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34 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Bea Arthur. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Bea Arthur, often where they are interviewed.

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34 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Bea Arthur. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Bea Arthur, often where they are interviewed.

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7/1 WED HOUR 2: Our boss Bea Arthur collected stamps too!!

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We all worked in retail and the food service industries; some habits we learned there never die. A fun game of Would You Rather. And a new docu-series on Netflix called I'll Be Gone In The Dark about the Golden State Killer.
Jul 01 2020 · 38mins
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Becoming a Better Ally and Coping with Trauma with Nancy Lublin, Bea Arthur, and Tanasha Driver

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Jeannie wants to be there for you, so she's checking in and brought in her friends Nancy Lublin, Bea Arthur, and Tanasha Driver of the Crisis Text Line to discuss how we can battle systemic racism all while taking care of our mental health. Jeannie and the women of the Crisis Text Line take questions from Jeannie's FAM to address everything from how to put your desire to become anti-racist into action to how to address racism in your own community. Plus, Jeannie chats about how to have the tough conversations with family and most importantly, yourself.

To reach the Crisis Text Line, text HOME to 741741

Ayana Therapy

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Therapy for Black Girls


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Jun 08 2020 · 54mins

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S1E14 Therapy Makes All The Difference with Bea Arthur

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In today’s episode, we get real with Bea, founder of The Difference. She’s dedicated her life to shaking up the mental health care industry by providing access to licensed therapists with accessibility + immediacy the industry has never before seen. She believes the mental strengthening tools found through therapy can change the game. And if YOU didn’t already think that - after this chat with Bea you’ll be on board.

Bea Arthur, LMHC is a Columbia University-trained psychotherapist, startup founder, and speaker who works with high-performance individuals in high-pressure work environments. Her career took off at the intersection of psychology and technology and her third company, The Difference, provides on-demand access to therapy as Amazon's first mental health Alexa Skill.
Additionally, Bea was the first African-American female founder in Y Combinator and was named an Entrepreneur to Bet On by Newsweek Magazine as well as one of Bumble’s Most Inspiring New Yorkers. She is an editorial contributor and hostfor Forbes Women, as well as the host of her own therapy podcast, Bea The Change, sponsored by Sonos.
May 20 2020 · 39mins
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Ep.72- Cardi B -VS- Bea Arthur

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Today the boys discuss who would win? Cardi B or Bea Arthur? Let the slugfest commence!



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Apr 28 2020 · 1hr 50mins

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How White Men Can Have Better Conversations About Race (with Bea Arthur)

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#65: A Great Man creates environments where he and those he cares about can thrive.

This means diving into the uncomfortable conversations about race.

Our guide for this conversation is the witty, hilarious and (refreshingly) politically incorrect Bea Arthur.

Bea is an accomplished entrepreneur, psychotherapist and mental health champion who’s also really patient with white people fumbling around with issues of race.

In This Episode
  • Bea guides us in a straightforward conversation about how white men can become more intelligent about race issues.
  • Why it’s so hard for white people to talk about race – particularly in the presence of black people – without getting defensive.
  • How to approach conversations about race,
  • How you may be using racially coded language and outdated language
  • We’ll touch on white privilege
  • A list of books and documentaries to educate and broaden your perspective on race
Who is Bea Arthur?

She holds the honor of being the first African American female founder in Y Combinator, a seed funding accelerator for startups that’s been used to launch companies like Airbnb, DoorDash and Dropbox. Based on admission rates, its easier to get into Harvard than it is to be accepted by Y Combinator

Bea is a Columbia University trained psychotherapist who served time as a New York City social worker…

Her third company, The Difference, provides on-demand access to therapy as Amazon's first mental health Alexa Skill.

Books White Fragility by Robin Diangelo The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander So You Want to Talk About Race by Ijeoma Oluo Thick: And Other Essays by Tressie McMillan Cottom

Connect with Bea Arthur Bea’s Company: https://thedifference.co Bea on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bbarthur Bea on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/beaarthur

Feb 17 2020 · 1hr 6mins
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Episode 12: #metoo, interracial dating, and the history of porn with Bea Arthur

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#metoo, interracial dating, and the history of porn with special guest Bea Arthur

Dec 02 2019 · 43mins
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Bea Arthur! with David Turner! "Le Tits"

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It’s Bea Arthur week as we welcome her super fan, David Turner, to discuss all things Bernice Frankel! Fan out with us over the decades of comedy gold Be a a gave us on stage and TV, croon along to her perfect interpretations of song, and learn about her extraordinary life and legacy. We disect Extraverted Introverts, the economy of comedy, Hollywood for women over 50 and the power of being a towering female baritone in bright 80s wrap dress. So come for the zingers and stay for the perfection of one of the greatest comic actors of all time, Bea Arthur.

Sep 10 2019 · 1hr 15mins
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#7 - Access to Therapy via Amazon Alexa - Bea Arthur

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Bea Arthur is a Columbia University trained psychotherapist, founder and CEO of The Difference, and an author who works with high-performance individuals.  Bea was the first African-American female founder in Y-Combinator and was named as an Entrepreneur to Bet On by Newsweek Magazine as well as one of Bumble’s 100 Most Inspirational New Yorkers.

I had a blast during this conversation, and I learned a lot.  Bea is just all-around amazing and I learned a lot from my conversation with her.  She knows the history of mental health care, and the mental health tech landscape better than anyone else I’ve met lately.  This conversation was really educational and informative for me.

You can connect with Bea on her websites and social media.  Her twitter handle is @BeaArthurLMHC and you can find her online at her personal website, The Difference website and on LinkedIn.

Here are some of the things we talked about:

  1. What led you to get a master’s degree in Psychological Counseling?  Bea talks about how psychology “fell into her lap.”  She talks about how she found her ability to connect with people by being nosey, and she found that people would open up to her while she was a real estate agent digging into her clients’ backgrounds to see if the home they were viewing was a fit for them.
  2. How did you find your way into entrepreneurship? Bea talks about her journey from multiple jobs including being a real estate agent and finding her way to a counseling degree and into the entrepreneurship community.
  3. Bea talks about how she came up with the idea for The Difference, which is a startup that provides on-demand access to therapy as Amazon’s first mental health Alexa skill.  We talk about how hard it is to find a therapist.  Bea explains how the primary reason people aren’t getting help is because of access.  She talks about how the suicide hotline (a non-profit) is the only platform that has always been around and always had volume and impact.  The reason is because it’s accessible.  So, she is building a tool to give people better, immediate access to therapy.
  4. History of the therapist, patient, and payer relationships since the 1980s. Bea explains how we got to where we are today in the mental health market.  She explains that there is a misconception that therapists charge a lot of money based on their worth.  The truth is, therapists charge that much because they must.  People used to get 20 free therapy sessions a year from their insurance companies.  Then in the 80s and 90s, when mental health started being categorized as disability, employers started using this against employees to fire them.  This was before the disabilities act.  In the 80s and 90s when there was free therapy, people started paying out of pocket so their employers wouldn’t know.  Also, when submitting a claim, a therapist must wait 2 months to get paid $60 when they can just get $200 now private or cash pay.  Since then we still haven’t figured out how to get clients and counselors connected in a good way, and that’s what The Difference is trying to solve.
  5. We talked about corporate leaders having a responsibility to take the lead on mental wellness.  Bea explains that most companies are quick to nod their head and say they want to help or be supportive of employee mental wellness but are not quick to write a check to do so.  Companies are still in a place where they need to be convinced of how that spending will positively impact their bottom lines. 
  6. We discussed men specifically struggling with mental health. Bea talks about some of the statistics on this issue and how much worse mental illness is among men than women.  She talks about the way men make social connections, and how men spend their time socially (watching a game, golf, gun ranges, fishing) doing things that don’t foster face to face sharing and vulnerability.  This type of “manly” social connectivity is harmful to men and their mental wellbeing.
  7. Isolation can kill you.  We talked about how humans have always been tribal creatures, but recently we have become such an individualistic, kill or be killed alpha-male society.   Going back to the topic of men’s’ mental health, a lot of men think of themselves as leader of the pack. But back when we were in packs, we all had to rely on each other, even the leader.  We had to admit our fears and work together.  In an individualistic society, only “you” need to survive, so you worry about yourself and keep all the fears inside.
  8. We talked about this idea of a “mental health baseline” and how we have to be self-aware both physically and emotionally.  Our bodies will tell us when something is wrong, so when things don’t feel right, you need to talk to someone and not just think it will go away.

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Sep 02 2019 · 40mins
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LM #255: Spoiler Alert, Bea Arthur to appear in Star Wars

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This week Cav and Faust do not have Greg on the show,,,, atleast for awhile. No Avengers spoilers until next week, retards announce draft picks, Apple can't think of shit!

Apr 30 2019 ·