeremy finished second at the national championships and it’s a deep dive into the toughest moments of his career. On YouTube, you can find him at Behind the Barriers TV and you can follow Jeremy on Insta @jpows, on Twitter @jeremypowers and on his website, www.jpows.com. If you enjoy this episode, please subscribe now, share with your friends and give us a 5-star review! Get The Hard Way newsletter and never miss a new episode. Find more at www.choosethehardway.com and reach out @vontz and @hardwaypod on Twitter or send an email to choosethehardway@gmail.com.  

1hr 1min

30 Jan 2019