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E056: Landon Tice: Poker's Newest Prodigy!

The Rake

Check out Landon's Discord here:https://discord.com/invite/JWkvEZMPlay Run It Once Poker Today: runitonce.euTrain With The Best on Run It Once Training: runitonce.comEmail suggestions to: TheRake@runitonce.comEmail your worst punts to: AsPlayed@runitonce.comTimestamps:0:00:09Welcome Landon Tice!0:00:33Apparently, Landon sent us a punty hand and we never presented it on the show.  Sorry Landon!0:00:49Alright Landon, tell us a bit about your backstory.0:02:20Has he found himself outgrowing any of his mentors?0:04:15Has he always been confident approaching people for guidance and advice?0:09:36How does he feel about coming into poker at a time during which people say things like “poker is dead” and “online poker is solved” etc?0:11:31Landon talks about his transition into live poker.0:13:38A quick cameo from Chauncey, and then back to Landon’s live poker background.0:17:23Jamie highlights the patience it must have taken for Landon to grind at pretty low stakes for 8 months before moving up.  Landon responds.0:19:37A discussion about the discipline it takes to always think in terms of big blinds, regardless of the stakes.0:22:48A discussion about how important it is to balance theory with the ability to make adjustments in live poker.0:25:55Marle asks Landon about beating Doug Polk heads up, followed by a discussion of his approach to heads up in general.0:30:50Who is his dream heads up opponent?0:32:39What are his thoughts on the Doug vs Negreanu challenge?  Does he think that their egos will get in the way of sound strategy?0:37:11Is he able to watch poker for fun, or does he always find himself assessing their plays?0:40:51A discussion about how sharing strategy “secrets” can potentially be good for the game.0:42:59A discussion about how his mom helped motivate him to succeed at poker, and how his young age makes it less of a risk to take a shot at the game.0:47:45A discussion about how helpful it is to have peers and mentors as points of reference to help you understand your place in the game.0:50:46A discussion about avoiding negative self-talk, and giving back to the community.0:53:21What are his current plans and goals in terms of living in Vegas and playing live poker?0:58:00A discussion about how excelling at poker has been good for Landon’s self esteem.1:02:32Marle starts a conversation about how Landon’s enthusiasm for the game is contagious.1:03:29Landon and Jamie are in the same weight loss challenge.  Did he join as a result of the poker life taking a toll on his health?1:07:39Further conversation about giving back to the poker community via discussion platforms.1:12:54A conversation about how you have to be a little delusional to take a shot at poker, and how being perceived as a tight player can work to your advantage.1:16:18Wrapping up, and a final cameo from Chauncey.  Thanks Landon!

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28 Oct 2020