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Der Geburtstag des Film-Produzenten Sam Warner (10.8.1887)


Er gilt als der Vater des Tonfilms: Sam Warner überzeugte seine drei Brüder im Jahr 1927, den ersten Tonfilm zu produzieren, "The Jazz Singer". Und so legten die Warner Brothers dank Sams Initiative das Fundament für ein Film- und Unterhaltungsimperium.

10 Aug 2022

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Sam Warner, US-amerikanischer Filmproduzent (Geburtstag, 10.08.1887)

WDR ZeitZeichen

Er gilt als der Vater des Tonfilms: Sam Warner überzeugte seine drei Brüder im Jahr 1927, den Film zu produzieren, mit dem die Ära des Tonfilms eingeläutet wurde: „The Jazz Singer“. Damit legten die Warner Brothers dank Sams Initiative das Fundament für ein Film- und Unterhaltungsimperium. Dabei glaubte Sam Warner zwar an den Ton, allerdings nicht an sprechende Schauspieler! Autor: Christian Kosfeld


9 Aug 2022

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Episode 22: Attracting and Retaining Neurodivergent Talent in the Workforce with Sam Warner

Autism In Real Life

Sam Warner is a Communication Specialist and works with leaders across multiple industries to help Neurodivergent people at work to achieve recognition, respect and understanding.  Working predominantly with the IT industry, Sam works with the whole team to enable them to become self-aware, better communicators and gel as a cohesive team.  The benefits include increased profit and productivity, decreased absenteeism and an empowered high-performing team.Sam is a TEDx Speaker, the licensee and director of TEDxTelford and coaches TEDx Speakers, speakers for formal events and small businesses wishing to refine their messaging. Sam undertakes individual coaching for Neurodivergent adults and their friends, family and co-workers. She also helps trainers to design for neurodivergent audience members and trains organisations to improve their team culture and HR processes to be more inclusive. You can connect with her here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/samwarner/Sam's Website is here: Get Your Message Across

1hr 26mins

28 Jun 2022

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Episode 82 - Double Trouble - Betsey Karl and Sam Warner

Embrace the Grain Photography Podcast

Join us for a chat with Betsey Karl and Sam Warner! This episode contains everything from cracker cameras, holgas, brownies, pinhole, press cameras to large format! Sam tells us about is experience with x-ray film. Betsey explains why she love shooting in manual mode. In other news… new c41 films, Kodak Gold 200 in 120 format and Cinestill 400Dynamic. You can find us all online… Email: embracethegrainpodcast@gmail.com You can find us on IG at @the.bkp @unrecoveringphotograpyaddict @sherrychristensensenphotography and @jakerosephoto Sam’s website: theunrecoveringphotographyaddict.com FB: Embrace The Grain Photography Podcast Website: embracethegrain.com ko-fi.com/embracethegrainpodcast Into music by Sea Hero, break music by Mike Gutterman

1hr 39mins

6 Apr 2022

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Cuppa and a chat with Sam Warner, the Autistic Interpreter


This week, I chat with Sam Warner about all things autism. From how the latest TV shows represent autism to the importance (or lack thereof) of having a formal diagnosis, Sam shares her personal views as an autistic woman. We also discuss how companies and events can better accommodate their autistic staff and attendees, including changes that can make spaces better for both neurodiverse and neurotypical people.--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app


16 Apr 2021

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Autism Stories: Sam Warner

Autism Stories

"It's just a lot easier for everyone to be given one task at a time. The person giving the task might think oh thats a real pain because the person has to come back to me and then I have to tell them the next task. That may be inconvenient for you, but its your gift to that person youo can give only one task at a time and why wouldn't you give them that gift?" says Sam Warner. Sam joins us to talk about better communication to support autistic people at work and in all areas of their lives.    To learn more about what Sam does visit https://get-your-message-across.com/ To be updated on the latest Autism Stories episode subscribe on your favorite podcast listening platform. If you could give us a positive rating and review on your favorite listening platform we would really appreciate that. If you want  to reduce your overwhelm and help getting all the things you need ,then book a free call now with Autism Personal Coach https://calendly.com/autimspersonalcoach/60min If you would be interested in being interviewed on Autism Stories or would like to be a sponsor send an email to doug.blecher@autismpersonalcoach.com.


15 Mar 2021

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The Exhibit by Sam Warner

The Common Tongue Magazine

The Exhibit, Written by Sam Warner, Narrated by Carl Walmsley. Venture into a lonely castle, and discover the ghosts that haunt the count and his exotic exhibit of savages. First appearing in The Common Tongue Magazine, Issue #1 (March 31st, 2021). The Mage's Den Podcast features all of the fiction in audio form. Each episode is hosted by our audiobook narrators, and features a story from our current issue.


24 Jan 2021

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REAL GHOST STORIES pt.3 - Sam Warner

Fun. Weird. Stuff.

Another show for SPOOKY month! This week, Karen and Rick talk to an old friend of the podcast, Sam Warner, who was thought to have no stories about ghosts and was only on to talk about hayrides and ghost tours.            WRONG!


24 Oct 2020

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015 - Round Table Discussion with Wayne Setser and Sam Warner

A Light In The Dark

On this episode I am rejoined by Wayne Setser and Sam Warner for a round table discussion on setting up a darkroom. We will go over the equipment needed and how to choose and setup a space; temporary or permanent.

1hr 25mins

1 Sep 2020

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Supporting new mothers during COVID-19 w/ Dr Sam Warner

The AoCPP Podcast

Welcome to Association of Child Protection Professionals' Podcast, a weekly podcast where we, alongside guest hosts, share with you the latest in child and family news.This episode is a Special Episode. In these special episodes, we take a more focused look at a singular issue that professionals working with children and families need to know about. These are often specific and urgent – so we’ll be talking with a professional at the forefront of the issue.In today's episode, our Chair Wendy Thorogood talks to Dr Sam Warner about bonding and attachment for new mums that have had babies born during COVID and how practitioners can support them.Dr Sam Warner is a chartered and consultant clinical psychologist holding an honorary lectureship in the school of health and society at Salford University, UK.Sam works as a consultant, expert witness, psychotherapist, public speaker, strategic adviser, trainer, writer and academic. She has over thirty years’ experience of working with children, young people and adults who have complex mental health and safeguarding needs.Throughout her career Sam has specialised in working with the impact of abuse-trauma on the mental health of clients, focusing on sexual violence, child abuse and neglect, and domestic abuse; and in respect of related issues including attachment difficulties and personality disorders, self-harm and suicide, dissociation and psychosis, and fabricated and induced illness.Sam is, therefore, an expert in trauma-informed practice, and how this approach can be used to guide work in safeguarding, therapy and mental health services. She has written books, papers and reports on these issues and advised at national and international levelsShe also is on the Board of Trustees at the AoCPP.If you would like to continue this discussion, perhaps through a webinar etc., please contact us at: hello@aocpp.org.uk...Thank you for listening to our podcast, to continue hearing more from us subscribe to be the first to know when new episodes are released!Did you know you can access AoCPP resources for free over the next few months?The AoCPP is offering a free membership trial between the 31st of May and the 31st of August this year.We realise that the next few months will continue to put pressure on child protection professionals, particularly those working on the frontline, and that’s why we’re opening our resources to as many of you as possible.To sign up for your free membership and for more information go to childprotectionprofessionals.org.uk/join...For those listening in the future, this episode is being recorded and published while the UK (and the world) is deep in the throes of the COVID19 pandemic. Many frontline professionals are finding themselves overworked, time poor and confused as government guidance is changing daily. To alleviate the pressure child protection professionals are under, we have created the AoCPP Podcast, which will provide support to these professionals who continue to serve our country, its vulnerable children, and families, in unprecedented circumstances....We would also like to thank Alexander King for gifting us the music that you hear in this episode.Find us at:childprotectionprofessionals.org.ukTwitter: AoCPPTweetFacebook: The Association of Child Protection ProfessionalsEmail: hello@aocpp.org.ukMusic by Alexander King. Our GDPR privacy policy was updated on August 8, 2022. Visit acast.com/privacy for more information.


23 May 2020