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9 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Larry Bates. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Larry Bates, often where they are interviewed.

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9 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Larry Bates. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Larry Bates, often where they are interviewed.

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Fees, fees, and more fees - Beat the Bank with Larry Bates

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Founder of Vanguard John C. Bogle said "The miracle of compounding returns is overwhelmed by the tyranny of compounding costs" because he understood the disastrous effects of fees on your investment portfolio. My guest Mr. Larry Bates agrees with him and also shares his thoughts about investing in Canada, especially for Healthcare Professionals.

Nov 08 2020 · 32mins
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223 What the Banks Don't Want You to Know About Investing - Larry Bates, Author of Beat the Bank

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Having spent 35 years in the investment business in both Toronto and London, Larry Bates knows a thing or two about how the banks operate and how to be a savvy investor. Which is what inspired him to write his book Beat the Bank, which is all about how to beat the bank at their own game…namely getting rich off you, not helping you get rich!

In his book, Larry provides insight into how the investment industry in Canada works, and how best to achieve higher returns through the use of better investment products. In other words, it’s time to stop investing in high-fee actively-managed mutual funds from the bank in favour of index funds or index-ETFs using a robo-advisor or self-directed investing using a discount brokerage.

Seeing as this podcast is in its 10th season, I’ve interviewed hundreds of authors and money experts on this show, but I’ve gotta say, if you’re Canadian and you’re looking for a good intro to investing book, this is it! This is my new go-to recommendation (in addition to my other favourites like Millionaire Teacher by Andrew Hallam, Wealthing Like Rabbits by Robert Brown, and The Value of Simple by John Robertson). If you want to start your investing journey and want a non-dry book on investing in Canada, you need to grab this book. You will not be disappointed!

Also, don’t forget, I’m giving away a copy of his book! To enter to win you just have to visit jessicamoorhouse.com/contests.

For full episode show notes, visit https://jessicamoorhouse.com/223

Jan 22 2020 · 48mins

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Thought Crime Episode 11-Larry Bates and the End of the World Scam

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Larry Bates preyed on older Christians by fearmongering and deceit. His gold and silver scam swindled thousands of retirees out of their life savings in the name of Jesus.


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Nov 25 2019 · 24mins
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Beat The Bank: Understanding How Investment Fees Work, with Larry Bates

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It might be hard to believe, but many Canadian investors lose more than 50% of their return to fees. Are you one of them?

My guest this week is Larry Bates, a former bank executive and author of the book, Beat the Bank: The Canadian Guide To Simply Successful Investing. Larry joins us to discuss why Canadians are losing so much money to investment fees, and what we can do about it.

You can find the show notes for this episode at https://maplemoney.com/larrybates

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Oct 23 2019 · 29mins

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74 - Larry Bates

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Larry Bates want you to Beat The Bank.

That’s the title of his new book and it’s all about challenging the status quo of Canadians paying the highest investment fees in the world and believing that the financial industry has their best interests at heart.

You see Larry spent his whole career on the business side of the banking and investment worlds. One day he was sitting up in his ivory tower and a phone call from his sister changed everything.

That’s when he decided to use his knowledge about the financial industry to become an advocate for Canadian investors. Larry is all about transparency and making sure you don’t pay high investment fees and he proves in his book that you don’t need to be an expert to be an investor. You just need to know the basics.

Larry joined me in the studio in Hamilton, to share his personal finance story.


75 - Recap of Episodes 1-74

Mar 21 2019 · 46mins
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How to Beat the Bank with Larry Bates (by cutting fees and portfolio optimization)

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Today we have author and Canadian investor, Larry Bates on the show. Larry is the author of the book “Beat the Bank”, where you shows (specifically for Canadians), how you can build a larger retirement nest egg by switching from high-cost mutual funds to more efficient, low-cost investment products. He also explains how you can do it in just a couple of hours per year.

He talks about some of the secrets in the investment industry that many Canadians don’t know about, he decodes some of the mystery that is prevalent around investing here in Canada, and he provides a simple, step-by-step guide to investing. Just like me, he believes that you don't need to be an expert to start investing successfully...you just need to know the basics.

Larry is a former banker turned investor advocate. He spent 35 years in banking, has since retired from that, and now spends his time increasing financial literacy for Canadians, specifically in the area of investing.

Book Giveaway!

To kick things off on a good note for 2019, I’ve arranged a book giveaway with Larry where you can enter for free for a chance to win one of 3 signed copies of Larry’s book. This is obviously for a limited time, the giveaway ends at the end of February 2019, so be sure to sign up now for a free chance to win.

To enter the giveaway, just go to buildwealthcanada.ca/beatthebank

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Lastly, don’t forget to claim your free 1-year digital subscription to Canadian MoneySaver Magazine (Canada’s largest personal finance and investing magazine).

The magazine features Canada’s top experts on personal finance and investing, and is a great place to learn best practices, and stay up to date on changes that will impact your investments and financial situation for years to come, specifically here in Canada.

To get that, all you have to do is open up a free savings account with my favourite bank (and the bank that I personally use, EQ bank).

The reason that I personally use EQ bank, is that they have one of the highest interest savings rates in Canada. In fact, over all the years that I’ve been with them, I’ve seen them consistently be almost double the interest rate compared to other online banks, and well over double the interest rate compared to the major brick and mortar banks that we have here in Canada.  

Plus it’s free to sign up and keep an account with them, so you’re not paying a monthly fee as you do with many of the other banks out there. As a bonus you also get 5 free Interac e-transfers every month!

Because of those reasons, I’ve been with them ever since they launched in Canada years ago, and it’s where I keep my entire emergency fund and spending money.

To get the free account and a 1 year free subscription to Canadian MoneySaver magazine, just go to buildwealthcanada.ca/eq, open the free account, and once you’re done, forward any email that you get from EQ to bonus@buildwealthcanada.ca and I’ll send you a coupon code that gets you a free one year subscription to the magazine.

Enjoy, thanks for supporting the show, and now let’s get into the episode.

Questions Asked During the Interview:

  1. Tell us your story and what your new book is about?
  2. What inspired you to write the book?
  3. Now that you’re retired, what do you personally hold in your portfolio? 
  4. Let’s talk about doing passive index investing through ETFs vs selecting individual stocks. What do you see as the pros and cons of these approaches and what do you personally do?
  5. When it comes to evaluating individual stocks, a common concern that investors have is what if the stock they are considering is overvalued, and they end up overpaying for it. What precautions, due diligence and research do you personally do before investing in any particular stock?
  6. If you were instead doing a much earlier retirement, like in your 30s or 40s, how would you tweak that strategy?
  7. For the bond portion of your portfolio, what kind of bonds do you recommend? Long vs short term? Canadian vs international?
  8. What are your thoughts on the criticisms of the S&P TSX (i.e. The Canadian Index). For index investors, should we be adjusting our portfolio for the shortcomings of this index? (i.e. The sector concentration). Adjusting for this inherently adds complexity to our portfolio, so is it worth it?
  9. What are your thoughts on using bonds vs GICs vs a combination of the two, particularly for those in traditional retirement and early retirement?
  10. What are your thoughts on the 4 percent rule and safe withdraw rate for traditional retirement age retirees vs early retirees?
  11. Going back to your book, one of my favourite parts was how you broke down investment portfolio optimization to just 6 core areas to focus on. Can you talk about each of those?
  12. Where can we get your book, and how can we learn more about you and see more of your work?

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Jan 23 2019 · 1hr 12mins
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048 Larry Bates, after 35 years in banking he turns investor advocate

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Larry spent over 35 years in the investment banking business. At the end of his career, Larry became concerned with the fees the banking industry was charging regular Canadians, stripping away most of the gains they could have received from their investments.

After leaving the banking industry, Larry decided to become an investor advocate and help Canadian investors get better returns for their money, so he wrote the book "Beat The Bank."

Nov 19 2018 · 37mins
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EP 1055 Che Durena, Larry Bates, Lance Lambert

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How normalized will cannabis be in the future?

Live from the TweedInc studios
Brought to you by Vanbex

Comedian Che Durena, Author Larry Bates, Boveda Inc's Lance Lambert
Sep 30 2018 ·
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"DAY of RECKONING" How you should respond to the "New Economic Disorder" w/ Dr. Larry Bates

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ViewPoint Broadcast
Jan 10 2009 · 53mins