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Creative Investing and The Resource Triangle with Michael Glaspie II

Capital Stack with Derrick Reiner

My guest today is Michael Glaspie II.Mike is a Commercial Real Estate Broker in North Carolina. Mike attended the University of Houston— Downtown where he received his bachelor’s degree in business management and is currently pursuing a master’s in business administration from the University of North Carolina—Chapel Hill. He served ten years in the US Army, with a majority spent in Special Operations as a Green Beret. Since purchasing his first investment property in 2014, Mike switched his focus to creative investing. In less than three years, he completed several transactions in a variety of ways such as Subject-Tos, wholesales, flips, and buy and holds. Mike is the Co-Founder of Five Pillars Realty Group at eXp Realty and currently holds rental properties and short-term arbitrages in multiple states and cofounded an investment centric real estate team—all while serving full time in the military. Now as a veteran, Mike continues to practice real estate with a focus on educating other veterans on how to build the lifestyle they deserve through creative investing.To start the show, we discuss Mike’s background in the military and the mindset and attributes that have allowed him to realize success in his endeavors in both the military and within real estate. Next, we take a deeper dive into his initial investment experience, how he has positioned himself for success and using your knowledge and experience to build personal brand and credibility within your niche.Additional topics that we discuss include his podcast, The Military Cashflow Podcast, his book “The Elite Investor” – using the resource triangle - time, money and experience – to scale your endeavors, the benefits associated with a powerful network of like-minded professionals and removing toxic individuals from your life, the hotel industry and what his team looks for in the space.Links:Website: https://www.militarycashflow.com/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michael-glaspie-ii-1a0731136/Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZzOojHluUQFxrJOR9qrdGgSpotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/7juvhq5NLnQiTwDH4PKC2bBooks:The Elite InvestorTax Free WealthThe Compound Effect (Free with Audible Subscription!!)Rich Dad Poor DadRyno Capital Investments:www.rynocapitalinvestments.comderrick@rynocapitalinvestments.comLinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/derrickreiner/


25 Jan 2021

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#157 with Michael Glaspie: How to Scale to Buying Over 100 Rentals, Syndicating a Hotel, and Building a Brokerage for Investors

Millennial Millionaire Real Estate Podcast

In this episode, Jonathan Farber interviews Michael Glaspie on his path from accidentally househacking his first purchase through the VA home loan to buying over 100 rentals, syndicating a hotel, and building a brokerage catering to investors. Mike is a wholesaler and commercial real estate broker based in North Carolina. In this episode, we dive into topics like: reasons to start your own brokerage, getting your real estate license or not, creating hockey stick growth, and more! Top Takeaways: Why you should start your own brokerage over joining others - 9:15 - 10:30 To begin with, you can use your license to save yourself some fees on every deal On a larger scale, there are very few brokerages that specialize in investment property Doing it your way gives you the freedom to design your own model Should you get your license or should you stick with an agent - 11:00 - 12:45 The job of a real estate agent has strict protocols to follow Depending on your asset class, varying standards may apply to any work you do as an agent If almost all of your investments are personal, it probably makes more sense to find an agent What it takes to close over 130 deals in your first year - 13:00 - 15:15 Most of real estate is a sales game, even for buyers Sales don’t have to be pushy - think of yourself as a professional problem solver Business will find you if you go where the clients are and establish credibility How to bring value to Michael Glaspie: Check out his book on Amazon Resources: Book by Michael Glaspie: The Elite Investor Social Links: biggerpockets.com/users/MichaelG324 podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast michaelsglaspie.com linkedin.com/in/michael-glaspie @michael.s.glaspie Connect With Our Sponsor, MartelTurnkey: martelturnkey.com Schedule a Call info@martelturnkey.com Connect With The host, Jonathan Farber Here! jonjfarber@outlook.com LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jonathanfarber1/ Instagram: @jonjfarb Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jonathan.farber.9 Facebook Group: Real Estate Mentorship Mastermind https://www.facebook.com/groups/860025821084224/ BiggerPockets: https://www.biggerpockets.com/users/JonathanF29 Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCB8BJ8K5ILXdfOnsDWamVqw


18 Jan 2021

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Episode 11 - 48 Doors with Different Real Estate Properties in just 3 Years with Michael Glaspie

The FI Team Podcast

Working full time while investing in properties? You would think that you won’t have time for investing. Well, today’s guest can prove you wrong. Michael Glaspie has always been active in the military while doing real estate investing on the side. In just 3 years, he was able to replace his entire paycheck with his passive income! He also has a tremendously growing portfolio - owning 48 doors that are single-family homes, duplex, triplex, 5-plex, an 8-unit property, and more! Get inspired in this episode as he shares tips to work with investors, how his ultimate goals changed over time, and how he got to leverage his business in just 3 years. You’ll also know how focus, effort, and putting your mind into it can make the deal happen so don’t miss this episode! Key Takeaways His background and how he got into real estate investing Using his VA loans to house hack, wholesale, and do live-in flips Applying the rule of thumb to close deals On scaling his business through partnerships What to consider when partnering up with investors Equity vs. debt partnerships (and how he works with his partners) What the market looks like in his community The shift in his mindset in pursuing financial freedom Why the “platinum rule” is better than the “golden rule” Links Michael Glaspie Instagram Michael Glaspie LinkedIn Michael Glaspie Facebook Five Pillars Realty Group Website Military Cashflow Website Book Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz


9 Dec 2020

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98: AirBNB Arbitrage, Creative Financing, and Wholesale Lessons with Michael Glaspie

Millennial Real Estate Investor

Michael Glaspie had his humble beginnings in Texas. Having been born and raised there, he naturally went to college in-state and eventually joined the military. What was a means to pay the bills became a sort of passion for him, as he rose to become a member of the U.S. Army Special Forces, better known as the “Green Berets.” However, several years into his tenure, he started to question whether there was something more out there for him. Was service all that he was meant to do? Sure enough, Mike realized that in order to be able to do more with his life, he had to be able to financially support it. In enters real estate investing. Mike purchased his first duplex with less than $2,000 and inadvertently House Hacked without fully understanding what House Hacking even was. Along the way, Mike experimented with many different strategies and have come to accept rental income as his main vehicle for financial freedom. By having steady, passive cash flow every single month, Mike is able to supplement his once military income and build his portfolio to scale. Up to date, Mike is a real estate agent and looks to triple (yes, triple!) his investment portfolio within the next five years. He attributes this feat to the people he surrounds himself with, as well as his continued education because that’s what got him started in the first place. Our takeaways from our conversation with Mike: 1) “Subject-to”: Term is used when a property is acquired “subject-to” the existing financing. The mortgage remains with the same person (seller), but the title transfers over to the new owner, you (buyer). In Mike’s case, it works well with military members who have to sell a property with no equity (because military members usually move every 2-5 years). That way, they can maintain their credit score, not pay money out of pocket to sell their home, and have a pain-free solution to their relocation. 2) AirBNB Arbitrage: “A sexy way of saying a ‘sub-lease,’ which is a sexy way of saying ‘to rent out a rental.’ ” says Mike. His reasons for implementing this strategy are speed and profitably. In other words, to be able to invest quickly with less capital compared to other popular strategies with just as much, or more, return on investment (ROI). There is enough room for creativity in this strategy that other larger investments don’t necessarily allow because of the red tape involved.  While many landlords might not like this idea, there are many benefits to them as well. Some include being able to receive steady income for longer term leases, endure less wear and tear on the unit, and have the peace of mind that the unit is being kept in tip-top shape. 3) Three lessons Mike learned on his first wholesale deal: 1. Don’t be overconfident, always keep the other party’s best interest in mind. 2. Keep out of pocket costs to a minimum. 3. Start with the end in mind. During the early stages of Mike’s real estate career, like we mentioned, he tried many different things. One of which was wholesaling. While it sounded simple enough to him at the time, with hindsight, Mike admitted that he did not make the best decisions on that first deal. As a result, the deal fell apart resulting in lost capital for Mike and housing trouble for the seller. Although he learned his lesson, if he might’ve been a little more cautious, the deal could’ve actually went well. 4) Implement fail-safes. Being involved in short-terms rentals (AirBNB), Mike ensures that he and his team are prepared in case a push were to shove. But this goes for every investment strategy out there all across the board. Whether it be on lease agreements, purchase/sale contracts, or partnerships, just to name a few, have specific terms and agreements in place so that all parties are on the same page, all parties can weather out a storm if one were to arise, and all parties are not put in an uncomfortable or unfair situation during the deal or life of the investment. If Mike could go back and talk to his 16 year old self, he’d tell him, “Be patient and think about the results of your actions.” An unexpected benefit of real estate investing, Mike said, was the freedom it grants you. With this business, you can truly work for yourself and be self sufficient. A piece of advice Mike would tell his friends looking to get started in real estate would be to “Make the first deal… get started as fast as you can!” Mike recommends using Personal Capital to assist you in all of your financial and accounting needs. Mike recommends reading The Millionaire Real Estate Agent/Investor and The One Thing by Gary Keller, Jay Papasan, and Dave Jenks, as well as The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy. If you’d like to get in touch with Mike, visit: www.fivepillarsrealty.com or follow him on Instagram @michael.s.glaspie


26 Aug 2020

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#87 Niche Down and Build a Business That Builds Your Dream Life, with Michael Glaspie

Pursuing Freedom

Veteran Real Estate Agent: What You Will Learn: Michael’s journey into the real estate business What it means to be a true veteran real estate agent How Michael started his real estate career on active duty How Michael and his business partner developed a unique business model by niching down and focusing on military veterans The marketing strategy that has enabled Michael and his partner to get to $19M in volume How to build a brand that resonates Michael’s perspective on investing in different geographic markets How Michael expanded his reach to out of state investors A True Veteran Real Estate Agent At just thirty years old, Michael Glaspie is quite literally a veteran real estate agent. He is the co-founder of Five Pillars Realty Group, co-host of Military Cashflow, the author of an upcoming book, and he is a real estate investor with over forty doors! It has been an interesting journey for Michael so far. He got into real estate and niched down like no one else, and he adds immense value to all of his client relationships. On top of that, Michael is serving his fellow military veterans in the pursuit of time and financial freedom. Michael embodies everything Pursuing Freedom is about and he brings so much to the table in our discussion! “As a veteran real estate agent, I wanted to build a brand that attracts the right audience and the right clientele.” Niche Down with Your Investment Strategy Michael ended his career with the military in January of 2020, but he was already a veteran real estate agent because most of the accomplishments listed above were made while Michael was on active duty. He realized that if he could use his military problem-solving skills in real estate, the sky was the limit. As time went on, Michael met his business partner (who is also a veteran) and they built an agency of like-minded veterans who understood how to navigate all of the problems they had investing in real estate on active duty. By finding a specific niche and catering to a specific demographic, Michael and his team were creating repeat customers left and right! Build a Brand That Resonates A veteran real estate agent knows how to adjust his or her investment strategy, so it doesn’t matter what market you’re in—if you can find an investor-client, you can service a repeat customer. But getting to $19M in volume requires more than a great business model. From a marketing standpoint, Michael and his partner built the Five Pillars brand around the idea that they are an investment-centric team. Every agent has been in the military or affiliated with the military, with a background in investing or intent to invest. All of their communications and messaging circles back to the notion that they’re in business to cater to the investor, and by niching down, Michael has seen immense growth since he first started in this business! Photo by Jonathan Meyer from Pexels About Michael Glaspie Michael Glaspie has spent the majority of his military career as a trainer and consultant in some capacity. He is currently working on his MBA at UNC-Chapel Hill to further refine his business acumen with the intent to develop his ability to help entrepreneurs and investors think creatively and strategically. Easy to guess, his favorite TV show (when he actually watches TV) is Shark Tank. And his favorite movie, yep..you guessed it…Beverly Hills Ninja with Chris Farley. If you haven’t seen it….you are very welcome. How to Connect with Michael Glaspie: Website: https://www.fivepillarsrealty.com/ Facebook: @Mike G II https://www.facebook.com/fivepillarsrealtygroupatexprealty/ Instagram: @michael.s.glaspie https://www.instagram.com/fivepillarsrealtygroup/ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBd5zYMOrRiDFG-kYdV6tVA?view_as=subscriber Podcast: Military Cashflow Additional Resources 5-Step Guide to More Referrals


10 Apr 2020

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JF2041: Wholesale Fail to Rental Success With Michael Glaspie

Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever

Michael served in the US Army Special Operations and is a commercial real estate broker who also invests in real estate holding over 35 rental properties, with over $1.5M assets under management. He started out house hacking his first property and gradually went into wholesaling where he actually lost money. This lesson helped him grow and pivot into focusing more on rental properties which led to him getting his license and partnering with a realtor. Michael Glaspie Real Estate Background: Commercial Real Estate Broker, served in the US Army Special Operations Invests in real estate for himself too, holding over 35 rental properties, with over $1.5M AUM Based in Fayetteville, NC Say hi to him at michaelglaspie@fivepillarsrealty.com Best Ever Book: Go-Giver by Bob Burg  Best Ever Tweet: “There are many creative ways to acquire real estate.” - Michael Glaspie


4 Apr 2020

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Adam Torres interviews Michael Glaspie Director of Investors Relations at Five Pillars Realty Group

Money Matters Top Tips with Adam Torres

Adam Torres interviews Michael Glaspie Director of Investors Relations at Five Pillars Realty Group in this episode. Follow Adam on Instagram at Ask Adam Torres for up to date information on book releases and tour schedule. Apply to be interviewed by Adam on our podcast: https://www.moneymatterstoptips.com/podcastguest--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/moneymatters/support


7 Jan 2020

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EP 10: Active Duty Military, Commercial Broker, and 25+ Units with Michael Glaspie

Military Cashflow

In this episode we talk with Mike Glaspie about how he built a 25+ unit real estate portfolio and became a commercial broker all while being on active duty.--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/militarycashflow/support


25 Sep 2019

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Proven By Ruben PODCAST #1 with Michael Glaspie (Real Estate Investor)

Proven By Ruben PODCAST

Mike Glaspie grew up in Texas and joined the military in 2009. As his career progress he moved to Ft. Bragg, NC in 2012. During his active duty career he continued to pursue his entrepreneurial drive and started real estate investing in 2017. Since he started investing in real estate he has acquired 4 properties and is set to close on 4 more by the end of 2018 and his current goal is to own 100 properties by 2023. Ruben Garcia is the CEO of Proven By Ruben Productivity Coaching and former CEO of Keller Williams Fayetteville where him and his team were able to break all time records in agent count, closed units, GCI, listings taken, listings sold, contracts written and profit share in 2017. Lets connect on ALL social media platforms @ProvenByRuben SUBSCRIBE to the YouTube channel: https://bit.ly/2PGm5FK Check out more here: https://provenbyruben.com/ MERCH: https://bit.ly/2NgGRYJ Real Estate Careers: https://bit.ly/2IqYYwr Create your OWN podcast: https://amzn.to/2DWKFKL 


27 Mar 2018