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Elle Nash - Gag Reflex


Elle Nash is back with another banger: Gag Reflex, a story of eating disorders and nu metal told in Livejournal posts and chatlogs. Along the way we discuss British Niceness, Buddhism, method acting and raves.Music by Sugar Ray and Soulfly

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27 Jul 2022

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52 - Perfect Blue / Millennium Actress (ft. Elle Nash)


On this episode, we talk to Elle Nash about Perfect Blue and Millennium Actress. We talk about: Cringe tweets, experience coming with age, sincerity that’s actually sincere, the long tail, being sick while having kids, watching people die on the internet, identity on the internet vs. “the real you”, overfamiliarity in the DMs, simps of all stripes, the origin of the “Stan," the breakdown between reality and fiction, juxtapositions making a scene pop, the mundanity of serial killers, the influence of media on people, torture techniques, the journey being the whole thing, artists having one message, not talking about works in progress, what writing can do that no other artwork can, the fictive dream state, psychic closeness, first draft vs. seventh draft, the publishing industry’s death spiral, what the fuck is a “comp," and how the Big Four doesn’t care about poor people unless it’s poverty porn.

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21 Jul 2022

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Elle Nash on the North Star of Writing to Her Taste

The Bleeders: about book writing & publishing

Today's guest is Elle Nash, author of Animals Eat Each Other, Nudes, Gag Reflex, and the upcoming novel Deliver Me. This episode is an interesting peek into Elle's creative process as we talk through her body of work, the North star of writing to your taste, developing her voice alongside her editing chops, how she landed the coolest agent ever, and more. Follow Elle on Instagram and Twitter @saderotic.Welcome, writers and book lovers. The Bleeders is a new podcast about book writing and publishing. Make sure you subscribe to the companion Substack: https://thebleeders.substack.com/welcomeThe Bleeders is hosted by Courtney Kocak. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @courtneykocak. For more, check out her website courtneykocak.com.


21 Jul 2022

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Elle Nash - Episode 58

Salt Lake Dirt

On this episode of Salt Lake Dirt I welcome author Elle Nash. I recently found her novel Animals Eat Each Other (Dzanc Books) and she has quickly become one of my favorite new writers. We had a great a chat about growing up in Colorado, her recent move to Scotland, and her upcoming book Gag Reflex (out June 21 on Clash Books). Make sure to check out her other books and her Patreon! Thanks for listening! Kyler


20 Apr 2022

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ep.5_ Elle Nash


11am in Seattle - 6pm in Scotland. I talked with UK based author Elle Nash. Elle was one of the first writers I discovered and was inspired by when I got on twitter and began to find a bunch of writers publishing great work independently. It means a lot to me that she took some time to share thoughts on her life and newest book. Topics include: Nostalgia for the early 00s pre-corporate social media internet and how this informed her new book Gag Reflex, writing about mental health in a meaningful way over many years and artistic projects, how to write authentically in the voice of characters that are very different from you, among many other topics and tangents. Thank you, as always, for listening. ******Elle Nash is the author of the novel Animals Eat Each Other (Dzanc Books), which was featured in the 2018 June Reading Room of The Oprah Magazine and hailed by Publishers Weekly as a 'complex, impressive exploration of obsession and desire'. Elle is also the author of Nudes, a short story collection (SF/LD Books) and GAG REFLEX (Clash Books) coming out in April 2022. Nash’s short stories and essays appear in Guernica, The Nervous Breakdown, Literary Hub, The Fanzine, Volume 1 Brooklyn, New York Tyrant and elsewhere. She is the founding editor of Witch Craft Magazine and a fiction editor at Hobart Pulp. Music in this episode is produced by T$UJii

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10 Apr 2022

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23 - Elle Nash

Heathenish Radio

Elle Nash is the author of NUDES and ANIMALS EAT EACH OTHER. On this episode, we discuss toddlers, transgressive art, where ideas come from, the "starving artist with a dream," and juggalos. Follow Elle on Twitter and IG @saderotica and check out her website (ellenash.net), as well as her Neutral Spaces page.

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16 May 2021

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Elle Nash

I'm a Writer But

Alex and Lindsay chat with Elle Nash (NUDES) about writing through the "brain fog" of early parenthood; writing about the body; creating safe spaces in order to access vulnerability while writing; creating/accessing boundaries when writing; working with her agent on crafting a book that will sell; and more! PS: our kids are cute.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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13 Apr 2021

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Writer Mother Monster: Elle Nash, “I loved being pregnant in Arkansas.”

Writer Mother Monster

“I loved being pregnant in Arkansas.”Elle Nash is the author of the novel Animals Eat Each Other (Dzanc Books), hailed by Publishers Weekly as a “complex, impressive exploration of obsession and desire.” She lives in Colorado with her husband and 3.5-year old daughter, and she describes writer-motherhood in three words as “boundary-building, productive.” In this episode, Elle talked about witchcraft, being pregnant in Arkansas, transgressive fiction, magic, mountains–and more! Find out if Elle can do magic, what she sacrifices for art, and why she doesn’t want to peak until she’s 60.Writer Mother Monster is an interactive interview series devoted to dismantling the myth of having it all and offering writer-moms solidarity, support, and advice.Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/writermothermonster)

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19 Jan 2021

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5. Elle Nash

Selected Prose

This week, Selected Prose welcomes a new co-host, Liz Ayre. Liz is a talented fiction writer from LA and an MFA student in the Creative Writing Program at NYU. Thrilled to have her on board! Jon and Liz talk at length with author Elle Nash. Elle is the author of the novel Animals Eat Each Other (Dzanc Books), which was featured in the The Oprah Magazine and received wide acclaim. In 2021,  Elle will release a short story collection titled Nudes. Her stories and essays have appeared in Guernica, The Nervous Breakdown, Literary Hub, The Fanzine, Volume 1 Brooklyn, New York Tyrant and elsewhere. She is a founding editor of Witch Craft Magazine and a fiction editor at Hobart Pulp. Elle zoomed in from Colorado Springs to discuss her novel, her experiences teaching writing workshops, transgressive fiction, Dennis Cooper, including the internet in your fiction, Satanism, the internet before social media, Salad Fingers, excising laziness from your work, writing what you feel, and a hell of a lot more. ***Elle will be teaching a writing/editing workshop from December 1 - December 12. It's called Knife Party. Go to www.ellenash.net or click the hyperlink and ENROLL NOW!***

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19 Nov 2020

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Reading Series | Summer Thighs by Elle Nash

Selected Prose

Elle Nash reads her short story, Summer Thighs, originally published in Tarpaulin Sky.  Elle Nash is the author of the novel Animals Eat Each Other (Dzanc Books). Her collection of stories, Nudes, is forthcoming from SF/LD Books in 2021. Her stories and essays have appeared in publications like Guernica, New York Tyrant, Literary Hub, The Fanzine, The Nervous Breakdown, Vol. 1 Brooklyn,  and more. She's the founding editor of Witch Craft Magazine and a fiction editor at Hobart Pulp. Stay tuned for our interview with Elle, coming this week. 


16 Nov 2020