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John John Correia, muito além do Piauí

BikeBlz Podcast

Conversei com o John John Correia, organizador do evento THEBGTROUR no Piauí, um desafio de 800km em 6 etapas e 5000m de altimetria acumulada, inspirado no Tour dos Alpes, que ele acaba de completar e conta pra gente como foi essa experiência. Confira o papo e aproveite!  Assista ao vídeo desta entrevista: https://youtu.be/OdW-rU7O2S4


4 Oct 2021

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Active Self Protection's John Correia on Evidence-Based Armed Defense Training

The Weekly Reload Podcast

This week's guest is John Correia of Active Self Protection. He gives us a deep dive into what it's like to run a YouTube business with millions of followers. He also talks about why he takes a different, less-polarizing approach to making gun content for the internet. John has been studying and breaking down deadly-force encounters caught on video for years now. His channel has become the premier place for evidence-based advice on how best to survive an attack. And he shares some of the biggest insights he's gained doing the endless research required to build his channel and Active Self Protection's unique training courses. Contributing writer Jake Fogelman and I also give an update on the CDC"s new push to fund gun research and just how many guns were sold in August. Plus, I talk to Reload member Cal Davis about his background with guns and why he decided to subscribe!Special Guest: John Correia.

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3 Sep 2021

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A Chat With John Correia of Active Self Protection

The Self-Initiative Project

The Self-Initiative Project, Podcast 41, A Chat With John Correia of Active Self Protection John Correia, Founder and Owner of Active Self Protection, joins us for a chat on self-defense and the benefits of watching videos of bad things. We talk about the importance of attitude (mindset) and how the analogy of a blender comes into play. I ask John about Christians concerned about self defense, its ramifications and morality, especially in the context of the use of deadly force. John provides a unique perspective and some scriptures for reference. And of course, we talk about how it is John got into doing his video reviews in the first place; and the benefits for those who watch. And much, much more... You will want to listen to this one. So... Sit back. Relax. And listen.


25 Aug 2021

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John Correia

Active Self Protection Podcast

Active Self Protection exists to help good, sane, sober, moral, prudent people in all walks of life to more effectively protect themselves and their loved ones from criminal violence.On the ASP Podcast you will hear the true stories of life or death self defense encounters from the men and women that lived them. If you are interested in the Second Amendment, self defense and defensive firearms use, martial arts or the use of less lethal tools used in the real world to defend life and family, you will find this show riveting.  Join host and career federal agent Mike Willever and the rest of the ASP staff as they talk to real life survivors and hear their stories in depth. You'll hear about these incidents and the self defenders from well before the encounter occurred on through the legal and emotional aftermath.In this first episode of the Active Self Protection Podcast we sit down with ASP founder and owner John Correia. We discuss a wide variety of topics including Johns past jobs, how ASP was started and the comments section.


17 Aug 2021

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052 | Self-Defense, Situational Awareness & Jesus w/ John Correia

Becoming Men

Ray De La Nuez and John Correia, the founder and host of Active Self Protection, discuss your need for self-defense attitudes, skills, and plans. You can also get to know me personally at @raydelanuez. Make sure to follow this podcast @becoming.men SHOW LINKS: SUBMIT questions for Q&Ray SUBSCRIBE to YouTube  SIGN UP for our Email HERE Made to Reign Ministries Inc. is a Non-profit organization engaging, empowering, and encouraging men in their faith. Consider becoming a financial supporter of this ministry. Thank you! --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/becomingmen/messageSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/becomingmen/support


21 Apr 2021

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Episódio 45C – Sol e Vento, com John Correia

Gregario Cycling

Oferecimento: O episódio dessa semana é um oferecimento da PINK CHEEKS, cosméticos de alta performance para o esporte e da XTRATUS, suplemento solúvel de carboidratos e eletrólitos 100% limpo e vegano para ajudar sua performance nos treinos e competições.Utilize o cupom GREGARIOCYCLING e ganhe desconto para conhecer esses produtosResumo: O simpático John Correia é uma dessas figuras inquietas que ajudam a transformar o esporte. No Piauí, Correia é treinador de ciclismo e organizador de eventos esportivos. Sabe como poucos como "Sol e Vento" interferem no desempenho do ciclista.Produzido e apresentado por: Leandro Bittar e Alvaro Pacheco.Convidado: John CorreiaSiga o @gregario_cycling nas redes sociais: https://instabio.cc/gregariocyclingThis podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis: Chartable - https://chartable.com/privacy


2 Apr 2021

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Planning for Easter Security-With John Correia

Church Safety & Security w/The Church Safety Guys

Join the Church Safety Guys as they talk about relevant church and place of worship safety and security practices. Special guest: John Correia- Active Self Protection Take advantage of our many resources at: ChurchSafetyGuys.com Join one of the largest free resource groups on Church Safety & Security! Click Here to Join: https://www.facebook.com/groups/churchsafetyguys/ Miss a past episode? Check all of them out and subscribe to our channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC12FwJmGAhjxDTWarsBvIjg Check out our Facebook page, and click “like”- that way you will get a reminder on future broadcasts! Click Here: https://www.facebook.com/churchsafetyguys/?ref=bookmarks Now streaming all broadcasts on Apple, Iheart Media, Spotify, Podbean, and PodPoint! Search for “Church Safety Guys”!  Review our resources on Amazon.com and Audible under Church Safety Guys! #CSG #ChurchSafetyGuys #ChurchSafety #ChurchSecurity #SemperDisciplina #JohnCorreia #ActiveSelfProtection #Churchleadership #Discipleship #Churchmission--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/churchsafetyandsecurity/support

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29 Mar 2021

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Episode 543 – John Correia from Active Self Protection, on reloading in a private citizen gunfight.

Handgun World Podcast

This week’s guest is John Correia from Active Self Protection. We discussed reloading in a civilian gunfight and several other topics. If you are not already a subscriber on his YouTube channel, go there now and subscribe. Probably the best video information available for private citizens who defend themselves daily. Links and Show Notes: Concealment […]


21 Mar 2021

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Following the Call of the Shepherd and the Self Defense Teacher with John Correia

Who I Became

In the years that we live our lives, we take on different missions and touch the lives of many. We meet people who encourage us to keep going and help us succeed. But we also face difficulties and meet people who can cross our boundaries. That is what John Correia also experienced in his journey to becoming who he is now—a nationally known expert on self-defense and founder of Active Self Protection.In this episode, John shares his story of how he went from being a naval officer to a pastor. From there, he grew in his faith and wisdom with God before realizing his calling to teach self-defense. John talks about the challenges he encountered in his journey: from controversy, mental health challenges, and staying humble. We also learn about John’s impact on the world and how he intends to serve his audience moving forward. Listen to this episode to learn more about John’s stories in life. Discover what helped him make his decisions and be happy where he is now, teaching self-defense.3 reasons why you should listen to the full episode:Get inspiration from John’s insights on faith, self-defense, and finding your calling.Find out how being a Christ-follower can transform you.Learn to accept your past and celebrate who you are now.ResourcesConnect with John: InstagramVisit Active Self Protection’sYouTube channels: Active Self Protection and Active Self Protection ExtraASP: website | Twitter| FacebookEpisode Highlights[03:13] Cover Your ASP● ASP stands for the name of John Correia’s company, Active Self Protection. ● It also represents their approach to self-defense. This involves having the right attitude, developing skills, and making plans for protection from criminal violence.● ASP started in 2011 as John’s side hustle. It now has two channels with over 1.94 million subscribers in its main channel.●  Viewers can send real-life surveillance videos of defensive encounters and criminal activities.● John’s content ranges from after-action reports of real-life defensive encounters, teaching handgun skills, moral and legal self-defense, and much more.[06:14] John’s Journey to Becoming a Pastor● John grew up away from faith and was on track to becoming a naval officer. After moving to Oregon for a commissioning program, he realized he had to become a better person.● He formed relationships and developed an interest in reading the Bible when his wife started bringing him with her to Church. ● In a worship session, John realized that God loves him unconditionally. Whether or not John could be better, God will love him.● His life started changing from then on. After an accident, John chose to resign his commission and follow Jesus. ●John quit getting a paycheck from the Church on February 1, 2018, to focus on his self-defense business. John: “Okay, Lord. This isn't like a ‘make John better program’ where if I'm good enough, You'll love me. This isn’t a moral crusade. But this is a ‘You love me in the big pile of crap I am.’”[14:01] Facing Controversy● Carrying firearms and teaching self-defense can be controversial depending on the background of the Church. ● Some families in John’s church left because they didn’t think a pastor should carry a gun.● Most understood that the Church was only about the worship of Christ. In the event of danger, they knew that John would protect them with his expertise in self-defense.● As John’s social media presence grew, people disrupted the place of worship. ● John’s resignation as a senior pastor sparked a controversy that John chose worldly possessions. However, to John, he was simply following Jesus’ instructions.[18:20] John on Knowing His Calling● The decision to quit being a pastor was something John thought about for a long time. ● He was handling multiple things when he realized he stopped belonging in the ministry.● John’s journey involved a lot of prayer and multiple discussions with his mentors about his frustrations and his options.●  His wife also gave him counsel and passed the words of the Holy Spirit to him.[22:10] Reflections on God’s Purpose for His Change ● You can’t be a pastor to hundreds of people. Instead, you end up becoming a public speaker. ● To connect with people personally, John thinks pastors of local congregations should only handle around 50 or 60 people.● With ASP, John’s purpose wasn’t to be a shepherd but to teach self-defense, inform people, and build individual relationships and mentorships.● Despite the change in purpose, he was still able to have spiritual conversations about Jesus. ● John continues to encourage people to build their relationships with Him.[25:54] John on Influencing Others ● In his work, John gets to know many people. ● Whether or not they are followers of Christ, he builds strong relationships with them.● The ASP staff is Christ-centered. ● Like the apostle Paul, John enjoys being among those who don’t know Christ. He would rather spread his influence versus keeping it in a small circle.[27:52] John’s Journey as a Protector and Self Defense Teacher● John grew up around firearms and joined the Navy as a way to go to college without debt.● Once he joined the seminary, he learned how to be a good shepherd like David. David was a shepherd who was also a protector.● He started carrying firearms when working in retail management because other shops were getting robbed. He also took karate with his son for lessons on self-defense.● John admits that is a man of peace and would rather build good relationships. However, he is also ready to defend his boundaries.[31:24] The Call of the Defender● The Book of Proverbs talks about the reactions of the prudent and the fool in the face of danger.● John tries to teach people prudence.● Being prudent includes knowing when to escape, evade, and de-escalate. He teaches others to use force only when absolutely necessary for self-defense.● Like Jesus, John prefers peace but knows when to stand up for himself and others.John: “Jesus is a man of peace but he is also very strong and completely unwilling to let the oppressed and the marginalized not have their voices heard. I try to emulate him everywhere I go.”[34:06] John on Staying Humble● John recognizes that he is where he is because Jesus put him there.● He remembers that there are people behind him. Just like everyone else, John has work to do to contribute to their success.● John’s mentors taught him Jesus’ upside-down model of leadership. As a leader, he serves his people and his viewers.● Despite his confident nature, John’s wife is there to remind him when he is being too arrogant.● He tries to remember that his way is not the only way. Instead, he listens and explores ideas outside his comfort zone.[38:18] Using What You Have for God’s Work● You can have goals, such as making money and expanding your business and following. But you can also attribute these to setting a goal for God’s work.● John’s goal when the pandemic hit was to see how much money they could raise for the kingdom of God. John: “My tombstone is not gonna say, ‘He was famous on the YouTubes.’ If that's what it says, well, you failed. I just want to hear, ‘Well done. Good and faithful servant.’”[40:30] Accepting the Past ● There is no hope to wish for than a better past. Instead, John tries to live by Jesus and accept reality.● John and his family faced many difficulties, but they got past them successfully. God has used all these to give him wisdom and make him the person he is now. ● Choose to hug the cactus. In moments of hardships and pain, rejoice that God is present, and remember that Jesus was made perfect through suffering.[44:05] What’s Next For Active Self Protection● There have been some discussions with networks about TV shows.● John doesn’t know what is in the future for ASP. They will just keep improving what they’re doing.● He is stepping up as a nationally trusted adviser on the use of force and the realities of crime and self-defense. ● John hopes to keep training good people to protect themselves and their loved ones. ● He also wants ASP to be a voice that encourages talking through differences and spreading love.About JohnJohn Correia is the founder and owner of Active Self Protection, a company dedicated to teaching people how to defend themselves and their loved ones. He is known throughout the country as an expert on defensive encounters, firearms, and martial arts. He is a loving husband and father to his family. A Christian, John spent over 14 years as a pastor reaching out to the people in his Church. In 2011, his interest in firearms led him to the beginnings of Active Self Protection, which he has been working on full-time since 2016. If you want to learn more about John, you can find him on Instagram, ASP’s website, Active Self Protection, and Active Self Protection Extra.Enjoyed this Episode?If you did, be sure to subscribe and share it with your friends!Post a review and share it! If you enjoyed tuning in, then leave us a review. You can also share this with your friends and family. This episode will inspire them to follow their calling and use what they have to do good in the world.Have any questions? You can connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.Thank you for tuning in! For more updates, visit my website or join the community. You may also tune in on Apple Podcasts or YouTube.


18 Sep 2020

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Episode 20 - Interview with John Correia of Active Self Protection: On Firearms and Self-Defense

All American Podcast

Firearms and self-defense expert John Correia of Active Self Protection is interviewed.  This is a must listen for those who own, are considering owning, or want to learn about the use of firearms for self-defense. Mr. Correia discusses a multitude of situations and scenarios both real and hypothetical, from road rage to home invasions, and gets into best practices as well as the legal implications of using a firearm. He talks about gun control, law enforcement current events and provides us with some excellent keys to learning how and when to employ firearms as well as when not to.--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/all-american-podcast/messageSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/all-american-podcast/support

1hr 12mins

20 Jun 2020