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Companions of the Compendium Episode 32 Mike Boyle Famous Strength & Conditioning Coach

Companions of the Compendium

Mike takes us through his development and mentors to bring him to the pinnacle of strength and conditioning. Coach Boyle talks about his time at Boston University and their hockey dynasty. Coach shares with us a story on if you can coach something you can coach everything! He educates us on the myth of fitness. Mike cautions against expert beginners’ syndrome. However, there is nothing wrong with listening to people with extreme points of view to understand the context. Boyle uses the feed the cats philosophy on limited weight training as the backdrop to understanding initially ideas that seem a bit too radical. We discuss together the value of Adam Grant’s book Think Again in reflecting on concepts that are new or foreign to us. Mike takes us through the “think again” concept as it relates to hexbar deadlift versus other weight room strength training exercises. Coach talks about the importance of building training that is inclusive casting a wide net over an expansive number of sports! He makes the argument that only getting better at bilateral bench, squat, and deadlift makes you a worse athlete. Instead, we should improve athletes globally and one of the very best ways to do it is through speed training. We go on to educate the audience about the dangers of a coach’s engrained bias and how to manage it as we develop. Additionally, Mike warns us about the internet expert and the pitfalls from not being able to filter the quality content from those who are suspect at best. Coach Boyle goes into the importance of making things simple. He references the book They Have Not Been Taught until they have learned as a great example of the mastery of complex concepts into their simple component parts. Mike highlights the value of cueing athletes “do this, not this, this” derived from the actual coaching legend John Wooden. Coach Boyle educates me on the best cue I have heard in a long time for Olympic Lifting. Mike shares with us three filters we should all have to be better coaches. We continue our conversation by deconstructing the “ok boomer” ageism in the world of strength and conditioning. We close our conversation with Mike predicting what will his lasting impact become on those he taught, coached, and mentored. For elite performance technology please visit: https://store.simplifaster.com/sku/83/ To purchase the Sprinter's Compendium visit: https://store.vervante.com/c/v/V4081803315.html To contact Coach Boyle on Twitter: @mboyle1959 To learn more about Mike’s business and coach visit here: https://www.bodybyboyle.com/--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/ryan-joseph-banta/support

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6 Sep 2021

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Gurus Edition - Mike Boyle, Renowned Strength and Conditioning Coach

Food of the Gods

In this guru addition host Lindsay Berra talks with Mike Boyle about his practical approach to strength coaching and fitness lifestyle. Author of New Advances in Functional Training, Mike is the founder of Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning and he has strong opinions about the right way to do things. Previously he served as the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at Boston University with a focus on Hockey. He also served as the Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Boston Bruins of the NHL and for the 1998 US Women's Olympic Ice Hockey Team, Gold Medalists in Nagano. One of the foremost experts in the fields of Strength and Conditioning, Performance Enhancement and general fitness he talks about what it takes to be healthy in today's world where the odds are clearly stacked against us. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


1 Sep 2021

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Athletes Authority ON AIR - Under The Bar | Ep. 1 Mike Boyle - MBSC

Athletes Authority ON AIR

Today’s episode of Athletes Authority ON AIR is our first Under The Bar episode with co-hosts Lachlan Wilmot and Jordi Taylor.  Our first guest is none other than Mike Boyle, one of the pioneers within the athletic performance community. It was an absolute honour to have Mike discuss his time in the industry, which has given him a unique perspective.  In this episode, Mike talks about his co-owner of MBSC Bob Hanson, how MBSC implement their programs, the education of our up and coming coaches along with plenty more industry talking points. Enjoy, and let us know what you think!  Instagram: @athletesauthority See more of what we do: https://athletesauthority.com.au See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


8 Aug 2021

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360 - Coaching Wisdom with Mike Boyle

Barbell Life

On this episode, we talk with strength training legend Coach Mike Boyle. Coach Boyle is one of the most famous and influential strength coaches of all time – so listen in to this heavy-hitting episode to hear about how Coach Boyle revolutionized training for hockey, how so many coaches have argued with him (and then came back to say that he was right), and how Westside programming and Russian programming might not be the best ones to learn from.

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12 May 2021

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Mike Boyle on Communication, Coaching, and How to Keep Getting Better

The Hockey Strength Podcast

On episode #104 of the Hockey Strength Podcast and episode #6 of the SCAPH Alumni Series, Mike Potenza and David Rosales talk with Mike Boyle. Mike is one of the most influential people in all of strength and conditioning. He owns Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning in Massachusetts. He's worked for Boston University, the Boston Bruins, the Boston Red Sox; he's written books and giving keynote presentations. In this episode, we go all the back to his time at BU, from what he learned to Coach Parker, and move to discuss what's made him successful, from how he changes his mind and tries new methods in his programs, to how he evolved into an excellent speaker and writer. You can find links to everything discussed at the official website of SCAPH, prohockeystrength.com

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12 Apr 2021

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Episode 71: The Legendary Mike Boyle Talks Lessons Learned

Business For Unicorns Podcast

About Mike: Michael Boyle is one of the foremost experts in the fields of Strength and Conditioning, Functional Training and general fitness. He currently spends his time lecturing, teaching, training and writing. In 1996 Michael co founded Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning, one of the first for-profit strength and conditioning companies in the world. Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning exists for one reason: to provide performance enhancement training for athletes of all levels. Athletes trained range from junior high school students to All Stars in almost every major professional sport. Prior to Co- founding Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning, Michael served as the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at Boston University for 15 years, also for the past 25 years he been the Strength and Conditioning Coach for Men’s Ice Hockey at Boston University.  Mike also was the Boston Red Sox strength and conditioning coach in 2013 that won the World Series. In addition to his duties at Boston University and the Red Sox, from 1991-1999 Boyle served as the Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Boston Bruins of the National Hockey League. Michael was also the Strength and Conditioning Coach for the 1998 US Women’s Olympic Ice Hockey Team, Gold Medalists in Nagano and 2014 Silver medalists in Sochi, and served as a consultant in the development of the USA Hockey National Team Development Program in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Michael has been a featured speaker at numerous strength and conditioning and athletic training clinics across the world and has produced 20 instructional videos in the area of strength and conditioning available through M-F Athletic. Michael has also lectured all over the world. In addition, Michael published Functional Training for Sports for Human Kinetics Publishers. Mike and his wife Cindy have 2 children, Michaela and Mark, and reside in Reading. In this episode, Michael spoke with Mike about: Covid and how he and his team have used this last year to make his business better now than pre-covid Advice for being a life long learner in the fitness space The value of partnership Mentioned in this Episode: Follow Mike on Twitter and Instagram strengthcoach.com


12 Apr 2021

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Mike Boyle - Mike Boyle's Strength & Conditioning

Don't Be Mediocre

Today I speak with Mike Boyle, easily considered one of the top strength and conditioning coaches in the country. He's  also regarded as the "father of functional training". Which, you now see prevalent in every training program across the country. We talk about his beginnings as a strength and conditioning coach to where he is at today. One thing Mike continues to do is educate himself on the industry. He isn't closed minded to new ideas. And, thats part of the reason he's one of the best. Enjoy! Also available on the Don't Be Mediocre YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KEaz6_iPOSg Instagram: @michael_boyle1959 &@strengthcoachdotcom Website: Body By Boyle Articles: Strengthcoach.com

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16 Mar 2021

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51. Mike Boyle - Author of Functional Training and Former Boston Red Sox, Boston Bruins and USA Hockey Strength & Conditioning Coach

The Professional Athlete Podcast with Ken Gunter

Bi-lateral training is making the body dumber. Legendary strength and conditioning coach Mike Boyle joins today’s show to talk about Functional Training. He is the Co-Founder of the Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning Center. The author of two innovative books on the topic of Functional Training. He is the former Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Boston Red Sox, Boston Bruins, USA Hockey and the Men’s and Women’s Boston University Hockey Teams. In today’s show Mike shares why above all else your training has to make sense. We discuss why most training performed today is dysfunctional in nature. Why bilateral training is not an effective means of improving performance for sport. The need to focus on training results vs. dogma. Why bi-lateral deficit is the strongest indicator that it is not the optimal training approach. They need to constantly be assessing and revising your own methods and approach to training and performance. He discusses writing your own programs and the need to identify if you’re a chef or a cook. The critical components of the warm up that he left out of his first book and why he adds conditioning to the end of his workouts for elite athletes. Mentioned In the Show: Books: “New Functional Training for Sports” By: Mike Boyle Train Heroic Website: https://www.trainheroic.com/ MBSCTV: https://www.mbsc.tv/ Follow Mike: Instagram: @michael_boyle1959 Twitter:  @mboyle1959 Website: https://www.bodybyboyle.com/ Follow The Professional Athlete Podcast with Ken Gunter: Instagram: @kengunter_tpa Website: https://www.kengunter.com/ YouTube: Ken Gunter https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRhgjkoSiJXAbS_MIasvvzQ/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kengunterpodcast Audio recorded with SquadCast: https://squadcast.fm/?ref=kengunter Produced By: Justin Gunter, Ken Gunter Music By: Justin Gunter, Ken Gunter


16 Feb 2021

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Mike Boyle

The Tom Broback Podcast

Hello friends, welcome to the show. Today’s guest is Mike Boyle. This was a true pinch myself moment to see if I was awake, but I was so glad when Mike agreed to be a guest on the podcast. Mike is a premier voice in the strength and conditioning world. He is a writer, speaker, presenter. He runs two facilities out in Boston, along with strengthcoach.com and bodybyboyle.com. Mike has had a great influence on my career and I am honored to have had the opportunity to pick his brain. I hope you enjoy the podcast as much as I did. Make sure you check out boldbaseperoformance.com today to catch up on all of our latest episodes, courses, content and more. Let’s continue to grow the mind and change the system.Mike Boyle https://www.instagram.com/michael_boyle1959/ https://twitter.com/mboyle1959 Strength coach, writer, speaker, owner/ editor http://strengthcoach.com https://www.bodybyboyle.com/ Bold Base Performance https://www.boldbaseperformance.com/ Athletes with Asthma course https://coachtube.com/course/health-fitness/athletes-with-asthma-course/13645556


5 Feb 2021

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Mike Boyle

Make Ready with the Experts

In conjunction with his video release "The Snubbie Revolver," now available from Make Ready.tv, we sit down with legendary firearms instructor Mike Boyle. Boyle has been a firearms and use of force instructor for 37 years. He served with New Jersey Division of Fish & Wildlife, Bureau of Law Enforcement where he held the rank of Captain. He was the primary trainer of his agency for 22 years and is certified instructor in multiple firearms, chemical agent, impact weapon and empty hand disciplines. Mike has been an assistant police academy director and an adviser to the Police Training Commission on firearms training issues. He continues to maintain his certification as a police academy rangemaster and firearms instructor and his responsibilities include providing basic training as well as instructor level courses. For over 30 years, Mike has been a contributor to various law enforcement and firearms periodicals and has written in excess of 700 published articles on weapons, training and tactics. He served on the Board of Directors of The International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors for 21 years where he conceptualized and implemented the IALEFI Master Instructor Development Program. Currently he is employed as a law enforcement training specialist with the Bureau of Law Enforcement.


2 Nov 2020