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First Round's On Me #1 | Jason Cohen & Chris Hahn

First Rounds On Me

Jason Cohen & Chris Hahn join Joe & Steve on the first ever First Round’s On Me podcast! Jason & Chris are cousins from New Jersey who starred in Netflix’s new hit show “Dated & Related.”  We talk about their journey to get on the show, living life to the fullest, career aspirations, and so much more!  Thank you for watching and, if you enjoyed this, please consider liking, commenting, and subscribing to the channel. Download FROME: https://firstroundsonme.co Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/firstroundsonme/ TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@firstroundsonmeapp Joe: https://www.instagram.com/firstroundsonjoe/ Steve: https://www.instagram.com/steverossiter_/ Check out Jason & Chris, and be sure to watch them on Dated & Related if you haven’t already!   Jason: https://www.instagram.com/jasoncohenofficial/ Chris: https://www.instagram.com/chrishahnofficial/


23 Oct 2022

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Crafting Innovation with Jason Cohen

The Entrepreneur Ethos

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Stitcher | OvercastSupport the Show. Get the AudioBook!AudioBook: Audible| Kobo| Authors Direct | Google Play | AppleSummaryHey everyone. Stay tuned to the end of the interview where I’ll give you some actionable insights that I learned from my guest. These insights are also in the show notes. As always, thanks for listening.Now on to my guest for today, Jason Cohen, founder and chief innovation officer of WP Engine, the sixth-largest public-serving website platform.  Jason is no stranger to startups. He's been launching businesses for two decades and previously founded Smart Bear, a company that makes professional-grade peer code review tool that was bought by AutomatedQA. Jason's businesses have started out as ideas that he then explored to see if they had potential. With WP Engine, he explains, he was able to use a more "thoughtful" process, a process he's developed and refined to grow WP Engine into a successful mid-size company with over 1,500 employees.Jason explains how asking the right type of questions are critical in the idea validation process, noting that just identifying a problem is not enough to start a business. He first writes down his hypotheses then formulates open-ended questions of potential customers, looking for commonalities among answers. With WP Engine, the answers have been and continue to be overwhelmingly the same, which helps considerably in guiding the business. Once you start to really identify and understand your market, you can not only understand how to better build a product, but also how to market effectively as well as build other products. Jason also explains the "three horizon model" and how it applies to his mission to grow and innovate as his company grows even bigger.  Now, let’s get better together.Actionable Insights To validate your idea, Jason suggests using a spreadsheet and writing down your hypotheses about who your customer is and what their pain points are. Then, ask open-ended questions so as not to bias them to test your hypotheses.  Understand the different challenges of a startup versus a successful, growing company. A startup is still struggling to make a viable business and needs to have one focus, while a business that has already achieved some success needs to look at more diverse long-term growth strategies. Bigger companies also need to weigh the long-term cost of developing their own ideas versus acquiring another company that already offers a similar product or service.  Jason finds that writing is a way that helps him to think through his ideas. In writing out his ideas, he comes to see if they make sense or not, and is able to build on them. Regularly writing out ideas, even in a journal, can help you get clearer on your thinking.    Links to Explore Further Jason Cohen on LinkedIn WP Engine Jason Cohen on Twitter Book mentioned: The Innovator's Solution Keep In TouchBook or Blog or Twitter or LinkedIn or JSYPR Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

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10 Oct 2022

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Jason Cohen - Founder at WPEngine, SmartBear & IT WatchDogs - Breaking down the 4 PM Roles

Practical Product w/ Jason Evanish

Jason Cohen is a multiple-time founder and Product Leader who joins us as the very first guest on Practical Product to break down his article: The Impossible Product Manager, a.k.a. the "Great" Product Manager. We discuss the 4 key areas of responsibility for a Product Manager, how to align your PM's as a leader, finding the right company to work for, hiring and so much more. Jason breaks down how to master each role, and what to do as a PM when you are feeling spread too thin across each. We also discuss screening for PM's to make sure we've got the best fit, auditing your role to free up your own time, and more. Enjoy!More on Jason Cohen:Jason’s Blog: a smart bear The Impossible Product Manager, a.k.a. the "Great" Product ManagerJason Cohen on TwitterMore on Jason Evanish:Get more product advice on Jason's blogFollow Jason on TwitterGet coaching from Jason or take his courseTime Codes:(1:47) - Jason’s background and the 4 areas of responsibility for a Product Manage(7:22) - Are there any areas of responsibility that matter more than others?(12:21) - With 1200 employees, how do you think about getting the right PM’s aligned?(21:33) - Not spending enough time on the “why” of your product strategy(27:40) - How should someone screen for a PM role to make sure they’re the best fit?(32:53) - How should a Product Leader who is looking to hire PM’s account for the 4 roles and build out their teams?(36:53) - What should a PM do when they feel spread too thin doing all 4 roles?(45:07) - How should Product Leaders get the entire team to align on strategy, not just the PM’s?(48:17) - Auditing your role as a PM to free up time(53:46) - Where can people find you online?


30 Sep 2022

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Jason Cohen on his experience in Netflix Series Dated & Related

Check It Tv

Jason Cohen is known for his appearance in reality tv show Dated and Related ( not how it sounds ) , We talk about his process of the audition and how he was already staying in France without knowing he would get offered the audition. We talk about how he surprised his cousin Chris with the opportunity and the fact that Chris didn’t know he would be appearing on the show until last minute. We talk about how he went into the show for the experience instead of fame or money. We also discuss everything else that happened.https://www.instagram.com/jasoncohenofficial/?hl=en-gb


21 Sep 2022

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Jason Cohen: Targeting Customer Taste with Technology

The Drop In CEO

On today’s episode Jason Cohen shares the importance of understanding customer preferences and decision-making when creating consumer products. Listen in as Deborah and Jason discuss his journey as a professional coffee, tea and beer taster and creating a company focused on using AI technology to collect consumer data to create strategies for better consumer products. About Jason Cohen: Before starting Gastrograph AI, Jason was the Founder and Executive Director of The Tea Institute at Penn State, which oversees 20+ researchers in 5 fields of study in traditional Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Tea.Jason did his research in sensory science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence - eventually developing Gastrograph AI after 3 1/2 years of research. Jason is a professional coffee, tea, and beer taster, and when he is not trying new products, he enjoys rock climbing, ice climbing, and fencing You can connect with Jason in the following ways: https://www.gastrograph.com/ https://www.linkedin.com/company/gastrographhttps://twitter.com/Gastrographhttps://www.facebook.com/Gastrograph/https://www.instagram.com/gastrograph/ Create a personal career strategy that develops the leadership and communication skills you need to assess challenges, showcase your skills, and demonstrate your ability to be a C-Suite Leader. Learn more about the C-Suite Academy here: https://bit.ly/csawaitlist22See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


22 Aug 2022

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How MyBundle.TV is Changing the Streaming Game. Featuring CEO Jason Cohen

The Broadband Bunch

In this episode, Joe and Kaleigh chat with Jason Cohen, the Founder and CEO of MyBundle.TV. The world is turning towards streaming but for consumers it can be a messy game keeping track of all the different streaming apps and services. MyBundle is a service that simplifies the process. Click now to listen as Jason shares why MyBundle is a win-win-win for consumers, content providers, and broadband operators. Also, be sure to subscribe to the Broadband Bunch on your favorite podcast platform so you never miss an episode.


17 May 2022

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Episode 06: Shorty & Kevin with Jason Cohen aka DJ Demand

The RadioShorty Podcast with DJ Hi Kevin

(Really cool feature alert! If you subscribe to us on Spotify you can now listen and WATCH this episode right on the Spotify app!) This week Radio Shorty and Hi Kevin bring in a special guest, Jason Cohen aka DJ Demand from the SCE Event Group team in New Jersey to dive into some deeper DJ topics including the Pioneer DDJ-REV7 and we celebrate the legend DJ AM with some never before heard stories from Demand.   Other topics including what food delivery service we use, how some of us are blind, and how Shorty loves violence, and of course DAD JOKES with DJ Hi Kevin! Click here to subscribe & WATCH the show on YouTube! Follow @DJHIKevin Follow @RadioShorty  --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/radioshorty/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/radioshorty/support

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1 Apr 2022

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EP 57 - Jason Cohen | The Recipe for Building Community & Engagement

The KIPS Podcast

Two of the popular words used with building your online workout business are community and engagement. How do you get more views and subscribers on YouTube? And then how do you turn those into subscribers? Returning guest, Jason Cohen shares his tips and advice that has helped him grow Kaleigh Cohen Fitness on YouTube which currently has over 130K subscribers. Many fitness professionals have wondered how you can use YouTube as part of your business and turn it into a revenue generating resource. Jason shares his “give and you will receive” model which is centered around giving away free workouts and how this leads to community. One of the key items that Jason discusses is making story building a part of your workout. This may be already present in your workout and Jason dives deeper into how you can connect them to your members experience.Learn more about Kaleigh Cohen Fitness – https://www.kaleighcohen.com/Subscribe to the Kaleigh’s YouTube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChY_9WJx0saa0St48lSdytQFollow Jason Cohen on Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/jcohen711/ Check out the KIPS Virtual Training Resources - https://kipsonline.org/virtual-training-resources/


14 Feb 2022

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Amazing Americans- Jason Cohen- 10/30/2021

Amazing Americans Podcast

He found himself obese and in poor health, when he began a running program. It led to his completing one of the world's most challenging athletic endeavors. Jason Cohen is this week's guest on Amazing Americans. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


30 Oct 2021

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66. The Streaming Revolution with Jason Cohen, CEO of MyBundle.TV

Hacking the Hustle

Jason Cohen is the CEO of MyBundle.TV, a tech company based in Miami connecting consumers, streaming services and broadband providers. On today's episode, Benjamin and Jason discuss current trends in the streaming and broadband industry, and how Jason is using technology to bring hi-speed internet to millions of Americans currently living without it. 


10 Oct 2021