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#48 Interview with United Kingdom's Chem/Bio Counter Terrorism Expert, Dr. Stephen Johnson

Disaster Tough Podcast

Doberman Emergency Management owns and operates the Disaster Tough Podcast. Contact us here at: www.dobermanemg.com or email us at: info@dobermanemg.com.We are proud to endorse L3Harris and the BeOn PPT App. Learn more about this amazing product here: L3Harris.com/ResponderSupport.For enhanced situational awareness check out The Orion and Athena apps from Futurity IT. To schedule a free demo, go to this link: https://futurityit.com/

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12 Mar 2021

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059: On Suicide with Mental Health Professional Stephen Johnson, LCSW

Choose 2 Think

Discussing the sensitive topic of suicide can be quite sticky at times because it is emotionally charged.  Today's guest Stephen Johnson, a licensed social worker who has been in practice for decades, reduces the charge on this issue by addressing it in a loving and God-honoring fashion.   I basically had only 2 questions for him: 1) Why would someone choose to take their own life? 2) What can the survivors (family members, friends, the community) do to deal with their grief and any guilt they may be feeling? Stephen's counsel drips with wisdom and concern.  In only a few moments of listening, you will notice his sincere desire to help those who are struggling from their own loss of a loved one or who are currently feeling discouraged and hopeless in their lives.  The practical tips that he gives may be just what you or someone else needs to put into play today to turn the corner and walk in a new, life-giving and healthy direction. http://www.stephenjohnsonandassociates.com/ Call Stephen Johnson and Associates LLC at 859-219-9800  today to start your journey to healing and restoration. Stephen serves the Greater Lexington & Central Kentucky Areas. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Hours: Available 24 hours. Languages: English, Spanish. Learn more 800-273-8255 https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/ American Foundation for Suicide Prevention: https://afsp.org/ --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/victoria-walker/message


11 Feb 2021

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Thriving Pastors Initiative: A Conversation with Stephen Johnson

Beeson Divinity Podcast

Co-hosts Doug Sweeney and Kristen Padilla talk to Stephen Johnson about his work with the Thriving Pastors Initiative at Beeson.


12 Jan 2021

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Ep 28: Is The Trading Grind REALLY Worth It? With Stephen Johnson


Stephen Johnson came onto the trading scene when he discovered Timothy Sykes. Like a lot of new traders, he was skeptical at first...But unlike most traders, Stephen was determined to make this ‘trading game’ work. So he decided to hold himself accountable by documenting everything on YouTube…He put his entire trading journey on display — for the whole world to see.Along the way, he’s had many ups and downs. But Stephen’s love for trading never faltered. Every day he’s excited to improve his skills and take what the market offers.In today’s episode, Stephen explains the turning points that took him from a losing trader…… to breakeven...… and finally to a profitable trader.* And…He puts the TWIST hosts in the hot seat. Stephen grills Matt, Jack, and Kyle about their journeys and how they each overcame specific obstacles.Tune in to find out how these traders continue to find inspiration every day!Follow your hosts on Twitter to follow their journeys in trading:Jack Kellogg: @Jackaroo_TradesKyle Williams: @traderkylecMatthew Monaco: @mono_traderStephen Johnson: @Jonk87*Please note that these kinds of trading results are not typical. Most traders lose money. It takes years of dedication, hard work, and discipline to learn how to trade, and individual results will vary. Trading is inherently risky. Before making any trades, remember to do your due diligence and never risk more than you can afford to lose.


12 Nov 2020

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Ep. 195 - Superspreader Events (Orgies) - Ft. Stephen Johnson

The Sexperts

Dr. John and Delilah discuss "Superspreader Events (Orgies)" with financial guru Jon E. Cash - Ft. Stephen Johnson, student and performer of the Push Comedy Theater ! Check out interviews with our guest comedians and more on YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/c/sexpertspodcast Help support us and contribute $1 a month:  http://patreon.com/SexpertsPodcast PayPal:  http://paypal.me/SexpertsPodcast Official site:  http://SexpertsPodcast.com iTunes:  http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-sexperts/id1212065959?mt=2 Facebook:  http://fb.me/TheSexperts Instagram:  @TheRealSexperts E-mail us questions, topic suggestions, or be a guest:  theRealSexperts@gmail.com Graphics by Derek Munn:  http://MisterMunn.com Theme song by Skye Zentz:  http://SkyeZentzMusic.com Produced by Go On Productions:  http://fb.me/GoOnProductions Special thanks to Push Comedy Theater:  http://PushComedyTheater.com


8 Nov 2020

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Stephen Johnson on Building Your First Digital Billboard

The Billboard Insider Podcast

Today’s podcast guest is Stephen Johnson of Waller Outdoor.  He talks about what he's learned while building and running his first digital billboard in Waller, Texas.Stephen how did you get interested in a digital billboard.Stephen Johnson, Owner, Waller OutdoorMy parents started to work in the newspaper business when I was a little kid.…Years later I got married and my wife worked for them for 10-12 years.  One day I was going to the airport and I ran across my first…digital billboard.  I literally exited the freeway and went back around and sat under it for about 5 minutes.  I was so taken with it…A couple days later I told my wife I needed to show her something…We got in the car…and I showed it to her…I don’t think anyone cannot see one of those digital billboards and not be mesmerized…That was the beginning of 7 years of us researching and trying to figure out how we could become an owner/operator ourselves.How did you choose the location?I began researching the Texas code…I found out that our community had outlawed billboards 10-12 years before that.  I started looking at all these adjoining communities.  One day someone approached me locally and they talked about expanding into other types of advertising like a digital billboard because some of these businesses can do these on premise boards.  I said no the local city doesn’t allow them.  And they said…it doesn’t hurt to ask.  I did approach them…So I presented my idea to them and they said they thought it was fantastic…So we got before the governing body and they approved a waiver…They also required that we do it on our property.  It had to be our property and it couldn’t be leased…It just so happened that I owned two parcels of land in the central business district…As it turned out…a 35 mile per hour speed limit and a red light right in the middle of town were perfect for digital billboards.Which manufacturer did you use and why?I went with Daktronics…I’m the kind of guy I will research something until I’m blue in the face…When I started googling manufacturers, several times I came across the phrase for Daktronics “the top US manufacturer of digital signage".  That stuck with me because I wanted to go with the best…I’ve never been one of the go the cheapest route kind of person because it always seems to get people in trouble.I had a wonderful salesperson.  Brittany VeneKamp…She answered all of my questions…She was patient.  She was kind.  She was diligent to get back with me if she didn’t have the answer…I wanted them to be a partner with me after the sale and they’ve done that.How big is the sign?I have two.  Back to back.  And they’re 10’ by 20’…One of the requirements for our municipality was they had to stay pretty close to what their original on-premise sign ordinance said.  That sign ordinance said 200 square feet…Second to that I had done quite a bit of research on 35 mile and hour speed zones.  The 10’ by 20’…was what was a trend…At a 35 mile speed limit you can read it…For me being in that business district, matching the ordinance, the cost, it all fell into place easily.How’s the billboard doing?Absolutely wonderful...For the past year we’re sold out 80% of the time…We don’t have any trouble selling these ads...  People see them and then call us.  With this Covid we expected a decline but we were busier…I think it has to do with your clients…Our realtors in our area have all told me that they have been booming since this Covid has happened…I have two of those that are full time.  I have a church that is full time.  I have an auto mechanic…They are also customers with our newspaper that have been with us 10-20 years.Any tips for someone who is looking to install their first digital billboard?Number one, don’t go the cheapest route…If I can give you an example there’s an on-premise sign in our area that did not go with a US manufacturer.  He’s been in operation a month longer than we have…His...


8 Jul 2020

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The Grande and Big Somms Show

In a very special installment of The Grande and Big Somms Show, the fellas chop it up before joining former University of Kentucky quaterback/ all-around good dude Stephen Johnson II to talk about his tenure as the Cats' QB, Kentucky football, is favorite places in Lexington, and more (20:09 - 50:25). Then as always the guys tackle the most recent installment of the Bachelor's Listen To Your Heart, before finally answering What They Learned This Week. Follow Stephen on Twitter at @stephen_h_j to keep up with the former Cats QB.

1hr 19mins

11 May 2020

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EP 7: Stephen Johnson Discusses Issues Facing Musicians Today


In this episode of MFM Speaks Out, Dawoud Kringle interviews guitarist Stephen Johnson; Polydor recording artist formerly of Victorian Parents, and Son of John, and presently with Future350), musical director of the Movita Dance Theater, and the co-founder and head of the MFM Hudson Valley Chapter in Kingston. Some of the topics discussed will include the changes in the music scene in Johnson's native Staffordshire UK, Cork County Ireland, and the US, the changing issues facing musicians today (especially in the pandemic), the need for community and solidarity, and the founding of MFM's first chapter outside New York City. The following music featured in this episode is provided courtesy of Stephen Johnson.Future 350 - Santa Lucia Of Lights Victorian Parents - WastelandStephan Johnson w/ Noah Hoffeld - Women in Black / Movita Dance CompanyCD Review: Future350 Nu Bossa…Nu Bossa Nova from Kingston (NY)


8 May 2020

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EP392: Creative Deal Structuring Case Study with Stephen Johnson — How to Turn a "Dead Lead" Into $43K in Profit

The Flip Empire Show

Stephen Johnson got started in real estate in 2012 and a lot has changed since then. You are leaving money on the table if you’re not aware of the creative options and deal structures out there to make your seller happy, your buyer happy, and of course, you happy! It is possible to merge all three together and Stephen breaks down his process for you in today's episode. Key Takeaways: Alex and Stephen just got back from a Mastermind/Mission trip in Guatemala. How did Stephen get started in real estate? Why is it important to know how to creatively structure deals? How does Stephen find his deals? Stephen shares an example of what a creative deal looks like. When does it make sense to introduce a creative scenario, and how…? Stephen shares a case study on a creative deal he is working on, right now. What is a ‘Sandwich Lease Option’? Stephen breaks down the math and how this creative deal was able to work out by renting it and paying the previous seller a monthly payment. Because of the way the deal is structured, it reduces Stephen’s taxable income plus he gets depreciation. Stephen will be eating off this deal for five-plus years and it had no rehab or repairs. Just pure deal structure. How much involvement is needed out of Stephen’s time when working with the seller/tenants on this deal? Alex really wanted to open your eyes on how to creatively structure deals. How does Stephen find his buyers? Mentioned in This Episode: How To Grow Your Business, Expand Your Impact, and Experience Your Perfect Life: Don’t Wait To Enjoy Your Life Tomorrow, Live It Today! Connect with Stephen: Seasidepropertysolutions.com & Facebook Have questions on creative deal structuring? Contact Stephen if you have any questions: 813-544-2274 .. Tweetables: “Do you need all the money today or probably not? Is it okay to get some money over time? What are your financial needs today? Those are some of the questions I ask.” “We get tax advantages not only in depreciation but also at the sale plus we have cash flow and we have an asset. It’s a win across the board.” “We’re closing and whole-tailing one in four deals and we’re letting go three out of four before we close it.” Ask Alex A Question: Have a question you want featured on an upcoming Flip Empire Show? Head over to the Ask Alex page, and record your question. We’ve made it super easy for you, so let us know what challenges you are having, and Alex will answer it personally! Did you get your FREE Online Course? Text the word EMPIRE to 67076, and we’ll send you a link to get instant access to the “5 Ways To Scale Your Real Estate Wholesaling Business To Six Figures (In 6 Months Or Less)” video module training course. Subscribe To The Flip Empire Show, and Leave a Rating & Review!


2 Mar 2020

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What's on Your Scary List? with Stephen Johnson

The Alpine Geek

#006 - Stephen Johnson has been adventuring outside since he was a kid, but one day, after bailing from a famous Washington rock scramble, he decided he needed to know more. After taking the Mountaineers Alpine Scrambling course, he decided to complete 24 scrambles in 24 weeks. In this episode, I chat with Stephen about how he found fulfillment in the mountains and what lessons he learned over the past year. "What's on your scary list?"To access the links and show notes for this episode, visit:https://alpinegeek.com/episode6


27 Feb 2020