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Rabbi Uri Zohar - From Israeli Film to Bnei Brak Gadol

Meaningful People

Stand-up comedian, actor, director. Uri Zohar was the biggest star in Israel. But then it all changed. Today he is known as the undisputed leader of the teshuvah movement in Eretz Yisrael. What is less known is that Rav Uri is a tremendous talmid chacham and gadol in his own right. Over 85 years old, bli ayin hara, he sits and learns the entire day, and most of the night too, peeling himself away from his Gemara only when absolutely necessary, like when his presence is needed at kiruv events and the like. Get $100 OFF at United Refuah or call 1-855-SHARE-55 You can donate to LevLachim.org Ep Powered by: AMR Pharm & United Refuah


8 May 2021

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Windows in Bnei Brak Buildings (Sh’cheinim 7:6) Rabbi Moshe Weiss

Rambam Insights

Windows in Bnei Brak Buildings (Sh’cheinim 7:6)


14 Apr 2021

Similar People

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Defanging Bnei Brak (5.5)

The Chavrusa

Wildly divergent political opinions converge at the same seder, Blunting harsh exteriors, & How to incorporate individuality into communites


23 Mar 2021

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TT4T#734 - A Seder in Bnei Brak - 3/15/21

TakeTen4Torah Daily Torah Podcast

Five rabbis met for a seder in Bnei Brak in the only story told in the Magid sequence. Why is this story significant? What can we learn from it? Take Ten to find out.


15 Mar 2021

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Purim : The Month of Adar.....Finding Divine Joy in Bnei Brak

Rabbi Daniel Glatstein Podcast


18 Feb 2021

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Confinement: Affrontements à Bnei Brak

Analyse politique israélienne – Katy Bisraor

25 Jan 2021

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Short Ideas - Bnei Brak

Jewish Wisdom - Only The Good Stuff - SimpleToRemember.com

Rabbi Mordechai Becher SimpleToRemember.com


12 Jan 2021

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Bnei Brak sous couvre-feu

Kan en Français

A l’annonce du couvre-feu sur une quarantaine de localités rouges, Eva Darmon, habitante de Bnei Brak depuis 21 ans, nous donne la température de sa communauté et témoigne de son ressenti. Au micro de Yael Bornstein.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


7 Sep 2020

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Echoes of Novardok on the Streets of Bnei Brak: The Steipler Story

Jewish History Soundbites

Born into a chassidic home in Ukraine, Rav Yaakov Yisrael Kanievsky (1899-1985) subsequently studied in the Novardok Yeshiva later becoming a Rebbi at the Pinsk branch of the network. Upon his move to Israel in 1934, he joined his famed brother in law the Chazon Ish and also assumed a position in the Novardok branch in Bnei Brak.In his later years he assumed a position of leadership in the Torah world alongside Rav Shach. At the same time he authored his magnum opus Kehillas Yaakov, while also becoming renowned for his sage advice in all contemporary matters in the Jewish world.Subscribe To Our Podcast on: PodBean: https://jsoundbites.podbean.com/Follow us on Twitter or Instagram at @Jsoundbites You can email Yehuda at yehuda@yehudageberer.com


8 Aug 2020

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Featuring: Meir Weingarten analyzes PM Netanyahu's address at the courthouse where he will be standing trial, he presents/explains a special dedication from Aviv Gefen to the people of Bnei Brak and he presents his great weekly Israel music mix

Israel Show

On this edition of The Israel Show:Yesterday, PM Netanyahu appeared in court for the opening of his trial. But first he made a defiant speech in the halls of the very same courthouse. TIS has clips and analysisAviv Gefen is not known for his love of Israel's charedi community.Yet, in a live performance last week, he dedicated a song to the people of Bnei Brak.Meir has the audio and the explanation - which holds out hope for the future. and the "not to be missed" weekly Israeli music mix.

25 May 2020