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Spiderman: No Way Home (ft. Nia D'Emilio & Trent Dozier)

Disney Adult

A Very Marvelous Christmas comes to an end with Spider-Man: No Way Home! I'm joined by Nia D'Emilio and Trent Dozier as we dive into the most anticipated MCU film to date!

1hr 37mins

2 Feb 2022

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SLOBBER (w/ Trent Dozier and Nia Demilio)

Improv is Dead

Valentine's Day is just around the corner which means it's another month of loooooooove at Improv is Dead.This week Dan and Time welcome Trent Dozier and Nia Demilio! They talk Nia's Covid exposure and Trent's contract tracing, the appropriate amount of garbage in the garbage bin, and smelling nice for mommy! Performers:Trent Dozier (@trent_dozier)Nia Demilio (@nia_demilio)Tim Lyons (@TimLyons)Dan White (@atdanwhite)Trent's 5 Plugs@nia_demilio's Beach Boys playlistsThe Tournament PodcastI Love Improv PodcastComedy Town at Lyric Hyperion FUDGE and SuperhumanCheck out Tim's new Twitch channel at https://www.twitch.tv/thirsttraptim !Support the pod! Join our Patreon for deleted scenes, weekly bonus episodes, and additional premium content. www.Patreon.com/improvisdead


1 Feb 2022

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Escalation w/ Trent Dozier

Adam Slander

Trent tells John about an eventful vacation in Hawaii.hosted by john del viscio produced & edited by ben kasl artwork by mads horwath music by bridey hicks Support the show (https://paypal.me/AdamSlanderPodcast?locale.x=en_US)


24 Jul 2021

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Introducing: I Love Improv with Trent Dozier

I Love Improv! with Trent Dozier

Welcome to I Love Improv. A live show AND podcast all about Improv comedy.Learn more about the show at www.thetridentnetwork.com/i-love-improvWatch the live stream every other Thursday on twitch.tv/thetridentnetwork★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★


14 Jul 2021

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Mr. L Posts His L (w/ Nia D'Emilio, Trent Dozier, Hannah Rehak, Cam Herdt)

Improv is Dead

Nia, Trent, Hannah, and Cam join Improv is Dead for our final Month of Love Plus One Week In March episode! We chat n' prov about Bruce Springsteen, NBA 2K, and saying goodbye to friends. Plus, Nia tells the origin of the most fun show iO had ever seen. Cam and Trent are currently co-instructing an improv class at Made Up Theater. Hannah co-hosts the Emily in Paris themed podcast Nina, Hannah, And Emily in Paris. Trent recommends everyone watch MTV's The Challenge. At the top of the show, Dan and Tim discuss their shared indifference to awards shows and recap their favorite news stories from the Golden Globes - from Jason Sudeikis' sweatshirt to Jeff Daniel's computer room. They discuss being let down when seeing famous red-carpet locations sans red carpet. Although he struggles to remember the name of the Best Picture winner Nomadland, Tim insists he's a taste maker because he was one of the first to watch The Queens Gambit. Dan shares a story about a post-Golden Globes celebrity sighting from 2018. Then it's our March Madness of Love episode. Improv set begins around 28:00Performers:Nia D'Emilio (@nia_demilio)Trent Dozier (@Trent_Dozier)Hannah Rehak (@inanimatecub)Cam Herdt (@camherdt)Tim Lyons (@TimLyons)Dan White (@atdanwhite)Join our Patreon for more Improv is Dead!Support the pod! Join our Patreon for an extended version of this episode, weekly bonus episodes, and additional premium content. www.Patreon.com/improvisdead


2 Mar 2021

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A Bunch of Kings with Trent Dozier

Talking Shop w/ James Dugan & Rob Grabowski

This week, James and Rob welcome list maker Trent Dozier! They talk about improv frustrations, midnight shows, inside bits about inside bits, two-prov, moving, and Nia.  Follow Trent on instagram @ trent_dozier For those who don't know, here's the link to the Revolver Del Award Videos. Like our show? Help us out by donating to the Devil's Daughter Podcast Patreon! As always, please rate, review, and subscribe. 

1hr 32mins

17 Nov 2020

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2.07 A Knight's Fail with Trent Dozier

Please Save Me

Grab a turkey leg, heroheads! This week's episode of television's #1 procedural network drama, Chicago Heroes, takes place at the experiential restaurant Medieval Times. Sarah and Ben are superfans of the TV show, and their guest this week is Cortneigh Taffer (Trent Dozier), a superfan of the acclaimed dinner theater!

1hr 30mins

15 Jan 2019

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LXIX - Priest from the East with Trent Dozier

Our Father

This visitor to the confessional is coming off the top rope.Confessor: Trent DozierPriest: Padraic ConnellySupport Our Father on Patreon


22 Oct 2018