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63 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Mark Fisher. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Mark Fisher, often where they are interviewed.

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63 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Mark Fisher. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Mark Fisher, often where they are interviewed.

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Michael Keeler & Mark Fisher: Closing Down One Gym, Marketing & Business Partnerships

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In today's episode, Stuart welcomes Mark Fisher and Michael Keeler for the first time together. They discuss the closure of one of their gym locations, how they came to make that decision and how they've dealt with it, building awareness in your marketing, sending direct messages to followers on social media and then finish off discussing what you should look for in a business partner. Mark and Michael run Mark Fisher Fitness, a gym in New York City and Business for Unicorns, a business that helps people become great leaders through mentorship and in-person and online courses.


  • [02.34] - Mark updates us about what's been happening with Mark Fisher Fitness.
  • [05.08] - How they went about closing one of their gym locations.
  • [08.47] - How they have emotionally processed closing down one of their gyms.
  • [18.04] - Has having to close their Bowery location changed their perspective on owning more than one gym?
  • [20.36] - What they would say to a gym owner who is thinking they may have to close their doors?
  • [25.47] - Understanding how to build awareness when marketing your services or products.
  • [29.10] - Utilising social media direct messaging to get more leads.
  • [35.00] - What you should look for in a business partner.
  • [43.38] - A red flag you should look out for in your business partnerships.
  • [47.00] - Why having different interests and skillsets is an important part of why they function together so well.

Find Out More About Mark and Michael:

Find Out More About LTB:

Sep 07 2020 · 56mins
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Mark Fisher: The Good Anxiety & Motivational Hot-Tub Psychology

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Mark Fisher is an international speaker, consultant, and entrepreneur.

Mark and his “non-sexual life partner” Michael Keeler founded Business for Unicorns in 2016 and have since worked with clients like Sony Music, Sylvan Learning, Novus Surgical, and the ACLU, as well as many of the leading fitness studios across the US, the UK, and Australia. He is also a proud alumni speaker of TEDx Broadway.

In addition to consulting and teaching through Business for Unicorns, Mark is the co-founder of Mark Fisher Fitness, one of the most successful gyms in the history of the fitness industry. MFF was recognized as #312 on the 2015 Inc. 500 fastest growing companies in America, as well as one of Men's Health's "Top 20 Gyms in America."

Beth Clayton (your host) is a soul-based life coach and TEDx speaker who loves to help open-hearted people break free from their own self-sabotage, outdated thought patterns, and past pain so they can deepen their relationship with their own soul’s intuition, speak their truth courageously and fulfill their most authentic desires. She knows that creating in our external world is all about going deeper into our internal world and finding our own liberation. She is the creator of multiple group programs, retreats, and transformational workshops, leading hundreds of truth-seekers toward finding freedom and ease in their relationship with themselves, empowerment in their lives, and the ability to take powerful and consistent action toward their dreams.

In this episode, we dive into:

  • Mark’s journey from body insecurity and unworthiness to owning one of the fastest-growing companies and top gyms in America
  • Why it’s totally okay that Mark hates working out and loves building a fitness empire
  • The struggle of gaining our own internal permission to follow our dreams, and getting okay with disappointing people who invested in other dreams
  • The importance of motivational hot-tub psychology and why it can bring forth a massive group transformation
  • The importance of honoring our shadows instead of projecting them
  • Mark’s personal gremlins around fear of breaking others expectations or disappointment, and how he has had started to transcend them
  • How Mark gets excited about obstacles and difficulties in his own journey
  • Why anxiety and urgency can be a really good thing
  • Why it is crucial to develop a healthy relationship with your own mortality, death, and temporal nature

Resources/People Mentioned:

Anahita Joon

Lisa Fabrega

Mark Fisher Fitness

Snatched in Six Weeks Online

Business for Unicorns

Michael Keeler

You can find Mark at:

Website: https://www.markfisherhumanbeing.com/

MFF Website: https://markfisherfitness.com/

BFU Website: https://www.businessforunicorns.com/

Instagram: @mfisherfitness

MFF Instagram: @mffclubhouse

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mark.fisher.9619

Twitter: @mfisherfitness

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mark-fisher-57b42440/

You can find Beth at:

@bethclaytoncoach on Instagram


Grab your free e-book, “The Secrets in Your Sabotage” at www.soulbodylife.com/free-stuff


Sep 02 2020 · 1hr 8mins

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19: Mark Fisher

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Kenton Cool is joined by award-winning photographer and international mountain guide Mark Fisher for a Cool Conversation!

Aug 06 2020 · 1hr 10mins
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Mark Fisher and Poscapitalist Desire: Reading "Egress: On Mourning, Melancholy, and Mark Fisher" with Matt Colquhoun (Part 1)

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Author and photographer Matt Colquhoun joins the podcast to discuss the elegiac biography and personal memoir Egress: On Mourning, Melancholy, and Mark Fisher (Repeater Books). As we discuss the book, we revisit Mark Fisher's concept of postcapitalist desire and develop a broader discussion of Fisher's life and work. We then consider possible trajectories for what would have been Fisher's 'acid communism', the concept behind his famed incomplete manifesto. Also, we hit upon the work of Bataille, Blanchot, Deleuze & Guattari, Kant, Freud, Ray Brassier, Nick Land, and others. Learn more about Matt and his work at xenogothic.com.

Jul 03 2020 · 1hr 7mins

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Mark Fisher on all things Time Management, Goal Setting & Being the Fitness Industries' Original Unicorn

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In this episode, we have Mark Fisher of Mark Fisher Fitness, New York joining us on the podcast. This was recorded during Week 2 of Lockdown as a Guest Webinar for our Gym Members. Mark is a world-renowned speaker in the Fitness Industry and we cover his tips on - Time Management, Coping with Lockdown, How he started Mark Fisher Fitness, Goal Setting and his passion for Learning. Dan spent a lot of time working with Mark on his Business Consultancy Program 'Business For Unicorns', visited both MFF Gyms in New York amongst others and brought those ideas back to Inverness.

May 21 2020 · 57mins
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Cardiologist, Dr. Mark Fisher - Cardiovascular Health During a Pandemic

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On this week’s episode Dr. T and Lisa host Cardiologist, Dr. Mark Fisher, to discuss the importance of staying in touch with our cardiovascular health during the COVID-19 era. Pandemic or not, we’ve only got one heart.

May 07 2020 · 30mins
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EP105: How To Learn For Success, The Unicorn Approach To Overcoming Challenging Times and Leadership Lessons w/ Mark Fisher

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Vigor Life Podcast · EP105: How to Learn for Success, the Unicorn Approach and Overcoming Challenges w/ Mark Fisher
Mark Fisher is one of my favorite humans, a close friend, and the co-owner and Ninja Master of Mark Fisher Fitness; is one of the most successful gyms in the history of the fitness industry. Within its first five years, MFF grew from a single personal trainer to a staff of over 35, more than 800 members, and its own studio in midtown Manhattan. Earning it a spot in on the prestigious Inc. 500 list of fastest growing companies in America in 2015. With a reputation as the fitness home of choice for the Broadway community, MFF has been featured in Forbes, The New York Times, New York Post, The Wall St. Journal, NY1, and more. Living by their mantra, “ridiculous humans, serious fitness,” MFF provides progressive training and nutrition protocols in a delivery system of subversive humor, fantastical imagery, and outrageous antics.
Mark and I tend to have these conversations frequently, so it was great to record a podcast with him. In this episode we discuss the challenging times, the science behind overcoming adversity, how to lead people and teams through this and stand the test of time. We also dive deep into how to learn for success. This is a must listen to matter what industry you work in.
Let's go.
What's valuable right now during this emotional time - the two things that are key and the fine line between them.
Why we don’t want to be emotionless, because emotions help us make decisions, but also have to understand that emotions are flawed. We discuss how to navigate them.
Practical coaching examples for how to help a person who is stuck in ruminating, verses someone not processing and burying their emotions.
How to bring healing to yourself by being a light to others; action, service, and giving creates a positive feedback loop.
Why there is no successful repression, it’s going to show up somewhere, which is why we must deal with it. Working it out is not enough!
Why asking the hard questions is the only way to start working on dealing with adversity and what you should be asking yourself.
What we’re learning, changing our minds on and where we’re finding meaning during these times.
What Mark thinks about visioning, goal setting, and writing out what you’re going to achieve.
Productivity, developing skill-sets for the future and wrestling with what matters most when it comes to work.
Why THIS is the time you must be brutally honest about what you want in every area of your life (and what you have to keep, add, and let go).
An unusual tip and exercise that may seem counterintuitive but will create breakthroughs for you.
What “Tomorrowland” is and how it can help you envision the life and business you want to create then reverse engineer it by looking backwards.
Our thoughts about the law of attraction and is it really B.S?
How Mark and I brainwashed ourselves from books, courses, mentors, and collected role models in the areas of our life we wanted to grow.
Can a book really mentor you? Our thoughts around getting the most out of reading and learning how to learn.
And so much more.
Mark Fisher Fitness: www.MarkFisherFitness.comMark Fisher Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/markfisherhumanbeing/Business For Unicorns: www.BusinessForUnicorns.comVigor Life Podcast (iTunes): https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/vigor-life-podcast/id1180256583?mt=2Luka Hocevar YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ29YcBh-g6onRujX3wD_XA?view_as=subscriberLuka Hocevar Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lukahocevar
Thanks so much for joining me this week. Have some feedback that you’d like to share? Leave me a review on iTunes.
May 04 2020 · 1hr 3mins
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Creating Structure in Chaos - Mark Fisher

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In this episode, I have Mark Fisher as a guest. Contrary to what we normally do in discussing the future of fitness, this episode will discuss the importance of routines and structures that allow you to get the most out of your day and life. 

Mark is the “Ninja master” and co-CEO of Mark Fisher Fitness, a gym he describes as offering serious fitness for ridiculous humans! They help people who normally hate the gym, find a fitness place they actually love. 

How are you personally dealing with the lockdown? (02:41)

  • Mark says he is actually doing pretty good, and the lockdown has made him realize how easy it is for him to do his own thing. He loves people, but he’s quite self-directed and can thrive on his own all day long.
  • The opportunity to work on products alone, with the occasional meeting, is something that appeals to him. 
  • However, he is also worried about what the next 12 months will hold, in terms of social restrictions set by the government, or even by social culture.
  • It won’t be like flipping a switch and going back to normal. New York is a real estate game, and the main consideration is can you make enough money in that real estate market to cover fixed costs and make a meaningful profit. 
  • Pay attention to events in the macroeconomic environment, because the downwind thereof will hit everyone. He thinks NY will deal with more psychological and emotional obstacles than a lot of other places but stresses the fact that in the long run, we will all be fine. 

What are you doing during this time, perhaps reading more? (06:35)

  • Mark says he likes working on products. One of the things he teaches is time management, so he likes creating a structure; being diligent and conscientious and just getting things done. 
  • Most of his days are spent around a routine; getting up around 06:30, spending 20 minutes meditating, and 30 to 45 minutes reading while drinking his green formula and his morning coffee. 
  • He completes his more intense tasks like writing an email, landing pages, marketing content, or working on presentations early in the morning. He does these in 30-minute blocks, and on a good day, he completes up to 5 30 minute blocks. 
  • After checking emails and social media, he does a quick workout, followed by a late lunch and another meditation session, and then starts the second part of his day where he mostly does meetings. 
  • The final part of his day starts around 17:30 to 18:30, where he spends 60 to 90 minutes crossing off the easier tasks like paperwork and clearing his inbox. Around 18:00 to 20:00 he has completed his cycle and spends the evening with his wife and their dog.

Explain your statement that you have to create a challenging game that will allow you to move forward with momentum? (17:24)

  • Mark says this is broadly about how the day gets scheduled. He likes to say that to-do lists that don’t exist in time are a recipe for being miserable, sad, and crazy. 
  • You have to capture the inputs, either using a notebook, Google docs, or any resource that will allow you to capture all the things that need to be done. 
  • You have responsibilities towards your personal life, work assignments, client-related tasks, and just an abundance of things to remember. Not writing these things down will make your life very, very challenging. 
  • But then, you also have to analyze and organize these lists; if you have a bunch of never-ending to-do lists, you will never have the satisfaction of a game you can win, and there will never be a sense of accomplishment. 

What is your unique ability, that fires you up and makes you feel like you do better than most people? (23:21)

  • Mark says the ability to be meticulous with his time is a great asset. Discipline is something a lot of people struggle with, and he feels it’s a blessing to be disciplined. 
  • Another factor for him is that he loves learning, and believes he is a quick study; he is able to find the frameworks and put them into action in a short time. 
  • His third “superpower” is that he loves teaching; anything that has to do with mentoring and developing skills. 
  • Something he’s really been digging into is adult learning, or training the trainer as it’s called in corporate circles. This boils down to training a team to do things very consistently and using the best learning practices for their task. 

Given the uniqueness of our current situation, what books are you revisiting right now? (27:12)

  • Mark says he has mainly been revisiting books lately because he is just not enthused by new books at the moment. 
  • He says its probably a phase, but he has no interest in business books. Among the topics, he’s interested in are psychology, hard science, and philosophy.
  • He recently revisited Man’s Search For Meaning, Sapiens, and Antifragile. 
  • Among these books, he is also reading How Not To Be Wrong, which is known as Bill Gates’ top 10 books. 
  • For the time being, he is enjoying books that are denser of nature. 


Connect with Mark on LinkedIn

Visit Mark Fisher Fitness Website

Apr 29 2020 · 40mins
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Episode 073 - Mark Fisher: The Future of Fitness Following COVID-19

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The brick and mortar fitness industry – gyms, group fitness classes, Crossfit facilities and big box fitness companies – are all reeling because of social distancing and business restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many are trying to do their best by offering virtual classes through video-conferencing applications and social media. But the long-term impacts of such restrictions on businesses will forever change the industry.

We are fortunate to have Mark Fisher – co-owner of Mark Fisher Fitness based in New York City – on board for Episode 073 to give us his impressions of the current situation and how he is working hard to prepare for every potential scenario moving forward with his business. Whether it is a gradual, phased approach to returning to full operation and/or a continuation of virtual training as part of the return to normalcy, Mark gives his personal and professional impressions of how we can deal with all of the challenges, while maintaining a positive attitude and bolstering our mental health.

Mark Fisher is the co-owner and Ninja Master of Mark Fisher Fitness, one of the most successful gyms in the history of the fitness industry. Within its first five years, MFF grew from a single personal trainer to a staff of over 35, more than 800 members, and its own studio in midtown Manhattan, earning it a spot in on the prestigious Inc. 500 list of fastest growing companies in America in 2015. With a reputation as the fitness home of choice for the Broadway community, MFF has been featured in Forbes, The New York Times, New York Post, The Wall St. Journal, NY1, and more. Living their mantra of “ridiculous humans, serious fitness,” MFF provides progressive training and nutrition protocols in a delivery system of subversive humor, fantastical imagery, and outrageous antics.

You can find out more information on Mark via the following links:

Website: https://markfisherfitness.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/markfisherhumanbeing/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/markfisherfitness/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mfisherfitness
The D&D Fitness Radio podcast is available at the following locations for downloadable audio, including:
iTunes – https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/d-d-fitness-radio-podcast/id1331724217

iHeart Radio – https://www.iheart.com/podcast/dd-fitness-radio-28797988/


You can reach both Don and Derek at the following locations:

Don Saladino:
Twitter and Instagram - @DonSaladino
YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/donsaladino

Derek M. Hansen: http://www.SprintCoach.com
Twitter and Instagram - @DerekMHansen
YouTube - http://youtube.com/derekmhansen
Apr 24 2020 · 39mins
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Mark Fisher and Chad Landers EP 132: Surviving The Apocalypse

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ep 132


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Apr 02 2020 · 59mins