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Episode 37. Elyse Kopecky 2 X NY Times Best Selling Author Experience & Food Philosophy

Voice In Sport

Elyse Kopecky, Author, Runner, and mom, spent her college cross country and track careers at UNC with Olympic marathoner Shalane Flanagan. This began their friendship and unanticipated journey toward co-authoring cookbooks; so far they’ve published “Run Fast. Eat Slow.” and “Run Fast. Cook Fast. Eat Slow,” and their third book “Rise and Run” is set to launch in October 2021. Elyse focuses on a proper diet, after not having a period for several years and having multiple bone injuries due to underfueling. After realizing the connection between diet and running health, Elyse enrolled in the Natural Gourmet Institute; she’s now an opponent of restrictive diets, supporting sustainable nourishment for runners. In this episode, Elyse shares her experience of not getting a natural period until age 30, going on birth control to force a period, getting many stress fractures in her running career and eventually changing her whole food philosophy. Now she’s sharing her knowledge about fueling with the rest of the world with her cookbooks. “Don't stress about the small moments because they'll all add up to big moments.” - Elyse Kopecky


9 Feb 2021

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I’ll Have Another Podcast Episode 33: Shalane Flanagan & Elyse Kopecky

I'll Have Another with Lindsey Hein Podcast

I’ll Have Another Podcast Episode 33: Shalane Flanagan & Elyse Kopecky Shalane Flanagan is an Olympic medalist, four-time Olympian, American record holder, and world-class marathoner. She finished second at the 2010 NYC marathon and ran the fastest time ever by an American woman at the 2014 Boston Marathon, completing the race in 2:22.02. At the 2014 Berlin Marathon, Shalane ran a personal best of 2:21.14, the second-fastest time ever by an American woman. Nike has sponsored Shalane since she graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2004. She has been running at an elite level for 16 years and typically runs 100-plus miles a week. She attributes her ability to sustain this level of training to her nutrient-dense diet. Focusing on fueling for health and performance is an integral part of her training regimen. Shalane has been featured on the cover of Runner’s World, Women’s Running, Running Times, Competitor Magazine, and Track and Field News. She has appeared on 60 Minutes, ESPN Outside the Lines, and Oprah. Her inspiring story has also been heralded in Women’s Health, Shape, USA Today, the Boston Globe, and the New York Times. Shalane speaks passionately about the importance of healthy eating at running events across the country. Shalane lives and trains in Portland, Oregon. Elyse Kopecky is a chef, food writer, nutrition educator, runner, and proud mother. Her friendship with Shalane began 16 years ago on the cross-country team at the University of North Carolina. After graduation, both moved to Portland, Oregon, to work for Nike—Shalane as a professional runner, and Elyse as a digital marketing producer. Elyse’s career took her abroad, where she took cooking classes throughout Europe, Africa, and Asia. Armed with amazing recipes from around the world, Elyse began cooking to fuel her athletic endeavors. She discovered that by incorporating more fats into her diet, she was stronger, healthier, and happier than ever before. She quit a successful marketing career of 10 years for the chance to help others eat right and moved to New York City to study at the Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts. Once back in Portland, Elyse reunited with Shalane over a home-cooked meal, and their conversation quickly shifted toward the detrimental fad diets pushed on female athletes. Elyse’s infectious enthusiasm for teaching other women the importance of “indulgent nourishment” inspired Shalane. That night, the idea for Run Fast Eat Slow was born between two friends with a shared passion to educate and coach athletes to nourish themselves for the long run. Elyse can be found at IndulgentNourishment.com and on the trails in Bend, Oregon. (Cited from Run Fast Eat Slow Website) In this episode, we talk about Elyse and Shalane’s new cook book Run Fast, Eat Slow. We also talk about some important, fun moments in Shalane’s professional career such as the Olympic Trials, Rio and Boston 2014. Show Notes: Run Fast Eat Slow Gem Nut Butters – Use code “Run Fast Eat Slow” and get $10 off Boneyard Beer Show Dog – Phil Knight Bullet Journal Stranger Things Follow Shalane: Shalane on Instagram Shalane on Twitter Shalane on Facebook Follow Elyse:  Elyse on Instagram Elyse on Twitter Sponsor:  MHS Indiana Ambetter from MHS is more than just a health insurance company. Helping you and your family stay healthy is their top priority. They care about you as members — but also as people. Each year, Ambetter from MHS takes part in community health events throughout Indiana. And one of those is the annual Drumstick Dash. This year, Ambetter from MHS is partnering with the Drumstick Dash to help you stay healthy … and help those in need. The Drumstick Dash is the second-largest running event in Indiana, and it kicks off Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 24 at 9 a.m. in Broad Ripple in front of Broad Ripple High School. Register for the Drumstick Dash Sponsor:  Prep Dish They plan the meals — you savor them. They are with you every step of the way with real food, stress-free weekly menus that truly hit the spot. Here’s how it works: Prep Dish thoughtfully crafts a week’s worth of gluten-free and paleo meals that feature seasonal ingredients to make the most of your budget, save you time and surprise your taste buds. Along with a weekly menu, you’ll get a printable grocery list and instructions for prep day — just 2 hours of preparation yields scrumptious, good-for-you dishes all week long. FRIENDS- Allison, the chef at Prep Dish is offering listeners of I’ll Have Another a FREE two week trial! Just use the link below and use promo code “ANOTHER” (all caps) for your trial. There’s no reason not to try it out! 2-Week Free Trial for I’ll Have Another Listeners! Send me a tweet and let us and let us know how you’re loving it if you do try it out –@LindseyHein and @PrepDish The post I’ll Have Another Podcast Episode 33: Shalane Flanagan & Elyse Kopecky appeared first on Lindsey Hein.

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14 Oct 2016

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Episode 11| Shalane Flanagan and Elyse Kopecky NY Times Best Seller "Run Fast, Eat Slow"

Radically Loved with Rosie Acosta

From world-class marathoner and 4-time Olympian Shalane Flanagan and chef Elyse Kopecky comes a whole foods, flavor-forward cookbook―and New York Times bestseller―that proves food can be indulgent and nourishing at the same time. Finally here's a cookbook for runners that shows fat is essential for flavor and performance and that counting calories, obsessing over protein, and restrictive dieting does more harm than good. Packed with more than 100 recipes for every part of your day, mind-blowing nutritional wisdom, and inspiring stories from two fitness-crazed women that became fast friends over 15 years ago, Run Fast Eat Slow has all the bases covered. You'll find no shortage of delicious meals, satisfying snacks, thirst-quenching drinks, and wholesome treats―all made without refined sugar and flour. Two of my favorite girls! Loved spending some time with them! I hope you all enjoy this podcast!


26 Sep 2016

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#227: Run Fast. Eat Slow: A Chat with Cookbook Co-Author Elyse Kopecky

Another Mother Runner

Sarah and co-host Ellison Weist chew the (healthy) fat with Elyse Kopecky, co-author of the just-released cookbook entitled RUN FAST. EAT SLOW. Nourishing Recipes for Athletes. (Alas, Elyse’s co-author, three-time Olympian Shalane Flanagan, was unable to be on program.) Learn how the seed for the book was first planted at a home-cooked meal at Shalane’s house. Elyse talks about the importance of listening to your body when making food choices, then explains how the underlying premise of all the recipes in the book is “indulgent nourishment.” Hear the definition of “hangry” and how runners can combat this all-consuming sensation. A discussion about the importance of eating healthy fats quickly veers into TMI territory, with Elyse admitting why she didn’t have a natural period until almost her third decade. Finally, delight in the health benefits (health benefits!) of microbrew beers. Cheers! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


16 Sep 2016

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Shalane Flanagan & Elyse Kopecky: How To Run Fast, Eat Slow And Love The Journey

The Rich Roll Podcast

“In the midst of an ordinary training day, I try to remind myself that I am preparing for the extraordinary.”Shalane FlanaganThere are people that run.There are others who run fast.But few people on Earth run like the remarkable Shalane Flanagan. Over the course of her distinguished 16-year professional career, Shalane has made 4 consecutive Olympic teams, won an Olympic medal and set a variety of American records across a wide array of distances on both the track and the road.To put her excellence in perspective, consider this: in 2010, she finished second at the prestigious New York City marathon — her very first 26.2 ever — clocking the best finish by an American female at that race in 20 years. She's also run the fastest time ever by an American woman at the Boston Marathon and in 2014 set her personal best in Berlin with a blazing 2:21.14, the second-fastest time ever by an American woman.But what’s truly unique about this assassin in compression socks is the extraordinary extent to which Shalane has distinguished herself across a multitude of distances & disciplines. On dirt, she's won collegiate national championships in cross-country. On the track, she's set American records at both the 3000 & 5000 meter distances. And on the road she's broken American records in both 10K & 15K and achieved two Olympic marathon berths, including her recent 6th place showing in Rio.Beyond her extraordinary accomplishments and amidst all her obligations as the world's greatest running polymorph, Shalane finds herself today embarking on a new chapter — as a foster parent to twin teenage girls along with her husband Steve Edwards (a badass runner in his own right). And yet somehow, she still mustered the time to write a cookbook with her lifelong friend Elyse Kopecky – a former college cross-country teammate who left a career in digital marketing at Nike to become a chef, food writer, nutrition educator, and mom after studying culinary arts in New York and abroad.The result of Shalane and Elyse's beautiful collaborative partnership is the newly minted New York Times' bestselling Run Fast Eat Slow*. Part culinary primer and part lifestyle manifesto, it's a beautiful whole foods, flavor-forward cookbook packed with nourishing and delicious recipes, nutritional wisdom and inspiring stories from two accomplished women you can't help but love. Women who believe and prove that you can be healthy and perform at your peak without counting calories, obsessing over protein, or restricting yourself to diets that do more harm than good.As a quick aside to all my fellow passionate vegan friends (I love you), a disclaimer: Run Fast Eat Slow is not a 100% plant-based cookbook. Notwithstanding, the cookbook does contain plenty of great plant-based dishes as well as heaps of wisdom relative to cultivating a more conscious and deliberate relationship with the food we source, prepare and consume — subjects I think we can all get behind, irrespective of specific dietary preferences.In this conversation, Shalane and Elyse impart loads of practical, experience-based advice, including: Shalane’s specific training protocols, race day rituals, fueling strategies (her take on supplements might surprise you), recovery routines, mindset tactics and some of the common mistakes most runners make.More specifically, See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

12 Sep 2016