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Entrevista de La FM a Miguel Escobar, presidente de Postobón

Protagonistas de la Economía Colombiana

Entrevista de La FM a Miguel Escobar, presidente de Postobón by Diario La república


24 Nov 2020

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S2E03: Recalculating your destiny w/ Miguel Escobar

Math Therapy

What would you do if your high school math teacher told you that the only thing you were capable of doing was flipping burgers? Ummm ... become the king of the kitchen, of course! Today Vanessa talks to Miguel about how he went from killing it in the restaurant industry to a career 180 as a stats analyst rockstar with the Ontario government, all while battling some deep math trauma and persistent imposter syndrome. If you’re ready to turn your fear of failure into your greatest motivator, then this episode is for you!About MiguelMiguel Escobar is a Senior Business Analyst with the Government of Ontario and is a graduate of George Brown College where he completed the Hospitality Management program with honours. Miguel has had a love/hate relationship with math going all the way back to high school. From failing many, many times to being told he’d never get it, he struggled with numbers and avoided them at all costs. Now, some 20+ years later, he has embraced math and uses it almost every single day in his job.  The fear and anxiety that came with being labeled “not a math person” is in the past and he now looks for every opportunity to help others who might struggle through the same things he did.Follow Miguel on Instagram at @TheAgeingMillennial.Today’s show notes & links: themathguru.ca/maththerapy/miguelescobarReach Vanessa on all socials: @themathguru


18 Jun 2020

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Miguel Escobar ganó batalla legal y Cali deberá pagar sus aportes a pensión

Blog Deportivo

Escobar, eterno capitán verdiblanco, jugó con el equipo ‘azucarero’ desde el año 1967 hasta 1980.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


6 Feb 2019

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T05 Episodio 04: Tour Nocturno Comida Callejera: San Miguel Escobar

Foodie Tour by Mister Menu

TOUR NOCTURNO DE COMIDA CALLEJERA: ¿Eres un animal nocturno... y con hambre? Cuarta Parada:  Don Julio y doña Rosy, propietarios del puesto “Panes y Chalupas San Miguel”, preparan el famoso "búfalo", que termina siendo un súper sándwich. El pan es tierno y húmedo, lleva carne de cerdo frita, queso derretido, un huevo estrellado y una cantidad generosa de aderezo. Un clásico de San Miguel que no te puedes perder. La noche trae muchas sorpresas, entre ellas los puestos de comida callejera de La Antigua y sus alrededores. Álvaro Perera conocido como "el cuinero viajero", acepta la invitación del guía de Kukutales Joaquín para hacer un recorrido de comida callejera en Antigua y varios pueblos aledaños. 


9 Jan 2019

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Miguel Escobar - Guest Speaker

Southside Christian Fellowship Sunday Sermons

Miguel Escobar was our guest speaker, Sunday, August 12th.


13 Aug 2018

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CP040: Intro. to Power Query – What is it and how to get started – with Miguel Escobar

Chandoo.org Podcast - Become Awesome in Data Analysis, Charting, Dashboards & VBA using Excel

In the 40th session of Chandoo.org podcast, Let’s talk about Power Query. I have the pleasure and fortune to catch up with Miguel Escobar (who along with Ken Puls runs PowerQuery.Training website) and talk about this very exciting piece of technology and how it can make our life simpler. What is in this session? In this podcast, Welcome Miguel’s introduction, background and current projects What is Power Query How to install it Sample use cases of Power Query What is Power BI Resources for learning Power Query – Books & Courses Listen to this session Click here to download the MP3 file. Learn more about Power Query Books: I recommend 2 books for learning more about Power Query. Power Query for Power BI & Excel by Chris Webb M is for Data Monkey – A guide to M language in Power Query by Ken Puls & Miguel Escobar (pre-order only, release in November 2015) Online classes: Ken & Miguel regularly run an online class teaching hands-on techniques, implementation guidelines and secrets about Power Query. I have signed up for their next class and eagerly looking forward to it. I recommend going for their class if you want to seriously improve your Power Query skills. Special offer worth $59 for Chandoo.org listeners As a podcast listener, here is a special offer for you from PowerQuery.Training. Use the discount code CHANDOO when signing up for their upcoming live session and get 10% off on the course fees. Click here to signup for their upcoming class. Note: Ken & Miguel are good friends and partners of Chandoo.org. When you join this course from above link, I receive a small commission. I am recommending this course because I genuinely think their program is suitable & awesome for anyone needing Power Query instruction. Transcript of this session: Download this podcast transcript [PDF] Are you using Power Query? What has been your experience with it? I have been playing with Power Query for last 18 months. I really like the technology and what it can do for us, analysts. I regularly use it to clean data, do quick transformations and set up models. What about you? Have you been using Power Query? What is your experience like? Please share your success story in the comments. The post CP040: Intro. to Power Query – What is it and how to get started – with Miguel Escobar appeared first on Chandoo.org - Learn Excel, Power BI & Charting Online.

1hr 2mins

30 Jul 2015